Maybe it had been a mistake, but he wasn't so sure, least not yet. The phone was still ringing, as he thought about last night and Bill. Christ he had known Bill since they were little brats making sand castles in the school sandbox. Now Bill was heading off for basic training, all grown up and looking like the stud he always looked, but with a buzz cut.

Last night had been awkward at first, when he thought about it. Jay had known that Bill was shipping out, as he called it, to basic training but seeing him all packed, seeing the look in his eyes, somehow made it all seem real all of a sudden. Maybe he had not wanted to believe that his best friend of nearly 12 years was all grown up, but as they stared at each other, he began to notice a lot more about Bill, than he ever had before.

Sure the guy was hot, not the tallest in class, but he always had that rugged look to him. Still, he had never really thought of him in any other way than someone to talk to, to hang with. That all changed last night and maybe it was all the booze Bill downed, or maybe it was heading off to learn how to be a soldier that did it, but whatever  it was, he hadn't been prepared for the conversation nor the way the night ended.

Jay had known he was gay early on, but it was the one thing he never had shared with Bill. Despite his need for guys, all through High School and earlier, he had never once let on that he was that way. Least that is what he had thought, until last night.

Bill had always been the popular one. Hell he had been Prom King and had several girlfriends all through their friendship. He had been the one that Bill had come to, regaling him with his first sex stories that were real, not made up like so many. Jay had seen the thrill in his friend's face and thinking about it now, he realized how he had seemed disappointed in hearing about it too. Strange, why that never had made an impression before now.

Yet as Bill had sat on his chesterfield, talking about the old times, he had felt that pang, that sort of jealousy really that had never been allowed in before. Maybe Bill had sensed it or something, but suddenly the conversation had changed tone. Bill would sit there, drinking and looking at him like he was a stranger even. Yet there was something in his eyes that made Jay feel nervous, something he had never noticed before.

Perhaps it was all the booze that Bill kept drinking, while he just sipped at his. He wasn't sure but soon the conversation had gotten around to him going off, how once he finished basic he would most likely wind up in a combat unit, either in Iraq or Afghanistan. That sudden notion that Bill might never come home loomed and maybe it was that, which brought the conversation around to their friendship.

Bill had suddenly gotten quiet and swirled the drink in his glass. His eyes were dark and brooding as he peered at Jay over the top, almost as if he wanted to say something, but couldn't. It made Jay antsy, and very uncomfortable until finally, he simply told Bill to say whatever was on his mind.

He hadn't expected the answer he got. It had thrown him really and he knew he had handled badly at first. Still once Bill had said it, he seemed to change his mannerisms. He no longer swirled the drink, but drank it and put it aside as he talked, staring right into Jay's eyes. Jay could recall how it made him feel, almost as if he was under examination by an x-ray machine. Nothing seemed to be hidden as Bill continued to press him, until he surrendered, admitting that yes, he was into guys.

If that hadn't been weird enough, then Bill began to ask him why he had never told him. It became more insistent too when he asked if Jay had never thought of him that way, and he didn't know how to answer. All he could come up with, was that he valued their friendship so he had kept that thought process at bay, afraid of what it could lead to if he had thought of Bill in that way. It didn't seem to satisfy Bill though, as he continued to press.

Somehow things got out of hand. He knew he should have put a stop to it, but he didn't know how. Before he even realized it, Bill had stood up and was right in front of him. He had that look in his eyes that he usually got when he was determined about something. In one way it frightened Jay, but in another it rather aroused him too. Thinking back, he realized he had always been attracted to his friend, to the long dark hair he used to have. The way his head could tilt and make you swoon from the grin on his face. It all had been there, and like he had explained, it was a thought process he had managed to hide, until now.

Bill could always read him, and despite all of his drinking, last night was no exception. As Jay hung up the phone, he stared blankly at the wall, recalling how Bill had gotten that look, had stared at him and then without a word, just one of his famous smiles, he had unbuckled his belt. Jay had his mouth open as Bill just stood there, undoing his pants very slowly. He was watching as Jay couldn't help himself, and licked his lips. Guess that was all Bill was waiting for, as his pants were around his ankles in no time flat.

