This story has partial truths to it, there were less people and we took precautions. The game is real! Keep it safe & keep it fun ;-)

I had been speaking to a few guys who I know socially about getting a party hosted one Saturday. These people all live quite near to me and we had met through a mixture of online forums, friends of friends, and through each other. It is a good group and a nice mixture of men, we also shared the love of a nice big fat cock :-)

The 6 of us in this group were.

Steve. This is me, 6'2", 36 white and medium build. My cock's only an average 6 inches and a bit.

Pete. The only one of the group who I have shared an intimate moment with. He's also white, with a slim build and a nice 7 inch uncut cock

There was also Andy, Keith, Simon and Phil who I hadn't had the pleasure of really knowing yet

Andy was a huge black fella, over 6'4" tall and with a particularly stocky build. Keith was a complete short ass, but very attractive with boyish looks and a smile to kill for. Simon was like me, just over 6 foot tall and medium build. Phil was mixed race (1/4 oriental, ¼ black and ½ white I think). So a good mix of guys to play with.

We had decided to meet up on a Saturday afternoon to put some ideas on the table for some fun time. Nothing was really said specifically before this time, but we all knew what the implication was. Some good hard Saturday night sex.

It was just after 3pm in our favourite pub and we were all having a good chat with everyone in good spirits. We had all turned out very presentable and I was looking forward to seeing how this would turn out.

I had prepared myself by having a good shave, balls body and legs. In fact, the only hair that remained was on my head and a thin Brazilian strip up my navel. I wore some thin black silk panties to really get into the look as well as some opaque black hold ups. I do love the feeling of nylons and silk.

I had also made sure I had not cum in at least 5 days. I wanted someone to experience my best wad.

After an hour or so, we got on the subject of tonight. I mentioned it might be good to go to one of our homes and have a bit of a house party. This was enthusiastically agreed upon, with only Andy suggesting going to a club and then sauna after.

I did mention a group game we could all play that would take a good few hours, and I think that was what won the vote. They do know me as being a bit of a dirty cunt, so they just had to see.

Simon's house was chosen as he had a huge lounge and it was also the nearest. We got our things and walked the short distance to it.

The house was indeed spacious and we all settled down in the lounge to talk about the games. Simon linked up his PC to the TV, and put 3 hour HD compilation of his favourite gay porn on. I must get that from him actually


"Right boys" I said in a confident tone. "Here's the game"

Everyone sort of paid attention to me as they were also watching the porn

(which was hot as fuck actually).

"Here is a list of `dares' for the clothed men." I placed a piece of paper on the table (I said I knew what was going on lol)

"And here's a list for the naked men" They all looked confused but still read the list.

Simon pointed at one and said to Andy "IO so want that from you"

Andy looked at where Simon pointed. It said "THE LOSER TAKES IT DOGGYSTYLE FROM THE WINNER"

I must admit, I fancied a bit of that from him too.

"We all take it in turns to draw a card from this deck here. The highest card is the winner, and the lowest card is the loser"

It was quite straightforward...

"The loser must first discard his socks, then his shirt, then trousers, then finally his pants after drawing a losing card. We run down the clothed list, with the loser doing what it says to the winner. When the loser is finally naked, we then pick dares from the naked list"

The clothed list had quite innocuous tasks on. Massaging, kissing, simulated sex. The naked list was full on sex.

"Let's do a practice round" I suggested.

We all pulled the comfy seats around in a semi-circle, with the TV at one end.

The first task on the clothed list was "SUCK THE WINNER'S NIPPLES FOR 1 MINUTE"

We drew cards from the deck on the coffee table.

Pete got an Ace, the highest, and Andy got a 3, the lowest.

Pete smiled at Andy who went over to the leather sofa where Pete was sitting. Pete pulled his top up and Andy wrapped his black lips over Pete's right nipple. He flicked and sucked down on it, taking it between his teeth and biting gently. Pete was really enjoying it and the rest of us were transfixed.

It must have been at least 2 minutes, Andy was getting so into it, but we went to the next round. My cock was fully hard now due to this (and the porn) and I was ready for a winning card, or even a losing one...

Andy would have had to take off his 1st set of 4 items of clothing, but as this was a practice, he was okay.

The next draw had me with a King, Yeah! Pete was the lowest this time and had to "GROPE THE WINNER WHILE SUCKING HIS NECK".

"Oooh nice" came an exclamation from one of the group. This was something Pete had done before during our last intimate session. I was fully naked then, as was he, and it ended nicely.

