This story is not true, but it did come from me thinking about some nice hot fantasies. Keep it safe ;-)

A few years ago, we in Britain had quite a long hot spell in the summer. The days were high in the 30s and the sun made staying outside for any length of time more than a bit uncomfortable.

I had decided to brave the Saturday afternoon weather by taking my dog for a walk around some local fields. The crops were high and I knew Benny (My black Labrador) would just love racing through the fields exploring. We set off out with me in a pair of shorts and a loose fitting t shirt. It was far too hot for pants or socks so I just threw on a pair of trainers.

It was past the mid-afternoon scorching heat but still hotter than average for our country, and me and Benny made for the wide expanses of fields a mile or so away from our house. Hardly anyone was out due to the heat so we had no witnesses to us getting into the first field we came to. Benny scrambled through a hedge, and I climbed the metal gate.

The corn was high and we made our way towards the centre of the field along the tractor tracks not wishing to damage the corn too much. I was just admiring the clear blue sky and stunning scenery when I noticed that Benny had found something interesting to smell. He was straining at the leash and I immediately undid it to allow him to investigate further. We went for about a hundred yards through the corn when he suddenly stopped.

I headed on over to him and glanced over to the way he was looking.

In the centre of a small area of flattened down corn, on top of several tartan picnic blankets, were three men, totally naked enjoying the sun. There was a small picnic basket open near to them which was what Benny must have smelled, but he was going no further (he?s a pussy really)

The first man nearest to me was laid out on his stomach facing away reading a book. He was white, muscles bulging from heavy gym use, and had a long pony tail with one of the most amazing asses I have ever seen. Pert, tight, and with the suntan oil it glistened invitingly in the sunshine. The second was laid back, his head resting in his arms sound asleep. His uncut cock was about 7 inches long, but VERY fat and he had a nice huge pair of balls. He was of medium build, fully shaven and again the suntan oil made his body look slippery and oh so very touchable. The thought of him rubbing that oiled body against mine made my cock jump a little and press against my shorts.

The third guy was either mixed race, or maybe Mediterranean. He was also laying on his back but listening to his Ipod rather than sleeping. This one was quite slim and very hairy, and the oil had slicked his thick body hair close to his tanned skin. His circumcised cock was nice and long, about 9 inches, but not as fat as his friend?s. His balls were also smaller but tight and powerful. I licked my lips as I gazed at all 3 in steadily growing excitement.

None of the guys had seen me yet and I pulled Benny close to me to calm him down. He was eying up the food while my eyes were only for the 3 men in front of me. I patted Benny as I slipped a hand down my shorts and slowly stroked my now fully erect penis. Benny looked at me quizzically as I stroked some more and I bravely wriggled out of the shorts so that my cock was free.

I haven?t got that big a willy, just 6 and a half inches and of average girth. I am cut, and I do like to shave so it gives the appearance of a larger tool. My hand continued to move slowly over my shaft, teasing myself with the sensations. I didn?t want to cum just yet, but I could feel an orgasm brewing rapidly.

And then Benny (bless his excitement), the little cunt that he is, barked?.

The muscle guy with the pony tail, and the shaven guy immediately jumped out of their skin at the shock and were on their feet in a second. They looked at me, first with fear shock, and then with amusement. I was knelt, cock in hand and mouth open at their fine forms. I could now see the pony tail guy?s meaty cock. Long, uncut, and of a nice thick width. Not as big as a cucumber, but getting close.

The shaven man gently kicked the tanned one who also rose to see who the intruder was and all three looked me up and down.

?I?I?I?m sorry? I blurted out ?I?ll go, sorry?

All three of them burst into laughter at this and the muscled man reassured me.

?No, you don?t have to do that. Come and have a bite to eat?

He gestured for me to sit down with them and grabbed the hamper. I started to pull my shorts up but he dismissed that wive a wave of his hand

?Look, we?ve seen you already. Leave them off. While you?re at it, why don?t you take off that t shirt too?

All 3 of their cocks were starting to either get hard, or already were hard and were glowing purple with the strain. Mine was one of the latter too as I sat down to enjoy their company. One of them tossed a couple of sausages to Benny, who was warily pacing around the edge and he devoured them immediately.

?Nice dog you?ve got there? said the tanned man ?I?ve got a brown Labrador with us but he?s gone off to explore somewhere?

