"OK... Where did everybody go?" I ask myself questionably, feeling confused. We were having a good time in this bar here and they just left? This was suppose to be a chance to forget about that stupid moron Xander. Ugh! I can't believe I fell in love with that double-faced asshole. Did they think they can leave me here, in the middle-of-nowhere? And literally! The closest market is 10 miles from here. I can't believe those guys. I just left to tinkle when I was stopped by this huge guy.

"Hey, dude! Umm, I'm Mark. I didn't know if you were interested in men so I just gotta ask... Are you gay?" he mutters, all shy with cute blushed cheeks.

"Yup. And open for business." I answer, trying to be smooth and failing.

"Oh," he smiles, "I was nervous you'd turn me down." he says with a relief in his voice, though I can't hear him clearly from all the loud music that's playing. As we chatted I catch a glimpse of a guy that looks exactly like Xander. I panic and kiss Mark. It's a long kiss which I think he enjoyed very much. I take him by the hand and we hide in the bathroom. Mark's eyes are blooming as is his dick. Boy, he has a big one. All of a sudden he grabs my shoulders, pushes me down, wispering, "Suck that dick!" My horny expression fell. I think to myself - What am I doing? Am I always going to be a bottom? Fuck that Xander! - And because I drank a little to much, I yell, "Fuck you Mark with your big dick!" I rush out to find Xander. And as I finally catch up to him, I turn him around only to realise I was chasing a drunk teen.

Seeing me with Mark, my silly friend Broke must have thought I would stay in for the night so she left with the car and the rest of the company. That must be it! Well, it is pretty late, I'll give her that.

So, here I am, half drunk, walking home by the empty road. My sad expression changes as I see a car light. I wave for it to stop as I realise it's a dark lamborghini and with neon wheels nonetheless. Or is it just my drunk mind playing tricks on me. The car stops at my wave and the car window slides down. I lean over to see the driver and I couldn't believe my eyes. A possibly tall guy with wavy hair is staring at me. I freeze. I can't talk. Maybe it's that smile all of a sudden that paralizes me.

"What are you waitin' for, love? Come on, get in." he mumbles with a british accent, kind of in a hurry. I quickly get inside the dreamy lamborghini.

"Umm... I need to get to Portland. Are you going in that direction?" I ask nervously, smelling the fumes of the car. It smells so fresh and it's like a fantasy.

"Sure, love. I can give you a lift. I'm Thierry and you?" he gazes at me with his green eyes, mysteriously sparkling in a wave of smooth hair lying on his forehead. Why can't I think clearly, I mean besides the alcohol. He is wearing a dark shirt and suit pants. Must be a rich guy or something, I think to myself.

"Oh I'm Micah." I mutter, still enjoying the view of his eyes and cheekbones,"I was on a party here to..." Xander crosses my mind,"meh, nevermind." I wave my hand and he catches it in a tight grip. My heart stoped.

"How old are you? You old enough to drink?" he releases it.

"Twenty three, gosh! Do I look that young?" I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, kind of. Are you drunk?" he gazes in my eyes like he wants to jump on me.

"Hey!" I yell, pointing at the road,"Watch the road."

"I'm an excelent driver. No need to worry, love." He smirks at me, tapping my knee.

"No, I'm not drunk." I assure him.

"Good! 'Cause I can't deal with more drunks tonight. I just left this shity party. It made me sick." His expression angry and his eyes dark focusing on the road.

"Do I want to know what happened?" I ask suspiciously.

"No, haha." His expression immediately changes dark to bright."Let's change the subject. What about you. This is going to be a long drive so might as well chat along, right?" he smirks and I smile. Again he taps my knee. Why does he keep doing that?

So along these few miles I found quite enough about him. His dad owns a huge company which explains the lamborghini. And as an only child he feels the emptyness that he fills with parties, drinks and money. But there's something off about him, I can feel it.

He pulls out a bottle with smelly liquid in it and takes a sip. Then he offers me some but I decline. "No, thank you. I don't..." he puts the bottle in my hands. "It's nothin' to be afraid of. Just taste it."

I roll my eyes and try it. Mmm. The taste is like a mixture of vodka and a lot I can't recognise. It's sweet and then not. It's like an explosion in my mouth.

"What is this?" I ask amased by the drink.

"It's my special mix. It really gets me going." He closes his eyes and inhails, releasing a quiet moan.

Gets him going? What is he talking about? Oh wait... What is happening?

