Chapter 4

It was awkward for him, to keep the blanket wrapped around him, as he struggled with the old stove. It seemed to be taking forever for the burners to fire up, but eventually he had two of them working. The old cast iron pans needed cleaning, which he quickly did. He could feel Bobby Rae watching his every move, as if ready for any tricks.

Funny thing was, he wasn't interested in that right now. The pain in his gut was from being hungry, as he let the two pans heat up on the stove top. There was some packaged hamburger patties, and even a pack of bacon. It would be a feast, least for the moment, as he felt himself relaxing a bit. Worries about his situation more or less, pushed aside for the moment.

The aroma of the sizzling bacon, the grilling hamburger was all he could concentrate on, but as they cooked, he started to glance over his shoulder a bit. Bobby Rae looked so calm, so relaxed in the big chair, it made TJ wonder a bit. To begin with, what the fuck was he going to do to him? Was this going to be his last meal, or did the Deputy have something else in store for him?

None of it really made much sense. To begin with, being fucked by him was mind blowing. Who would of thought the creep had such a big dick, or how to use it. Not like he came across as having much of a brain, yet he sure seemed to know how to ram that monster dick of his.

TJ was no virgin, had a fair amount of big dicks too, and rarely had he enjoyed the experience. Least not the anal part, but damn it, the way Bobby Rae had rammed him, was rather pleasurable. Maybe if he hadn't been afraid so much it might have been different. It might not have been so intoxicating, or it could have been even better. That thought made him shiver a bit, which seemed to have gotten Bobby Rae's attention.

He could feel his eyes glaring at him, but it didn't feel chilling, least not like how it used to feel. It was more, well, sort of like Bobby Rae had some feelings, or was trying to. It was just odd, but as he stood there, the blanket wrapped around his waist, he couldn't help but feel that Bobby Rae was checking out his ass. Odd, but he rather liked the notion.

As the grease spluttered and the food cooked, TJ tried to make some comparisons, to figure out why he was still feeling rather aroused by what had happened. No doubt being caught was not part of his plans, but it had turned out to be a lot different than he had imagined.

While he was more than likely in for some rough treatment, so far he had to admit, it hadn't been what he had expected. The whipping hadn't made much of an impression, but damn it, that butt fucking sure had. It had been rough, hard, but it had nearly made him shoot his own load. No other person had made him feel that way, not while taking a dick in his butt.

Hell most times, he usually got a bit soft, but not this time. His cock had been as hard as he could remember it ever being, and worse, from some supposed straight red neck. Now that had to be one for the record books, certainly was for him.

There had been a few straight guys that he had managed to do, but that usually was either sucking them off, or giving them a hand job. As he turned the bacon and burgers over, he remembered the Limey that had passed through last summer. They guy was just nineteen, and was on the survey crew from the power company. Why they had some Brits over doing the job was never clear, didn't sit well with the locals either, but geez, that guy was cute, and well, hung.

He had watched him out on the old county road, the way he stood there in the hot sun, with that damn stick. How hot he had looked with his shirt off, and the way his bum fit those pants. Mind you, when he turned around, the size of his basket scared the crap out of him, but TJ had figured it was hard. Man was that ever a wrong thing to think of, because, as he found out later, it hadn't been hard.

That was about the closest he had ever come to a huge cock, that could equal anything he had felt when Bobby Rae had taken him earlier. Man, to think that Bobby Rae was bigger than the Limey guy, was scary stuff. Yet in a way he felt rather proud, because he had taken it, and not wussed out either.

The guy's name had been Matt, and he had the cutest accent, that when he talked just made TJ want to whip it out then and there. If he remembered right, he had struck up a conversation, figuring the guy was horny, but he quickly found out he was straight. That had been a real downer, until he saw him check out his basket. TJ knew that look, knew that the guy was curious, and more importantly was doable.

Meeting later on, for drinks, had been a good plan, specially considering how hot it was that day, and how dusty too. TJ got a smile, as he could see the guy's brown eyes twinkling the moment TJ had suggested they meet out at his place after for some cold beer. The way they seemed to sort of widen, and glance at his basket, was enough for TJ to know he had a live one on the line.

