This story is a true one. Keep it safe ;-)

It was just one week into the new year. I had had a shitty couple of months, and 2007 wasn't looking that good either, so I thought it would be a nice idea to get away for a bit. I booked an late minute flight for Amsterdam and jetted off for a long weekend of sin.

I arrived at my hotel on the edge of the Red Light District that Friday evening and quickly showered, shaved, and hit the town. I knew from a few fuck buddies good places where I could pick up some prime cock, and headed to the first bar less than a few hundred yards from my hotel. It was a leather bar, and filled to the brim with hot guys dressed to pull. I took a seat at the bar and watched the room looking for a decent target. I wasn't sure what I wanted that evening so I didn't advertise myself that fully. A few came over to chat, but I politely refused their advances until I knew exactly the type of evening I was after.

I was on my second beer, just eyeing a couple of large hairy leather clad monsters, when a young boy walked in. He couldn't have been more than 16 or 17 years old. Tall, slim, and with a beautiful face that made my heart melt.

He ordered a beer and stood by me at the bar. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He had short brown hair, and deep blue eyes, and I knew I was in love.

I'm strictly bottom, but with this angel stood next to me, I would have gladly foregone another cock in my ass just to fuck him once.

"Hi, you speak English?" I asked as cooly as I could.

He turned to face me.

"Hey. Yes I do." he replied "I'm Jonathan"

"Steve. Pleased to make your acquaintance" I answered back. My voice was trembling and he giggled at my discomfort

"So have you had much luck tonight?" he asked me. His eyes wandering over my body

"Only just arrived" I said "Nothing yet. How about you?"

"Me neither. I quite like a few in this bar" He looked straight at me and winked. He then looked over to the muscle guys I was checking out earlier.

They smirked and immediately swaggered over to us. Each was over 6 feet tall with a wide solid chest and a few days worth of stubble. One had a huge handlebar moustache and wouldn't look amiss in a 70s porn movie.

The one with the tash spoke with a deep German accent. "I'm Deiter. You boys doing anything tonight?"

Jonathan looked at me with wide eyes and then replied "No. Nothing yet"

I shook my head and the other man (who I later found out was called Karl)

slapped each of us on our arms and said "You're doing something now. Follow us"

Me and Jonathan just looked at each other as we were led out onto the street by Karl and Deiter. I could tell Karl really liked Jonathan but Deiter was cool with it. He kept himself close to me as we went back to their hotel.

It was only 5 minutes away and as soon as we got into the room, Karl and Deiter started to undress us. Karl was first to get his boy naked but I wasn't far behind. In between feeling the massive bulge in deiter's leather trousers, and having his tongue down my throat, I glanced over to see Jonathan's smooth hairless body. It was fucking gorgeous and my cock jumped at his beauty. What I wouldn't give to fuck his brains out.

Deiter laughed. "Hey why don't we let these two get on with it. My boys so fucking hot for yours"

Karl pushed Jonathan back on the bed. "Yeah. Let them get warmed up for us"

Warmed up? I thought. I was burning up.

I laid top to toe beside Jonathan and was glad I had taken the effort to shave myself as well. There was not a single hair on either of our bodies, save for our heads, and I stared longingly at his prick. It was a nice 7 inches long, uncut, and quite wide. I opened my mouth and savoured the hot meat between my lips. I felt Jonathan's warm moist lips around my shaft as we slowly blew each other and we both groaned softly at each other's efforts. He started to play with my ass, sticking a finger in, and then two.

He lightly finger fucked me as I started to push the first of my fingers into his tight hot hole.

Movement on the bed made me open my eyes. Karl and Deiter were now completely naked and had decided to join in the fun. Karl moved his large hairy body behind Jonathan, and I felt the rug of Deiter on my back as he spooned me. I couldn't see Deiter's cock, but if he was anything like Karl, then I was in for the fuck of a lifetime. Karl was 8 inches long, fat and uncut. His purple head was fully unsheathed and glistened with precum.

I stopped sucking Jonathan for a second, partly because I was mesmerised by this big fat prick being pushed inside his tiny hole, and partly because Deiter was trying to get his inside mine. It felt bigger than the one that was buried inside Jonathan, but sure enough Deiter managed to get it all in.

Neither of these men were for slow comfortable sex. They pounded us like it was their last fuck on Earth. I had difficulty in keeping Jonathan's cock in my mouth with the ferocity Deiter was fucking me. Karl was no more gentler and as I saw all 8 inches of his cock slide in and out of Jonathan's battered ass, I came with an intensity I cannot begin to describe. I filled Jonathan's mouth up and I could hear him choking slightly as he swallowed my seed. I had to stop sucking him again while I calmed down.

Deiter was almost at the end as well, his arm gripped my stomach and pulled me close to him as he came deep in my ass. I could feel his prickly moustache on my neck as he bit down on it. My insides swelled as his hot cum invaded my ass and Deiter kissed by neck and back over and over.

I had started to pay Jonathan the attention he deserved and I saw his balls tighten up. Placing my mouth over the head of his cock, I flicked my tongue quickly over the end and Jonathan screamed as he filled my mouth. I swallowed his sticky load with glee as Karl, with his cock fully enveloped by Jonathan's hole, emptied his balls into his guts.

Me and Jonathan spent the whole night with Deiter and Karl and I must say it was the best sex I have had in years. I didn't get to fuck Jonathan that night, but we agreed to meet up again, and my wish came true a couple of days later when I finally made love to him and a special bond was forever formed.


Steve Hughes

[email protected]


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