Chapter 11

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Jeff’s POV:

As the nightly touchier I performed on my self continued my pity for Max dwindled. He was the cause of what happens in my bed at night and I so wish I could talk to Dean. It was Friday and six days had passed since Max raped me with his toy. I’d done it to myself twice a day since then. I don’t think that’s normal.

I woke up early on Saturday morning. I called Dean as I had for the last five days; Fuckin Voicemail. I thought about the guys at school; couldn’t have been a hundred and fifty in our class. And then I thought about my buddies.

I knew, like four guys. Dean knew guys. Rick knew guys and so did Max. With the four of us, we knew fifteen guys and none of us was exclusive. I sent out a text to my four, “Lunch at the Drive-In?”

I’ll break it down. Rick Swanson can suck his own dick really good. Max Swanson likes cutting and ramming things down dicks. Donny Fossness I swear could fuck a log. Dean Cooper likes his nuts squeezed real hard. What else is out there?

We all took our shit outside and sat in the back of Tim Stutrude’s truck. “Nobody freak out.” I started. “We got to be honest and if anyone doesn’t want to admit we fuck around, you should just leave now.” Nobody got up.

“OK. Are any of you guys in groups outside this one?” and heads nodded? In my group, fifteen more came into focus. It was now thirty-five guys out of a hundred and fifty.

I thought about my next question wondering if I might have to disclose my own demon. “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?” And four guys started talking at once.

I listened as my group of suck buddies raddled shit off. Chocking, throat rape, gangbangs, and huge thing put in asses. Rumors of rape and stuff that had happened a few years ago and a boy found dead. This isn’t exactly what I thought about this morning.

So that’s my school. Between six and seven hundred are boys. With my small group over forty had been identified as extreme. We all sat silent for a while looking at each other.

“Does anyone want to talk?” By the time all had been said we got burgers for dinner.

Everyone had been put into a situation; the fear of what happens if you say no. It was five of us sitting in the back of the truck and they poured shit out and I was able to keep my own secret. I wanted to share; I really did. We agreed to talk to our other buddies.

Dean was off the grid. Sighting’s had him between Rushmore and Yellowstone, New York to California. It started a thing; ‘Where’s Dean?’ It really became a thing considering the bonus track with Rick came out yesterday and The Friends Album came out today. There was even talk that Dean was back in the hospital; Fox had him in a secret rehab.

Dean’s POV.

Every wall I’d put up came down when we returned to the room. Who are we really but wall after wall hiding our true selves? I stripped down and said, “I’m taking a shower, Uptown.” Hoping she would follow.

I’m not an exhibitionist but I’m not overly modest either. I’ve been told I’m easy on the eyes with no clothes. Niki and I had seen each other's private parts up close and I saw no reason to be shy. She tried to look uncomfortable; she tried. I could tell she was salivating looking at me and it kind of gave me a Red Bull buzz.

I had called her City Girl, but it didn’t roll off my tongue the way I wanted; didn’t describe my Niki. After I talked with Elton, and him telling me about Billy’s Uptown Girl; that’s what she was to me now.

She walked in stepping up behind me. I turned, my hands moving around her waist and hers went around my neck. I pulled Niki to me and her head fit perfectly under my chin. She was soft and slippery in my hold and I so wished this was last summer. The last thing I wanted was to get serious now.

It was like a big ka-bong upside my head. Seriously; who are you kidding, Dean? Jeff? No; Rick. Fuck? What am I doing? A week ago I was in Florida giving Niki, what I am sure was the orgasm of her life with two strokes of my fingers. We had two moments that never really found completion and here we were in SD.

“Nikita, I so wish I could right now.” I started as my hands went to her ass and one slid between her cheeks. “I trust you with my life, Niki. And I will do whatever you tell me. I promise.”

“It’s time for bed, Farmboy. Do you really think they would add his face to the mountain?” And I felt her laugh.

“Oh, you really know how to ruin a guy’s sleep, don’t you?” I said getting out of the shower.

We did as we had the night before. I was in bed before her and held the covers up as she turned into me. Her head rested on my shoulder and she knew I wasn’t asleep as her finger slowly made its way around my nipples and down to my bellybutton.

It was the most intimate and erotic gesture. I knew she wasn’t trying to start anything. She just wanted to touch me and my stomach couldn’t help but roll as one finger ran from my chest all the way down to my pubes. I felt her smile on my neck. I think this is where a significant other would ask for money or forgiveness.

