Chapter 3

Bobby Rae pushed the barrel up hard, making TJ wince from the pain. He knew he should keep on taunting him, but he had nothing left. There was no way out, so he might as well not make it any easier for the bastard. Still, he could choose his words a bit better, but then what the fuck, he was fairly certain he'd be long in the ground before much longer.

The gun was slid out from between his legs, and he could hear Bobby Rae grunt, and suck in some air. There was no doubt that the guy was heated up, but what else could he do? Smack him around a bit or rifle whip him? So he'd maybe break a few bones before finishing him off, least then it wouldn't seem so bad.

The rifle simply moved away, and he relaxed a little, wondering when it would come crashing into him. Would Bobby Rae simply ram it across his leg or his arm? Would he even bother, and just simply pull the triggers? Then too, would he shoot him in the cabin? It would leave a mess, one that even Bobby Rae would know someone would eventually notice.

No, he'd maim him first, break a few bones, to get TJ to cry out, to have him begging for him to stop, but he knew he would never do that, no matter how many limbs he broke or cracked. He wasn't going to give into the bastard, not now, not ever.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up suddenly, as he felt a chill across his back. Then he heard the door open, and then close quickly. He didn't dare look out between his legs, but he stood there, hunched over holding onto his ankles, staring at the floor. Bobby Rae's heavy boot echoed on the wooden floor, coming back closer to him. Yet there was a sort of different sound to it.

It wasn't as forceful of a tread, muted sort of plus there was a sound of something jangling, like keys or such, but he tried to ignore it. Instead he tried to think of other things, to let his memories have one last play before his mind, before his lights were permanently dimmed.

A few images flew past, just brief flings or one's that were just about getting off. Not like Doug, in that it had been memorable, just that it was nothing but random sex. He sucked in some air, as he tried to think, to take his mind off his impending doom. In some ways he began to feel sad, not for what he figured was to be his last moments alive, but that really he didn't have a lot of memories worth holding on to.

Sure there was Rick and Ron, and then Doug from last summer. Man that guy was hot, and while he had only been in the county for 10 days, it seemed like a lot longer at the time. How they would meet at different places, have a quick suck, before going back to TJ's place, where they would really let loose.

Try as he might, he wanted to think that there was more than just three good memories to hold, to review one last time. As the sound of Bobby Rae coming closer, his body shook a little in panic, when the image of the dark haired guy in the red Corvette flashed before him.

He had been pumping gas at the gas station by the Inter State, as a favour to Ron. Ron had some test to study for, needed the time, so naturally TJ had offered to work his shift, not like he hadn't done it before. Besides, it was easy enough work, and it meant a few extra bucks too. That always came in handy, but that day was what his dad would call a 'red letter one'.

He had spotted the car coming off the exit ramp, saw the dust as it hit the county road leading past the station. The bright cherry red color just seemed to glimmer in the sunshine, and as it came closer, the air around it seemed to just shimmer. It really was a hot looking car, but when it pulled into the Station, the guy driving it was just as good looking.

Man, talk about being lucky, as the guy had rather short hair, dark that matched his deep tan too. As he turned the car off, he took off the sun glasses and TJ saw a pair of rich brown eyes that just made his heart skip a beat or two. He couldn't help himself, as he had been thinking of Ron, and how he had promised not only to let him have the day's pay, but would give him something special later on that night. Now he knew it was either gonna be a joint of some of that good BC Bud, or his dick. Either one was worth spending the day pumping gas.

As he walked around to fill the tank up, another first for him, he couldn't help but notice how the guy kept looking at him, checking him out. Hell, he knew he wasn't bad looking, but it was nice when strangers thought so too. Naturally he had done some checking of his own, enjoying the nice tight butt the guy had, and how his face looked when he talked. It was like he was always smiling too, and when he popped the hood for TJ, well, that was the beginning of one hell of a night.

TJ heard something being slid out of its case, or hold, then he realized it was Bobby Rae's belt. So the bastard was gonna whip him first, like that was going to make him cry out? Not fucking likely, but still, he just wished the bastard would get it over with. All this suspense was becoming a bore, but then too, the longer Bobby Rae prolonged it, the more time he would have to remember those special times, like with Jordan.

