Mark didn't know how he had gotten roped into tonight. He stared at his reflection in the mirror, as he wiped the lock of hair off his forehead. Shrugging he didn't think it would matter how he looked as he backed away, feeling a little uneasy at the whole prospect of Max's plan.

How he had let him talk him into this whole 'cock tasting' challenge was beyond him, except that, well he did like the taste of cock. Call him a pig or whatever, but he loved the taste of a man's dick in his mouth. Specially if it also came with the taste of fresh cum. That always made him tingle and so maybe it wasn't all that much of a stretch for him to have agreed to Max's latest gimmick.

The idea was rather novel, and hell, it did mean he'd get to taste a bunch of cocks too. Course he wondered how many, as you just never knew about these crazy schemes of Max. Still he had to admit, ever since Max took over the bar, business had gone up and that also meant tips were better. Next to cocks, Mark did enjoy getting tips. One reason why he was the only waiter that Max had kept on when he took over. Mark was not just cute, or sexy, but he knew how to serve drinks and get lots of tips.

He also wasn't naïve and he knew that Max kept him on, because he wanted to get inside his pants. That and Mark was a willing shill, for some of the more outrageous stunts that Max liked to come up with for increasing business.

Take his 'How Long Is it' contest. The idea was to have someone guess at how long another's cock was. Now on the surface that sounded tame, but the kicker was, you had to guess after taking the cock in your ass. No peeking at the person before either. That one certainly had gotten a response from the customers too. He hadn't participated in that one, mainly because he was more of a top than a bottom, though he was also a bit of a prude.

Still the contest had been a success, and he had been surprised at the new waiter, Tommy, who had an uncanny knack for being able to tell how big a cock was when inside his ass. It had been fun watching too, as Tommy was a hot looking 20 year old from Georgia.

Man he was good looking, but so far Mark hadn't been able to attract his eye. Maybe he should have joined in that contest, as a participant. Though it wasn't his style, still he wouldn't have minded ploughing Tommy's ass. One reason perhaps why he had agreed to Max's latest gimmick.

Guess the owner by the taste of the cock. It was more up his alley too, as Max had made it sound exciting. The idea was simple, the contestants would be blind folded. Each cock would be given a number at the beginning. The contestant would taste it, and then the others. Then they would get a second taste of each offered cock but after it had cum. They would have to match that cock with the previous numbered ones to win.

He had accepted before realizing that the second taste would be after they had cum, not while they came. Mark was still pushing to have that part changed, simply as he liked the taste of cum. Plus, he wasn't thrilled that there was no age limit on the guys who would provide the cocks for tasting. The idea of tasting some old geezers cock wasn't appealing to him, but then he would be blindfolded. So maybe he could live with that aspect of the contest.

There was a time limit too. That part kind of sucked, but it made sense. You had ninety seconds on the first taste, then a full two minutes on the second. No touching either, as you had to keep your hands behind your back. That part was going to be hard, specially if the cock was a big one.

Mark grinned at that thought, as he arrived at work. He opened the door and headed down the stairs to get ready for work, and the contest. The place should be busy too, as Max was a good promoter. Posters had gone up and he had played it up for weeks leading up to tonight. The cash prize was a good one too.

Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars to the contestant that got the most right guesses, plus an equal amount in a bar tab for the player who stumped the contestants the most. There were going to be four contestants, though Tommy wasn't one of them. There had been a lot of willing players too, but Max had said that he would do a draw from the applicants to determine the players. There would be seven players only. He only hoped that old man Walker didn't get selected. The guy had to be a 100 and he smelt like it too. Though he would be easy to guess, the idea wasn't to be grossed out.

Mark didn't have much time to dwell on the contest once the bar opened. Seemed like he had been kept hopping from the start, as the place was packed. Figures he thought as Max signalled him to go get ready. The time was rapidly approaching and as he headed to the back, to rinse his mouth and get ready, he heard Max begin the drawing of the seven players.

