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I'm 19 and this is my fantasy world. I'm currenly trying to capture as much of the newly formed romance (ELHS). It would mean A LOT to me if you comment. By hearing your opinion I could improve my content. <3 (smirk)

Stories by blowme0584

  • A poem for good night

    "Owning you with every..." I try to think of a good one. "Thrust" , he comes in with another line. "I conquer you and you fall down" How can those words be his? I'm accually burning up right now.

  • ELHS: 5.Finally Collided

    His moans are like food to me, and he's feeding the beast. He bites me on my ear lobe and I go crazy.

  • ELHS: 3. Breakdown Party

    He unbuckles my pants and pulls them down. As he bites my erection over my black boxers, I arch my back, moaning quietly.

  • Every Love Has a Silverlining: 1. Gold

    I can't feel my legs. He stopped with the kiss too soon leaving me mesmerised... wanting for more.

  • ELHS: 2. Into the water

    With a soft bite on my earlobe he annouces he's going in. I gasp and arch my back to his touch. I cry, pressed against his broad sholder, when he slides his finger inside my tight hole.

  • ELHS: 4. Cock Fight

    Thierry yells out and charges at Riri full speed. He took him by the waist and they both chrashed down on the ground. While he was on top of him, Thierry started wildly slapping my Riri.

  • Drive-By

    After being stood up, Chad walks down the road and encounters a mysterious lamborghini driver.

  • The Library

    "Fine." I go across the bookshelf and behind it I take out a pillow. He looks at me in suprise. "What? I told you I was here a lot." I smile at him, gaping at his chest line. "I said nothing!" lifting his strong biseps in the air. Why am I noticing this things?