Who would have thought that one of my stories would give me one of the best experiences of my life!

Last Friday, I received an email from a man called Darren in Southampton who had read my Cumwhore series, and said, in his words "fucking hot stuff". I replied thanking him for his kind words and he immediately came back asking questions about me. Height, weight, cock length that sort of thing and he said that he'd really like to be the subject of one of my stories. He was called Stu, quite a big bloke and with a nice hairy chest so he said.

This got my attention almost immediately. Both because he was inviting me for sex, and because I had never been with a bear before. I shot off an email (sorry, bad pun I know) saying I'd love to and whether he was doing anything on the Saturday. He didn't, so I arranged to go to Southampton the next day.

The next morning, I showered, made sure I shaved my balls nice and smooth, and caught the train to the south coast. When I arrived, I called the number and got directions to his house from the station. It was mid afternoon when I eventually got to his house and he answered the door very quickly. This was the first time I had seen him. I don't like exchanging photos, but I'm not picky when it comes to looks, so it's normally okay. He was the same height as me, just over 6'0'', very well built and average looking. His skin was quite smooth for someone in their late 30s and I could see thick black hair poking out from under the sleeves of his tight white top.

"Hi sexy" He said "please come in". I put my coat on a hanger in the hall. Then I heard the sound of fucking from one of the rooms. He hadn't said this was going to be a group session, although I really like to be taken my many men, but as we walked into his living room, I could see he had a porn DVD running. The curtains were drawn for privacy and he sat on the couch to watch the film. I sat next to him, close so that our thighs touched and gazed upon the large tv screen. I didn't recognise any of the actors in the film, but it was an extremely hot group sex scene with a handsome guy being fucked by two other men.

My cock was rock hard now and Darren put his arm around me. I cuddled up and enjoyed the show. After 10 minutes the scene had finished with the man taking two loads of cum in his mouth. One of the other guys then wanked him off into his mouth and they all collapsed into a heap. I really wanted sex but I kept quiet and just enjoyed the warth of Darren's body.

A bead of sweat rolled down my brow. I hadn't realised it was that hot in his house. He must have had the heating put on to the maximum, and it was quite a warm day outside. I wiped my brow with my hand.

"Are you a bit hot?" He asked

"I am a bit" I replied.

"Yeah me too" he said. "Shall we get undressed and watch another film?"

"I don't mind. I am feeling quite horny though"

We both undressed and Darren put another DVD in the player. His erect uncut prick was about 7 inches long and very wide. Mine's cut and only 6 and a half inches long. We both had monster erections and I could feel my ass aching to be filled by him. Sitting back down, I could see a shen of sweat on my body. Wet sex is always erotic and I was glad Darren had put the heating up.

He pressed play and sat back down. His hairy body made him look like a gorilla and I kept my eyes on his lovely hard prick as I cuddled back up to him.

"We'll keep this on while you suck me" Darren said.

"At last" I thought. As he sat there and enjoyted the film my head move down to his prick and I wrapped my moist lips around the head.

He tasted fantastic and my head moved up and down on his shaft. His hairy pubes tickled my face and he moaned a little as my mouth did it's job.

I used my hand to tickle his balls and he spread his legs so I could reach lower and soon my finger was at the entrance to his ass. I slid one in and felt his ass clamp down on it.

"Yeah babe" he said in a soft husky tone. "That's fucking it"

My eyes moved over to the TV screen and I saw a man with two cocks in his asshole. I almost blew my load seeing that and then suddenly a huge wad of cum hit the back of my throat. I flinched a little at the surprise and swallowed. Darren's salty cum was filling my mouth and I could feel my cheeks expand at the sheer volume of jizz. He tasted fantastic and for at least 20 seconds he flooded my throat with his seed.

When he had finished and I had swallowed all he had given me, I pulled my mouth off his slick cock and laid my head on his crotch. He stroked my hair tenderly and I continued to watch the film.

"Steve, you're good boy" Darren said

I simply gave a satisfied purr and idly fiddled with his cock as we watched the film. Within 5 minutes he was full hard again and his hand reached around to stroke my ass.

"Come and sit on me please" Darren asked.

I slowly got up and straddled him, face to face. We cuddled as I sat on his lap and I could feel his cock pressing up against the base of my spine. Raising up a little, I positioned his lovely tool at at the entrance to my ass and started to lower myself down. It took a while to get his thick cock completely inside me, and when I did we both sighed at the feeling. Sweat was now pouring down my body and I began to ride his wonderful prick.

He held me close and we kissed as my ass worked it's magic on him. Our wet bodies slipping against each other and his damp hair pressed hard against my chest. I fucked him like this for what seemed like only 5 minutes before he stood up still with his cock buried deep inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, never wanting him to leave me. He laid me down on the floor, and started to pound the hell out of me. Each and every thrust made me cry out with pleasure and his prick rubbed my prostate with every pump. Over and over waves of pleasure hit me and then I felt the beginnings of an orgasm build within me.

Then it hit, one of the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. I cried out as I felt my hot cum shoot in between us, my ass squeezing his cock with every pulse of sperm escaping from my balls. It coated his chest hair and even shot up as far as my neck. His kissed me on the neck, licking some of the cum off. We then kissed and I could taste myself on his tongue.

His pumping became quicker as he neared orgasm. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth as I felt his love seed fill my ass. He collapsed on top of me and his prick slipped out of my stretched hole. We were wrapped in each others arms like this for quite some time before he got off me. The cum had dried between us and I asked if I could have a shower.

"Sure, I'll join you" he said to my glee.

We showered and he was kind enough to give me one more dose of cum in the shower before I left.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this and please send me any comments. You never know what might happen!


Steve Hughes

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