It's cold. I'm looking at him. My eyes are completely mesmerised by vast ocean in his dreamy eyes. We're sitting on the front porch of my house. The scilence is... overwhelming. I feel something building up inside me and I frown, curiously breaking the akward scilence.

"What is this... that we do?"

"What do you mean?" he leans his head to one side, making me look away. I can't look at his eyes and stay myself.

"Don't act like you don't know what I mean! You know... ," my heart jumps in my throat, "the kissing and... err... the blowjob and... the handjob." I continue, closing my eyes, feeling totally embarrassed.

"Oh... ,"he replies surprised, "well, I thought you knew how I felt about you. We've known eachother for a long time. I just thought..." I lean in and give him a kiss, stopping him from talking. We both smile.

"So... how about we go for a drink tomorrow evening." I quietly suggest, holding his soft hand.

"Umm!" his expression changes. It's insecure and shady.

He pulls his hand back, "N...N...No! I can't go out with you."

"Why not?" I frown but more sad then angry.

"I don't want to be in a... relationship with you. Not now..."

"But I like you and... You like me, right?" I take his hand.

I guess I alarmed him and he stands up, "Just stop! Ok? Just leave me alone!" he continues, swinging his arm at me. "I can`t be your... boyfriend." My jaw drops. "I mean I like you but... That`s too foward for me... to think about. I need some..."

"Space?" I snap, "Is that what you need?" an angry force comes over me, that I can't control. "Fine! You know what? Go!" I wave my hand and enter my house slamming the door in his stupid... cute... foolish face! "Here`s your fucking space!" I yell as loud as I can, leaning against the door and falling down, covering my crying face with my shanking hands.

After a long shower, I head straight to bed. I round up in a big ball of misery and cry my guts out...

Awaken by still wet pillow and rays of sun that gaze at my eyes, I'm prompted to get out of my cozy bed. As I look across in the mirror, I'm disgusted by my own expression and I slap myself.

"What the... How can you look this awful? No, no. You're not gonna let anybody make you miserable! Now, you listen to me! Snap out of it and let's just... Jog. It. Out." All the rage evaporated from my sistem as I pushed my limits running. The showers after that are the most amasing ones.

A few days have gone by and Thierry kept me company while I was avoiding Riario. He seemed to have no problem with that. He even asked me to come with him to a party. The party is annual in my hometown. There will be free fish and drinks for everybody.

Thierry picks me up and we arrive there at about 21 o'clock. The crowd is huge. The music is playing loudly. I can barely hear Thierry and he is yelling all the way through the conversation.

"Come! Let's dance!" That Thierry sure can dance.

After some drinks and a hell of a time on the dance floor, we are accompanied by Keeghan and... Riario. I'm already buzzed but I think I can keep it together.

"Hey guys! How's it going?" I try to look cool.

"We're just passing through the drinking stand. We came to say hi."

"Oh. Ok then. See you around!" Thierry adds grabbing me by the hand, loosing us in the crowd.

"What the heck Thierry! I still want to dance." I murmur.

"You've had enough dancing for tonight. You should rest a bit if you want to feel your legs tomorrow."

"Ok... Oh! Oh!" I raise my hand just like a kid knowing the answer at school.

"I know a cool place we can rest a bit. It's my favourite." I barely speak out, constantly waving my hands in big circles. I think I might've hit him just now. I start giggling like a fool.

When we finally arrive at the spot, we sit. I'm so drunk but luckily I don't feel sick. My head is so heavy it falls on Thierrys big masculine shoulder.

"Mmm." I moan shortly and nuzzle against his super biceps. I look at him and flush

"Sorry! But my head is so heavy and dizzy. Your shirt smells really nice...

"Oh! It's fine." he smiles putting his arm around me, making me fall on his chest. He... smells... so good. I can't help but snuggle beside him. I feel warm and secure in his arms. His chest are big and soft as a pillow. I giggle at the thought. He presses me next to him with his arm and with the other he lifts my chin.

"Hey sleepyhead," he softly wakes me as I dozed off, "maybe this will wake you up..." leaning, our lips collide and share most amasingly passionate kiss. He leans further making the kiss stronger and me weaker to resist. The weirdest thing here is that I don't mind it.

I lift my arm to touch his cheek. With the other one I run over his rock abs and something clenches deep in my belly making it all the way through my... making me horny. My hand has the mind of her own and goes under his shirt. My heart starts pounding hard against my chest as I feel his soft skin underneath my fingertips. I gasp, making the kisses stop.

Our eyes lock. My hand still under his shirt. He's grinning at me. As I bite my lower lip, his grin widens.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he gently caresses my cheek and my lower lip with his thumb.

"Mmm," I look away as though I'm thinking but my mind is empty. All I can think about is that I want him. I look at him again, "yes... I'm sure." I give him a big kiss and lead him to my secret place. It's not that far, we just needed a lot of time to get there. It's a sandy beach behind the docks.

"Take your clothes off." he commands me. I do as he says, uncovering my chest and belly.

"Stop. I'll do the pants." I nod at him, smiling. I lie down on my clothes, serving as a blanket. He unbuckles my pants and pulls them down. As he bites my erection over my black boxers, I arch my back, moaning quietly. Pulling them down too, my erection jumps up and rests on my flat belly.

His cold hands are teasing me, tickling my thighs. All blood drains from my brain rushing through my sex as he sucks on my balls.

"Mmm," I moan loudly,"that feels so good."

"Oh, yeah? How do you like this?" he swallows me whole, making me climax instantly and before I can say, "Wait! I`m gonna..." I arrive gloriously in his sweet mouth. I think he choked a bit on my cum but he swallowed it all.

"Dude! Haha. You've got to warn me sooner."

"Micah?" my heart stops. I can't breathe. "Is that you... ," I slam my head to the ground," with... Is that?! Thierry?!"



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