All the things she’d told me started to sink in. I had done some shows before the Friends tracks started coming out. But I knew that when shit hit the fan; shit would seriously hit the fan and probably land on me. In a moment of friskiness I pulled Niki over on top of me and she sat up in my lap surprised. I grimmest and she slid lower so her little boxers pushed up at my naked nuts.

Looking at her looking down on me in the dim light we just kind of smiled at each other. She was topless and had the perfect little boobies and as much as I wanted to touch them I didn’t. I sure as hell wasn’t looking to start something I couldn’t finish. I ran my fingers down her sides like she had on my chest and got the same response then came to rest on her hips.

We just looked at each other. It’s not like I couldn’t have touched her boobs; my face had been in her snatch; for Christ sakes. That was not how I wanted this to be. She had no idea what was going on and I think she’d have been game for whatever. She bent down over me resting a hand on each side of my head and I slid my hands to her thinly clothed cheeks. Niki took charge seeming to know all the shit in my head.

Her face came down to mine and she paused studying my eyes then kissed my nose and said, “Lights out Farmboy.” And she stretched out across me and then to my side resting her hand on my chest.

“Sweet dreams, Uptown.”

Niki’s POV.

It’s not like Niki wasn’t earning her keep. As we drove across South Dakota Dean did interview after interview. I worked out the details for Photo-shoots but, the hard parts were done and behind us when we reached Rapid City. The navigator I am, directed him to Keystone, at the foot of Rushmore. Dean had no idea what was going on. He hadn’t even touched his new phone.

The single with John Legend was released this morning and people were taking notice unbeknownst to Dean as we cruised. We’d stopped for gas and as the car was filling Dean said he was going to the bathroom.

I looked up from my tablet and saw him at the register through the glass. I was out of the car and in front of the teller asking, “Where did he go?” And she pointed to the restrooms.

I pushed the door so hard it bounced back when I walked into the men’s room as Dean popped the top on a Red Bull and had it to his lips. He saw me in the mirror. I couldn’t laugh even though it was funnier than fuck. The look on his face was priceless. He looked so guilty trying to look, not guilty. I expected him to say something like, ‘I was holding it for a guy. I found it on the floor. It’s not mine.’

“It’s not what it looks like, Niki,” he said turning to me, those were the first words that came tumbling from his mouth like I caught him getting head.

“Well then;” hands on my hips with a cocked head, “why don’t you tell me what it looks like?” I asked back rocking my head back and forth with each word. He had nothing but fish-face.

“Really,” And I stared him down. “Take me to the bus station. I’m done with this shit.” And his hand came down and his face dropped.

“It’s Just.” He started and my hand came up.

“It’s just what, Dean? And don’t you dare bat those eyes and try to, Nikita me, or I’ll cut you; I swear I will. If you haven’t noticed, dumb ass, I’d like to spend some time with that thing before you decide to launch more: what did you call them? OH, jagged pieces of glass.” And I heard a toilet flush and a guy, probably a trucker, walked out and washed his hands then just stood there wanting to hear the end of the conversation.

It was silent and the guy waited with a smile even with my look. Dean handed him the Red Bull. “I’m sorry, Niki.” and he reached for my hand.

“That will be ten hail Niki’s.” I know. Day three and I quit already. And he has hailed to me twenty times. He can’t keep doing that to his perfect unit that has a date with Niki someday soon, I hope.

He looked at the old guy and asked, “Now?” referring to the hails to Niki and I laughed and took his hand. And for the first time in my life, I walked out of the men’s room.

If you’ve never been in the middle of a fight between a guy and his car; it’s funny. For like the tenth time in five minutes the car said, “The posted speed is seventy-five miles an hour. Speed Control engaged.”

“Nikita?” and I looked over at him.

“How can I help you, Stud?” She replied.

“Disengage Speed Control.” He said calmly.

“That would not be recommended. The posted speed limit is seventy-five miles an hour.”

“DC override; Disable Speed Control Parameters.” And he smiled.

“Fine,” she said in the best bitch tone I’d heard in a long time and Dean dropped a gear.

When he shifted again the needle was buried past one twenty and the car lowered to the ground. “Fuck” came out of Dean’s mouth as he looked in the mirror and I did the same over my shoulder.

A cloud of dust came from the median along with blue lights. Dean just took his foot off the gas and coasted to the shoulder waiting for the South Dakota State Patrol to catch up.

