The sun shines and lights up my room with piercing rays waking me up, making me cranky. Ugh! I hate when I get blinded because Johanna, my younger sister, forgets to pull the courtains of the large bedroom window down. I stagger to the bathroom feeling drowsy. This is way too early for me. I usually sleep till noon. I look at the mirror and see kind of a tall boy with short brown just-woken-up hair and dark brown eyes. My expression is dull but I quickly wash it off and get ready for breakfast. I make a quick sandwich and head out to the library.

 I love reading. Esspecially those crime novels. My favourite are those of Sherlock Holmes.

The library is where I go to escape my fucked up life. Wierdly I`m terrible at school but great at reading. It`s a five-minute walk from my house and when I`m really troubled I can stay there for hours. Books take me to places I`ve never been, meet me with most interesting people. They show me the inside of a criminal mind, the way he thinks and acts. I could go on and on about how reading makes me happy but I`m already at the entrance of a great two-flat yellow building that dates a hundred years from now. I`ve been coming here since I was 8 so I know my way around. I have a few places that no one comes to.

 As I say hello to Mrs Amberstone, the librarian, I make my way to the second floor. A magnificent white stone flight of stairs binds the first, historical ages, floor with the second one, science and SF. As I sneak along the scarlet tapestry, through the bookshelves I come across Drew.

Drew is this tall, musculine jock that goes to my highschool. He has wavy dark brown hair and sparkling green eyes. At school he always wears the same old blue sweatshirt.

He is sitting on my secret spot, gazing at me with those deep green emerald eyes. He`s lying down, his back leaned against the wall, his legs spread. Completely focused on reading a book, that appears to be about sharks, he doesn`t acknowledge me. I frown as soon as I see him. Who does he think he is? How can he lay across my favourite secret spot. He can`t do that. I had it first! OK! Chill. My inner voice of reason slaps me in the face. Introduce yourself  and nicely ask him to go lay around somewhere else.

„Hi, I`m Zeke. And I`ve been coming to read at this spot for years. So... If you could please...“

„What are you trying to say? I can`t sit here?“ he raises his voice quickly, slaming the book so it would make a loud noise. Standing up he frowns and I get tounge-tied. I don`t know what to say to that.

 „Dude, what`s your problem? I`m just...“  I murmur

„Just what! Huh?!“ As he lifts his arms to threaten me I instinctively shield myself from the possible hit. What’s wrong with this guy? Why is he so quick-tempered? And as I open my eyes I see him smiling at me.

„Haha. Hey! I`m Drew.“ I`m so confused right now. Where`s that abusive angry guy?

„Sorry I spooked you. I was just messing with you.“ He smiles holding his hand to shake mine.

 „W-why would you do that?“ I ask trying to find the joke.

„Maah. It was just a joke. So.. you were saying something?“ he smirks at me, giving me a confusing slidebrow.

„Oh yeah! That. Can you move? I want to be alone here, please.“

„No. I`m fine here. You can join me, if you want.“ His eyes sparkle. I swallow and frown slightly, rolling my eyes.

„Fine.“ I go across the bookshelf and behind it I take out a pillow. He looks at me in suprise.

„What? I told you I was here a lot.“ I smile at him, gaping at his chest line.

„I said nothing!“ He chuckles, lifting his strong biseps in the air. Why am I noticing this things?

He opens his book while I set the pillow at a reasonable distance, sit in a comfortable position and sink into the 16th century renaissance.

It hasn`t been a while when I get interrupted by a low voice that startels me.

„I love sharks.“ He looks up at the ceiling, closing his eyes, making me see his smooth neck and his manly Adam`s apple. Why is this making me uncomfortably warm? I gaze at his perfect jaw line as he turns and our eyes meet. He narrows his eyes and inhales.

„Did you know that sharks have an incredible sense of smell?“ his look curious, full of interest.

„ Yes, I did.“ And I look back at my novel, playing it cool.

„Why so cranky?“ he frowns, still curious.

„I’m not cranky. You’re just distracting me from my reading.“ I don`t want to talk to him.

„I`m bored. What are you reading?“ he persists, closing his book and putting it in his school bag. Errr! Can’t he just be quiet?