It hadn't taken long either, once Matt had downed one beer, before they were talking about sex. Took TJ a bit to understand though, as Matt had some different words. Like a wank, instead of a jack off, and stuff like that. It had led to some laughter, which really had made TJ want Matt. How his face would crinkle up when he laughed, how his whole body seemed to shake as the peals of his joy rang out. Come to think of it, he had a rather sexy sounding voice.

That was when he found out just how wrong he had been earlier in the day. When finally Matt had simply suggested they have a 'bit of a wank'. It had sounded funny, making TJ laugh, but when he popped that button, and unzipped the dirty jeans, well, that was when he really wondered about the guy.

Thinking about it, he remembered how he couldn't take his eyes off of Matt. The way his shorts seemed so full, as if the guy had a huge wrench or something wedged in with his dick. But nope, it was his dick, and when he shoved his shorts down, and that monster plopped out, the foreskin dangling over the head, TJ felt his whole body quiver.

His eyes must have shown how surprised he was because Matt began to simply laugh. It was like he couldn't stop either, the way he sort of giggled, with that lovely accented voice. Fuck, it was a major turn on, and he had made some comment, that stopped the laughter instantly. Come to think of it, he had said something about he'd never had anything that big in his mouth or up his ass before.

That was it, because Matt grew very silent then. Then he told TJ how he never had done anything like that, as he was into Birds. At first TJ had wondered about that, until he saw the grin on Matt's face, who explained he meant women. Talk about a language barrier, and both spoke English only. Go figure he thought, as he flipped the burgers, not wanting to burn the meat.

As he sighed, he could still feel Bobby Rae staring at him, and he wondered what that would mean for him? Was the guy thinking about how he had taken his huge dick, or how he would get rid of him. Come to think of it, he now had something to use, to bargain with, but it was risky. If Bobby Rae was going to take him in, by trying to use what happened could turn him into thinking of offing him, on the other hand, if he already was contemplating that, well, then he had nothing to lose.

Life sure as hell wasn't easy, as he stirred the pot with the beans. Least with Matt it had been very simple, very straightforward, in a strange way. Matt was horny, from all the work, and he was curious. As he put it, no bird could really satisfy him fully, they all were frightened off by his big wanker.

Thinking about it now, he didn't know why he had said he was no fish, that a cock like that was easy to take, as long as Matt didn't try to rush it. Somehow it had become the topic of the moment, discussing having sex, as if they were long time friends and fuck buddies. Matt certainly looked interested, though he was pretty adamant that he wouldn't let TJ bum hole him. Man just listening to him had given TJ a huge hard on, and he could see that the big wanker was a bit interested too.

The foreskin still drooped over the head, but he could see a bit of it showing, more than when Matt first brought it out, and as he stared at it, he could feel Matt looking at him. Same feeling he was sort of getting from Bobby Rae, right now. Odd, maybe there was going to be a tomorrow for him?

As the meat sizzled, the beans simmered, he realized that it had been Matt who had made the first real move. How he had watched TJ staring at his dick, how it was making him feel. Odd for a straight guy to notice, but he had. When he looked up, he could see the glazed over look, the one he loved to see on those who he was having sex with.

Matt merely reached down and pulled his dick up, kicking off his pants and underwear. His socks were still on, as he spread his legs apart, leaned back in TJ's one and only armchair, and with a huge grin, he simply pointed the huge cock at TJ.

'Show me if a guy can handle it' was all he said, was all the encouragement TJ needed as he just grinned, stood up and dropped his own pants. Hell, he figured if he was going to suck on that pole, he would want to be stroking his own. It was the right move too, as he noticed how the cock jerked a bit in Matt's hand, and at how the eyes seemed to sparkle a bit more.

Tossing his shirt off, and standing in front of Matt, totally nude, he saw the effect it was having. More of that pink cock head was showing, as Matt had slowly began to stroke the long thick shaft. God, what a monster it was, as the foreskin was pulled back, then forward.