He crawled over to me on all fours and put a cupped my swollen package in his right hand. My cock jerked at the touch and he came up so his lips were at my neck. The slightest touch sent a jolt of erotic energy through me and my head lolled to one side. He nibbled, licked and gently kissed by neck as his hand massaged my crotch. My hips were involuntarily grinding to his hand and I could have easily let this continue till I came.

Pete pulled off me and ran his hand back down my leg and the other boys let out a round of applause. Andy had been stroking his huge bulge too and I could see he was the most excited after me.

"You two are fucking minxes" Andy said, shaking his head. Pete was taking off his socks at this point as he had lost too.

We quickly hit on the next round, and then the next, and the next. The clothed penalties weren't too big a deal. Mostly foreplay, and teasing really. I had to lick cream off someone's nipples, and Phil had to do an erotic dance for two of the other guys (they got equal high cards)

Keith and Simon had quite a good one about 15 minutes into the game. They had to kiss and grind on the floor which Keith said almost had him coming. Simon was the winner for that one and soon had Keith's knees up by his ears and their mouths were hungrily tonguing each other. Simons hips thrust at Keith's and we thought we might have to pull them apart.

I was quite happy when I got a penalty to give Andy's black muscular frame a massage. Simon had some oil too which I happily rubbed into Andy's back as he lay on the floor. He had lost 3 rounds and was only in his boxers so I managed to massage him a lot. To speed the game up, the others drew their cards as I massaged big Andy.

Phil and Simon drew the lowest card while Keith was the winner. The dare was to simulate a sexual position for 2 minutes (winner's choice).

Keith was a bit of a bottom, so it was no surprise when he got on all fours, Phil behind him and Simon to the front, and he simulated a proper spit roast bitch. Keith and Simon were both down to their pants, so Keith was almost able to taste that cock in front of him while Phil gave him a quick tug for good measure. It was not as good as the real thing, but for foreplay, it was unbeatable.

The TV, at this point, was showing a similar scene with a bitch servicing two cocks. I kept my eyes on Keith as he was really a lot nicer than the actors on TV, and he was going for it more too!

We calmed down a little after this and got a drink. We didn't want to get too excited too quickly.

The next round was mine to lose. 3 of them had drawn Tens, I had a four, and there were a 6 and 7. I looked down at the list to see what 3 guys were going to do to me. An evil grin cracked on my lips as I read the dare


The guys had seen I had worn nylon once my socks had come off, but as I removed my trousers, they gasped at the black opaque hold ups against my milky white thighs. My cock was barely contained by the lace g string I was wearing, and Andy, Keith and Simon stood up to prepare for my spanking, but also to admire my sluttish look.

Pete (7 of Hearts) winked at Phil (6 of Spades) as he read Phil's punishment. 3 MINUTES OF DILDO

Simon quickly said "I have something we can use"

My heart sank a little at this. I don't normally go for proper pain, so I wasn't up for canes or belts. I needn't have been scared, for when Simon returned, he had a nice tartan pleated skirt and white blouse for me.

"Schoolgirl punishment" He gleefully announced.

I was more than willing to get dressed up do I pulled up the skirt, which was slightly too small but still fit comfortably. The blouse was also too small but the bursting buttons added to the look, I think.

Simon had also brought a fat plastic cock for Pete to stick in Phil. He also announced that the 3 minutes would start once it was balls deep. Phil sat on his chair with his legs held high and his boxers and jeans by his ankles. The lubed cock was like a torpedo as it went for his ass.

The 3 guys who had the pleasure to spank me laid me face down on the sofa, with my ass in the air over the arm of it, and my body hanging down over the side. I couldn't see anything and I felt very vulnerable with my ass up for all to see. Someone sat on my feet so that I wouldn't slide off and I felt a pair of hands flip the skirt up and pull my panties down my thighs.

The first slap was unexpected and I cried out. The stinging was almost unbearable in it's sudden and sharp arrival.

SLAP. Again my body jerked and I moaned as the palm struck my other ass cheek. "Oooooh" I moaned as the stinging subsided to a hot burn

I could hear Phil moaning similarly as Pete pushed the dildo into him. And then another SLAP made my thoughts return. Whoever it was, was having a lot of fun. I was too, writhing and moaning like a slut.

At least 20 slaps, 10 each on my ass cheeks rained down before I had a change of punisher. The 2nd guy was a lot more gentle, yet he was also more precise. Each slap hitting me in the same place so that I didn't really have time to recover. My ass cheeks were burning now but my cock was jerking with an almost dry orgasm at the sensation.

Finally I had man number 3 and when the first slap hit, I knew it was Andy. His big meaty hands grabbed each ass cheek before letting go and hitting me with a large, flat slap. 10, 20 times, I lost count actually.