As Buford T Justice, came up to the door pulling his holster and pants up Dean rolled down the window. “Good day, officer.”

“Boy, you got any idea how fast you were going?”

“The posted speed limit is seventy-five miles an hour.” Nikita chimed in. I started to laugh.

“I’m sure I was doing the speed limit, Officer.”

“Boy, I was doing a hundred and you were a blur. It took three miles to catch up to you. I need your license and registration.” I reached over and hit him in the leg.

“Officer, can I get out and stretch? I’ve been on the road a while?” And the guy nodded.

I tried to smooth things over with Dean’s car and I don’t think she likes me. “Nikita? Nikita? I know you can hear me. You knew that cop was coming in the other direction, didn’t you?”

“Maybe,” That’s all I got.

I smiled as Dean was showing the cop his car. They laughed at the little stick figures incorporated into the pin stripping. Dean even popped the hood for him. As he got back in the car he yelled, “Keep the shiny side up, Buford.”

Dean tried to start the car and nothing. “Nikita. Nikita, start the fuckin car.” And it started.

“Speed Controls disengaged. Recommend returning Speed Controls parameters to Nikita.”

“You knew that cop was there didn’t you?”

“Posted speed limit is seventy-five miles an hour. This vehicle is not designed to go one hundred and thirty-seven miles an hour. This vehicle is not equipped with an SRS system. The posted Speed limit.” And Dean cut her off.

“Fine. Nikita, enable Speed Control. Cancel override. And just so you know little miss smarty circuits this car can cruise at a hundred fifty till it runs out of gas, so there.”

It was so fucking funny watching the interaction between them. The avatar on the screen had all the body moves including hands on the hips. He talked to her like a person and she talked to him like an opponent.

We were back on the road and then Dean hit the brakes and pulled to the shoulder. “OK, Nikita. Restore Climate Control. NOW” And the heat that had been pouring out cooled.

He held up his fingers and said to the screen, “I’m this close to having you recycled into a robovac. I don’t know why you’re all pissed off? I just wanted to open it up. What’s wrong with that?” I had to look out the window to hide my laugh.

“It is Nikita’s primary function to get Stud from point A to point B.” She said and I laughed out loud.

“DC overrides Nikita, offline, Cooper 246. Initiate.” And her screen went dark. “See. I didn’t want to do that. You made me do that. Damn you.” And he shook his finger at the screen like being disappointed with himself for losing it with his car. This will be great stuff for my book.

When we parked at the quaint little hotel Dean noticed the looks. His car was drawing attention too. It was one of a kind and he’d told me the story. The Blue was a color that had not been patented yet and the DT/CS across the bottom of the doors in white was something that had never been seen before. ‘Daytona/Carroll Shelby.’ I guess that means something.

I got out of the car and I heard Dean, “DC override, Nikita, online. Cooper 246, initiate.”

“How can I help you, Stud?” I just stood and listened.

“You can start by not being such a bitch, Nikita. You were fucking with Climate Control. What is wrong with you?”

“You realize I am a computer, right?”

“I realize you are the program that runs my car. I spent hours with you getting to know each other and you have never been like this. What’s up?”

“I don’t like her!”

“You said it yourself. You’re a computer, Nikita; a program. You can’t like or dislike anything. And if you have a problem with her you and I are going to come to an impasse. Now, do you think you can manage to watch the car?”

“Nikita online.”

As Dean casually popped the trunk and removed the car cover he talked to people and I took our bags to the front desk. I watched him from the door as a larger group gathered around Dean and his now covered prize. I was ready to call 911. We were in a tourist town and there were people from all over that knew more about what was going on today than Dean did.

I saw Dean raise his hand in the air and he did hi-fives with a bunch of guys then headed for the door and me. I shook my head. Being who I am I’d called yesterday and booked our room. Yes; they had a Presidential Suite that was available. It was the end of March.

Dean took the bags and followed me. It was three flights of stairs. Yes; no elevator. Our room was above the main street lined with shops and eateries and Dean said he was hungry. I looked out the window and it was only four in the afternoon and I thought about what might happen on the crowded street.

I nodded at him not knowing what to expect and he put his dark glasses on reaching for my hand with his other. I don’t think Dean even realized and my hand met his. Our steps matched as we descended the stairs and out on to the street. He looked back at his coveted prize and stepped into the first shop. He slapped a Rushmore hat on his head and threw the guy a twenty adjusting it to sit on his glasses. My laugh was muted but the rolls in my stomach were real.