Moving over he stood right in front of Matt, looking down at him, and at his sausage. How huge it looked, as he reached over and down, to pull out the bottle of lubricant he kept there, along with his glass bowl of condoms. Putting them to the side, he grinned then lowered himself down onto his own knees. TJ's own cock was already fully aroused, but Matt's still need some attention. Amazing to think of that thing still needing to grow. Glancing up and smiling, he saw the grin widen, and watched Matt wiggle himself backwards, getting more comfortable in the chair. He took a quick look at the bowl of condoms, and lubricant, then smiled as he pushed his cock forward, sort of like handing it off.

Licking his lips and looking back down at it, TJ felt his own heart skip a few beats. Bit of sweat was already forming on his forehead, as his hand reached out to touch the cock. The heat felt like it would burn his fingers off, or at least leave them as crispy stumps.

Slowly TJ wrapped his one hand over the cock shaft, just below the cock head. He felt the skin shiver, felt the throb of the pole as Matt's blood rushed through the various veins around it. Then as his fingers made a fist around the huge pole, he slowly pulled backwards, towards Matt's groin.

The cock head was showing, and TJ lowered his head to meet the huge head, while the hand held it steady. How big it looked, as he slowly lowered his face to it, then let himself move forwards, so that his lips would meet the head. As they touched, he felt the first shock run up and down his spine. How good it felt was unreal, as his eyes glanced upwards, to see Matt's brown eyes flutter.

TJ felt himself shutter as that vision flashed in front of him. His eyes watered a bit too, as he tried to remember just how good it had felt when he had let his lips part, to let that cock head past. How salty it tasted, yet also sweet. The drop of pre cum had surprised him, as it seemed like Matt was really into it. Naturally it only made him want to experience more, as he let his mouth widen.

'You waiting on a particular shade of black for the food, or what?'

The harsh voice startled him, and made him actually step forward a bit, before he got control over himself.

'Huh? Uh, no, no it's ready, just about to dish it up.'

'Bout bloody time, I haven't had anything hot since I got up here, you took your damn sweet time in getting here too.'

'Yeah well, If I had known you'd be waiting, I'd have hurried along.'

He was at the point of just not caring, as he listened to his retort. Hell with Bobby Rae and his crap, besides, he really didn't think he'd be hauling him back to Sheriff Roy anytime soon. Not until he was certain that TJ didn't or couldn't say shit about what had happened earlier. More he thought about, more he felt like he was about to have the last meal on earth.

'Don't smart mouth me boy. Just serve the food. Put mine on the table there, then back off. No funny stuff.'

'Like I am gonna take off wearing just a blanket?'

'Well, you just might, hell maybe some critter will take pity on you, now just you back off. You eat yours over there, where I can keep an eye on you.'

Placing the food down, he noticed the big hunting knife in Bobby Rae's hand, and knew that while the shotgun wasn't to be seen, he'd have a hell of a time wrestling that little pig sticker away from the guy, even if he wanted to try. One thing TJ prided himself on, was not rushing into things, well most things.

Hot footing it away had been silly. No one had spotted him until he made the stupid dash, when maybe if he'd have just stayed low, kept himself hidden, no one would be out looking for him now. Hell, he might be safe back at his own place now, jacking off to memories of Matt.

Munching on a piece of bacon, he couldn't help but smile to himself, thinking of how Matt had tasted, how that huge cock had bucked in his mouth, as his tongue had run down the underside, and then around the bared cock head. God it had tasted so good, the scent of a working man all over it, and then to feel it throb between his cheeks. That had been amazing, just as listening to the hard breathing that came from the young man seated in his chair.

He had managed a few quick looks, to see how his chest heaved, how the nipples were so full and firm. The way he had ran his hands up and down his stomach, while TJ had sucked on his cock. It really was making him horny, and he knew from how thick the cock became, choking him even. The way it just seemed to keep on growing, until he felt like his jaw would pop off its hinges.

The way he had sucked on it, licking at the underside, while his hand ran across the top, pushing it against the side of his face. Feeling his own saliva as he licked at the underside, at the spot just where the shaft met the sac. How pungent the aroma was, how much it made his own cock stiffen.

TJ was glad he had met Matt, as he tried to slowly eat the hamburger he had cooked. He knew that gorging himself would only give him discomfort later, as he tried to chew the food, not swallow it whole. Just as he tried to slowly feed himself Matt's unbelievably huge cock.

