Chapter 2

His heart was pounding, as he heard the words echo, panic seized his body as he felt his legs quiver, felt the tremors running up and down. Sweat was beading up on his forehead, despite the chilled night air, as he felt trapped. Then slowly realization came to him, as the voice wasn't unfamiliar.

TJ swallowed, knowing he was trapped. There was no way out, and as the moon glittered through the window, he caught the glint of cold steel in the person's lap, that he knew would cut him in two if he dared try to get out. His whole body seemed to sag, as the cold in his legs matched the cold in his heart.

How the fuck had he known?

'You don't look happy? Here, wrap this around, then very slowly, and I do mean slowly, you get that fire going, remember, I won't hesitate to use this.'

He tossed an old blanket at him as he spoke, and he raised the barrel of the shotgun, as he made his point. TJ knew that the son of a bitch meant it too, he'd shoot without a second's hesitation. He wrapped the blanket around his trembling shoulders and moving carefully, made his way to the fireplace.

Wood and kindling was already laid, as his heart realized he had been expected. Feeling totally dejected, he couldn't figure out how, as he himself hadn't known he'd be coming this way, so how the hell did Bobby Rae? It wasn't like he was the sharpest Deputy to wear a badge, yet there he sat, watching him with the barrel of that shotgun, always dead centre on his every movement.

'How'd you know I'd be coming this way?'

'Didn't, not for sure, Old Roy, now he figured you'd double back, them suits from the city, well, they thought you were scampering straight down to Mexicale, but old Roy, he knew better.'


He glanced over at Bobby Rae, and saw the gleam of his teeth as the fire flickered into life. TJ should have known Old Roy would be on top of things. The guy was a legend in his own way, and maybe it was why there wasn't much crime around his parish. The guy knew his business, that was for sure. Still, it pissed him off, realizing that he had been out foxed by a beer bellied old man. His daddy wouldn't be impressed.

As the fire began to roar into life, fuelled by the dry timbers in the pit, he leaned back on his haunches, wrapping the blanket a bit tighter. He was feeling the cold, the dampness but the flames flickering in front seemed to soothe the ache inside. He was mad at himself, knowing he had not thought his escape out, knowing that he had walked right into Old Roy's trap.

'Get your britches off, hang 'em on either side. No way do I want you coming down with anything, it's a long walk back to the truck & I'll be damned if I'll carry you there.'

He turned to stare at Bobby Rae, who stared right back at him. In a strange way, the words sounded hollow, like as if he believed Bobby Rae gave a damn about him. If he got sick, he would still make him walk to the truck. Still, the dampness was chilling him to the bone.

TJ tossed the blanket off, glaring a little at Bobby Rae and at the shotgun. He kicked off his boots, and put them on the small ledge off to the side, so they too would dry out. His socks hung over the top and he began to get his clothes off.

It felt a bit strange, as he could feel Bobby Rae watching his every move. He didn't really think much about it as he tossed his shirt off, then found a way to drape it over the side of the fireplace. The crackling flames warming his bare chest a bit. He had to admit, it felt good, as he bent over, while pushing his pants down.

As he pushed the pants down, his butt twitched a little, remembering Sheriff Roy's most recent punishment. The scars were healed, more or less, but inside he still seethed at Bobby Rae, at how he had seemed to enjoy watching the old hickory switch whack his cheeks. How he had been so annoyed that TJ hadn't cried out, and now there he was, once more enjoying his discomfort.

'Enjoying the view?'

The instant he had said it, he knew he would regret it. It didn't pay to taunt Bobby Rae, but shit, he was cold, hungry, and tired. Worse, he was caught and he still didn't have a clue as to what it was he was supposed to have done.

'Watch your mouth boy, or I'll show how I'd punish you, if I was in charge.'

'Yeah? Well, you aren't, now are you Bobby Rae?'

He turned around to stare directly at the deputy, forgetting his nudity for the moment. Fact was, he was rather tired of the whole thing. TJ just wanted to get it over with, and if that meant a few blows to the head, or whatever Bobby Rae had in mind, well, it suited him fine.

'I am right now. boy, maybe I should teach you a thing or two, wipe that smirk off your face.'

