Chapter 8

I don’t recognize myself

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Rick’s POV:

The look on Max’s face was one of humor when he threw the phone at my head and then it changed to sadness when he looked at Jeff. I realized at that moment they knew each other and not in a ‘passing’ kind of way.

Max was way better at making friends than I was and I knew he’d fallen into a little group of his own not long after we moved here. I thought he was sticking to his own age; looked like I was wrong. Another reason to hate Jeff.

I picked up the phone to Dean asking why I was home, why I wasn’t answering my cell, and if that was Jeff. I tried to put him off with questions about Vegas so I could swallow the last of my own cum as Jeff’s face rested in his hands.

I apologized to Dean for hitting him and he told me it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed with a little make-up. I guess we were even. As I said goodbye Jeff walked out of my room calling for Max.

Brothers have kind of an unspoken rule; I won’t tell on you and you don’t tell on me. We both knew the other fucked around a little and we knew things we didn’t talk about. We were brothers, we didn’t need to. We didn’t fuck around with each other but we spent a fair amount of time trying to catch the other jacking off; or in my case. We were successful more than once.

I wiped my ass and redressed thinking about what had happened and why. The why was, Dean? It happened because of Dean. It was Deans’ fault this happened. Was it wrong? Fuck yes it was wrong and I fuckin hated, Jeff. What did I do? I offered him my ass so he could help me get off the only way I can anymore; in my own mouth. The last time with Dean was eighty days ago. This was, all, his, fault.

The folks came home with takeout and I assured them Max was doing something with the band and ate his portion texting him under the table for the third time. Max could really be a little cunt sometimes to me and my parents so I acted as he had just texted me saying he was at Simons’ and would be home before curfew.

The thing was I didn’t know any of the kids Max hung with or if he even knew a Simon. I didn’t know who to call when midnight rolled around and he missed curfew; not that Mom or Dad would know.

Ambien had been the night time ritual for them. Along with a few glasses of wine for Mom and three fingers of scotch for Dad; they were out by ten. You could take that shit to the bank. I texted Max, called that bitch of a little brother of mine ten times and fell asleep worrying about him. His car was in the driveway when I looked out at first light. I didn’t hear him.

I walked down to his room just so I could see with my own eyes; he was asleep. I walked over and took a good look at my little brother.

Before my blind eyes, Max had grown into a little stud and I missed it. He was a lot like me but didn’t have the kinky hair even though we were both dishwater blonds.

Max was shorter and would never reach my height but I knew he surpassed me in the dick department. Was I jealous? Hell no. I’ve never once suffered dick envy. I wanted to wake him up and ask where he had been and about Jeff but, I couldn’t. We don’t talk about shit like that; we’re brothers.

Jeff’s POV 

This couldn’t have been more fucked up. Think about it. I filled my underwear banging Rick with my thumb as he sucked himself. I wanting to go home and see if I could do that myself or question him on how I might. Max, though. I couldn’t just let him run off after what we had been doing for the last few months.

Last summer before school started I was at a buddy’s house and he told me he put a webcam in his brother’s room so he could watch him and his friends. That was the reason he’d called me over. That was the first time I saw Max.

Shawn’s little brother had Max and another friend over and it looked like the gatherings we had. Shawn told me that this Max kid was a real sick fucker and the first thing that came to mind was, Donny.

The brother and friend seemed determined and wanted to get Max hard and then I saw why. Shawn had spent time setting up his little eye in the sky and Max was on full display.

He was what I can guess is a full ‘nine’ and then he pulled his prop out. He asked for the lube as he ran the strange implement across his tongue then over this piss hole.

Shawn said, “You won’t believe this,” as he was able to zoom in. He was right. Max took the lube and put the small pump spout into the head of his dick and pushed.

It looked metal; not as big around as a pencil and it had balls about the size of peas every quarter inch or so. He pushed it into his dick until you couldn’t see it and ran his hand down his shaft. I had to look away. Who, in their right fuckin mind, would do something like that?

Shawn was bumping my arm saying, “Look.”

OK. I couldn’t help but look. I didn’t count the little peas before and I counted twelve now as they started to disappear one by one. “Dude! You got to be kidding me?” And Shawn shook his head.

I watched him until all the balls were gone and that tool of torture had disappeared again. I thought I might puke seeing the bumps under his skin. Max’s buddy’s, the sick little bastards, were cheering him on. Max pulled it out ball by ball, then reinserted it like it was something normal. I watched wondering just how demented I was for standing here.