His heart skipped a beat as he heard Tommy's name called. Now that was a bit of luck he hadn't expected, nor had he even realized that he had entered the drawing. This was going to be a great contest as he was definitely curious as to what Tommy had in his pants. Judging from the package he usually sported, the guy was hung. Plus, he knew how to flaunt it, and had come close to matching Mark on tips for a night. That alone earned him Mark's respect, and attention.

The time had come, and Mark along with his three compatriots came out from the back, and walked over to the dance floor area. Max lined them all up, then told them all to kneel down. He conviently placed a pillow in front of them all. Made a few out in the crowd laugh and it brought a smile to his own face.

Max then proceeded to outline the contest details, while at the same time walking behind each of the contestants, and making a big show of blindfolding them. He asked each one if they could see, dragging it out. The rules were clear too. After each contestant tasted the offered cock, it would be wiped off with a warm cloth. The player would have to perform that task, and many in the audience offered to do it for them, but Max ignored those pleas.

The drum roll startled him a bit, and brought a peal of laughter from the audience. It was the start, as the first player came out to a round of applause. Mark would be the last to taste each cock, and the waiting was making him sweat. He could hear the slurping action, and knew the others were certainly not thinking. You can't taste the meat if you cover it with your own saliva and as his turn came, he opened his mouth wide.

The crowd roared as the first cock entered his mouth and he closed his lips around it. He tasted a sweet scent, and realized that this guy had recently showered too. Licking at the hard shaft, he thought he could sense a taste of soap as Max yelled time.

The fifth cock made him dizzy. He was certain it had to be Tommy's cock. The way the crowd had roared when he had come out and was introduced as Number Five made the palms of his hands sweat. The sound of him opening his pants, unzipping them slowly made Mark quiver a little. He waited, biting his lower lip as finally it was his turn for that first taste.

He waited, as he listened to Number Five washing his cock off. Mark could smell that aroma of manhood, that very special scent of a man aroused that always made his nose itch. He licked his lips, which wasn't unnoticed by the crowd. The jeers only heightened his desire as he waited for Number Five to step in, and give him his first taste.

As it touched his lips, Mark felt himself shudder. The cock head was rather huge, and he opened even wider as the shaft slid past his lips. He felt the heat as the fully aroused cock went in. Opening his throat he let the whole cock inside, until he felt the press of Number Five's pubic hairs up against his face. He gagged a little, surprised by the size of the cock as well as its length. He moved his head back, to lick a little at the cock inside, his lips tasting the pole itself.

When Max called 'time' he felt cheated. He wanted to keep that cock in his mouth. The cock was slowly pulled out though, giving him a few extra seconds to taste it. He felt light headed and his own body was aching from that brief taste test. He wondered if it was Tommy's, and if not, then he sure as hell was going to be embarrassed.

At last the first tasting was over with. Mark was fairly confident he could tell at least four of the cocks simply by their sizes. Now would come the fun part, as each of the players were off in the back, whacking off. The crowd wasn't too happy about that part and they kept hooting and yelling until finally the first player came out. The crowd began to laugh and Mark knew exactly why. Each of the players were to go in the back, and jerk off and use a fresh dishtowel. They would use the towel to smear their cocks after each contestant did the taste thing, so as to give everyone a fair shot. As he listened to the crowd, he figured it must make for a comical sight. To see guys walking out, their cocks hanging out of their pants, a cum rag in one hand, wash rag in the other.

Slowly the testing went on. So far he was fairly confident he had gotten four out of the five right. He wasn't sure of the last one, but so far he knew that Number Five hadn't appeared. Still he was sure he had done okay as once more he heard the buzzing sound rise in volume. Another contestant had appeared, and he hoped it was Number Five.

At last whoever it was came to stand before him. He immediately smelled the pungent aroma of cum, which got him excited. He could feel his groin aching as he breathed that smell in, trying to get beyond it, to recall that fresh scent he had smelled on Number Five earlier.

Max asked him if he was ready, and he nodded, as he heard the player rub the dish towel over his cock. The crowd chuckled a little as they watched whoever, step closer and toss the cum rag away. Least that is what he assumed as he heard someone gloat that he had the rag. Mark felt relaxed he opened his mouth, hoping it would be Number Five.