Finally it had finished and the cool air of the lounge wafted over my burning cheeks. Andy had got his camera out and was taking photos of my ass, exclaiming "YEAH" every time he pressed the button.

I was pulled up from the sofa and allowed to rest for a bit while everyone had caught their breath. I caught the end of Phil's penetration too. The dildo had done a great job of opening his ass up, and it looked like a great read meaty cavern that slowly, and I mean slowly closed up.

Andy showed me some of his photos of my ass. Fucking hell did my ass look angry. Large red blushed areas surrounded by white. I certainly felt it as I sat there, dressed as a schoolgirl, and I thought that this was possibly the greatest afternoon I had experienced in a long time.

After an hour of the game, with a few breaks, we had pretty much all got down to our pants. Andy was naked, as was Keith. Phil still had his trouser and pants on as he was quite lucky today, and I had to take off my schoolgirl's uniform which saddened me greatly.

I was pleased to get a look at both Andy and Keith's packages now. Andy had a stereotypical black man's cock. It was a nice 9+ inches long and very fat. I had started to wish I had received a bit of that dildo after looking at it. Keiths looked a lot like mine, cut and just over 6 inches long. He had also done a full shave too and his pure white skin was like that of a beautiful angel.

Keith drew first the next round and got a 2. We all cheered as this meant that he would definitely have to do a Naked Dare.


Andy was particularly pleased with this outcome, being the highest drawing card. He sat back, opened his legs, and waiting for Keith to start his penalty.

Phil started the stopwatch on his phone, and Keith started sucking. He had a little trouble getting Andy's massive black knob past his lips, but once he had a little practice, he was in his element. Up and down his head bobbed, Andy's head was thrown back in ecstasy at Phil's gobbling. He even placed both hands on each side of Phil's head and started to thrust a little.

A long 5 minutes later, the stopwatch alarm went off and Phil quite reluctantly took his mouth off his prize.

The rest of us giggled at Andy expression of satisfaction and started to draw the next few cards.

After Phil had got down to his pants, with me teabagging him and slapping his face with my cock for the punishment, Simon became the 3rd fully naked person (and a dildoing for him too, this time 5 minutes long). His knob was quite long at about 7 inches, just like Pete's.

My final clothed dare, after taking my silk knickers off but leaving the stockings on, was to lick and suck Keith's smooth balls for 5 minutes. They tasted as gorgeous as I had imagined and I eagerly gobbled them up. Keith's cock had turned purple after I had finished, and I couldn't stop myself from licking the precum from his circumcised end when I had done.

All of the naked dares included some kind of short 5 minute sucking and fucking, and we were all careful not to cum. This was difficult as we had all made a promise not to cum for at least 4 days, but we did manage it.

We had to continue with this until the last person had lost his pants, who was Phil at this point. He was one lucky son of a bitch today and just didn't want to lose. This was not an unhappy occasion to us as I was able to have mu cock sucked twice, once by Andy, and another by Simon.

I had to suck Pete and Andy's too while towards the end, The fucking dares came into play. Keith fucked me once in the missionary position, his hot lips pressed against mine as he pounded me on my back. Our smooth bodies joined together in a smooth and sweaty embrace.

I then got to sit on the sofa and have Simon ride my cock for 5 minutes until Phil finally lost the final hand.

This last hand that Phil lost, with Pete as the winner (again!), was to have his ass spanked with a dildo inserted. Pete easily slid the plastic cock into Phil again and he slapped his ass red raw with a good 30 slaps in total. Phil's whimpering was pathetic and I was tempted to go over and do some of my own. That'll teach hime for being so lucky lol :-)

As per the rules at the end, the winning 3 cards would match up with the losing 3 cards (highest takes lowest, 2nd highest takes 2nd lowest etc). The higher card out of the two would then decide exactly how the session would end for the pair. The only other rule: Both must cum!

After the cards had been drawn, we were paired up as follows:

Winner Phil, Loser Steve (Me)

Winner Andy, Loser Pete

Winner Keith, Loser Simon

I was quite pleased with this as Phil had a nice dark body and slight oriental looks. It was going to be an exotic experience, and Phil was also very keen as he was on me in seconds!

His cock was a good 8 inches long, medium girth and circumcised. The end was very pale and I licked my lips at the sight of it.

He had pretty much jumped on me and deeply kissed me with his tongue. His hand went straight for my cock and fiddled it and my balls. He guided my hand to his and I similarly tugged him into life. We embraced like this for a short while before he pulled me from the sofa and down on the floor where he positioned me on all fours.