After a Google at home later I found out it was called ‘sounding.’ I couldn’t wrap my head around it or what would make a sixteen-year-old kid try this let alone do it in front of his friends. Max started jacking off with the thing. He didn’t touch his dick and just kept pushing that thing in and pulling it out.

His buddy’s; one on each side watched with wide eyes as Max seemed to put on a show with his toy. He let them take turns pushing and pulling that thing and feeling it in his dick. He appeared to enjoy what any guy I knew would refuse; even on a bet.

I guess they had seen it enough times and Max held it all the way down and pumped with little, six pea strokes; then pushed it all the way down and lifted his hands.

He came. The power of it pushed that rod out and his buddy’s fought to get their mouths over his cock first. Cum went everywhere. Max was shaking, his pelvis was humping, it sounded like; it sounded like a sound I wanted Dean to pull from me. And Shawn was laughing.

Shawn was hard and expected something from me for sharing. I walked out telling him, “You are sicker than I thought you were.” And I meant it. Scratch Shawn off the list.

That was six months ago and I befriended Max when I saw him in school the first day. We became friends and after a while I admitted to seeing him on a web cam and suggested he find a new set of buddy’s. Max told me how it started. He had just turned sixteen before they moved here.

He had a special buddy that he cared for, a lot, and from what Max told me I wondered if the kid was still alive. He didn’t realize but I did. I’m no expert and what I know is all I know but, Max let that kid do things to him. Cutting was now a sexual release for Max. He could cum from cutting himself or the rod and he wanted to share that with me. Or have me share that with him. That was OUT of the question and I told him so.

During that time I never gave in to Max. I would Google all night sometimes just to find something I could say to him so it might stop. I didn’t know if he saw it as a way to be closer to Brice, share in whatever pain that poor boy suffered. I didn’t know. He would be mean at times telling me about a new toy he bought and how it was bigger and longer than the last. He, for some unknown reason, wanted to hurt me for wanting to help him. And it did hurt. I never told Dean or Rick.

We were talking in my room a month ago and he pulled it from his pocket and ran it over his tongue. He wanted to put on a show for me and I realized he wasn’t getting anything from what I was trying to tell him. I told him NO, again. FUCK.

I ran from Rick’s house to see Max drive away and I tailed from a distance. I realized where he was going and he parked on the street in front of my house and followed me in. I grabbed two sodas from the fridge on the way to my room.

We sat; me in my computer chair and Max on the bed. He watched me like an eagle eying prey. And that’s what I felt like. “Max?” I numbly said.

I didn’t know what to say. We had been platonic and I was trying to get him off the rod and he saw my thumb deep in Rick’s ass as his brother sucking his own cock. Needless to say, this kind of created a situation. After a few minutes, I could tell Max wanted to ‘one-up’ his brother. Not what I wanted.

“Don’t Max.” I pleaded as he started his normal seduction. He would do this until I told him, No, and then we’d talk. “That. What you saw with Rick, was a grudge thing about, Dean. Max; you need to stop.” I said as he moved towards me now like a lion.

Max wasn’t like Rick. Where Rick’s skin was a constant tan Max was more like me. He had hair like Dean’s but didn’t have to work so hard to look like that. And it was a different color. He was my height and maybe around one-forty with an ass that could advertise jeans. It was hard for me.

For the last few months, I had been avoiding my buddies and Dean filled my thoughts and dreams; more so over the last few days. I twirled the watch on my wrist. I saw the power of Dean then I witnessed the opposite of that. It made my heart swell more.

The steel toy he held in his mouth like a rose in a tango dance came to my lips as sweet Max straddled my lap. Fuck. I pushed at him and said, “NO Max.” and he leaned back.

“You think I can’t feel you, Jeff,” he started. “You’re so hard.” And he ran his ass over me. “Do this for me. Please.” He begged as he leaned in and sucked my earlobe. I wondered if I could say no to him again. I guess not.

It was like an ‘out of body’ experiences. Max took our clothes off before I was on my bed. His mouth came down on me and it was like he pushed a gallon of spit into my dick with his tongue and the little ball piercing. The feeling was erotic as he pushed it in my dick then ran it over the slit.

This was beyond fucked up; I mean beyond Jerry Springer, shit. Think about it. My thumb was in his brothers’ ass not two hours ago and Max was priming me for his rod. I need help. Boy, do I need help. I had been hypnotized with what he held in his mouth and didn’t feel the first cut, or the second. I really couldn’t tell you what was going on.