He held my hand as we went from store to store and then sat in a little hole in the wall eating. It was good. I don’t know what it was and I’m not sure Dean did either, but it was good. As the sun was setting Dean took off his glasses and rested them on the hat to cover the logo and it was like seeing him for the first time. His hair puffed from under the hat and he just watched all the people around us.

My hand was still in his as he pulled me to an ice cream parlor and asked me what kind. I’d looked at him for the last two days as he drove. What was before me now, wasn’t that. For the few hours we had left; he was still just, Dean. We were like ‘Lady and the Tramp’ with the ice cream and I wondered how long it would take him to recover from those comets.

Now our hands were around each other's waists and hip to hip as we took the stairs one by one to the Presidential Suite. The place was old and the best they had to offer was an old claw foot tub but, we made do. I had all this shit in my head like, he is your boss, he is seventeen and you are twenty-three.

I lay on the bed pretending not to watch him with his headphones on. He had to know. To me, Dean was like a shadow dancer. I grew up in LA. I went to clubs and I saw guys dance but, Dean has the music in him. His body moved like liquid in motion. The way he ran his hands over his skin and the moans he made. I walked up behind him in my little top and boxers.

I faintly heard the music but it poured from his body. We danced, the two of us. Dean moved to the music and I moved to his body from behind grinding on him. Dean was an old soul. His music and ideals were of someone much older. For a while, he was my poll and then he made me part of him.

I’ve danced with guys and girls; never like I was with Dean now. I had come once and was ready for number two as he sang in my ear. Dean slowed way down, like way down. He was in those, funky little underwear he loves. His skin was so fuckin hot.

He had me pulled to him and I was a puddle in his arms. I had cum and it leaked through and was running down my leg. There is just a whole lot of shit Dean Cooper can’t do; this being just one. Oh shit. I think he’s getting hard.

Jeff’s POV:

The, ‘where is Dean’ thing was growing and he had been sighted in England and even Japan. I called a buddy and asked if I could come over. Shawn was happy to see me and I made no bones about why I was here. I was pissed at Rick and Max. Dean is what had worked me up to what I was now. Shawn could take it.

I growled at him to suck my dick. I got real mad when he couldn’t get me up and I slapped him across the face and pushed his head down on me again. I needed to get off, needed to shoot what had been building. Shawn stood and kissed me. I wasn’t expecting that.

My eyes were closed and his lips felt so good on mine. “Keep your eyes closed, Jeff.” And I felt him taking my pants off the rest of the way and push my face down on his bed.

I wanted to fuck someone, hard. I wanted to pound out my anger into sick Shawn’s ass but I guess he knew better. He had his tongue between my cheeks before I knew what was going on. I was melting with his aggressive poking at my hole.

“Keep your eyes closed.” And he turned me over and came down on my almost hard dick.

Shawn did know how to suck a dick. He would go from my swelling head to the base and then a ball into his mouth. He squeezed everything together then dove back into my hole again. His lips came back up to mine and he said again, “keep your eyes closed” and his cock pinched at my opening.

I kept my eyes closed as Shawn’s voice sounded more like Dean’s. It had never been like this. I’d never felt like I did now: loved. As Shawn breached me my hips rose up and he slowly bottomed out; yes. I moved back and forth a little and he pulled out and slid back in at a snail's pace.

He sucked at my neck and ears. He pushed and pulled with his hips and tongue as he kissed me. I thought about what Dean had told me and how he would never be able to kiss me. He was so fuckin wrong.

“Keep your eyes closed.” He said again. I felt empty as he pulled from me and slid up then took my aching cock into his ass.

His weight came down on me and he ground that tight ass into my pubes. He sat up and I kept my eyes closed as his hands come down on my pecks. And he squeezed. I didn’t move my hips; Shawn did all the work and then he pulled off and rammed his cock back in filling me and I almost came.

Still, with my eyes closed, I wrapped him up pulling on him more. He was doing what I loved most. He’d pull all the way out letting his knob kiss my hole then slowly push back in allowing my cheeks to feel the brush of his pubes. This is how I pictured Dean showing how much he loved me and I just let the orgasm rock through my body.

Shawn had unloaded and the feeling was beyond words. He continued to move and the squishing sounds got louder until I squeezed around his big dick and he pulled out about half way and just let me suck him.

