It didn't pay a lot, and in fact he had to take a part time job at the Student Union cafeteria to make ends meet. Still it allowed him to learn from the best, but more importantly for Lewis, it gave him a chance to be around Professor Harrison. For him, that alone was worth more than any high paying job could ever give him, still it was hard work. Not just being his TA (teacher assistant) but being so close, and yet so far.

Lewis was what his fellow students called a 'nerd' or 'bookworm' because he always had his nose in a book, and yeah, he had the classic pocket protector and geeky glasses. Not his fault his eyesight was sub par, and he had gone through school being teased for it, but he had come to accept his lot in life. It had also made accepting his sexuality easier, simply because he was used to being the odd kid in class. He had come to accept that he would always be the very last picked for any team in the playground as a kid, and as he grew up, filled out, he was still the last one picked.

It wasn't that he was a 98 pound weakling either. He had a well developed body that no one seemed to notice. They stopped looking when they saw his thick rimmed glasses, and his pocket protector. In some ways that helped him get through the awkward teen years too. After all, no one expected any decent girl to hook up with his type. It made it easier to keep his real secret from them, and being known as a 'nerd' also managed to help him avoid the inevitable best friend dilemma. Not having one allowed him to keep his fantasies to himself.

Still, it hadn't been easy and when he had first seen Professor Harrison something inside had awakened. He couldn't quite explain it, as the Professor was much older than him, though he certainly didn't look his 60 years. He was a tall man, just over six foot but lean and rugged looking. His whole demeanour was so full of confidence that it attracted him that first time they met, at some University Recruitment Fair at his High School.

It was that meeting, that brief encounter when he became determined to go to the University, to get into the classes that Professor Harrison taught.

One of the perks of being a nerd, was that he had loads of time to spend on his studies, and he had racked up an impressive score in his early years. One that made him a prize for many of the Higher Education centres, including the Professor's University. Admission hadn't been a problem.

Looking up from the stack of papers on his small desk, he stared at the Professor. He was hunched over several other stacks of papers, and his glasses were tilted up on his forehead. It made Lewis a bit aroused, as he stared at the man who had no idea that his TA was enamoured by him. Even now, two years since he first had risen to that coveted position, the Professor had no inkling of the feelings of his TA for him.

Oh he had opportunities to maybe give a hint, but he was too shy, and too scared. The Professor could be very aloof at times, though in the last few months he had warmed up considerably. Still, he was a forbidding presence to Lewis, who still got tongue tied around him. It made him feel like a kid, which he attributed to the almost 40 years in age difference. Still, it didn't lessen his lust for the older man, only heightened it actually.

The nights alone were spent dreaming of one day wrapping his arms around the man, of holding him close and feeling his breathe on his cheeks. To feel his hands touch him always gave him an erection, one he was finding harder to conceal. He closed his eyes, and could feel the warmth in his groin growing, as his daydream took hold. It was risky but looking at him, seeing the greyed hair that hung like a mane, only made him ache more. He just couldn't help it anymore.

Just the mere thought of undressing even in front of him, made him break out into a sweat. The idea that maybe the man would find him attractive only drove him when he was alone. His hand would always reach down to his pants, to squeeze his cock and make it hurt a little, to remind him of how much he desired the older Professor. Course he never let on, but it was becoming harder, as the Professor had this habit of leaning back in his chair, his arms behind his head as he would think about some problem or other. The way his chest would push out, showing his chiselled chest always made Lewis ache, and nearly moan with desire.

Lately he was finding it harder to contain himself. He was now making excuses to run to the bathroom, where a quick pull or two in one of the stalls would help ease the throbbing ache in his groin. It didn't last long, because as soon as he got back, it would start up all over again. The Professor had noticed too, and commented that maybe he should see a doctor for all his bathroom trips. Lewis managed to toss it off to having too much coffee or something, but it also made him feel excited. The man noticed him, and in a small way seemed to show concern for him.