I expected him to enter me immediately, but he had different plans. I jumped a little as I felt a finger at the entrance to my assshole. I had missed all of the dildo dares and I was quite happy to be loosened up first. He slipped first one, then 2 and 3 fingers into my bum and pumped them into me. I kept my eyes on the porn that was still playing on TV as he fiddled with my prostate.

I jumped a bit more as I felt the head of the plastic cock at my ass. I could remember how big that monster was when I saw it enter him. He must have remembered the feeling as he was extremely gentle. It took at least 5 minutes to slide it into me and I felt as if I was ripped open, the pressure was too much. To my left, Andy was ploughing into Keith, also in a doggy style and Keith was moaning and juddering at each thrust.

I couldn't see Keith or Simon but I could hear a loud squelchy and gobbling sound as one of them got sucked off noisily.

Phil left the dildo in me and ordered me to turn around. He had sat on the leather chair and had his light brown cock pointing toward me. I didn't need any further instructions, I just knelt before him and guided his cock into my hot warm mouth.

I sucked him hard with the dildo in my ass. As my head went down, I used my tongue to massage the underside of his shaft. On the up movement, my lips were wrapped tightly like a fist trying to squeeze toothpaste out of a tube. Once my mouth was at his head, I flicked my tongue across the head which made him writhe with pleasure.

A good few dozen of these, and I felt he was ready to cum. He then pushed my head from it and pushed me to the floor. His own mouth then clamped down around my cock and then proceeded to copy my previous actions. With his movement, and especially the flicking across my bellend, my ass pushed the dildo out leaving an aching space that I needed filled.

I was arching my back and writhing around on the carpet with Phil grabbing my hips so as not to let me go. My stockinged legs were pressing against his head while he sucked.

Again and again, he pulled back on my cock with such pressure that I thought he might pull it off. It was his choice on how to finish this off, and he seemed determined to finish me off in his mouth.

I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm build inside of me, and Phil must have felt it too. He pumped the last few times and I hit the point of no return. I hit the carpet hard with both fists as my cock erupted with a fountain of cum. His tongue flicked across my helmet and I screamed with the strong experience. Again and again I pumped load after load into his face and he managed to keep every drop in. He pulled off me and I opened my eyes to see him tilt his head back and swallow it all.

He coughed a little at the sheer amount of cum and laid on top of my motionless body. He kissed me with his salty lips and I stirred as if they were smelling salts.

I kissed him passionately back and I could really taste my hot sticky cum on his tongue. He turned me back over on my hands and knees (the best position, IMHO, when wearing stockings), and positioned himself behind me ass.

He was in me in one thrust, and he didn't even bother to start gently. The dildo had done it's job and my ass was ready for his thick cock. His hips slapped against my ass with a slapping sound like my spanking earlier. His heavy balls hit mine in unison with each thrust.

This was another incredibly intense experience and my mind couldn't sense anything out of the little bubble I was currently in. The other 4 guys and even the porn were of no interest to me, just Phil's hard grunts and thrusts.

He picked up speed and I could feel by his shortening breath that he was close to cumming. He would decide where he would finish off. Inside my ass maybe, or all over my back. Perhaps on my cock or face, or even in my mouth. I was quite excited by not knowing where or even having a choice.

A couple of hard finishing thrusts later, and Phil pulled from me. "On yer back" he commanded and I obeyed immediately.

He straddled by chest so that his cock end was level with my chin, and I knew that he wanted a facial.

"Open yer mouth Steve" he commanded again, and I opened it as wide as I could. I grabbed his cock and wanked him towards my waiting mouth and face. He grunted and jerked and I closed my eyes as he came.

3 full streaks of cum struck me across my face and mouth. The first hit me in on eye, and the second in my mouth and up one nostril. The 3rd, I think, also dripped into my mouth and across my cheek. He edged forward and place the head of his penis into my mouth.

I licked and sucked as 3 more wads of salty goodness spilled into my mouth, and I eagerly swallowed every drop.

Phil collapsed on top of me and again kissed me deeply. He made "Mmmmmmm"

sounds as he tasted his cum.

The other guys, who I had completely forgotten about, finished not long afterwards and we gathered our stuff into some semblance of order. Dressing and washing in satisfied post orgasm silence.

We had drinks later and watched some Saturday night TV and laughed and joked about the day's events. We would certainly do this again and maybe with more present. Can't wait if I'm honest

I hope you enjoyed this and gave some new and interesting ideas for your evenings. Let me know what you think at [email protected]


Steve Hughes

[email protected]


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