'Go for it if you dare'

TJ knew he was playing with fire. While he had never run into Bobby Rae during one of his rages, he was still well known around for them. Some said he got a lot of pleasure out of seeing others squirm, out of hollering for their mommies, while he administered his brand of Justice. Yet, somehow he just didn't think Bobby Rae could have enough nastiness in him, to make him cry out.

'Right, so you can whine to some fancy pants lawyer later? I ain't stupid boy.'

'Like I can afford one of them? Besides, I don't rat out people, even your kind.'

He felt the warmth behind his back, felt the beat of his heart, and the ache in his chest as he used his 'pity' voice on Bobby Rae. In for a pound, in for it all, he thought as he waited for the Deputy to jump up and whack him one across the jaw, but as he waited, fists clenched, all he could see was the eyes glaring at him, the barrel of the shotgun slightly off to the side. Bobby Rae didn't come lunging out at him, which added to his fear.

'I'll give you that TJ, you don't rat folks out. Still, you got a mouth on ya boy.'

'Like I said, go for it if you dare.'

'So you can make a try to get away? I don't think so.'

'Right, I am gonna what, let you 'punish me' then somehow overpower you and take off outside in my birthday suit? I ain't dumb, Bobby Rae, besides I can't outrun no shotgun.'

'No, you ain't dumb, but you are calculating son of a bitch, that's for sure.'

TJ felt his chest heave a bit, as he stared at Bobby Rae. It wasn't like he hated the guy, just his damn attitude. He had been one of those High School football heroes, that just didn't get much further than that. For a brief time, he was a something in the community, now at 24, he was Sheriff Roy's deputy, but not what you would call the talk of the town. Least not for being a Deputy.

He knew he was pushing it, which was being stupid. No, he wasn't going to try for a run, least not in the nude. But if he could overpower Bobby Rae, grab the gun, he could get dressed, and make his way out of there. No way would Bobby Rae do more than follow him for a bit, nor would he even report it to Old Roy either.

Bobby Rae was right, he was a calculating son of a bitch. He knew that if he could get the gun, get away, that Bobby Rae wouldn't even report it. Doing so, he'd have to explain to Old Roy how it all happened, and it would get around too. That simply wouldn't be what Bobby Rae would want. He did have a rather inflated idea of his position in the town's pecking order.

Looking at him, with a sort of 'I dare you' look, he was sizing up the guy. For 24 and being noted for enjoying his beer, the guy wasn't all that out of shape. His body wasn't going to fat yet, certainly not like Sheriff Roy. The guy could still give a good account of himself in a brawl, and he did have a longer reach than TJ. Still, if he could surprise him enough, just long enough to grab the shotgun, well, he wouldn't need more.

Yet, as he looked at the Deputy, saw how his eyes stared back at him, how his hand lay across the gun, so casual like, he knew Bobby Rae was waiting for him to make a move. How the fingers were spread out, how his legs were spread apart, so as to leap forward, and lunge, were just too convenient. Old Roy may have outfoxed him, but no way would he fall for Bobby Rae's attempt to.

Even as he realized he didn't have a chance now, he held his breath for a minute, as he saw a fleeting glitter in Bobby Rae's eyes. For just a moment there was a flash that he recognized, that he knew he couldn't be seeing. It was the same sort of flicker he had seen in other guys, who looked at him, like Ron.

He shook his head, thinking that the lack of having eaten anything the last few days was effecting his vision. He rubbed his eyes, as if to freshen them up but as he stared at Bobby Rae, he also noticed how his lower lip was curled up, in a sort of appreciative grin. It couldn't be, that the fag hater himself was queer? That would be too much, even for him, but as he stared back at him, he noticed how Bobby Rae held himself.

The signs were there, or appeared to be. As he stood there, naked, he couldn't help but feel a bit aroused. A red flush was growing across his face, as he knew his dick was jerking a bit, and he couldn't help but notice how Bobby Rae's eyes would immediately dart down to look. It really couldn't be, but the signs didn't lie. His father told him that, but in a totally different context.

Yet how could Bobby Rae be gay? He was the biggest anti-gay guy in town, next to the Preacher and old man Jenkins. So how could he be family? That was how Rick called fellow gays, family, and in some ways they all were, least those he had met and been with. Still, there was no denying that look, that sort of glazed 'I want you' type glare, that he had seen before.