He was certain it would never be more than that, though he had his hopes and his dreams. It was those dreams that kept him sane, or so he reminded himself. Still it was becoming harder to hide his feelings. The worst though was when the Professor would peer over his shoulder to check on his work. It was at those moments lately, when his desire would pop up quickly, and make him squirm. If the Professor noticed, he never let on, still to feel his warm breathe over his shoulder, the light touch of his hand on his shoulder, always made him sweat, and need a bathroom break.

It terrified him that one day he might out himself, that he would fail to control his urges sufficiently to hide them from the Professor. He had no idea how the man would react, as he really had no experiences in that department. Hell, he still was basically a virgin, though he'd had a few encounters, of a casual nature. Nothing too serious, the odd grope, hand job type of thing. He hadn't even ever really tasted a cock, or anyone's cum either.

Sighing, he realized that it might be years before he got out of this rut, and as the days flew past, he began to wonder more and more at what the future would hold for him. Would he find someone out there? Or would he never know the feelings generated by someone's body plunging into his? As always happened when these thoughts hit him, his attention would turn to the Professor, and to what it might be like, to be his lover.

Just the idea that the Professor would take him as one, generally was enough to make him hard. It would begin at his crotch, but he found it strange at how the rest of his body would react as well. His lungs would suddenly feel the need to pump more air into his body, making his breathing a bit rapid and shallow. Almost like he was hyperventilating, and the sweat. That would always show up, as tiny beads would pop up that then turned into a river at times. The drops would fall down his cheeks and at really bad instances, fall over his eyes, misting his glasses, and making his vision cloudy. Just like now, he thought as he took his glasses off and wiped his brow.

His ass would begin clenching and tightening too. That was always strange, as was the dull ache he would feel there. It was almost like he had to go, but couldn't. Not having any experience in being taken that way, he had no clue as to why his body seemed to feel so empty and yet so full down there. It was only when he would think of what it would be like, to be stretched out on his bed, his legs spread apart, while the object of his desire was above him, looking down at his naked body, pushing his cheeks apart to reveal what no other man had seen.

Would the Professor be gentle then, or would he be rough and commanding in his taking of Lewis' virginity? Would he even care? He didn't know, but he wished he could find out. It would be like dying and going to heaven, he thought. To have his first anal sex with someone like the Professor.

From secret glances, he was fairly certain that the Professor was well endowed in that department. Certainly more than he was, though he didn't think he was exactly average. He rather liked the size of his own cock, as it fit his fist nicely on those occasions when he would seize it, and stroke it. Thinking always about the Professor.

He had tried to think of others, some even his own age, but inevitably his thoughts always returned to dreaming of the Professor. Deep down he knew it was becoming unhealthy, but hell, the man was an Adonis, or so he believed. Not only was he smart, but damn that body of his was unbelievable. He knew he worked out, had even ventured once or twice to the faculty gym to join in. That had nearly ended it for him, as he couldn't help being totally aroused. Christ, the man was even more desirable in a pair of shorts, and the way his muscles would show.

A cold shower in the locker room hadn't helped much either, and he had made two trips to the john, to relieve his ache. God he had jerked off so quickly each time, spilling his cum like a damn had burst, that it had frightened him. He knew he had moaned at least once or twice out loud, and it had panicked him. He had stayed in the stall, afraid of who might have heard. Further trips to the gym had been erased from his plans, it was just too dangerous.

Still, those trips to the john had been rather his best efforts yet, as he still managed to capture that feeling at home. To conjure up the image of the Professor, laying out on a work bench, lifting weights and breathing hard. God, it was making him sweat like a pig, even now. To see those arms bulging, the thigh muscles flexing. To notice how his belly was so flat, and how it rippled with each push of his arms upwards.

The pain in his groin was tearing at his thoughts, but he was lost in his dreams again. He forgot that the Professor was still in the office, as his hand moved down and under his own desk. He reached into his pants, to push his bulging cock to one side, to try and not let its throbbing trembling take hold.