„Nothing now.“ I sigh leaving my book.

„How did you find this place?“ I start looking suspiciously at him.

„Accually, this is my first time here.“ My eyes pop in suprise. First time? And he found this perfect spot immediately? It took me four years to find this reading spot! As I try to answer, his phone starts buzzing all of a sudden. He picks up.

„Hey,bro! No ... soon I promise. Ok ... I`ll be there in five.“ He switches off his phone and stands up. He gazes down at me. He looks so huge from this perspective. His chest are glaring at me. Why is it getting hot in here?

„Are you leaving?“ with a trace of hope that he stays, in my voice.

„Yeah“, his expression sad but lights up again „Maybe I`ll see you tomorrow“. As he leaves he turns his head to the side, winks at me, winning me over with a mesmerising white teeth smile. Something clenches deep inside of me and I blush, more than normal. What was that? Why did he... wink at me? I`m so confused.

I struggle with finishing another chapter and  walk back to my house.

After lunch I get on a bus and fifteen minutes later I`m standing in front of a giant orange building with a wide green grass field around it, my high school. I lower my head walking to my class. I glance up at the football field and see a bunch of jocks passing the football. I remember Drew from this morning. And that wink. The thought makes me blush.

This is crazy. I saw Drew over five times already and I couldn`t say hello. Well, if I come to think about it, I don`t even know him. I`m just overreacting. Maybe he won`t show up at the library tomorrow.

And to my suprise, there he is. He brought his own blanket. Wow.  I don`t know what’s more surprising. The fact that a sophomore football player is going to the library or that he brought a blanket with him. I`m guessing he`s thinking to stay longer. Somehow, I don`t mind having a little company.

I sit on my pillow beside him, my arm slightly touching his elbow.

„Hey, you!“ he mutters suprised. Oh shit! I forgot to say good morning.

„Good morning“ I blush red. Just what I needed. I was planning to get to know him better.

„What will you be reading today?“ I ask.

„I`m still amused by this shark book. It`s really interesting.“

Few hours have gone by and I`ve really grown fond of him. His childhood is quite amasing. Three brothers to look up to. That`s the reason he is in the football team. His favourite colour is the same as mine – green. He`s a really funny guy. My eyes were flooding with tears of joy, my face hurts from laughing. He has a beautiful smile. It spreads all across his smooth face, making  his cheeks blush and him irresistible.

„Do you have a girlfriend?“ he suddenly asks, turning embarrassed. My face immediately dulls and I get serious.

„I... errr... was just wondering.“ He raises his hands in defence. Damn it! He had to ruin the moment! No, of course I don`t. Look at me!

„No, I`m currently single. Are you... single?“ I barrely speak out. I feel such anxiety around that question.

„Yes...“ he mutters, with a thread of hurt in his voice. I don`t know why but I smile.

„My ex said he liked dolphins more and that sharks are stupid in comparison. Sharks are my favourite animals so I dumped him. I just couldn`t be with him anymore.“ He looks away.

 What the... He dumped his ex because of ... Wait ... Did he just say ... HIM?

Oh my fuck . He is gay?! And a jock!? My heart starts racing quickly. I can`t keep up with my breathing. Wow! Why is this making me horny?

„What? How can he like dolphins over sharks? Dolphins are stupid anyways...“ Why am I lying? I like dolphins, so cute and friendly. I can`t think clearly. He is wearing his dark blue sleeveless A-shirt and his hard nipples are so distracting.

„That`s what I said! But noo! He just kept insulting them. “ he adds almost exasperated.

„I think you didn`t make a mistake dumping him.“ I lean a bit closer to him.

„How do you spend your nights?“ I ask curiously.

„Mostly in clubs, drinking with my budds. But I like staying at home alone and 'relax', if you know what I mean.“ He grins at me, taking his wet tounge across his soft upper lip. My jaw is weakened and almost drops open but I keep it closed with my hand. I`d like to get 'relaxed' with  him and his rock abs ... What? Why am I thinking about that?

„Oh, I sure do.“ I smile a horny smile at him. Generally, I have two moods : Everyday moods and Hornyness. When I get horny... I`m dangerous to be around. I have no control over my thoughts or actions, which I later regret.

