Stories by Steve Hughes

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 7

    I could not keep my eyes off the tv. One of the blokes was riding another and was sucking a third. A fourth man was sucking the riding man while at the same time getting fucked from behind by a fifth. My cock had naturally come loose from the small g string in my trousers, and was leaking pre-come ...

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 9

    After Phil had got down to his pants, with me teabagging him and slapping his face with my cock for the punishment, Simon became the 3rd fully naked person (and a dildoing for him too, this time 5 minutes long). His knob was quite long at about 7 inches, just like Pete's.

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 8

    I looked up at him as my head bobbed slowly backwards and forwards on his shaft. He was looking me deep in the eyes but I could see the flicker as I alternated between bobbing up and down and flicking my tongue. He looked in heaven.

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 6

    They smirked and immediately swaggered over to us. Each was over 6 feet tall with a wide solid chest and a few days worth of stubble. One had a huge handlebar moustache and wouldn't look amiss in a 70s porn movie.

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 5

    After a couple of minutes, we were naked on the bed still kissing in a hot embrace. His cock was cut, and a nice 7 or 8 inches long, and it was hard as iron.

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 4

    My cock was rock hard now and Darren put his arm around me. I cuddled up and enjoyed the show. After 10 minutes the scene had finished with the man taking two loads of cum in his mouth.

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 3

    It was mid August, and due to an extremely harsh period at work, it had been over 3 months since my last fuck. It was the day after my project had ended and I was absolutely rampant with lust. I didn't feel like going out on the pull, so I visited a few websites to see what I could find.

  • Holiday Bash

    It was during the summer break that I worked as a porter/cleaner/general dogsbody in a shitty hotel near Paddington. The pay was pretty bad, but it was easy as hell and I still quite enjoyed it because the manager, Andy, was rather cute. I didn't know if he was gay, but that didn't stop me from ...

  • Black Man's Wife

    This story is entirely ficticious but it's one of my main fantasies

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 2

    I felt a hand on my cock and I jumped slightly. Ricky was fondling my hard penis while at the same time unbuttoning my trousers. I went to work on my shirt and in no time at all I was stripped bare except for Kieran's wife's black stockings and suspender belt

  • Steve the Cumwhore - Part 1

    I had been chatting with a couple of guys online for a few weeks after meeting them in a chatroom. Kieran was 32, married, and wanted to try something different. Ricky was very young, just turned 18 and fully into the gay scene.