How it had taken several tries, before he finally made his throat relax enough, so that the whole cock was deep down inside. How the pain from his opened jaw was ignored so that he could actually move his head back and forth over the hard pole, sucking on it while his hands fondled Matt's balls.

It all flashed before him, as he slowly ate the food. How the tiny beads of sweat formed on Matt's forehead, while TJ sucked on that lovely uncut cock. How the foreskin tighten so much, that he could see the veins sticking up and throbbing as the blood rushed through. Man it was a vision, that at that moment he wouldn't have traded for anything, and then it only got better.

How Matt suddenly opened his brown eyes, stared down at him. Then how he let his hands move down, and how the fingers played with TJ's hair, twisting it and pulling on several strands, then once more just sort of brushing it backwards. How his eyes seemed to sparkle, until finally he asked if TJ wanted to try taking it up the arse. There was though foreign words, but he couldn't refuse the guy.

Heck, he had been wondering if he could take it, just as Matt asked him if he wanted to. Talk about like minds thinking alike, and naturally he hadn't refused. How could he? To feel that thing slice into him, spread his legs wide as it drove into him? No way could he ever look in the mirror and call himself a real queer without at least trying.

Wasn't a lot of romance in it, but he wasn't into all that hugging, kissing crap. He wanted to feel a piece of meat digging into his ass, and Matt had the ideal piece. Least until Bobby Rae gave him a ride. God, how big was the deputy? It sure as hell felt a lot bigger than Matt's 11.5 inch whopper.

Mind you Matt also knew how to work it in, not just ram it, like the Deputy had. The Brit had stretched the condom over his dick, very slowly and for a few seconds, TJ wasn't sure the condom would cover it all, but Matt made it roll down all the way.

Then he simply got up and gave it a few strokes, as he had TJ stand up and turn around, so his backside was towards him. Then carefully he stepped up, gradually pushing TJ's legs apart, until he was satisfied. It was as if he knew exactly how to do it, as he brought the head up from below, to slide it upwards, rather than the standard downwards way.

Working it up, he found TJ's hole, and slowly wedged the head up into the tiny hole. Then with his hands he began to slowly massage the two butt cheeks, squeezing them and pulling and patting them. He felt himself relaxing, felt the cock head wedge in even more, as Matt's hands kept his buttocks shaking.

The penetration was quick, and he had felt every ounce of breathe leave his body. His chest began to hurt immediately, as the pain lanced upwards. His thighs had stiffened to the point where TJ thought that he'd burst the blood vessels inside. It had split him cleanly, and he could feel the fullness of the cock head inside. His tiny little muscles were no match for the brute force of the penetration, and it had made him cry out loudly.

Unlike Bobby Rae, it had hurt, but it didn't keep on going inside. It just stood there, barely inside, as the muscles inside his rectum stopped their quivering, their cries for mercy. He managed to gather his breath too, his chest not heaving so hard, as he grew accustomed to the size of the head inside.

Matt had both hands on his hips, and slowly began to twist himself, to make a gyrating motion that pushed and stretched his insides, but in a way that took away the pain. It felt so damn good, he was moaning and grabbing his own cock, as slowly Matt began to corkscrew his big dick into TJ's hole.

The finger dug hard into his hips, and he could feel that pain, but the pleasure of the cock moving into him was growing more strident, more in his mind. Slowly Matt made him take the whole cock, and he felt his pubic hairs brushing up against his insides. He sighed, as he heard Matt groan, felt the small quiver in the cock too, that set his own nerves tingling.

Sweat was dripping from his hair, his forehead, as Matt began to once more move his hips around, to make the cock inside jerk and swivel inside the tight tunnel. His prostrate and other organs were in a frenzy, as they were bumped and pushed by the hard cock inside. Then slowly he began to feel him withdraw his cock, to leave his rectum, and he reached back with his hands now, to pull his cheeks further apart, crying out no, wanting Matt to push back in.

The outward pull stopped, then it moved forward making TJ moan loudly. He could hear it echo, just as Matt began to slowly pull back, only to push forward again. Slowly he began to build up his easy motion, until he was nearly out, before once more driving the hard cock into TJ. It had felt so good, each drive in, that he kept moaning, and as the sweat dripped, as his legs grew numb and cramped from the tautness of his muscles, he never once asked Matt to stop.

