"What the fuck is going on here?!" Riario yells, with an angry expression on his face. What have I done...

"Cool down, mate. We're just having fun." he chuckles and smirks at me. "Isn't that right, Micah?" I cover my head with my hands, wishing the earth would swallow me here and now, ending this embarrassment.

"Are you sucking his dick?" Riri starts running towards Thierry. "Get your hands off him! He's my boyfriend!" my hearts jolts up in my throat. I thought we were done. He accually loves me... I start tearing up and gasp of a sudden relief, denying the fact that I'm lying here with my pants down.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, mate. I thought you two weren't 'an item'." Thierry stands up and continues,"How about you cool down and give it a go. Look. He still wants to suck me, like a little kid wanting candy." pointing down at me.

"Yeah? I'll kick your ass just for saying that!" Riri clenches his fists. I can see the rage in his eyes.

"No!" I warn, standing up and pulling my pants up, too. "You can't fight over me! Are you crazy?" I stand between these two, acting as a barrier.

"Stay out of this, mate." He pushes me on my shoulder and I stummble a bit, being drunk and all that...

"Hey!" Riri pushes him back, harder on the chest. "You can't push him like that."

"He's with me now so fuck off, Riario!" Thierry warns. Riri cracks his knuckles and swinging his arm lay the first punch. Whoa! This just got real!

"You're not telling me what to do. You got him drunk just so you could use him." Riri mumbles in disappointing tone.

Thierry yells out and charges at Riri full speed. He took him by the waist and they both chrashed down on the ground. While he was on top of him, Thierry started wildly slapping my Riri. He quickly took both of Thierrys arms and turned, now him on top.

"Stop fighting," Thierry keeps groaning, kicking with his legs, "I'm stronger than you. I beat you!"

"No!" Thierry yells, "Get off me!"

When he finally calmed down, he mumbled "Ok! Ok! I'll stop. Just get off!"

When he stands up, Thierry appeared to leave but tried to punch him back. Luckily, Riri dodged swiftly and slapped Thierry so hard his face was all red and eyes wet.

I'm yelling, "Stop, you guys! Stop fighting." And that's when I noticed Keeghan. Why isn't he stopping them? What is he doing? Oh my gosh! He's getting this on camera?! How can he be such a dick to film his friends having a fight!?

"What in the world are you doing right now, Keeghan?" he just laughs and yells, "Oh my... This is awsome!"

Thierry just ran off cursing. 'My winner' had a bloody lip and pink cheeks from all the racket. When he got to me, Riri lifts me in his arms and starts carrying me home.

"What... put me down!" I murmur in surprise.

"No! You can't walk! You are drunk! You won't even remember this..." I narrow my eyes.

"Remember what?"

"What I'm about to say..." he sighs and we lock eyes.

"Micah... I love you." he gasps and closes his troubled eyes. "and my heart broke into pieces when I said no to you." I notice a tear in his eye.

"My mind was all over the place these few days without you." He shakes his worried head. I cup his brused cheeks with both hands.

"Why did you say no?"

"I can't talk about that." he cries out, "All I know is that I love you and I want to have something special with you!" I kiss him hard on the lips as we both cry.

"It's OK! It's OK!" I assure him with thousands of kisses.

He carried me all the way to my home on his strong hands.

"Riri, I feel dizzy." I shake my head when he puts me down.

"I'll get you in your house, OK?" he gazes at me gently.

"No... I wanna be with you tonight!"I hug him tight never wanting to let go. He just chuckles and hugs me back.

When we entered his house he led me in his room.

"There!" he smiles after he made the bed for him self on the floor. "You will be sleeping here, on my bed."

Few hours have gone by and I don't know why but I felt cold.

I'm shivering, desperate for sleep, while really desperate for him. I turn a couple of times when I get out of bed and snuggle beside him. Finally, I can get some sleep. His body is so warm and cozy. Suddenly, he lifts his arm and pulls me closer to him, wrapping me in the wormth of his chest. This is my paradise.



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