The implement was more than halfway down my dick when my vision cleared. It was hot as fuck had it not been me and then I felt the sting of another cut. I was drunk to the point of passing out, on what, who fuckin knows? I saw Max’s face come up and his lips were red. OK. Jeff’s back in the game.

Niki’s POV.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I had a skimpy robe around myself when I made my way to his room. I wanted to bang my head on the door when I called him, Cooper. It was so stupid. I was wearing a pair of designer boxer bottoms and a little crop-top t-shirt that cost me fifty bucks.

It was getting light out and I could see him lift the covers without a word and I crawled in backing up into a furnace. His arm came over me along with the blankets and then his hand brushed across my right boob and came to rest in my armpit pulling me closer.

I reached back. I wasn’t expecting skin and soft hair but I couldn’t stop now. My eyes were closed and after a moan and a few rubs, I just rested my hand on his bare left cheek. His left leg lifted kind of over mine and my hand slid between his cheeks and my little finger slid across, what I’m sure was.

Dean’s POV

I remember saying “Sweet dreams, Nikita,” as I rested what was now only thick between her boxer clad cheeks.

Her hand ran down and across my hole; night-night. I woke up on my back and a warm, now naked body was draped over me. I had to take inventory of parts: Niki. I was sure I hadn’t but smiled wishing I had.

She was so… fuckin warm and molded to me like wax. The sweet smell of her was overpowering. Her head was nuzzled up under my chin and I could feel her nips on my chest and side. Her right knee was softly pushing my balls up and I felt her spit on my collarbone and thought of Rick and smiled. It faded.

‘He was a droller. Even though he was taller and everything, he liked to sleep on me.’ I didn’t mind. I pulled Niki closer with my right hand on her ass thinking of him.

You don’t know what it’s like. NO. NOT NOW. Suddenly waves washed over me triggered by Rick. Sadness, guilt, and the shame I still hadn’t fully dealt with yet. I’d felt it enough times to know. Then I wondered if this was cheating on him?

I loved Rick, or, I just loved him; like a friend, maybe someone, for whatever reason, I felt responsible for. What was I doing? Yes; I wanted Jeff because he wanted me and honestly he was everything Rick wasn’t. And here I was skin on skin with Niki. She was what I thought I needed before I could move on. Niki was the other fruit so to speak; the thing that most would call a normal relationship.

This was way beyond fucked up. I tried taking deep breathes. So much shit was closing in and I couldn’t let this happen. I wasn’t going to lose it until I got to the shower.

I boxed everything. A trick Phil thought me. I built a Box for Jeff, a Rick Box, a Niki Box, and a Box for Dean and filed them away till later. I crawled from under her and after a stolen kiss and a shower, I was having breakfast downstairs than in the studio minutes later.

It was a long day with Richard and Barry. So much was unproductive but the end result was worth it. I had the hardest time with Robin’s song. I remembered a few days ago and I really didn’t want to go there again. But watching I saw it caused Barry some problems too.

I spied Niki behind the glass. I’m sure her cheeks hurt because she smiled for twelve solid hours looking at me. My cheeks should have hurt too from smiling back when I could.

She must’ve been getting a glare because when she was taking pictures or video on my phone she’d come in like a mouse. I never said I was gay. And never said I wasn’t.

Putting things in boxes and filing it all away only works for a while, sometimes only a few hours. I was the one not stepping up today and it took the brothers walking on the beach with me for an hour before I convinced them I was ok. We finished the day. I can’t even explain what ‘beyond drained’ is like and Niki seemed to know.

I was on a towel face down in the sand when I felt her come to rest on top of me. It was a good feeling and I thought about Julie doing this to me last summer. Now I was in cotton pants and hadn’t worn a shirt all day. Her butt kind of rested between my legs and her slippery hands started at my lower back and sides stopping at my neck.

Her fingers; I could feel how much she enjoyed this. She felt my ribs, the straps across my shoulders and then my neck and down my arms. Her lips came to my ear and asked, “Arby’s?”

Sweeter words had never been spoken and I lifted my head opening my eyes and turned to see Richard along with Barry and his wife. Niki stood taking my hand leading me to a table in the grass piled with plates of roast beef sandwiches and processed cheese. What more could I ask for?

I have come to realize in my short time that there are moments when holding hands can be more than a kiss; more than even intimacy. I was having second thoughts about having sex with Niki. I knew that with her; it would never be just sex. And that scared me. 