It was while under the hood that Jordan made his play, which had surprised TJ. Normally he was the one making all the plays, so it was a surprise when the guy leaning in, with him, under the hood. Then as he pulled the dipstick out, he felt the guy's hand suddenly resting on his. He had placed it on the side, to balance himself, while reaching for the dipstick.

With his hand in mid air, the dipstick just showing, he turned towards the driver, to see his dark brown hairs looking into his face. The way they glittered, along with the curling smile around the lips only made his heart skip a beat. The hand didn't move, but rested lightly as they stared at each other.

Finally the guy leaned back, and watched as TJ wiped the dipstick, telling him the oil level was just fine. The guy had grinned, saying 'well the car may not any oil, but I damn sure do' and that was it.

TJ didn't need any other encouragement. He knew exactly what the guy meant, and it wasn't like there were lots of people around. He just grinned back at him, saying 'he had some private stock oil, that was guaranteed to keep his motor well lubed' which made the guy smile even more.

Strange to be thinking of guys he did, or who did him, as possibly his last thoughts. Shit, maybe it was natural, or maybe he was just trying to avoid dwelling on his lack of luck. Yet then again, he didn't think he was unlucky. After all, taking Ron's shift, meeting Jordan, and having their first little fun in the office of the gas station, was well, lucky.

It was lucky because no one drove by, no one came in to interrupt while he stood behind the counter, with Jordan on his knees, sucking on his dick. Nor did anyone suddenly show up needing gas, while he returned the favour a few minutes after he had shot a good sized load into Jordan's eager mouth.

What wasn't lucky about finding out that the guy had a nice 8 inches of uncut meat? It was a definite taste treat, and how the foreskin had grown so taut when he worked that dick up to its full length, man that was worth remembering before the lights went out. Besides, not only had it tasted good, but later, when they had gone back to TJ's place, well, that dick sure gave him a good workout.

So maybe he wasn't unlucky, just that at times his luck wasn't the best. Though thinking of that night with Jordan, well maybe even that wasn't about luck, but timing? What if Ron hadn't needed to study, and what if Rick had been off elsewhere so he couldn't spell Ron? So maybe it wasn't bad luck, just more about timing. At times it worked for him, though not lately.

'Let's see how you like this, sissy boy'

He felt his body stiffen, as the words were whispered into his ear. He could feel Bobby Rae's breath against the side of his neck, as he knew what was about to happen. The sounds had already registered on him, as his fingers released his ankles, then reset themselves to hold tightly to them.

The sound of Bobby Rae lifting his hand backwards only confirmed his thoughts. As he heard the belt come slicing through the air, it was sort of detached from his mind. Instead of waiting for the blow to land across his cheeks, his mind took him back in time, to when Jordan had returned to TJ's home.

As the belt stuck, making him wince, making him stumble just a bit, his mind saw Jordan, removing his tight fitting jeans, showing a pair of white shorts. They weren't the true boxers, but more the jock type of shorts, that fit tightly around the thigh and had a bit more leg to them, than say your regular jockey shorts did. It wasn't the shorts though that had made him gasp.

It was the full basket. He had already had a taste of that pole, but it looked so huge now, encased in the white fabric, that it made his buttocks ache, and his mouth salivate in anticipation.

The second blow landed and he winced, but the image of that tight package kept him from even doing more than grit his teeth. He liked his men, his sex, and he wasn't going to let some red neck deputy ruin his last minutes. He was going to enjoy experiencing Jordan all over again, in his mind.

How his big balls swayed under that fully erect cock, how they swayed as he just stood there. Nor was he going to let the feel of that 8 inch penis stretching his insides be ruined by some sadistic quirk in Bobby Rae. He was going to enjoy it, to relive it, and he could feel his cock stiffen, feel his own body grow as excited, as it had then.

His buttocks twitched, the muscles inside aching, groaning even, as he recalled how the head felt being wedged between his cheeks, how it felt as Jordan pressed his hips forward, stretching TJ's hole until finally the head penetrated past, making his whole body quiver with the mixture of pain and pleasure. God, how good it had felt, as that head pushed past, entered his inner valley, to fill him.