I didn’t want to open my eyes; didn’t want to wake from the dream of Dean. I knew where I was and whose dick was in me and Shawn started licking my chest cleaning cum that covered my upper half. I pulled him to my lips by his ears and sucked my fluid from his mouth.

My ass was clenched tight as I drove home. I felt like a whore. I used Shawn as a surrogate for Dean and all I wanted to do was take a shower. ‘He sprinkled you with his Dean dust, didn’t he?’ That’s what Niki asked me. I guess he did. My phone vibrated when I pulled in the driveway and I looked at it; Message from Shawn; with a file.

I should have fuckin known. I opened it when I got to my room and true porn where I was the star and Shawn was my co-star. I watched it twice and sent a reply.

“Your dad runs the Co-Op and I just emailed your file to him. Sweet dreams.” I hadn’t sent it but I wanted him to squirm. Shawn’s reply was immediate. I didn’t respond.

Max’s POV:

Rick and I had been helping each other out. I was on top of him in the 69 position with his hands on my ass pulling me as far as I could reach. We had promised each other that if we did this I wouldn’t rod myself and he wouldn’t suck himself. I hadn’t been keeping my end of the bargain and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t either. But here we were and we both came.

After wasn’t like it had been for the last few days; Rick wanted to cuddle. I kind of did too. He opened his arms and I rested my head on him and Rick folded his wings around me. I woke in the morning and Rick was now in my arms and we had slept through the night.

We just fucked around the house on Sunday and helped the quest for Dean. It had caught on and people all over the world were posting pictures of themselves with Dean’s Homepage picture photoshopped to their post. It lit up Twitter and Facebook but no real confirmation where Dean was.

Mom and Dad had left yesterday and wouldn’t be home till Wednesday so Rick and I spent the day nude. We were eating Mac and cheese when the news came on and there had been another Dean sighting. It was Rushmore and Dean’s face was on the mountain.

“He was always afraid they would add the child’s face. He has to be laughing his ass off where ever he is.” Rick finished.

“I’m going to take a shower and go to bed, Rick. We have school tomorrow.” And he turned off the TV and followed me.

I had never really showered with anybody before. I mean sure I showered at school and stuff but not like my brother and I were now. We took turns washing each other and it was kind of fun washing his hair. He looked like a drowned rat when it was wet. It was stuck to his head when I turned the water off and he shook his head a few times and it was halfway back to full fro.

“Can I jack you off, Max?” He asked in my ear and I nodded looking at his reflection over my shoulder.

I opened the drawer to my right and Rick saw the lotion reaching and popping the top then he rained some down on my thickening poll. He used both hands to distribute the lube down my shaft and even my nuts. I had reached maximum hardness and I wanted to get off. Rick had something else in mind.

I wanted it hard and fast but Rick wanted it slow; something more than a hand job. From behind standing before the mirror in my bathroom by brother tortured me with both hands. I could feel him hardening in my ass crack but all I did was through my head back so he could suck on my neck at the same time.

He would tighten his grip on my base to swell the shaft then lick his hand and stroke just my head. He’d use both hands and only stroke down squeezing my balls a little before repeating the process over and over. I couldn’t help it and pushed back against my brother’s currently hard as steel shaft.

“Don’t worry about me Maxi. If you want to do something when we’re done, that’s cool but, this is for you.”

“Are you going to keep me standing here all night, Rick? Or are you going to blast me all over the mirror?” I asked closing my eyes and feeling Rick get serious about making me cum and I did the best I could do to jack him off with my ass cheeks.

I never had a lot of ass play and had only been fucked once by Brice. I wondered how having Rick in me would compare to Brice. Rick was way bigger but I liked how he was gliding between my cheeks and at the moment I was considering reaching back and guiding him to my target.

I could feel I was wet back there and I knew it was Rick causing it. Before I could reach back he pushed his long shaft down and between my legs pushing it past my balls and his head popped out an inch up my shaft then disappeared only to come back up.

He jacked me forwards and backward alternating hands between my shaft and under my balls that he was fucking with abandon. I loved the way he humped and pumped me, how his ass felt in my hands, and how he sucked on my neck.

I could tell by the way he pulled up on my nuts making his Shute tighter he was going to cum and I had been holding off just for fun. I would have stood there all night letting Rick jack me. We came. My mirror has to be seven feet at the top and I came close to that. With Rick’s angle, he didn’t reach the heights I did but he soaked my balls.

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