My erection is growing in my pants and as soon as I notice, I cover it with my hands. Nice job stupid! Like he won`t  notice! My inner voice scolds me.

„What happened?“ he asks, already knowing the answer.

„N-nothing! I just needed to scratch myself there.“ I flush red, still holding my hands over it.

„Oh... Haha, it`s fine. I scratch myself there too!“ he smirks and slides his hand in his underwear. What is he doing?!

„Mmm...“ he murmurs, closing his eyes, moving his arm around making my semi into a full hard boner. Why would he do that? Ugh! I feel so embarrassed....and horny.

„Tell me something Zeke...“ , he pulls his hand out and smells his fingers.

„Do you ...“ Oh no! He`s going to ask me if I`m gay! I can`t say yes! I don`t know!

„ a lot of porn?“ Wha..? I was so sure he would ask...

„Yeah sure... Haha... Whenever I get the chance!“ I answer in a cheekey way.

„Wow! What kind?“ Oh no... I watch ... gay porn...

„Umm... gangbangs are fun to watch, dont you think?“

„Yeah but I prefer gay porn.“ He smiles and looks at my boner. I swallow and I can`t speek. I don`t think I can tell him that I watch it too...

„Are you sure it was just a scratch?“ Oh shit! He`s on to me.

„I think you`re hiding your morning wood under there.“ he smirks at me doing the same thing with his tounge again.

I just flush red and lower my head down to the floor. He brings my head near his and our eyes meet. My heart is in my throat and yet, he smells so good. What is he doing to me? With his fingers he gently caresses my blushed cheek, and my swollen lips down to my chin. He leans in, closing his eyes, giving me a mesmerising kiss. His lips are soft and wet. His hand is behind my head pushing me to meet his at full strenght. I am taken. Constant rubs of his muscle arm on mine send shivers up through my spine. I feel everything around me , only wanting to feel him. He slides in his wild tounge and I react back with mine. Oh my... He tastes so good. Our noses are rubbing agains eachother while he takes me, over and over. I run out of breath and inhale, stopping the massive intensity between our lips.

„ So how was that?“ ,he smiles.

„Good... Not bad...“, I try to gather my scattered-all-over-the-place face into a cool expression.

„Do ... you maybe want me to help you with that...“

„N-no! Thanks! I-i`m fine. “ I`m spooked by the idea and quickly find the fastest excuse to get away. It`s just too much excitement for my buddy.

„Listen ... Uum... I gotta run . My mum sent me to by some a... milk!“

„Milk?“, he questions my immediate respose.

„Yup! Gotta buy my mum some milk. So... I guess I`ll see u tomorrow?“ I really hope not... Oh please come tomorrow! Be with  me!

„I`m  not sure if I can make it. I have practice tomorrow. Maybe some other day.“

„Sure!“ I rush out like I`m being chased by lions. Jeez! What just happened? I just kissed a gay dude! In the mouth! With tounge! Too much... for my brain ...

I hurry back home, lock the bedroom door, cover myself in bed and scream once, loudly, just because.

Hmmm... I don`t think I read this one before. It`s The Woman in White from Wilkie Collins. I heard all the best things about it. Can`t wait to dig into that.

My thoughts have been flying everywhere these past two weeks. I think it`s because of Drew. Gosh.. Danm! I got some real hots for him. I`m lucky it`s mutual. But what I`m concerned about is ... We are not public. We both met eachother in the closet and stayed there beacuse ... Well, frankly it was cozy and we had eachother's company. But now, I can`t hold his hand, i can`t kiss his sweet lips, squeeze his bubble tush, slide down those abs ... mmmmm...

Ok! I`m wandering of...

Mrs Amberstone asked me if I could help rearrange and fill these bookshelfs. It`s no trouble for me , but what is she going to do now... This is her job...

I keep complaining in my thoughts, listening to 'Drunk in Love' when I get thrown in a tight grip. The smell is familiar. Smells like a horny jock. Ugh! Can`t he keep it in his pants.