TJ smiled as he remembered how he had cried out, telling Jordan to put it all inside of him, to fill him completely, and how Jordan had shot his hips forward, until he felt the crush of his groin up against his buttocks. How his hole had stretched so far that it felt like it would rip apart, as the huge cock ploughed deep into him.

Man, how he had screamed out his pleasure then, how he could still remember how Jordan was pressed up into his body, his sweat dripping down onto TJ's shoulders, back, as his body pushed in and pulled out in a steady rhythm. How it gradually became faster, making him moan constantly, making sweat drip from his forehead, as the huge cock plunged in and out of his tiny hole. Christ it had been a fuck he would never forget, one he would gladly take with him to eternity.

The memory made his body suddenly quiver, as he realized his own cock was fully erect, and as he opened his eyes, as he realized just how aroused he had become, he was quickly brought back to reality.

'So, the faggot likes it rough does he?'

He didn't say a word, as he felt the hot breath on his back, as he felt the press of Deputy Bobby Rae against his quivering buttocks. TJ felt the sweat dripping onto his flesh, as he kept his position, unflinching waiting for the next assault on him.

The press of Bobby Rae on his body suddenly eased, and TJ gritted his teeth, waiting for the next blow, but instead he could only hear the heavy breathing of the Deputy. It was like he was going to take his time, to try and spin the whole torture out, yet it wasn't quite like that. Least it didn't feel like that, as if instead Bobby Rae was thinking. That in itself was odd, as Bobby Rae was known for acting before thinking, yet as he stood there, grasping his ankles, he couldn't help but feel the difference.

As he felt his mind begin to wander, to try and pick up the thoughts of Jordan, he heard the shuffling sound of Bobby Rae. It was a sound he was familiar with, that didn't fit the situation he was now in. It didn't make sense, and it made him think again about those signs he thought he had seen. Couldn't be, but just as he was about to push the notion aside, he felt the slap of what could only be a dick, up against his raw buttocks.

It was a feeling he knew well, he couldn't be mistaken as he let his eyes move up from the floor, to glance backwards. He saw the fallen pants around the ankles, and knew that the shuffling sound was exactly what he knew it to be. Bobby Rae had dropped his pants, and had moved closer. The press of the man's penis against his buttocks was proof enough.

'Let's see if you can handle a real man, faggot'

As Bobby Rae spoke, he pushed his penis up between TJ's buttocks, until the head was being wedged up against the pink hole. His cheeks were spread apart slightly and out of instinct, TJ lifted his hands upwards, to grab hold of his cheeks. He felt the pain lance up as his fingers dug into the bruised flesh. Yet he didn't hesitate to dig deep and pull his cheeks apart, giving Bobby Rae an easier means of entry.

He held his breathe, as he felt the man's penis pull back slightly, then he felt the searing pain travel up his spine, as the cock penetrated his hole. TJ cried out, at the force of the penetration, as it split his hole and dove deep into his insides. His body felt the rolling tremors as the cock made its way deep inside. The tiny muscles had no chance of stopping it, as it seemed to just keep going further and further.

TJ felt the tears at the corners of his eyes, as the cock seemed to be endless. For a brief moment he thought it had to be something other than a dick, nothing was that long, but he could tell, from the feel, it was flesh. He felt it inside, pushing his muscles aside, stretching him. There was no mistaking the throbbing sensation of the huge pole that was being buried into him, it was a dick, and he bit his lip, not wanting to cry out.

He tasted blood, as his teeth bit deep into his lips, yet the cock inside seemed to continue digging into his insides. He felt it banging up against his innards, felt the muscles of his stomach contract, rumble even, as the huge pole filled him. Then he felt it reverse course, and he breathed out, spreading his legs wider, stumbling a little as Bobby Rae's hand shot out and held him firmly by the shoulder.

The motion became faster, the hand holding his shoulder grew tighter. Bobby Rae's fingers dug deep into his flesh, until they were scraping his bone. He cried out from the firm grip, from the huge pounding his ass was taking. TJ couldn't help it, as he felt his body being assaulted.