It was a mistake to touch himself. He felt his body shudder as the image of the Professor on that bench flashed before his eyes. He had been working out for several minutes, sweat had already formed and was dripping from his brow when Lewis had spotted him. To see the legs spread wide, to think of it now, was just like then. His body quivered, and instead of just pushing his aching cock to one side, he ran his fingers along the hard flesh of his shaft.

That only made him shudder more, and make more images of the Professor flash across his vision. Lewis bit his lip as he could see the tufts of hair curled up on the man's inner thighs. His memory flashed close up images of the man's bulging crotch as well. He could almost smell the stale sweat, wishing he could bury his face into that musky scented crotch. He would love to lick at that crotch, to push and poke at the hard member inside, to arouse it even more. Then he'd also move his hands up and down the bulging thighs, calming the muscles or maybe tensing them up more by his touch.

To feel his hands touch the man's inner thighs, to feel his own face buried in the fabric of his shorts, made his fingers stopped their light caress, and instead he felt his hand closing around his blood thickened cock.

He had to stop, or be caught but he couldn't. His mind had somehow lost control over his limbs, as he gripped his cock, not daring to look up and over at the Professor. All he could see was the man's crotch, the gym shorts stretched taut by the massive tool inside. Lewis tasted the blood now, as he had bitten too hard on his own lip, desperate to control himself. Yet his hand still held tightly onto his quivering cock, as he let out his pent up breath slowly. His eyes flickered and he looked up, afraid.

The sticky pre cum was oozing between his fingers as he focused on the desk across from his. His heart skipped a few beats as suddenly he found himself staring right into the Professor's eyes. They were glittering and staring back at him, like they had enjoyed whatever they might have seen. Lewis felt the panic, as his hand moved quickly off his cock, and he coughed trying to hide the fear inside.

He brought his hand up, to cover his mouth, and tasted the pre cum as well as noticing its tangy odour as well. His eyes closed briefly, the image of those long legs being spread apart by the width of the bench filling his vision. Coughing again, made him open his eyes in a flash. His daydream still lingered, but as his eyes stared at the Professor, he was certain he noticed a small curl of a smile around the man's thin face. His breathing was a bit rapid, as he tried to ease his fear, wondering what the Professor was thinking.

The roar of his heart pounding only added to his fear. He was like a deer suddenly caught in a pair of high beam headlights. Sweat was dripping off his forehead, but he ignored it. Instead he kept his focus on the Professor's face, that seem so inviting, so understanding. It was almost as if the Professor knew what he had been doing. Worse, it looked like he knew exactly what Lewis had been thinking.

The ache his body was feeling was making him totally uncomfortable. He could feel the sweat in his groin, and in the crevices of his flesh, specially around his rectum. He didn't know what to do, or even say as the Professor seemed to just stare at him, that knowing look only adding to Lewis' confusion.

Suddenly the Professor pushed back his chair and stood up, his eyes never leaving Lewis's. He got a strange glint in his eyes as he stretched, his chest pushed outwards. Lewis sucked in his breath, and then looked up as the Professor spoke to him.

'Maybe if you can Lewis, I'd appreciate it if you'd come back to my place with me tonight, I was planning on working out, but the faculty gym is closed, maybe you'd come and do some spotting for me, if you have the time?'

He nodded, uncertain if he could trust himself to speak coherently. The ache in his body was unbearable and he knew he'd need to go to the bathroom, before leaving. Maybe, he thought, as he stood up, noticing the Professor smiling. As he did, Lewis also noticed how his eyes suddenly moved down to stare at his crotch. The way they just looked, unflinching at the bulge he was showing made him tremble a little.

The Professor stared for several seconds, then once more looked back up at Lewis' face. The smile was more intense, but it was the eyes, the way they gleamed. It made Lewis smile back, as he picked up his keys. In looking down, he stole a glance at the Professor, and there was a definite bulge in his crotch as well.

His eyes widened and then moved up, to notice the Professor hadn't taken his own eyes off of Lewis. They just smiled at him, and Lewis realized that maybe, just maybe his dreams were about to be fulfilled, as he walked out with the Professor, smelling his cologne, and thinking of what might be.


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