My eyes were fixed on the shaven man?s fat prick as he was saying this and I just muttered ?okay? or something like that to him. The shaven man saw me looking and got up with a smile and walked towards me. I looked up at his face as he stood about a foot away from me, the end of his heavy cock just inches from my face. I bit my lip and looked him deep in his blue eyes, not saying what I wanted him to do, but he knew exactly.

?You are a horny little mix? he said to me as he nodded his head. I nodded too while licking my lips and opening my mouth.

He took a small step forward and placed the head of his cock onto my tongue. His foreskin was fully back, and the head was hard, purple and glistening. I closed my lips around the fat head, and flicked my tongue rapidly across the end.

?Oooooooohhh? he cried out, throwing his head backwards at the sudden intense pleasure. I could see his knees wobble so I placed my hands around his ass to steady him and I pushed my head down onto his shaft taking his meaty goodness into my mouth.

I looked up at him as my head bobbed slowly backwards and forwards on his shaft. He was looking me deep in the eyes but I could see the flicker as I alternated between bobbing up and down and flicking my tongue. He looked in heaven.

At the periphery of my vision, as I blew the fat cock in front of me, I could see the pony tail guy and his tanned friend settle down into a side-by-side 69. I would love to have watched, but I had more important business on my hands?and tongue.

After a few minutes, we all broke apart and caught our breaths.

?You suck like a world champion? my shaven beauty exclaimed breathlessly to me. ?That was beautiful? he continued as he knelt down to kiss me.

The other two were cuddling and watching me and mine with interest. The shaven guy then laid on his back with that fat prick of his pointing skywards. That prick that only a few moments ago was in my mouth was now going elsewhere he had decided.

I straddled his oiled body and rested my ass just above his cock. Although he was ?only? 7 inches long, his width could cause me damage if I wasn?t careful so I slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, lowered my butthole onto his spit lubricated cock.

I pushed down a little, and then retreated back up. I then repeated again and again. It only took two minutes max, but I managed to get him fully inside of me with no discomfort at all. I spread my arse cheeks wider to allow a fuller penetration and soon I was riding him slowly and rhythmically. My hands were caressing his chest as his felt mine. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm build due to the massage my prostate was getting. I have cum many times before just simply riding fellas so I tried to move around a bit just so I wouldn?t cum too early. It worked and I was bouncing up and down on my man?s beautiful cock like my life depended on it.

In all the excitement of this, I had forgotten about the two others. Then I felt the hands on my ass. I stopped riding for a moment and looked behind me. The muscle man with the pony tail, and his 9 inch, cock was knelt directly behind me. I suddenly realised what he was about to do, and I may have protested if he was a little wider. However, my fat-cocked lover below had loosened me up a bit and I thought I could do it.

Leaning forward so that my chest pressed against the oiled chest of my shaven hero, I felt the head of the muscle man?s prick at my wide open yet stuffed entrance. The shaven guy put his arms around me and held me close. I hope this was for comfort, but it could have been to stop me from escaping, but that was the last thing on my mind.

Muscle Man pushed, slowly but forcefully, and I could feel the first hints of pain from my bum. But still he pushed and the ache grew greater and greater until?

?we both sighed as his head passed my sphincter. The uncomfortable feeling passed and he was quickly away ramming his 9 inch monster deep into my filled anus. Shaven boy below didn?t need to do anything as the rubbing from his friend?s pumping gave him all the stimulus he needed. I was still wrapped in his arms and in the speed and excitement of it all, I realised the muscle guy also had me held close. I was not going anywhere, double locked as I was, but the feeling of two oiled bodies enveloping me was heaven.

It seemed like forever but the muscle man eventually slowed his ramming of my ass and bit down on my shoulder. He grunted ?Fuck, fuck, fuck? as he bit harder and filled my ass with his hot cum. I could feel the stickiness almost immediately as some ran out over the shaven man?s cock, balls, and my own thighs. My shoulder throbbed a bit from his biting down, but I had also caught the sun which didn?t help. They?re only war wounds I said to myself with a grin.

Slipping out of my ass, the muscle man laid down on the blanket and caught his breath. I was now free to continue riding the shaven guy with the big balls. I could also see where the tanned man had gone. He was still there, but now had found his chocolate brown retriever and he was stroking himself at the image he could see. His cock was both long and wide, and I hoped he wouldn?t try to DP me. Fortunately, he was content just to sit there and watch, and I wondered what was going through his mind. I guess I would find out soon enough.

The shaven guy pulled me close again and gave me a deep penetrating kiss. He then turned my head and sucked my burning neck. No doubt another mark of ownership that I would gladly carry with me.

