Never in a million years would I think that tonight could possibly happen. A boy sucked me off, another one did too and to top it off, they fought over me. I couldn’t even believe I would ever kiss a guy. My stomach hurts from thinking that Riario got hurt cause of me. I never wanted anything like that to happen. It seemed a little fishy that Thierry spent all that time with me, being so kind and friendly. His ‘timing’ was just right, when I had a row with Riri. He was buttering me up! That sleezy little… “Bastard!” I cry out.

“Hey, ” a hand squeezes me tighter and a soft voice calms  me down “ don’t worry. He got what he deserved. He won’t bother you again, I promise. Not on my watch.” Soothing voice mumbles and the hurt from my stomach disapeares.

I turn around and I am captured. His jawline is highlighted in the moonlight that’s shining from the bedroom window. His heavy head is resting on the flufy pillow and that one strand of his curls on his forehead is teasing me, making him irresistible.

“I’m so sorry, Riri.” I close my eyes and lower my head.

“No, no,” he takes my chin and makes me look at his vast ocean blue eyes,” you can’t blame yourself. He took advantage of you.”

His expression saddens, “I want you to tell me that you… forgive me.”

“What are you talking about? Forgive you for what?” I narrow my eyes.

 “Micah, you may not know this but… I had these feelings for you a long time now.” I swallow in surprise.

“Every night I’d lay in my bed wishing I could… be with you. Do you remember the night we were at the lake house? When you fell in the lake and we were wrapped around in a blanket together cause it was the only one left?” I nod.

He chuckles, embarrassed. “Well, there were a couple more but I hid them. I wanted to cuddle with you.”

My face turns all red. “What? You did that? Just so you could be next to me? You wouldn’t believe how freaked out I was back then. I had such a huge crush on you. It was like a dream, and so much like it I didn’t know how to act. So I stayed quiet the whole time.”

“I felt the same way!” we both laugh, but he soon interrupts.

“So… We didn’t get the chance to talk about…” he smirks and slides a brow at me.

“Oh!” I act surprised but I know where he’s going with this. “You wanna go there?” I smirk back at him.

“Yeah, I’m interested to see how it was for you…” he gives me the puppy eyes. Like I’m gonna say no to that.

“Just so you know… You’re the first crush of mine I kissed. So I can safely say you are the best kisser I know. And that wild tongue of yours…” he kisses me hard on the lips, cupping my cheeks with his warm hands.

He lifts his leg over my waist and lands on top of me. His ass is on my cock, making him horny and… hard. I grin when I notice his growing bulge. He kisses me on my cheek and continues down my neck. I can’t contain myself. I starts taking his shirt off and squeezing his ass. When he bites me on my nipple I push against the bed and throw him on his back.

“I wanna make you feel good this time. Ok?” I begs, already breathless and we just got started.

My throbbing cock is rubbing against his and he feels it too. I really want a taste. I lean in and pleasure him with kisses from his chest, heading south to the gold I’m searching for.

I strip him of his tight boxers and reveal his wanting bulge. Suddenly, a wave of strange smell strikes me but I inhale it all in. I curiously caress his semi, carefully examining the wild vein stretching from the base all the way to the top. I can feel it trembling under my soft touch.

I move my lips closer. The smell gets stronger, I’m drunk with his scent. I look up and I see him doubting, sweating even. I really want him to feel good. I cup his almost full erection and slide the tight foreskin down. He arches his back. I grab his hand and he squeezes it hard. This means so much to him. When I start loosening the skin with my tongue, his balls move up closer to the base. This feels so exciting, pleasuring Riri.

Loads of my fantasies start flooding my mind and I can’t help myself but to suck on his hairy, sweaty balls. I gently massage them while my right hand is stroking his veiny shaft. I look him in the eyes again, looking for his approval, to go further. He just smiles, making himself a bit more comfortable in bed. After licking it from base to top, I slide it in my mouth. He moans quietly when his head touches my palate. His cock is getting harder and stiffer with every bite I take. He squeezes my hand even tighter and cries out, “Stop Micah! Huu… I don’t wanna cum just yet.” and smirks at me.

“Riri, I wanna make you feel good. So please can I… I’m ready to take that step with you.” I look at him calmly. He gives me all I can ask for with a series of messy kisses across my face, laughing while he does it. I feel joy rushing through me like never before. I really love him. And the thought of him being mine is just overwhelming.

“Oh shit!” I frown, “We don’t have a condom! What are we gonna do now?” I slightly start to freak out.

“Hah! I have one.” I look at him all confused. Did he planned to do this with me? Was it for someone else?

“Shut up, goofy! It’s not like that.” He smirks, “My dad gave it to me for my last birthday. He wanted to let me know that I became a man… and that if I’m gonna do it I should do it right.”

“Oh, I see… Well, go get it… if you wanna piece of this.” I grin, glorifying my erection.

He stands up, butt naked and walks over to his desk. He wiggles his bubble butt at me. Such a tease! I put on the condom as he positioned himself. I lick my finger and circle it around his hole. Wow! That’s one hairy hole.

When it loosens a bit I check with him, “You ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” He replies.

I get closer with my cockhead to his hole, lying on top of him. Chest to chest, lips to lips, I enter him.

He breathes in my ear, slowly taking it in. Inch by inch I sink into him. The deeper I go the harder he squeezes my back. He moans and I stop, slowly returning. The intensity is growing since his hole is so tight. I come back up, slightly thrusting, to show him my dedication. He lifts his legs up around me and I follow, increasing the pace. Our breathing is heavy but in sync. I can feel him sweating around the legs on my back.

“I wanna go faster Riri!” I gasp, trying not to pressure him too much.

“Go faster, go faster”, he breathes quickly, “Go! Harder!”

I thrust inside him a bit stronger making him jump up and cry out my name. That swept me away and I start pounding, harder. His moans are like food to me, and he’s feeding the beast. He bites me on my ear lobe and I go crazy.

Every thrust got more intense, more unbearable… more, ah! The sweet release came, and we crashed down, together.



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