It was mid August, and due to an extremely harsh period at work, it had been over 3 months since my last fuck. It was the day after my project had ended and I was absolutely rampant with lust. I didn't feel like going out on the pull, so I visited a few websites to see what I could find.

One particular one that I arrived at was similar to a dating site, but was aimed at people who were just after sex. I left a simple message "Horny male seeks male(s) for an afternoon of hot sex. Bristol Area", and waited.

It took less than 10 minutes for the first reply. It was from a couple, Matt and John, and they were free that exact afternoon. They only lived a few miles from me as well, so I was over there within the hour.

I nervously knocked on their door, and waited. It opened to a rather nice looking young man, perhaps the same age as me, with short black hair and a quite thin physique. He was just over 6 feet tall, the same height as me.

"Steve?" he queried and I nodded Yes. "Please come in. I'm Matt"

"Good to meet you" I replied

"And this is John", he pointed to his boyfriend standing in the living room door.

John was quite a short chap compared with Matt, maybe 5'6'' or so, and quite large but I could see that it was not all fat, there was muscle there as well.

I said "Hi" to John and he looked me up and down.

"So then, are we on?" I asked.

Matt replied first "Absolutely Steve", he then turned to John who had his eyes firmly on my crotch and a look of animalistic lust in his eyes.

"Looks like John approves as well. Shall we retire to the bedroom?"

I followed Matt upstairs to their bedroom with John behind me. I could feel him looking at my ass as we climbed. I then felt a hand rub between my legs which made my already hard cock almost cum there and then.

We entered their bedroom and they immediately stripped me bare. As I stood there completely naked, Matt gave me a long deep kiss while John lightly fingered my ass. I could only give out a soft moan due to the intense pleasure he was giving me. Matt and John then started to strip and I sat on the bed. John's cock was a nice 6 or 7 inches long, uncut, and with a massive head to it. Matt's was a similar size to my own, just over 6 inches long, but his was a lot fatter. He was also cut like me.

I licked my lips as they both approached the bed and I laid back as they both settled over me. John on my Left, and Matt on my right. We kissed, touched and stroked for a few minutes before I said to John "I want you to fuck me while I suck Matt"

They both jumped up and I got into position in the middle of the bed on all fours. Matt moved to my head and laid in front of me. I heard John put on a condom while I parted my lips to get them around Matt's wide prick.

I jumped a little when I felt John pull my ass cheeks wide open and then stick a lubed finger in my crack. Matt's cock was now half in my mouth as I sucked him. He moaned in ecstacy as I applied pressure to his cock head with my tongue.

John slowly pushed his cock into my bum and I had to stop blowing Matt for a second until he had entered me fully. I felt a little uncomfortable as his bulbous head passed my sphincter but once that was in he was able to pump freely.

I now attacked Matt's prick with a vengeance as I was being ridden from behind. He was writhing in front of me and I knew he wouldn't last long.

He screamed as his heavy sacks emptied their hot load into my mouth. I closed my eyes as I swallowed, savouring the salty goodness. I felt a second, third and fourth rope of cum hit the back of my throat. After that, Matt was still cumming like a moan possessed, but it was more of a flow than an explosion. I eagerly swallowed his entire load.

As his cock slipped from my mouth, he stoked my head tenderly and I kissed his balls. He shuddered a little at their tenderness.

John, meanwhile, had been humping my ass furiously, yet skilfully and I was able to direct my attention to his cock. I clenched and unclenched my ass muscles around his penis and this certainly met with his approval. He then pulled his cock from my hole and removed the condom. Almost immediately I felt his love juices spray onto my back. I couldn't tell how much there was, but it seemed a lot. I could feel a trickle run down the side of my thigh as he finished covering my body.

I stayed on all fours as both Matt and John licked his cum off my back and ass. John even went down to my loose asshole and rimmed me silly. I was so close to cumming you wouldn't believe, but I always prefer to hold off until my men are completely satisfied.

When they had finished cleaning me off, we all layed there and snuggled in an after sex glow.

"I'm fucked" John said and we all laughed.

We laid there for 30 minutes to regain our strength before Matt said "I'd really like some of your ass now Steve"

I was then positioned on my back at the edge of the bed with my legs over the side. Matt knelt on the floor in between them and pulled a fresh condom on his cock. I was worried that the girth of his magnificent prick would hurt, but this was immediately allayed when He sunk to the balls in one easy push. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer and he started to slowly to fuck my ass.

John moved over to my cock and started to gently kiss and then suck it. I threw my head back onto the bed as he expertly worked his mouth around my shaft. I could feel the orgasm build within me and then it hit me.

I cried out I filled John's mouth with my sticky jism and he noisily swallowed every single drop. My ass contracted around Matt's cock and he exclaimed "Fuck me Steve your ass is great".

John laid next to me and we both watched Matt as he continued to pound my hole. My heat had subsided by this point and I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of his fat tool deep within me. He lasted over 30 minutes before filling the condom inside me and we both kissed as he collapsed on top of me.


Steve Hughes

[email protected]


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