Over dinner they refused to give me what I wanted; thought what I needed. I wanted Barry’s pain over his little brothers and I wanted Richard’s sorrow over his sister. It just wasn’t there for them anymore. We ate as funny childhood stories were shared with me and after, Niki put me to bed.

Niki’s POV

I don’t know how he slipped from under me this morning but I looked through the bathroom door he didn’t bother to close and I watched him. He was oblivious of me. He put on a show and didn’t even know it by doing absolutely nothing. I’d have paid money. For almost eighteen, Dean has it going on.

I saw him at the end of the bathroom in an open shower. A flat rock kind of protruded from the wall and a waterfall rained down on him. I was twenty-three and Dean was seventeen but, even to me he was hot as fuck.

He leaned forward placing both hands on the wall and water washed over him. I could see how tense he was and I could tell Dean was struggling. Shit.

I continued watching him; how could I not? He was now standing in front of the mirror looking at himself. I could only see him from the side and his tool hung over those orbs that my knee rested against when I fell asleep. He ran a brush through his hair and sprayed it.

Dean rested his hands on the counter looking in the mirror taking deep breaths. He took a bottle from his bathroom bag and dropped a couple in his hand. I’ve done this a few times myself but never under pressure like he was under this morning.

After dropping the pills back in the bottle he pulled at his balls, smiled to his reflection, and took another deep breath. I thought a blowjob was in order. But when he looked at me all he saw was a still, sleeping Niki. I’m such a pussy.

He put me in charge of his phone when he was working and I took his offer seriously. If I worked this right I might collect a paycheck from Dean and Sony. My phone was on fire. Every heart-throb magazine wanted Dean along with Newsweek, and Rolling Stone. Only O and Time had gotten interviews.

I was Dean’s filter. I knew who, when, and where he would go and I orchestrated it like a dance.

I watched them; moments needed to be captured for Dean and I used his phone to do that. I realized what was going on with them. This was a priceless time with the brothers and remarkable to see Dean’s vocals get better. Twelve hours could roll into a two hour video that could be a, stand alone; the production. I told the crew to film nonstop with audio. Even during breaks.

But the pictures I took; he needed to be able to look back on this and see himself so happy; not working. That’s what Dean was doing; working. The Project. I caught the little shit smiling when he didn’t know it.

Dean did an entire album in a week; one rehearsal and a take. Not many even know what something as complicated as that is. If not for Usher producing for Sony it never would have happened. Even with the shit that was happening now Dean did four tracks today. None of them had ever done anything together. I’d sent the one thing to Barry but not the other two and not Karen’s song.

Barry pushed him so hard after. Do this song with me; then this one. The final of ‘To Love Somebody’ was a Barry Gibb production. It was mixed on his board and Dean did three tracks on the same song with Richard backing him up. He was beyond amazing.

He did look like Andy, even though the hair color was off. But he could sound like any and all of the brothers and it needed to be saved. Richard and Barry, after years of pacing themselves, didn’t need to work as hard as Dean but understood the newness of it all for him. The brothers knew better than most what he was going through and took pity and praised his resilience.

I think Dean might’ve been asleep when I rested my butt down between his legs. I’d been watching him for an hour sunning himself on the beach, arms folded, and his face resting on top. I tried to pay attention to the conversations around me but I was lost. What a sweet North Dakota farm boy he was in his see-through cotton pants. He had to have known.

It’d been a day. I only had about three hours sleep and knew Dean had less. Watching the three of them together and Dean seeming like this was just another day of recording. In the end I wasn’t sure he’d saved enough of his voice to do tomorrow.

His response when I said, “Arby’s?” was funny. I knew he was hungry. I can tell time.

When we finished and after a little conversation I announced that Dean needed to go to bed as I squeezed his shoulders from behind. He started to fuss and I squeezed harder explaining about another day and two more tracks; ‘only so many hours in a day, boss.’ I had never called him that not wanting to swell his head but he needed it.

I looked at Barry. He was greedy today wanting to hear his brothers again and he abused Dean to get it. I should have stepped in. I really should have. Dean finally agreed to bed. There were hugs all around and I took Dean to his room.

‘OK. I’ve worked for Sony almost sixteen months now and I have never met anyone face to face. I talked to people from my cubicle. This was more than I ever thought when they sent me to North Dakota seven weeks ago to be Dean’s gofer. Thank you, Sony.’