He encouraged him to keep on going, to go faster, to pound his ass. Nothing else seemed to have mattered, as Matt obliged him, until each thrust would make him stutter, make his feet stumble a step or two forward, until resetting while the cock pulled back.

There was no way for him to tell time, as it felt like it had been suspended. The way Matt's dick pushed in, then out, always moving, going a bit faster with each stroke, time seemed to just not exist. The way it kept making him moan, how it hurt but didn't, was still fresh in his mind, as if it was just yesterday.

TJ felt his cock shifting under the blanket, and he glanced up to see Bobby Rae staring at him. There was that look in his face again, the one he had seen earlier. Just for a moment, he thought he could feel Bobby Rae's heart beating, feel his pulse racing as he stared at his mostly naked body. That, along with the recollection of Matt's hard cock pounding his ass, made him smile, which Bobby Rae noticed.

Instead of snarling at him, the deputy just stared at him, while he pushed the tin plate away, the food eaten. TJ could see he was deep in thought, as the eyes narrowed a bit, and the cheeks sunk in a bit. The nostrils flared too, as the mouth grew taut, no smile, no grin, no scowl either. In a way it was all rather frightening, as if he was finally making up his mind about something.

'Get over here, sit in that chair, and put your hands behind your back, but through them bars in the chair.'

TJ stared at him, and quickly obeyed. The feeling of Matt's dick riding him suddenly pushed aside. He sat in the chair, leaned forward so as to poke his arms through the rungs on the back of the chair. Then he sat back, feeling the sudden pain in his shoulders, as he watched Bobby Rae stand up.

In one hand was a pair of handcuffs, and he stepped behind and slapped them on his wrists. He was not going anywhere, without taking the damn chair with him, or breaking it. It was uncomfortable as hell as Bobby Rae stepped back in front, then just seemed to glare. There wasn't a scowl, but his eyes looked so dark, so cold that he couldn't help but tremble a bit. He remembered the knife he had seen him with, and his own eyes glanced away, to check the Deputy's hand, failing to see any hint of the knife.

The man simply moved away to the door, then stepped out and came back in very quickly. In his hand now was the shotgun, barrel pointing down as he again sat down in the big chair. His eyes continued to stare at him, as he reached down, and from the darkness he pulled up a small portable radio set.

TJ hadn't noticed it before, but he recognized the standard two way radio set up that was used by the Cops. Sheriff Roy always had his hooked into his belt, with a long coiled microphone attached to his shirt, just below the shoulder. He felt his body shake, as he watched Bobby Rae twist the knob, and he could hear it squawk, the static making a squeal that hurt the ears a bit.

'Make one sound, and it'll be your last, got it?'

'I got it.'

He felt the sweat on his forehead, felt the pain dull a bit around his shoulder, and felt the numbness around his wrists as he listened to Bobby Rae call up Sheriff Roy. TJ heard the man answering, knew it was Old Roy himself, as the fear in his belly made him hold his breath. He could even hear his heart beating as Bobby Rae reported in, but the words didn't make sense, least not at first.

Bobby Rae was whining, asking if he could come back in, as not even a rabbit had gone past since noon, and it was nearing past midnight now. He heard the Sheriff ask if he had a fire going, or anything to show he was in the cabin, and Bobby Rae lied to him, saying he was freezing, and that he hadn't moved out of the damn chair since arriving.

It didn't make sense, but finally Old Roy told him to forget it, that maybe that fool kid had gone a different route, or was smarter than they all thought. TJ heard the man tell Bobby Rae to go along the river a bit, to make sure, then to come on back to town if he didn't see or hear anything.

He looked, with his mouth open, as Bobby Rae signed off, and then turned the two way off totally. TJ could see the light go off, see that it was really off and he watched as Bobby Rae stood up, and walked back behind him.

He undid the handcuffs, then came back around to stand in front of TJ. He stared down at him, then went back to reach behind the chair. He pulled out a huge old army back pack, with a sleeping back rolled up at the bottom. The deputy put it on the chair, then looked over to the burning embers of the fire. He smiled as he looked back to TJ.

'Your clothes should be dry enough now, go put em on'


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