I think I'm getting a boner! Oh my fu...

"Do you feel it yet, love?" he starts rubbing my knee again. This time stronger, in wider circles.

"Feel what?" I play dumb.

"Oh nothing. Just wait... You'll know what I'm talking about." He winks at me moving his warm hand down my thigh, really close to my junk. His hand feels really good there. I release a quiet moan as he reaches my erection. I blush. I feel so akward and embarrassed, yet I enjoy it so much.

"I guess it kicked in, huh love?" he gently looks at me with a smile across his smooth face.

He makes an offer to stop by the road. Almost effortlessly, I nod in agreement. As soon he stops the car he inhails and with his hands takes my head close to his. Leaning in he sways me with a breath-taking kiss, that in my mind lasted for eternity.

We lock eyes. How can somebody be so horny and look so good? My eyes move from his chest down to his growing buldge. Mmm. I want to taste him so bad. I open the zipper and slide his pants down. Wow. His buddy is jumping of amusement and I haven't even started yet. I lean in closer and take a bite. As I start to move my tounge around his sweet cockhead, he inhails harshly and moans loudly,"Fuck! I'm so hard."

A few minutes have gone by when he starts the car, "How about I take you to my house, love? I can make you feel real good, you know?" I stop the gentle blows and look at him. In my hornyness I laugh, "Sure, as long as I can stay in for the night." He just smiles and patts me on my tush, moving to my sex continuing to stroke it.

During the drive I pleasured him almost till climax where he quickly stopped me.

"Not in the car, love." He gets out of the car and opens the car door for me.

"Please."he says, showing me the way to the entrance to a three-story mansion of some kind. Although it's pitch black, the building is beautifully lit up.

We go through the garden and enter his room, I guess. Maybe it's a garrage. Frankly, I didn't care 'cause my flaming dick was a hell of a distraction.

When I try to look around the room he throws me on the bed imprisoning me with his hips and both hands. Like I want to escape. He quickly takes my shoes off. I help myself of removing my T-shirt and undershirt. As he's slowly taking his black shirt off, he reveals most perfect six-pack that makes me squirt some precum in my boxers. He jumps on me violently but sexy, sliding my boxers off and sniffing them like some kind of perv. At the moment I seem to like it.

He takes me by the balls and starts to squeeze them as he gives me gentle blows on my cock. The pleasure just keeps flooding in when he slides a finger in my ass. I moan loudly as I did not expect that. I run my fingers through his dark brown wavy hair and pull slightly. I can feel he smiled and went even deeper. Moving faster I struggle fighting the orgasm when I arrive gloriously in his mouth.

Loud moans and coughs fill the room when he turns me over on my stomach slapping me hard on my ass, "That's for not giving me a head's up, love! Your cum tastes good, though." He laughs from enjoyment and jerks his dick a bit, spitting on my hole.

He lifts my hips and starts jerking my cock wildly from behind. And at the same time I'm receiving pleasure from his crazy tounge. He teases me circuling and sliding in one finger or two to open me wide. When he had enough fun licking me, he takes my hips and slides his fat dick inside. I cry out and he pulls it out. "Was that too much at once?" he asks kindly.

And as I went to answer he hands me that bottle from the ride. "This will ease the pain and turn it into pleasure. Trust me, love." As I went to drink it he slams his dick right in, wrecking my asshole. It hurts so I drink, almost half the bottle and the pain goes away but my dick is hardening even though I just came. Wow. This is some real shit.

He continues to ram me hard, enjoying my cries and moans as I gasp for more. He slides it out and gives me a smile, telling me I'm going to be on top now. I sit on his pole and start dancing. I'm wild with my hips so I start circuling and shaking. Judging by his expression, he is about to cum. And being way too horny I'm one stroke away from the same thing. He starts jerking my cock and violently pounding inside as he climaxes and explodes inside me. I can fell his warm cum filling me inside. As I clean his cock he eats the rest of mixed cum. I fell right into a deep sleep after that drink fully kicked in.

Strong pounding in my head wakes me up. I feel drowsy and cold. My vision is blurry and all I can hear is like a metal sound of chains being pulled. My eyes widen as I realise my hands are in chains and that I'm naked with only panties covering my sex. I look around and I see two more guys standing opposite of me. I'm feeling frightened and in an unknown environment. It seems to me like I'm in a van or a truck, since there's a large metal door on one side and no windows while the half illuminated metal box is moving like a car on the road.



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