'You looking rather proud of yourself.'


'Standing there, with that grin on your face, your privates hanging out. That why you took that beating? So you could get Rick and Ron to show their appreciation?'

He sort of took a step back, as he felt the words hitting home. How the fuck did Bobby Rae know about Rick and Ron and him? Worse, how did he know he had protected them? No one knew that Ron had been the one, so how did dick head Bobby Rae know?

'Don't know what you talking about Deputy'

'Don't pull that innocent bullshit on me, you know damn well what I am talking about, now don't you?'

''fraid not'

'Don't you get that way with me, or so help me, you'll regret it a lot more than when you pulled it on Old Roy. We ain't stupid, we know you was protecting one of them, either Rick or Ron.'

'By 'we' I guess you mean Sheriff Roy?'

Why he had felt the need to taunt Bobby Rae wasn't too clear in his mind, but he just couldn't help himself. Yet even as the words left his mouth, he didn't expect the response he got.

Bobby Rae was on his feet in less than a second, and standing up close right in his face. The barrel of the shotgun was poking him hard into the belly, as he stared into the angry looking face of the Deputy. He had never seen him so mad, yet at the same time his closeness seemed to excite him. He could feel his dick growing, and it seemed like Bobby Rae could do, as he got a nasty looking sneer across his face.

'You like being close to a real man, sissy boy?'

'When I get close to one, I'll let you know.'

It was stupid, as he felt the hand strike his face, making his head snap to one side, and forcing him to step back a step or two. Well he had asked for it, but he knew it wasn't going to end with just a slap. As he lifted his head up, and tasted the trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth, he couldn't help but tremble a bit. The shotgun was poking at his chest, and he saw how the fingers were so taut as the rested on the trigger.

For a moment he thought Bobby Rae was over the edge, that he had pushed just too far. His chest ached, as the cold metal pressed inwards, as the sneer grew more pronounced.

'I'll show you what a real man is sissy boy, turn around, and grab your ankles boy. DO IT'

The sharp command made him flinch. Spittle from Bobby Rae splattered across his face as he glared, then TJ slowly turned his body around, to face the fire. He shook a little, as he reached down, to grab hold of his ankles. TJ had no idea what would come next, as he could hear the heavy breathing of the Deputy, feel the gun against the small of his back. TJ shivered as the barrel of the gun moved down the small of back.

He felt it slide against the crack between his buttocks, felt it being wedged between his cheeks, and slid further down. The sensation was scary, and he could feel the blast of heat from the fireplace in front, but it was the barrel sliding between his cheeks that had him sweating. Had he pushed Bobby Rae too far?

The thought that he was about to die suddenly was front and centre in his thoughts. To hell with the signs, the feel of the twin barrels slowing moving down between his cheeks was more of a sign than a perceived glimmer in the eyes. He felt his legs tremble, felt the beat of his heart as Bobby Rae said nothing.

The gun stopped near his hole, he could feel the press of the metal, and he could hear the heavy breathing behind him. He felt the gun press in a bit, as Bobby Rae leaned forward, his head now near TJ's left ear. He smelled him, smelled the strong scent of the man, and felt his legs growing weak. He didn't want it to end this way, to be blown apart in some rarely used hunting cabin. Not this way, not from a shotgun blast up his ass.

'Scared sissy boy?'

The words were softly whispered into his ear, and he knew that his answer could very well determine if he had a future. He didn't know what to say, how to act. TJ felt the fear inside, felt the panic, but somehow his stubbornness was all he had. There was nothing else for him to do, and if he was going to be worm meat, well might as well go out in style.

'I've had bigger' was all he could muster.

The gun suddenly was pulled back, and he felt the barrel rammed up under his crotch. The cold metal pushed up, into his scrotum and upwards. He grunted at the force of the gun, but held his voice. No way was he going to give the bastard the satisfaction, though he felt relieved too. Least he hadn't fired the gun, yet.

Bobby Rae moved the gun between TJ's legs, in a back and forth motion, very slowly. He kept it pressing upwards, then TJ heard something else, a clink of metal against metal, but not like a hammer of a gun being cocked. He didn't know what it was, but he kept his face looking straight down at the floor.