He slightly releases his grip and with his left hand moves to my chest, teasing me with those long smart fingers of his, moving to my nipples... With his right hand he goes underneath my t-shirt. Mmm... his hands are cold on my burning skin. His clever hand is holding me baldly by the chin, circiling my head. Leaving my neck open for business. He gets closer . His hot breaths on my neck. He puts a finger in my mouth and I bite it, gladly, smiling. I`m growing inside... He sure knows how to turn me on...  He reaches my pubes... and I smack his right hand. No way he is getting in my pants! What in the H is he thinking. He has been trying this thing for a week now. Gosh! When I`m ready, I`ll let you in myself.

I grab him by the wrist and turn it inside out.. but in a cool ninja way that he stands lowered beneath me with his hand on his back, just a sneeze from breaking. My dad taught me that.

I push him with my leg and turn around gloriously, thinking to myself... Nailed it!  Turning on one side I look back. He is standing there with a confused expression on his cute face. I can see in his emerald eyes that he wants a piece of me. I smirk at him and wink. I know how to tease a guy so I slide down my pants a bit. He can see my dark boxers. His eyes widen. I pull it down more revealing my butt crack. He runs out of breath and falls to his knees. He makes a broken-pride face and holds to his heart, implying... I own it. Drunk in love indeed.

How come no one came but me? Stupid Drew begged me to come watch his team practice for a big game next week. These bleachers are so filthy from the yesterday’s game. Ugh! There’s still hotdogs under my seat. Oh! Drew just scored. He told me something about wanting to be a quarterback. With his built he could play alone and win. This is the first time, accually, that I‘ve seen Drew practice. Those white, tight jockstraps mold his perfect butt so well. And don’t get me started on those claves. I can only dream being half of his built.

Here he comes. Ahh! It’s like heaven watching his muscular legs and that package in between. Wanna grind on that wood so bad.

“Hey, hottie.”I wave, still gazing at the beatiful down view.

“Dude! My eyes are up here.” He grins and I blush.

“You owe me as much! You told me there’s gonna be lots of people watching you play. Where is everybody?” I show him the empty seats behind me.

“Well, I had to convince you somehow.” He smirks and by giving me a smooch on my red cheek he sits behind me. “Here. I’ll make it up to you with a little back rub.” He places his warm hands on my shirt. Moves it, revealing my naked neck. I immediately moan to his touch, knowing I can’t withhold it.

“Since you came here now, you’ll help me finish my poem.” I do writing from time to time, when I feel extra inspired. Maybe he’ll add something different to my mix.

“It’s kind of a love story but that’s an understatement.  It’s way hardcore than ordinary romance.”I explain to him while I try not to moan so much. His fingers are golden. It’s like he knows the exact spot where it hurts and keeps drilling around it, huh…

“Well, let me hear it Z.” I sigh with a clench in my belly. I immediately get all mushy inside when he calles me Z. With blushed cheeks and already semi erection I start reading.

“Nothing can surpass my desire to own your body” I blush some more looking at the paper, “as I’m lying on top of you.” He chuckles in surprise and instantly adds.

“The desire of drilling you slowly” he deeply breathes, “while you moan in my ear.” Where did that come from!? Who knows what’s going on in that silly little head of his.

“You want to escape my embrace” I continue, with a full hard on. That line of his did the trick.

“But u never felt so alive, with me inside you.” He interrupts again, tightening his grip around my neck.

“You let me know to go deeper with every pull of my hair.”

“Add greedily. Greedily you let me know.” He suggests, “And I listen.”

“Owning you with every…” I try to think of a good one.

“ Thrust” , he comes in with another line. “I conquer you and you fall down” How can those words be his?  I’m accually burning up right now.

“Without a fight, surrendering yourself to me.”

“To my heat, Z” he grabs my shoulders hard, “and you let it fill you.” I think I’m leaking precum down there. This is so intense. I wanna jump on him so bad, let him take me home.

“That void is full with me inside.”I turn around. The heat is unberrable. I try finishing the story. “You feel whole again.” And I try to kiss him.

 He leans in and continues. “And again.” He kisses me softly. “and again.” His lips burning hot. “With every pound.” Our tongues battle eachother. “Every move.” He smirkes and continues to win me over. “You crash and rise again and again.” I can’t feel anything now, just captivated by his words. “You’ve never felt so much pain, you’ve never felt so grateful.”



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