He was trashed and tried so hard not to show it. I walked him to the bathroom taking his pants off knowing he was going commando and motioned his naked self under the water. He sat on the bench beneath the waterfall and rested his head in his hands. I started taking my clothes off and he never noticed.

I walked up and stood in front of him till he looked up smiling at my eyes and ignoring my body. I reached out with both hands and he took mine standing up facing me. I turned him so he was under the water and ran my hands over his back, shoulders, and butt. I reached around him and ran my nails over his front and right down to his soft curls and scratched. If he’d been hard I’d have felt it, He wasn’t.

I followed Dean out and as he stood in front of the mirror I pushed my naked self up to his back picking up the brush running it through his hair from behind. I reached into his bathroom bag and pulled out the bottle of pills and set two on the counter.

I wrapped my hands around his middle and his hands reached back to my ass and he squeezed a little looking at the pills on the Granit. I studied his reflection around his side. His bush was trimmed, his sack was shaved smooth, and as I already knew, he naturally hung to the right.

He looked at me in the mirror and said, “They make me feel funny. Will you stay with me, Niki?” I answered him with no words.

I walked out to the bed still wet and crawled in lifting the covers for Dean. He sauntered towards me naked and showed no sign of arousal or shame. You’d think that would hurt me or piss me off; it didn’t. I rolled to my back and pulled him up so he was on me like I was on him this morning.

It didn’t take long and Dean found a comfortable spot. His head was kind of under my chin and on my chest. I could feel his hot breath on my right nipple. His left leg was over my left thigh and rested just below my crotch. And his Dean-hood was pushed against my hip.

Knowing everything I did about Dean I was sure this was his first time like this. But he seemed so at home on me and I wondered ‘is he thinking of Rick,’ which would have been natural. He didn’t seem scared or nervous and was confident in finding comfort on me. How could this stud be a virgin; let alone gay?

I felt a slow annoying drip between my legs and it tickled and itched inching its way between my cheeks and I got a whiff of it. My left arm that was around him slid to his butt and I squeezed. I felt another stream from myself. Dean kind of bonded himself to me more and pulled on my ribcage.

Over the next five minutes or so I felt him twitch up against my hip and I sensed a thickening. He pulled his leg back a little and his hand that was on my side was now moving down my stomach and he ran it hard between by lips, the wet crack of my ass, and I swear halfway up my back.

As his hand retreated fingers hooked on my smooth snatch and I had three filling me: fuckin Dean. I don’t know where it came from. It wasn’t one of those ‘little shiver’ cums. It wasn’t one of those ‘bite your lip with a little moan’ cums. It was the ‘convulsing stomach’ kind of cums; this kind of cum leaves you panting and getting no air.

The explosion and little light tracers were darting around my open eyes and I moaned like something in pain. I couldn’t catch my breath. Before I knew it my other hand; not the one that had been buried between his cheeks now covered his hand and our joined fingers played in my soaking pussy.

He pulled my wet hand with his and pushed it to his now tight balls and he squeezed his fingers around mine. I felt him struggle for breath as he squeezed harder and harder then pulled down and his balls snapping from our grip. He wrapped my body soaked hand around his shaft and with one stroke Dean filled it with his hot self. A lot!

I have no idea what just happened. I don’t even know if Dean was awake. I gave him those pills he looked at this morning and didn’t even know what they were. I just drugged and raped a seventeen-year-old boy. I tried to crawl from under him but he had none of that. I tried to reposition and Dean refused to let that happen.

I remembered back when I was his age and a guy had gotten me drunk. I felt him use me jacking off with my hand. I didn’t try and stop it even though I wanted to. I didn’t tell anybody even though I wanted to. Did it just happen again or did I just do that to Dean?

Jeff’s POV.

I remembered wondering where the blood was coming from. It was like waking up from a nightmare into a nightmare. There was what seemed like a lot of blood. In the struggle, Max’s blade fell to the floor and the rod was catapulted from my dick and I came. Fuck me into next week. It was like a volcano.

I threw Max off of me and he was laughing. “You loved it. I knew you would. Do it to me, Jeff. Please do it to me.” he begged not realizing Jeff was having a meltdown moment.

I had cum all over me. It was in my hair and on my face. My dick was oozing and was still hard bouncing in the air above my stomach. Max had cut me in a dozen different places. My inner thighs, the bottom of my ass, and my chest and arms. They weren’t big and really didn’t produce that much blood but, he fuckin cut me and was pleading with me to do the same to him.

