Cold touches are running across my belly. His teasing breathes tickling my naked neck, I'm burning inside, panting breathlessly. I can feel his long index finger touching the lenght of my spine, moving down between my buttcheecks. With a soft bite on my earlobe he annouces he's going in. I gasp and arch my back to his touch. I cry, pressed against his broad sholder, when he slides his finger inside my tight hole. I moan as he thrives his finger further... further inside me. He starts circuling, making me reach so close to the edge, I jump up to the sound of my alarm clock. It was just a dream... hot and insainly erotic dream. I stand up and notice I'm all sweaty and smelly. I really need to take a shower. After a relaxing shower I put my clothes on and go for a walk. Every time I feel troubled I do that.

The still cool air soothes me. I don't know what am I going to do with Riri and last night. I always knew I liked him, but this... This is a whole other level of love. I don't know if I'm ready. The thought of him feeling the same way about me makes me blush, again and again. His kisses and his soft touches take me to a place I've never been and frankly, it scares me.

I return to the house all troubled and puzzled. And there he is, standing beside the doorstep. He's looking all cool and hot and sexy in his sweatshirt and tight jeans that he wears all the time. I always loved those jeans. The way they make his cute butt pop out...

"What are you... ," and before I could finish my sentence he interrupts me "15 in the afternoon, at the beach, meet me there. Oh, and pick up Paige too!" he yells, avoiding any eye contact, and starts skipping, almost running to his house.

"Sure!" I yell back. What was that all about? He could've just called. Maybe he wanted to see me again...

I run into Mum, "What are you all red about?" she smirks.

"Nothing!" I say back and go in my room. I`ve never felt so weird around him. All I could see was his sparkling ocean blue eyes gazing at me. The rest felt like white noise.

After a short nap I put on my swimming suit and head to Paiges' house. A few knocks after, Paige appears on the door.

"Come on! Swimm suit up!" I barge in all happy inside.

"I... errr... I can't swim today. Or tomorow. Or this whole week. I... errr have..."

"Shhh," I shush her stopping her from saying that disgusting word,"I get it. So, that's why you couldn't come with us yesterday?"

"Yes" she flushes of embarrassment.

"It`s fine. Just give me a head's up next time, OK?"

"Yeah, OK!" her expression cheers. I say goodbye and head to the beach. I start thinking. Oh my gosh! Will last night happen today too? Oh no! I can't go through all that again. I don't know what to do!

As I take my first step on the rocky beach, and even in all that crowd, my eyes find his. But he's not alone. I can see two boys next to him. A jealous thought crosses my mind but I shake it off immediately.

I introduce my self. Thierry is sitting on the right side. He`s a 19-year-old, dark blonde set to the side hair yet one strand of hair is lying across his forehead. I didn't get a closer look of his eyes, mostly because I was staring at his rock abs the whole time. Hope he didn't notice... The other guy's name is Keeghan. He is tall and not as fit as Thierry. His hair is dark brown and wavy. I must admit I like his hairstyle.

I brought cards and after a few rounds I got to know them better. They are both here for the summer and are staying at the local apartments. They came here all the way from Engand. So yeah, they have that sexy british accent.

"Keeghan and I are going night swimming this evening and I was wondering if you two could come with us." Thierry adds into the conversation.

"Sure! Why not." Riario answers happily without consulting me first.

I couldn't say anything but, "Yeah, that sounds good!" while exchanging suspicious looks with Riri.

After a long day at the beach we headed back home.

"How did you get to know them?" I start.

"They came yesterday, accualy. I know Thierry's familly. Our dads are good friends and they came to visit us."

"Oh." I answer in surprise.

"I ment to tell you yesterday but..." my heart jumps in my throat and I can't speak, "I didn't think we would..." Pictures come flooding back. Ugh! Why did he had to mention that. We are just a few blocks away from my house.

"Do you know why Paige couldn't come today? You didn't even ask about her." I battle to change the subject.

He smiles and gazes at me. "Isn't it obvious? She has menses."

"Ugh! Yuk!" I relpy disgusted.

"Ahh you're such a kid, Micah!" he says, gently running his long fingers through my hair and scatters it, waving me godbye.

Short shower I had made me sleepy and I took an hour long nap. I woke up too late as I was suppose to be at the beach five minutes ago. I put on my almost dry swimm suit in hurry, not noticing I put it on backwards. I ran as quickly as I could but I got tired on the half way through. I can't run that far! I kept thinking to myself, "So what, I`ll be a bit late. The important thing is that I come."

Arriving on the empty beach, I spotted three towels and slippers. It was dark, just the moon to show me some light. I saw someone getting out of the water, and by the abs, I knew it was Thierry.

"Hey! You came. I was worried you wouldn't make it." he sounds relieved.

"No worries." I smile at him as I'm taking my first step in the water. "You`ll learn I always make it in the end!" winking to him I dive in the cool and refreshing water.

"You were right, this feels so much better than the regular swimming during the day. We should do this more often." and as I make the suggestion I catch him gazing at me. He was turned to the side and I notice his buldge. Wow, I guess he's a little bit too 'happy to see me'.

"Where's Riario and Keeghan?" I chuckle, and kept staring. I figured it was dark so he wont notice.

"They are over there, behind dock." He points and turns backwards putting his hand in his pants. "I'll accompany you in a sec. I just have to take care of something." I just nod trying to keep my cool and not burst out laughing.

"Over here!" Keeghan's voice shouts from afar.

"Come over here, both of you! It`s so much better here in the sand!" Keeg yells.

"We`re coming!" I yell back.

After a few short moments we're reunited at the small space of the docks where little kids enjoy bathing. I'm a bit of a show-off, so I'm doing my flips and handstands in the water while Keeghan and Riario throw sand at eachother. Thierry is so kind. He's helping me do my handstands right by holding my legs. A thought crosses my mind. Did he had a boner because of me? The thing is when I do a handstand my dick is accually across his. This made me horny. As I'm doing my last one I feel something hit me.

I crash down and dive back up. "Who did that? Somebody wants to start a sand fight?" I say angrily, lowering my eyes with a hand filled with wet sand, just ready to fire. I close my eyes and I'm hit in my face with a sandball that throws me down. I start splashing them with water.

As we are getting out, Riario and I last, he pulls me back, holding me in his arms. We swim away from the sight of those two and I'm left empty-minded. Still in his arms, breathing heavily, completely relaxed, somehow knowing I`m safe with him.

"So." He smirks.

"I want you." Horny me wispers in his ear.

My heart rate is so high I lean forward and kiss him, his soft lips while his salty yet so sweet tounge is wrapped around mine. He loosens his grip and slides his clever hand in my boxers. I gasp at his touch and I'm left mesmerised by his ocean eyes gazing at me while he gives me most sensational handjob. I try to surpress my moans but he is so damn good. When I cross over the edge, I cry out, "Riri, huuh" and arrive gloriously into the water. I never imagined I could feel so much, so good with him. I hug him tight.



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