It was during the summer break that I worked as a porter/cleaner/general dogsbody in a shitty hotel near Paddington. The pay was pretty bad, but it was easy as hell and I still quite enjoyed it because the manager, Andy, was rather cute. I didn't know if he was gay, but that didn't stop me from fantasising about him almost every day. He was 32, quite well built and about 6 feet tall. He had long, dark brown hair with eyes the colour to match, and a fine tight ass. I will admit that most of my masturbating since I started there were over mental image of him.

One particularly hot afternoon in early August, Andy asked me to go to one of the rooms and have a look at fixing the TV that a guest had complained about. This was not good news as I hadn't shot my load in about 5 days, and I was looking forward to a lunchtime 'alone' in one of the empty rooms. This lunch was due in 5 minutes. With a silent sigh I duly grabbed a box of tools and strode upstairs. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long.

I knocked on the door of room 31 and waited. There was no answer, but I heard the sound of a shower running and guessed that whoever was in there couldn't hear me. I took a spare key off the chain I carried, and entered the room. The TV stood in he corner of the room by the closed curtains (this was strange due to the hot day we were having), and I gasped at the strength of the heat as it hit me.

After a quick examination of the box, I checked the plug and found the problem. The fuse has blown. "Excellent", I thought, "Nice and easy".

The lack of wanking in the past week had given me an almost permanent hard on. I must have been too busy anticipating the fun I would have during lunch, that I didn't hear the shower stop, or the bathroom door open.

"Ah, you're sorting the TV out", a gruff voice called from behind me. I almost shit myself and spun around in shock.

In front of me, still dripping with warm water and with a towl round his waste, was the guest. His size and physique was similar to mine, 6'2'', thin and with short blond hair (mine is a light brown). I could see a half erection poking the towel out just slightly, but it was enough for me to know he was well endowed.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you", he said. I took my eyes off his crotch and looked at him.

"Not a problem", I answered then pointed to the TV, "The fuse has just gone on this and it should be done in a minute".

I took another quick glance at his towel and saw that his cock had grown a little more. It was now quite prominent and unconsciously I licked my lips.

Looking back up to his face, I could see a wry smile across it.

"Shit", I realised what I had done and hurried back to replacing the fuse.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him go over to the bed and bend over to pick up some clothes. I looked around to catch his ass, small and tight, as he fumbled around on the bed. Realising my indiscretion last time, I made sure he wasn't looking. No, he was facing the other way and I smiled. Smiled that is, until I saw the reflection of his face staring straight at me in the mirrored tiles above the headboard of the bed.

I closed my eyes and dropped my shoulders. I was well and truly caught, but I didn't care. I was horny as a dog on heat and he knew it.

Turning around, he let his towel slip to the floor and smiled.

"What do you think?" he asked.

I looked at his magnificent cock, now a fully erect 8 inches, uncut, and pointing straight at me. All I managed to say was "It's...lovely".

"My name's Jeff by the way", he offered, "How about you look at that TV later and come over here."

I followed Jeff's instructions and walked over to the bed where he was now sitting. My cock is only 6 and a half inches long yet it was bursting through my boxers, and my balls ached with the anticipation of things to come (pun intended).

"I'm Steve" was my reply as I stood in front of him.

Jeff busied himself with removing my trousers and pants as I took off my shirt. I climbed onto the bed, my legs slipping between his, and gave him a long deep kiss. Our cocks were burning against each other, and the hot air of the hotel room only made the sensation more pleasurable. Our bodies were becoming quite sweaty in the heat as we rubbed against each other. This didn't seem to bother Jeff, and I quite like the slipperiness.

After a few minutes of kissing and general fondling, my balls felt as if they were going to shoot at any moment. I pulled myself off Jeff to let them cool a little. He just laid there, his rock hard prick laying against his stomach. The bright red head was fully out of his sheath, and I once again licked my lips (I had my skin removed when I was a kid by the way, but I prefer uncut men).

I started to take long deep breaths to keep my cock from cumming. Jeff seemed to be doing a similar sort of thing, which was confirmed when he next spoke.

"You know Steve. I haven't cum in over two weeks. Do you know how that feels?"

I nodded, although I don't think since I started playing with myself, I had ever gone for so long. It couldn't have been different from what I was feeling now.

"Let me sort ot out for you" I answered. Climbing back on the bed, I bent down over his cock and took it in my mouth. The salty precum was delicious, and although I love to suck cock that was not the reason I was down there.

After a few seconds, when the saliva I had accumulated while standing up

(clever idea eh?) had covered his entire shaft, I straddled his waste and slowly lowered myself down on him.

