This story is a true one. Keep it safe ;-)

It's been a while since I've shared my experiences with you all so I'd like to right now with an encounter I had last weekend.

I apologise that this is short. I am meeting up with a couple in London this afternoon and I certainly don't want to miss that! Anyway, you'll find out all about it soon enough ;-)

I had been chatting to a guy I had met online called Keith for the past few months. I liked the pics I'd seen, he was a little younger than me, with quite an average build, but had a nice sized cock which is always a plus point.

We had agreed to meet up at his place on a Saturday afternoon to watch a few videos, and although it remained unsaid, for a nice fuck.

Both of us enjoyed dressing up in lingerie, so I bought a nice paid of black hold ups and a tiny lace thong that I couldn't even keep my balls in after one step. Fuck it I though, they'll be off soon enough.

I arrived at his and he greeted me at the door with a dirty grin. He had already started watching a film, hardcore group sex with some of the biggest and most beautiful cocks I had ever seen.

"You happy with today's film Steve?" Keith asked.

"Am I?" I exclaimed "I'm about ready to explode"

I could not keep my eyes off the tv. One of the blokes was riding another and was sucking a third. A fourth man was sucking the riding man while at the same time getting fucked from behind by a fifth. My cock had naturally come loose from the small g string in my trousers, and was leaking pre-come through my jeans.

"What do you think then gorgeous?" A voice asked me from the doorway.

I turned and saw Keith standing there with white stockings and suspenders, a pink pair of `Saucy Girl' knickers, and a bulge that made my ass contract in anticipation.

"I need you" was all I could reply

I stripped off my trousers and T shirt within a few seconds and we were soon crushed together in a passionate embracing kiss. His tongue darted inside my mouth and then slowly liked my neck. I threw my head back and let out a soft moan. Our cocks were rock hard as the caressing continued and I had to fight hard not to cum right there.

He guided me to the sofa and sat me down. Giving me no chance to do anything other than what he wanted, he knelt down between my legs and kissed the insides of my stockinged thigh. It was electric.

He then took my throbbing cock and slipped his lips over the end and took my entire length in one go.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of this cock master sucking my tool. He was a good one as every time I felt like cumming, he slowed a little to prolong the pleasure.

I lifted my hips a bit and he immediately put a finger in my asshole which clamped around it not wanting it ever leave.

He then did something completely unexpected, or rather it could have been obvious but I was only paying attention to his mouth sliding up and down my cock. I felt the head of a vibrator, on full power, sitting at the entrance to my ass. His lubed finger had done the trick, and the vibrating monster slid in with no effort.

Still with his mouth around my cock, and now flicking his tongue across my head, he pushed the vibrator in and started to fuck me with it. I'm no good at the best of times with these. They always seem to hit my spot. This was not exception, and I let out a loud moan as I orgasmed. My cock pulsed inside Keith's sucking mouth as I emptied a week's worth of seed into him.

He gulped and gasped as I came my last and I collapsed back into the sofa, still with the vibrator banging away inside me.

It took a few minutes for me to regain my composure, but it was soon time for me to repay him.

He sat on the sofa with his 7 inches pointing skyward and I put a condom on it. I then sat astride him and sat down on his beautiful shaft. It was quite a thick cock, so I couldn't go all the way first time, but it wasn't long before I had taken him all the way to his balls.

I rode him slowly at first, kissing him deeply. I could taste my cum on his tongue which inflamed my passion further. My ass was loosening up so I increased tempo, and before long I was bouncing up and down like a wild cum crazy whore.

He stopped me before he came and got up from under me. I kept kneeling on the sofa and he positioned himself behind me. In one stroke, he entered me and pounded my ass in a manner not to dissimilar to a dog on heat.

"I want you to finish in my mouth Keith" I begged

"I'll finish wherever you want me to baby" he replied.

"Slap me if you want" I said again

A hard slap cam down on my bare buttocks at my request and I groaned. Again, his left hand slapped my other buttock and then the right. I pushed my ass back into his thrusts and then felt a second orgasm welling inside me.

Slap. This was a good hard one on my right check as he thrust forward. He pulled back and pushed hard into me again. Slap, another full hand in the same place. It stung but I felt like I was in heaven.

For about 20 times he slapped my right as cheek as thrust into me and then I came. It was only a small amount this time, but enough to stain his sofa. My ass contracted around his cock, and he withdrew taking off the condom in one quick motion.

I knelt on the floor in from of him opening my mouth to accept his hot penis. I alternately applied pressure to the shaft as I sucked down, and flicked my tongue over his bell end on the way up. This had the desired effect and he shot an enormous amount of cum into the back of my throat. I choked a little at the size of his gift but I didn't miss a single drop.

We both lay on the sofa to finish watching the porn after this. We were both exhausted, but it only took about 30 minutes for us to be back at it again.

I hope you enjoyed this story of hot and horny pleasure. Please send me your comments and requests to [email protected]


Steve Hughes

[email protected]


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