Unlike the other players, this cock was still hard. He could feel the head slide past his lips, tasting the dried cum on its head, and he licked at it, trying to taste inside the small slit itself. A small little moan came to him that no one else could hear, but it made his heart skip a beat or two. It had to be Tommy, he thought as the cock slid past his lips. The dried cum was a bit flaky as it was quickly swallowed by his mouth.

There was no push of pubic hairs into his face this time though, and he struggled a little. He knew he wanted it to be Number Five, praying that Number Five was Tommy, but he wasn't sure. He wanted to be certain, as he sucked on the pole inside. His lips were holding the throbbing cock tightly as he tried to decide. Every muscle in his body was tense as he licked again at the underside of the cock.

Time was yelled and he felt a bit uneasy. It felt like it was Number Five, but the taste seemed to be different, less pungent than he had remembered. He needed more time, as the cock began to slide out from his lips. Mark tightened them to prolong the moment, and the cock in his mouth jerked a little. As it did, he felt a small dribble of hot milk come oozing out of the head.

Just as the cock was pulled free, he flicked his tongue, to gobble up the little dribble. It had a sweet taste to it, unlike the others, and less salty too. He let himself swallow and then licked at his lips as the crowd was oblivious to it all. They were just enjoying seeing him lick his lips and he smiled.

'FIVE' he yelled out, and could hear Max scribbling behind him. Mark felt nervous, hoping he had been right, on both counts. One that Number Five was the right choice, and that it was also Tommy's cock. He felt the sweat on his forehead as someone was whispering to Max, whose voice rose a little above a hoarse whisper.

Walking past him, he heard Max announce that the last Player had withdrawn from the contest. The crowd grew quiet, as Max explained that the man was having problems cumming. That naturally made everyone start to howl. The catcalls were loud and boisterous as Max let it go on for a few minutes, then he regained control.

He told them the decision would be announced shortly and then proceeded to take the blindfolds off all the contestants. The bright lights blinded him a bit as his was taken off. He blinked to stare out at a huge crowd of customers. Slowly he stood up, taking Max's hand to help. It wasn't easy kneeling for all that time, he realized.

Now the moment of truth. Max called each of the remaining players out to come stand on the stage. He watched as finally Tommy came out, the crowd showing its approval. Please let him be Number Five, Mark thought as Max began to give out the results.

Contestant One had no right answers, and that got some jeers. Contestant Two and Three each had three right guesses, and then as he strolled over towards Mark, he signalled for a drum roll.

In a loud voice, he announced that Mark was the winner, only guessing wrong once. Mark felt confident that he had guessed right for Tommy, but his heart sunk as Max announced that with that one guess, a clear winner had been found who had managed to stump all four contestants.

Max built it up as he played it up. Was it this one, then this one, then was it Tommy? Mark couldn't stand it, as he was really sweating now. Tommy only grinned when Max had asked the crowd if it was him. The roar of the crowd made Mark shiver, and yet as he looked over at Tommy, the warm smile on his face seemed like it was directed at Mark.

Finally Max had reached the climax. He introduced each of the Players, by name and then number, handing them all a gift certificate for a $50 bar tab. It was now down to two men, one of which was Tommy. Mark felt his nerves screaming at him, as Max looked over at the two. Two certificates in his hand, plus an envelope. He turned towards Mark, and with a wicked grin on his face, asked him if he knew which of the two had stumped him.

He didn't know what to say as Max handed him the envelope, containing his winnings. Once again he asked him to guess, asking if Mark would like to place a small wager on it? Mark wasn't that stupid, grinned and declined despite the encouragement of the audience.

Holding the two certificates over his head, Max then proceeded to announce the winner. When it was all over, Mark had a huge grin on his face, as Tommy took the $50 certificate and waved it in the air, then walked over to Mark. His face was alit, as he gave Mark a little kiss on the cheek and whispered into his ear. 'Your first tries were fun, let's see later how you do when you have more time.'




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