The next evening Paige couldn't come with me and Riario so we decided to go out, just the two of us. Summer breeze is blowing gently, yet no cloud on the sparkling sky. I can see the moon shining upon my small hometown by the seaside.

Riario is my best friend. We've known eachother since we were toddlers. He's tall and slim short-haired 17-year-old with ocean blue-eyes that dazzle me with every look we exchange. I would describe his hair as light brown with amber highlights and all so slightly curly and I'm supressing the wish of running my fingers through his soft curls whenever I'm with him. He's wearing his all-weather dark blue sweatshirt that I gave him for his 15th birthday.

Walking through the town square, I glance up at him. He seems tired and away in his thoughts. I decide I should break the weird silence.

"Wonder why Paige couldn`t come with us today..." h­e smiles.

"Maybe she has something better to do."

"Yeah." I agree.

Chatting about school, we arrive at my favourite spot. There's an old building, ruin accually, that dates back to the war ages and next to it two benches are positioned towards the sea. You can see the most perfect sunset. We sit on the first bench. He crosses his legs and puts his arms behind his lovely head.

He sighs. "Today is boring." he murmurs.

"Yes," I add, "but it`s still nice..."

When my thoughts drifted away he suprised me by turning and laying his head on my lap. My eyes pop out as my heart jumps in my throat.

"What... are ... you doing...?" I barely manage to speak out.

He sighs. "I`m tired and sleepy. Do u mind?" he looks at me with those puppy blue eyes wanting me to accept. I nod in agreement with a slight smile that pulls out his big beautiful smile. I look at the horizon in disbelief. He closes his dreamy eyes and i`m compelled to run my fingers through his soft hair. My heart is pounding fast as never before. My breathing is heavy.

"I... don't know what to say..." he opens his sleeping-beauty eyes and gazes at me. I'm stunned as ever. He bites his lower lip and I can feel something clench deep in my belly sending me images that I'm unable to control. I feel it growing in my pants. My erection is touching the back of his head... I flush at the thought.

He lifts his arm and caresses my ear, my cheek. He squeezes my chin and makes his way up. I can feel his breath on my lips. My mouth slightly opened. He leans and gives me a tender kiss on my lips. My mind empties.

After a too short moment he pulls back, stands up and takes me by the hand. I can't feel my legs. He stopped with the kiss too soon leaving me mesmerised... wanting for more. He guides me to the back, darker side of the ruin and gently pushes me against the wall with his body. He kisses me again, this time longer and harder, with his tounge in my mouth. His arms wrapped tight around me and mine through his hair, his soft curls. I can tell he likes it.

Taken by his kisses a rough sound reaches my ear. I can hear hard steps on the rocky beach getting closer. We both pull back and look left to the beach. I could only see a shadow in the distance. His expression looks troubled. Again unexpectedly, he grabs my hand in a tight grip and leads me across the road behind the docks.

The docks are made of stone, so is the giant wall whose sole purpose is to protect small ships form the strong winds. We hide behind the wall where no one can see us.

I gaze at his beautiful face almost sparkling in the moonlight, his curls dancing in the warm breeze. Our eyes lock and my breathing speeds up. Pushed against the wall with this body, I can't feel my legs. I gasp. I feel like I've been running a mile. He starts kissing me gently. It appears my full erection is touching his.

Still holding my hand he gently squezes my palm while with his other hand slides down. My heart is pounding hard against my chest. As he caresses down my pants, I moan quietly, stopping series of affectionate, delicate kisses.

He leans right and quietly wisperes "Silver or gold...? You decide..."

He pulls back "Sit here," he gently commands. He pulls his sweatshirt off and puts it over the rock. I can feel his gaze when I sit. Surprisingly, it's really comfy. I can't help but to stare at his enormous erection. As I went to touch it, he kneels before me. I pull my hand back. I blush when I see how my full hard on accually looks like over my sweatpants. He reaches from both sides and puls them down. My dark boxers can barely hold my boner inside. Pulling my boxers down too my heart stops. He leans his head down in front of my sex. I close my eyes. I can not believe this is happening. I can feel his breathing on my pubes.

He moans as he breathes it all in "You... smell.. so good... Micah..." kissing his way to the top between each word. He reapeats his journey from my scrotum to the tip of my swollen head but this time with his perfect nose. The intensity is unbearable as a drop of precum slides down. He licks it and takes it as a sign he should do more.

Putting me inside his sweet warm mouth I moan loudly "Riri... ahhh!"

He moves his head slowly then fast and drives me crazy. I am... taken by his tounge play. His hands constantly teasing my thighs send shivers through my spine. I arch my back and with a loud moan, arriving gloriously. Surprisingly he takes it all in.

Pulling me out he coughs once "You better warn me next time." He smiles biting his lip. I flush embarrassed. Out of the blue, my eyes pop out and I gaze at him. Did he say... next ... time? I pull my pants up, stand up and kiss him, hard. His mouth taste different. A bit salty... mmm... I... like it.



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