Staring at him was a tented pair of boxer shorts. He could see the red little hearts on them too,, something he used to kid Bill about. Bill had always said it made the girls giggle, but now there they were, in his face and with an obvious hard cock inside. Jay didn't say a word as he just looked, feeling Bill's eyes boring into him, making him feel rather warm and a bit uncomfortable.

He watched as Bill's hands moved and held the waistband in his fingers. Bill sighed too, as he slowly pushed his boxer shorts down, to rest with his crumpled pants. He stood up then, that smug crazy look plastered over his face. The one he always had when he was on the prowl for a piece of tail, as he called it.

Somehow it made him giddy, and he sort of laughed which broke the silence. In a rush Bill told him he was always curious, wanting to know what it was that made guys want other guys. He also said he was a bit disappointed in that Jay hadn't trusted him enough to tell him, which he was quick to try and alleviate. He really did value Bill, and told him so, which only made Bill smile and look down at his stiff cock, then up at Jay.

It was the way his eyes looked, that made him forget his reservations. He was on his knees in a flash, looking up at Bill, seeing his desire as Bill looked back. Caution was out the window, as he reached out with his hands, to grip Bill's hips.

The touch of his hands made Bill shake. Jay could feel the trembling quivers that raced through his friend, as they did for him as well. He sucked in his breathe, feeling the excitement as he stared close up to Bill's throbbing cock. He had seen it before, but never this close or this full of desire. It was huge and yet as he looked at it, he could feel his own body shaking in excitement. He wanted it, and all thought of tomorrow or the next day left his mind as he stared at the huge cock in front of his face.

Bill put his hands lightly on his head with a slight push forward. He could feel the desire, and he smelled the aroma of his friend as he surrendered to the moment. Leaning in, he opened his mouth and without even realizing it, their friendship had moved beyond his wildest dreams, as he took the offered pole into his mouth.

The salty taste of the flesh made him moan a little, and he closed his eyes as he began to slowly slide the huge cock into his mouth. His throat gagged just a bit at the size, but quickly opened wider to take it inside. He felt the head sliding down the back, the taste of pre cum now filling his thoughts. His body shook more as he let his fingers cup the full balls beneath the cock and he felt the shiver that raced up and down Bill's body.

His hands grew firmer on his head, pushing him inwards more, demanding more as he took the cock into his mouth. His nose pressed into the soft groin, and he breathed in the heady aroma of his friend. A scent he had never smelled before, and it only made him more excited. He reached down with one hand to push at his own aching crotch while the other hand probed the leathery sac under his chin.

Jay wasn't the best at sucking cock, something he was aware of, but the sudden moans from above drove him onwards. He wanted this to be his best effort as he sucked on the throbbing cock, tasting it with his mouth, licking at the underside with his tongue. He felt the pleasure, an experience he hadn't had before. He could feel Bill's enjoyment, which drove him on. His head began to move faster, and his hands now reached around to clench the already tightened butt cheeks.

His fingers dug into the soft flesh, digging deep. Bill moaned now and his hands were tightly gripping Jay's shoulders. He could feel the tips of the fingers as they scraped the bones in his shoulder, and as his own fingers dug in further. He moved his head faster now, sucking on the huge pole. Every muscle in his own body had grown taut as he took Bill's cock deep into his throat. His hands moved along the fleshy cheeks, spreading them apart and digging down between them. The hips were gyrating a little, making it harder to take the hard pole down his throat, but he didn't care as he kept his lips tightly around the shaking cock.

It didn't take Bill long, and as Jay felt him shudder, he pulled his friend closer, making his cock go deeper into his throat, to spill its fresh man juice. He felt the head rear back, and he struggled to keep his throat open, as the hot stream came flooding into his throat.

Jay gagged, but even then he pulled his friend closer. He made the cock slide down past its first load of milk, that coated his throat, as the second full load began to spill into his throat. He swallowed hard, as his mouth filled with the sticky milk. His moans were muffled by the liquid inside, but Bill's loud cries of release were echoing in the small room. He could hear them as they bounced off the walls, to come back to him, as he smelled the wonderful scent of his friend's crotch mingled with the perfume of cum.