?I want to finish in your mouth lover? he whispered breathlessly to me.

I hopped off his cock quickly, excited at the thought of a big load from his big swinging nuts. I could feel the cum of my muscle man properly running down my thighs now but he had managed to fully cover the shaved man?s cock in a slimy coating. I eagerly licked up all of the mess before enveloping the shaven man?s cock for a second time that day. I worked faster this time, my head bouncing up and down excited at the thought of the treat I was about to receive. I clamped my lips around his shaft hard as I pulled up, and flicked my tongue on the head of his prick as I pushed down.

This seemed to work well as within less than a minute he cried out with ecstasy and his whole body jerked as he emptied his balls.

I said before that this man had massive balls, but even I was not prepared for the eruption in my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and filled my mouth so quickly, it almost came out of my nose I was so surprised. I moaned as I continued to gobble down on his cock, feeling with a slutty horniness several hot solid ropes of jizz coat my mouth. I pulled my head up a bit to help me swallow yet I kept the tongue action going as he continued shooting his load.

The shaven man was suddenly still save from the heavy breathing and I allowed his cock to shrink and fall out of my mouth. I swallowed the last few gooey deposits in my mouth and laid next to him, also breathing heavily.

?No rest yet my champion? The tanned bloke said, ?we still have work to do?

He pulled me up and turned me over on my hands and knees.

?No rest for the wicked? I thought as the tanned bloke buried himself to the hilt in my arse in one thrust.

His cock was so long and fat that I missed a breath when he first entered me. I would have had to put in a bit of work had he been my first, but luckily I was ready after the two previous gents and he didn?t wait to begin fucking my hole with strength and passion. I glanced over to my dog Benny who was sniffing the chocolate Labrador?s ass. The chocolate lab then mounted my dog and began to fuck his ass! Biting down on the scruff of his neck, I could see the dog?s cock growing and Benny, not knowing what was going on, wasn?t really trying to move himself. I wondered if he was enjoying it as much as I was.

The tanned man held onto my hips and drove his cock deep into my bowels. Pushing into me harder with each stroke, he eventually had me lying flat to the ground with him lying over me still humping. His strokes quickened, they always do, and like all men he grunted as his seed filled my sore, stretched bum.

I rested on my for a few moments as we both basked in the hot sun, and of the warmth of a good hard sex session. Our two dogs were now ass to ass and I knew his was breeding with Benny just as his owner has done to me.

The tanned man nibbled my ear and whispered to me that as I was so good, they would all reward me. I wanted a bit of a further rest by this point so I laid there limp and unmoving. My cock was still rock hard and I was surprised that I hadn?t cum at least twice after that fucking.

Rolling me over, the tanned man spread my legs and raised them over my head to bare my ass. I had not felt any cum escape yet but I was hoping they would give my ass a rest. It did look unlikely from my spread-eagled position now!

He then did something I didn?t expect. He pressed his tongue down on my loose ring, and began to rim me. His tongue darted in and out of my ass and I was taken aback by the pleasure he gave me. Finally, he put his whole mouth around my ass and sucked deeply. I could hear the squelchy sounds of him lapping up his cum from my ass, and when he brought his head up, I could see his lips, chin and cheeks covered in his slimy gift. He went back to rimming me after he was satisfied he had gotten all his load and the muscle man suddenly appeared.

Muscle man took his position slightly in front of the tanned man and took one of my aching, shaven balls into his mouth. Sucking hard and rolling them around on his tongue, he expertly matched the rhythm of tanned fella rimming my ass.

That only left the shaven guy, my beautiful champion with the gorgeous fat cock. He winked at me as he took the head of my cock into his mouth and flicked his tongue across it, mush like I had done previously. I threw my head back and moaned. The rimming, ball suck and bell end flicking were just too much for me. I straightened my legs, clamping my thighs around the rimming tanned one, and filled the mouth of my new shaven best friend. I came incredibly hard and just collapsed after he had finished sucking and swallowing.

We laid together for a long while dozing and caressing. Benny had become detatched from his new lover, and was walking sheepishly around the edge of the picnic/fucking area.

As soon as we had all relaxed and calmed down, I said I had to leave. The guys were very appreciative, and let me go with a few beers. I would have been happy with another few mouthfuls of their hot salty spunk but I did really need to go. I arrived home shortly after with a massive smile after a good afternoon, and I realised that after all that, I hadn?t even gotten any of their names.

My phone then vibrated in my pocket, a new message.

Luckily, I had their numbers though.


Steve Hughes

[email protected]


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