It took some minutes to get even the head of his cock completely in my ass.

Yet I persisted, and soon I was able to slide down his hot shaft until my ass cheeks touched his huge balls.

The sweat was running down my face as I started to slowly ride his cock.

Jeff was moaning and thrusting his hips ups to meet mine as my cock slapped against his belly in rhythm. Boy this was a good way to spend lunch.

I was still riding him kind of slow and nice when Jeff asked me if I could get on all fours. I very quickly got off his cock, and assumed the position beside him. I just love being taken from behind.

Jeff knelt behind me and put his hand on my hips.

"God you've got a fine ass Steve" Jeff said, and with just one thrust he was buried to the balls. He started to thrust, slowly at first, but steadily picking up pace. The sweat was now running from his face and chest onto my back mixing with my own perspiration. His pounding was so fast now that I had trouble thinking straight because of the pleasure he was giving me. His balls were swinging against mine and I suddenly came with an explosion onto the bed, screaming as I let loose. I had never cum so hard in my life. My ass was contracting around his cock so that after just a few seconds he froze buried in me to the hilt. Jeff threw his head back and moaned as he emptied two weeks worth of cum into my ass. I felt six separate bursts of his hot semen spray into my intestines.

Jeff collapsed on top of me, his cock still rock hard and twitching inside by satisfied hole. As his cock shrunk, it plopped out of my ass and I felt a steady stream of his cum trickle out onto my balls and cock. I turned myself over to face him. We were both exhausted, so we just lay there and kissed for a while.

We then both heard a voice...

"Having fun here are we?". It was Andy the manager, standing at the door looking at both of us entwined in each other's bodies. Jeff didn't move, and I couldn't say anything even if I wanted to, but then I noticed his trousers were around his ankles, and he was stroking his cock.

"I thought you were taking a long time, so I came up to see if there was a problem."

I eventually managed to answer. "No problem", and winked at him with a smile. His cock was about as long as mine, but a little fatter. Andy smiled back and Jeff finally looked around to see who it was. Upon seeing Andy's nice circumcised cock, his own started to twitch next to mine. This must have had an effect on me because soon we were both hard as rock and ready to go again.

"I want to taste your cum Steve", Jeff whispered in my ear. I moved lower down the bed and he straddled my head. The head of his cock was now right above my head and I eagerly took it into my mouth. I started to lick around the end before moving it deeper into my mouth. Jeff moved his lips over my shaft and started to apply pressure with his tongue around the head. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on pleasing him. This was difficult due to the waves of exctasy that I was receiving, but by the sound of his moans, I couldn't have been doing badly.

I had completely forgotten about Andy until he suddenly appeared naked by my head. "Mind if I join you?" he asked.

With my mouth full of Jeff's cock, and his balls resting on my nose, I could only make a noise to tell him yes.

Andy knelt behind Jeff and I became extremely excited because I had never been so close to watching the action as this before. Andy's cock was right above my nose and I stopped sucking Jeff for a minute to lubricate the manager before entry. This was quickly achieved and I started to suck on Jeff's balls as Andy guided his cock towards it's target.

He started to push insistently at Jeff's ass and was making good progress in no time at all. Jeff had stopped sucking me for a moment while this was happening, but quickly returned to my cock when Andy was halfway in.

Andy was not gentle at all, but Jeff didn't seem to mind. I was fascinated by the hard pumping cock above me, and I quickly took Jeff back into my mouth. I was getting hornier and hornier by the second and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came again. I wasn't wrong, and whilst watching Andy's shiny wet prick hammer into the hole above me, I emptied my balls into Jeff's throat. He swallowed almost all of my initial load, but made sure he licked my cock clean afterwards. I renewed my attack on Jeff's rod and was rewarded for my efforts as he filled my mouth with an enormous helping of his hot spunk. I didn't have any difficulty in swallowing the load he gave me, and I squeezed his cock to get the last remaining gobules of cum from him.

Meanwhile Andy's breaths were becoming shorter, and his pumping a lot faster. Finally he gave one last thrust, and I saw his ball tighten up as he emptied himself into Jeff.

Jeff collapsed on top of me, totally wasted and Andy's cock slipped from his ass. As with Jeff's sperm in me earlier, Andy must have cum a lot as it was running out of Jeff's ass and down onto his balls (and my face!). I proceeded to lick up all the cum I could from Jeff's thighs and balls, and Andy cuddled down with both of us.

We continued like this for the whole of the afternoon, and each of us had at least another ass and mouthful of cum. By the evening, we were all spent, but it had been a wonderful day.


Steve Hughes

[email protected]


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