With each hard thrust inwards he felt his body shuffle forward, held back from falling by the firm grip of the Deputy's hand. Then it would ease, and he would fall a little backwards, only to once more have the crushing force of a inward thrust hit his body. The sound of the Deputy's groin crushing into his buttocks echoed in the cabin, drowning out even the crackling of the logs on the fire.

Sweat poured from his face, from his whole body, as Bobby Rae continued to pound his ass. In and Out he went, faster and faster, until TJ felt like he would pass out from the hard pounding. His head ached, his arms were sore and numb, but he could feel his cock sway to each thrust. He knew it was hard, as hard as he could ever recall, as the big dick continued to thrust in and out. He was moaning, as the hand on his shoulder let go, to grab hold of his hips.

Both hands were suddenly gripping his hips, digging deep into his flesh, and he felt the power of the man as his hips began to grind as they pulled back, then thrust harder in more short static bursts. The huge pole moved only slightly in and out, but at such a speed, that he felt like his whole insides was being jack hammered.

The loud cry made him tense up, made every muscle inside quiver, as he felt the speed go higher, as the huge cock seemed like a piston. His insides were like mush, as suddenly the whole motion stopped. TJ felt the cock pull back, and then with one loud cry, it was shoved in as hard as he had ever felt.

He stumbled forward, as even the tight grip wasn't enough to hold him back. The hard cock inside seemed to dig past every muscle, every barrier and threatened to pop out of his throat. TJ cried out, as he felt the throbbing of the cock, felt it shake and move side to side, as he knew that Bobby Rae had cummed.

The cock inside jerked several times, moved back then forwards quickly, and then TJ felt his back groan, as it took the full weight of the Deputy. He could feel his chest heaving as he lay across TJ's bend over back. He felt the drips of sweat and the hot breath on the back of his neck, as Bobby Rae lay on top of him.

His legs trembled, as they tried to hold the weight, but he was finding it hard. The knees were threatening to buckle, as Bobby Rae continued to suck in air, continued to sort of moan, while spread out on top of TJ's backside. Their bodies felt like they were glued together, from the sweat, and yet Bobby Rae seemed unaware of how close they were to falling to the ground. His hands were dangling down, twitching as his body slowly cooled down.

'I can't hold you, you are too heavy'

His words were like pained gasps, but he felt himself losing control, when suddenly the weight disappeared off his back. Bobby Rae had managed to lift himself up, and with the weight gone, he still felt like he was about to collapse. His knees wobbled, and he sank to the ground, hard. The pain made him grunt, as he leaned forward now, on is hands and knees, panting.

TJ felt his chest heave, as he tried to catch his breath. The pain inside was different, as he felt incomplete. The sensation of the big dick was still in his thoughts, as he tried to think, tried to figure out what had just happened, other than having one hell of a good fuck.

He heard Bobby Rae pulling up his pants, then the sound of a leather belt being looped through the pants, the buckle making a dull clanking sound. The click of the belt being cinched up made him turn his head, but he couldn't see much to either side, telling him that Bobby Rae was still behind him. Near his one foot, he did see a spent condom, one streaked a bit, with red, which he knew was his blood. In one sense he was relieved to see the used condom, in another he felt scared, from seeing his own blood coating it.

A dingy looking blanket suddenly fell to the floor beside him, and he heard Bobby Rae telling him to wrap it around himself, and get up. He reached out, and took the blanket in one hand, while pushing himself up onto his knees, leaning back on his legs. The pain suddenly shot upwards, and he grimaced while wrapping the woollen cloth around his upper body.

He lifted himself up, then turned to see Bobby Rae staring at him, and then motioning him to sit in one of the wooden chairs near the table on the far side of the cabin. He did as told, wondering what was going to happen next.

'You hungry?'


Over by the stove, the cooler, it has some food in it, get the stove working, make us something hot.'

TJ looked over, recognized the old battered cooler that rested near the foot of the old stove. It was his. He turned and looked over at Bobby Rae, wondering what other surprises the Deputy had for him.

Slowly he stood up, clutching the blanket around him, while Bobby Rae watched his every move. The shotgun wasn't anywhere to be seen, but all he could think about right now, was getting some food into his belly.


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