I had been chatting with a couple of guys online for a few weeks after meeting them in a chatroom. Kieran was 32, married, and wanted to try something different. Ricky was very young, just turned 18 and fully into the gay scene.

I had swapped a few naked photos of myself with these two, although as I'm quite nervous of my face appearing on the internet, they were either just close ups of my cock, or full body shots with the head cut off.

Kieran sent similar headless photos, being 'happily' married and all that, but he had quite a nice big body and a fantastically thick uncut cock. Ricky on the other hand sent me full on photos of himself and I was amazed with what I saw. He was thin, with a beautiful face and an average sized circumcised cock. He kept himself fully shaven and I must admit I jacked off to him a few times since receiving the pics.

They both lived in London, and I though what a great idea it would be to meet them. Neither knew about the other, so I decided that I would see if I could have both in the same day. Kieran had booked a holiday one Thursday, and I knew Ricky was at uni, so I put the question to them and they both agreed.

Normally when I meet men, I'm just after quick gratification and that's all.

Maybe a few hours of fucking, but nothing more and certainly no relationships. Kieran's wife was at work that day, and for some reason he gave me his home address (I'd never do that personally). Ricky asked if we could meet in a bar so we could chat before deciding what to do, so I arranged a midday meeting with Kieran, and a 4pm one with Ricky. If everything went to plan, I would have one hell of a day.

That day couldn't come around fast enough. I had refrained from wanking for a week just so I could enjoy the experience more, and my cock was solid by the time I had arrived in London.

Kieran lived in NE London, and after exiting the tube, I found my way to his house with no problems. It was half 11, and my heart was in my mouth as I knocked on his front door.

The door opened and I got my first look at his face. Kieran wasn't particularly handsome, but I did like his cock and that's all that really matters. He didn't seem all that well built compared with his photo, but he certainly worked out a little.

"Steve I presume?", he said with a smile. "Come on in".

He seemed quite pleased with me and I smiled back.

I followed him into his living room where he offered me a seat.

"Tea, Coffee?" he asked.

"No thanks", I replied. My cock was almost hurting as it pressed against my jeans.

"How about my cum then?". He stared at me with a real look of animalistic lust. I leapt from his sofa and stuck my tongue into his surprised, yet exremely hot mouth. He grabbed my ass and pulled me against him.

"Upstairs" he gasped and I willingly followed while unbutoning my shirt.

We took less than 20 seconds to strip naked and he threw me onto the bed. He jumped on me and we continued kissing for a while, our bodies roasting against each other. He took a condom from the bedside table and slipped it on his thick tool. I spread my legs as Kieran took a pot of vaseline and covered his cock with the gel.

He then paused, an idea had come to him. He walked over to a chest of drawers and pulled out a pair of black stockings and a suspender belt.

"Here, put these on" he said. "You're about the same size as her"

I did as I was told and laid back once again with my ass spread invitingly.

God I felt dirty laying there wearing his wife's nylon.

Positioned his cock against my tight hole, I relaxed as he began to push, and slowly but surely Kieran's prick entered me. There was not too much discomfort and after a while he began to slide in and out of my ass. I wrapped my stockinged legs around his waist and we kissed with a passion. I wasn't near to cumming yet, but the feeling of him enter me to the balls and then pull almost completely out just filled me with waves upon waves of pleasure.

Kieran kept fucking me for a good 20 minutes like this when I whispered to him that I like it doggy style. He stood up as I rolled over and got on all fours. He then entered me again with one thrust and began to fuck me furiously.

"I want your cum in my mouth", I gasped breathlessly.

"Yeah you dirty whore" was his reply, and he slapped my bum hard while still ramming his cock into me. This caused my ass to contract around his shaft, and he let out a groan. He then slapped my other cheek which elicited the same response and soon he riding and beating my ass like a cowboy.

I was really starting to get into the spirit of this when he suddenly pulled out and I heard him take off the condom. I rolled onto my back and he straddled my shoulders.

"Take it. Eat it" he demanded and I willingly opened my mouth.

The head of his prick was huge with a bright purple colour to it and I was actually quite worried that it wouldn't fit into my mouth. I was wrong however and as he knelt above my head, I wrapped my warm lips around the shaft and applied pressure with my tongue.

Kieran was moaning constantly now at my efforts and I only had to wait for a few seconds before his balls tightened up. He looked down at me and I looked straight back into his eyes as he filled my mouth with his warm sticky cum.

The force of it hitting the back of my throat was incredible and he was almost crying with the pleasure. I started to swallow the load that he was giving me and closed my eyes for a second. He tasted delicious.

I kept his cock in my mouth until it had gone soft and Kieran eventually laid down next to me.

"Tha was fucking awesome Steve" he said, tenderly stroking my hair.

I gave him a kiss but then he noticed that my own cock was still rock hard.

"I can't leave you like that lover"

Kieran moved down the bed and took me into his mouth. I started to squirm around as he noisily sucked on my cock. The orgasm was building within me, and he only had to bob his head down 2 or 3 times before I came violently into his mouth. I gave out a silent scream and I could hear him moan as he tried to swallow my load. He was almost successful, but some managed to escape his mouth and dribble down his chin.

As I regained my composure, he moved back up the bed.

"You've missed a bit" I said to Kieran and licked my cum off his chin.

We kissed and cuddled for a while when I felt his cock begin to grow again.

"Kieran", I said with mock surprise, "You don't want to fuck my ass again do you?"

Without a word, he slipped on another condom and laid on his back. I straddled his waist and lowered myself slowly onto him. My ass was quite loose still and I easily impaled myself on Kieran's prick. Soon I was sat down fully and began to bounce up and down. As I said before, I felt like a dirty little slut, dressed in his wife's stockings and suspenders, but I loved it.

Kieran busied himself with fondling various bits of my body as I rode him and he payed particular attention to my nipples. Alternately stroking, tickling, then pinching them so that my ass would contract around his cock with the surprise.

This went on for a full hour before he finally came. I was completely exhaused, but I still had enough energy to take the condom off and pour his second load of sweet man mayo into my mouth. I rolled it around with my tongue, savouring the salty flavour. I didn't swallow immediately, but bent down and kissed Kieran passing some of his cum to him. We snogged like this for a while before both finally swallowing his jizz.

I was extremely excited by now, but I noticed the time and had to say goodbye. I had to meet Ricky in an hour.

Kieran was kind enough to let me keep the stockings and I decided to wear them for the evening. That should give Ricky a nice surprise.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for my story with Ricky. I'll be sending it in soon though...

Kieran and I have kept in touch since this, although we haven't fucked again. If I'm in London soon, I'll pop over and let him make me his cumwhore once more.


Steve Hughes

[email protected]


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