He heard the hard sounds of Bobby Rae's boots as he stepped back, still keeping the gun between TJ's legs. He could feel the pain inside, as he ran the gun forward, until its tip pushed hard into his heaving chest. Another grunt escaped his lips, as he held his position, still refusing to look anywhere but at the dirty floor.

As his body trembled, his mind shuddered at the thought that his end was approaching. He couldn't see how it would happen just yet, but the talk about Bobby Rae being sadistic was obviously true. He was certainly enjoying tormenting him with the gun, but as he fought the panic inside, he could still remember. Maybe no one would ever know what happened to him, or how he met his end.

Maybe after Bobby Rae would simple bury him out back or near by. He was too lazy to lug his lifeless body far, and the odds of anyone but some hungry animal finding his carcass was slim. Still, some would wonder, like Rick or Ron. Then too there was Doug. He would miss TJ, though he wouldn't know how to go about finding him, not if Bobby Rae was half way competent in burying a body.

Doug had been last summer's fling. One of those foreign guys who showed up with some youth group, doing a basketball tournament around the State. God he was cute, and oh so hung. Man it had been fun watching him practise on the old court by the School. The way his legs would glisten from the sweat, how they pushed forward when he took a jump shot.

He could remember that first meeting too, when he had challenged him to a quick one on one game, and how his eyes had looked at him. The way his blue eyes just seemed to glance all over TJ, then into his face. How his lips curled as he just nodded his agreement, tossing TJ the basketball, to have him start.

Christ he was so confident of himself, and yet when he bounced the ball, and slowly began to dribble it forward, his eyes couldn't help but notice the firm package in those faded gym shorts he was wearing. It distracted him, but Doug didn't take advantage, least not right then. Yet as he moved in, so did Doug, who suddenly was right in TJ's face.

Hell, he could still smell his scent, that sort of sweat mingled smell with some cologne. It was all there, in front of his eyes now, as he felt his last moments on earth coming to him. Strange, to be thinking of Doug, of how he had smelled, when soon he would be smelling nothing.

Yet the moment was overpowering, as he had pushed forward, to suddenly feel Doug's 6.3 tall frame blocking him, his slender body feeling like coiled steel as he stood his ground, blocking him. Then too he could feel something else, as his leg pushed up into the soft groin area. There was no mistaking that solid tube inside, and it made him look up, to stare into Doug's face.

There was that tell tale sign, and he sighed, as he remembered how Doug had just grinned at him. That glint, that little curl of the lip, and suddenly they were off the court and around back just inside of the tree line. Looking outwards, they could still see the field, the school building, and the cement court. Looking inwards there was nothing but darkness, haze, and trees.

Doug had simply stopped, and then lifted his arms up, removing his tank top shirt. TJ had marvelled at the slender frame, the firm nipples that jutted out. He quickly had removed his own t-shirt, but Doug was way ahead of him. He had his runners off, and only his white sports socks were on his rather large size 13 feet. Still, he was impressive as TJ noticed how thin he was around the waist, and yet how big he looked just between the legs. He was staring as Doug removed the shorts, and there in front was a gorgeous uncut penis. Not fully hard, the foreskin still shielding most of the cock head, but it looked so good.

TJ had dropped to his knees right then and there, and reached out to grab hold of the huge uncut dick. Touching it made him tremble, made his mouth water as he glanced upwards, to see Doug simply staring outwards. He let his tongue flick out, touching the visible part of the cock head, tasting that little drop of precum that was oozing out. It had been so salty, and so good.

He had immediately made his hand wrap around the pole, pushing the foreskin back, as he placed the dick into his eager mouth. Licking at the underside as he moved his hand back, to push into Doug's groin, then slide the hot pole as far into his mouth as possible was a chore. The guy was not just long, but thick too. Damn it felt good, to taste that hard dick, to suck on it, then to jerk it while he played with the balls.

The taste of sweat and testosterone was unbelievable, one he could recall right now, as his fear subsided for a brief moment. Yes, Doug would miss him, and he was due back on another of those basketball junkets. Would make him just over 19, but somehow he didn't feel like he would be there to play some one on one with him. He felt the fear again, as his eyes blinked, and he realized tears had formed at the corners.

'Not feeling so tough, now, are you?'

'Tough enough.'


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