How come no one came but me? Stupid Drew begged me to come watch his team practice for a big game next week. These bleachers are so filthy from the yesterday’s game. Ugh! There’s still hotdogs under my seat. Oh! Drew just scored. He told me something about wanting to be a quarterback. With his built he could play alone and win. This is the first time, accually, that I‘ve seen Drew practice. Those white, tight jockstraps mold his perfect butt so well. And don’t get me started on those claves. I can only dream being half of his built.

Here he comes. Ah! It’s like heaven watching his muscular legs and that package in between. Wanna grind on that wood so bad.

“Hey, hottie.”I wave, still gazing at the beatiful down view.

“Dude! My eyes are up here.” He grins and I blush.

“You owe me as much! You told me there’s gonna be lots of people watching you play. Where is everybody?” I show him the empty seats behind me.

“Well, I had to convince you somehow.” He smirks and by giving me a smooch on my red cheek he sits behind me. “Here. I’ll make it up to you with a little back rub.” He places his warm hands on my shirt. Moves it, revealing my naked neck. I immediately moan to his touch, knowing I can’t withhold it.

“Since you came here now, you’ll help me finish my poem.” I do writing from time to time, when I feel extra inspired. Maybe he’ll add something different to my mix.

“It’s kind of a love story but that’s an understatement.  It’s way hardcore than ordinary romance.”I explain to him while I try not to moan so much. His fingers are golden. It’s like he knows the exact spot where it hurts and keeps drilling around it, huh…

“Well, let me hear it Z.” I sigh with a clench in my belly. I immediately get all mushy inside when he calles me Z. With blushed cheeks and already semi erection I start reading.

“Nothing can surpass my desire to own your body” I blush some more looking at the paper, “as I’m lying on top of you.” He chuckles in surprise and instantly adds.

“The desire of drilling you slowly” he deeply breathes, “while you moan in my ear.” Where did that come from!? Who knows what’s going on in that silly little head of his.

“You want to escape my embrace” I continue, with a full hard on. That line of his did the trick.

“But u never felt so alive, with me inside you.” He interrupts again, tightening his grip around my neck.

“You let me know to go deeper with every pull of my hair.”

“Add greedily. Greedily you let me know.” He suggests, “And I listen.”

“Owning you with every…” I try to think of a good one.

“Thrust” , he comes in with another line. “I conquer you and you fall down” How can those words be his?  I’m actually burning up right now.

“Without a fight, surrendering yourself to me.”

“To my heat, Z” he grabs my shoulders hard, “and you let it fill you.” I think I’m leaking precum down there. This is so intense. I wanna jump on him so bad, let him take me home.

“That void is full with me inside.”I turn around. The heat is unberrable. I try finishing the story. “You feel whole again.” And I try to kiss him.

 He leans in and continues. “And again.” He kisses me softly. “and again.” His lips burning hot. “With every pound.” Our tongues battle eachother. “Every move.” He smirkes and continues to win me over. “You crash and rise again and again.” I can’t feel anything now, just captivated by his words. “You’ve never felt so much pain, you’ve never felt so grateful.”



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