He felt the thick liquid dribble out from the corner's of his mouth, as he hung on, holding Bill tight, feeling his muscles contract and expand as the cock shuddered with its last release. His mind was in turmoil, seeing all sorts of weird colors exploding against the backdrop of his closed eyelids. He moaned repeatedly as his mouth ached from the thick cock inside. His jaw as sore as he continued to swallow, enjoying every drop of his friends sudden explosion.

Bill didn't say a word, as he stepped back and sat down in a chair across from the chesterfield. His cock dangled limp between his legs which were spread open. He looked at Jay with a strange smile on his face. The shallow breathing was becoming more normal, less ragged as he sat there, smiling. Jay leaned back against the base of his chesterfield. His own breathing was a bit ragged, as he wiped his face with the back of his hand.

The taste of cum was still there as he stared over at his friend. He didn't know what to say or do, as he felt the hardness of his own cock beginning to distract him. He couldn't help but notice that Bill's eyes were focused on the lump in his pants as well. Jay wasn't sure if it was desire or what, as he lay there, feeling drained.

His own breathing was ragged, and the ache was almost unbearable as he found his hand moving down and pushing at the lump in his pants. Jay couldn't help but notice how Bill's eyes followed his every movement. With a hesitant motion, he undid the top button, and then slowly unzipped his pants, showing his own briefs to Bill.

Jay's hand moved inside the jeans, to grope at his own erect cock. Bill's eyes seemed to widen as he stared, saying nothing but panting a little. Encouraged by the sight of Bill's cock stiffening a little, Jay pushed open his jeans more. Reaching in, he pulled his own stiff cock out, and put a few fingers into his mouth, coating them with his spit. He then moved the fingers down to slide it over his cock head. He looked back over at Bill, whose eyes were fixed firmly on his cock.

Slowly he let his hand move down the stiff shaft of his cock, and he wrapped his fingers around the pole. He began to slowly move his hand up and down the shaft, and then he closed his eyes. All he could see now was the image of Bill's cock as his mouth moved in closer, and he felt his body tighten. He groaned as he stroked his own cock, knowing Bill was watching him. He didn't open his eyes, but held them shut firmly, holding onto the image of Bill's hard cock from earlier.

It didn't take him long, as he stroked his cock, to feel his balls pushing upwards. His other hand moved down to free them more form his shorts, as he also moved his legs further apart. His one hand continued to stroke his cock, moving faster now, as he began to shiver.

The ache grew inside of his body as he felt the firm press of his hand around the throbbing pole. He cried out as his body surrendered to the visions that flashed across his closed eyes. He could see the veins on Bill's cock as his hand moved faster and faster. The motion easy as more of his precum continued to ooze out, and get pushed all along his cock by his hand. He felt his legs stiffen, his toes even curling upwards in his shoes as he felt the pressure in his chest.

With one last long groan, he felt his body shudder and his cock begin to spew its load out. His hand was coated by the hot cum that came streaming out and he felt a splash against his chin as his groan echoed in the room.

He was panting as his body stopped its jerking motion. His legs hurt from being so taut, as he slowly let his hand flop to his side, his body spent from the quick exertion. The taste of Bill's cum was still making him feel dizzy, as he slowly opened his eyes. The room was cloudy, until his eyes adjusted to the light in the room. He looked over, to see Bill sitting in the chair, his eyes still staring at Jay.

It wasn't what he had expected. Bill no longer had his boxers at his ankles, nor his jeans. Instead they were pulled up and while there was still a tell tale lump showing, that was it. Jay felt a bit disappointed, as he just looked at Bill. The eyes looking back at him were blank. Jay didn't understand as the urge to get up off the floor were over powering. Pulling up his pants, he sat up onto the chesterfield, and like nothing had happened, Bill began to talk about his future in the Military, at going to basic, at going to war.

He didn't know what else to do, but go along with the conversation. Yet every now and then, he would catch Bill staring at his crotch, and then turning away.  Jay knew it had happened, but after a short time, he no longer felt so certain. He began to drink more himself, as the night progressed, and as it ended, the awkward hug and good bye's made it all seem like nothing had happened.

Least not until he woke up this morning, when he found the note. It was why he was dialling the number once more. He couldn't let Bill go off, without giving him his answer.


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