I remembered what Shawn had told me when I first saw Max; he said ‘this kid is a real sick fucker’ and I thought of Donny. I was now thinking that poor Donny was closer to normal than Max. And I wondered if Max had just raped me. I didn’t know how I felt about that. Was I seduced into submission and consent? If I would have known what he was going to do to me would I have been willing?

We sat on the floor in my room talking about what happened, “I didn’t ask for this, Max.”

“You didn’t tell me to stop.” He returned; his head down and talking to my unclothed lap.

He was right, I didn’t. “Would you have stopped if I asked?” I questioned after a minute.

“You didn’t; we’ll never know.” He was so right when he said it.

He retrieved his prop and ran it sideways across his tongue then held it up to me. He started at the bottom running his finger up the metal and over the shinny balls and stopped on number eight. “It was in this far. How’s your dick feel, Jeff?” he asked with way too much cockiness. And I slapped it from his hand.

“You need to go, Max. I don’t think there is anything I can do or say to make you understand. What you’re doing is unhealthy and you know it. This and what you did to me; that isn’t me and I refuse to have any part of it. Do you understand?”

That crushed Max and he started to sob. He told me that the rod was the only way he could get off anymore and that he came cutting me. He said he wanted to stop but he felt addicted and did it two or three times a day and he needed to be more aggressive with himself.

I had read on this and I knew that permanent damage could be done and I saw Max headed for that but he was like a junkie. He knew it, knew what could happen, but he couldn’t stop doing it. He told me it would be so easy if he could just jack off like he used to. It was sad.

Max left and I cleaned myself up then had breakfast with the folks not having slept all night. I returned to my room and deeply pondered a lot of shit. My hatred for Rick grew knowing he was letting Max down and wasn’t there for him like a big brother should be.

I ran everything over in my head like telling someone. Max was almost two years younger than me and I imagined telling someone he raped me. No, he didn’t knock me out from behind and tie me up. How fuckin stupid would I sound? Did he overpower me? I think not. After hours of thinking I felt like a victim that no one would believe and no one to share my secret.

I napped on and off and was dreaming about that thing shoved in my dick when I was startled awake cuming in my pants. It hurt.

I watched the YouTube that someone had posted who was in Vegas last night and it was Dean. Before bed, I went on a search. We had to have something. I couldn’t go to bed without it.

Dean’s POV

I woke up but didn’t open my eyes. I gathered my thoughts and looked at the clock. 7:00, Fuck. It was like yesterday morning but with more sleep. I was on my back and her knee was pushing my balls up. The smells were familiar and I knew some of it was me. I slowly pulled my hand to my nose. ‘So that’s what you smell like, Niki.’

Niki was hot and clammy and I didn’t know how to untangle so, I just rested back and tried to remember. That’s kind of a problem with the pills and I remember telling her that and Niki agreed to stay with me. I remember her holding me and then wetness. Other than Rick, Niki was the only other person I have ever woken up with.

I came; knew I had when I woke up. I also knew we hadn’t but the smells and the way she was on me now. This was going to be awkward and I smiled. I started to laugh and pulled myself from under her and when her eyes opened I ran my hand down my naked self and told her with the biggest smile, “This doesn’t come with the job offer,” and moved to the shower. I was hoping to be funny and she would join me. Apparently, I wasn’t.

Surprisingly I heard the bedroom door close and I didn’t see Niki until after the first rehearsal with Sir Elton. Richard stayed and Barry sat in; it was his studio after all. Richard Carpenter, Sir Elton John, Sir Barry Gibb, Stevie Wonder, and Dionne Warwick, and a nobody named, Dean.

I knew if we didn’t get these tracks down fast it wasn’t going to happen. Barry had given me some spray for my sore throat and we had taken a break when I saw Niki for the first time this morning. She was acting all professional and shit, her questions were curt, and she was kind bossy telling me to call Winston when I had a minute.

And then she asked me how many Red Bulls, I’d had this morning taking the can in front of me. I looked over and everyone else was gathered on the other side of the room as my PA was talking down to me.

I heard Stevie ask as he described Niki and her tone to the others and they said yes. It sounds like she loves him and Niki and I both looked at him. They said, looks like it. “Tell me she didn’t just take his Red Bull?” And they said yes. “What’s he doing? Tell me; what’s he doing?”

“I looked at him and asked, “You know we can hear you, right? Are you really blind?” And the room erupted.

Maureen, or Linda, announced that Lunch was served and Stevie called to me and held out his hand. I walked over and reached with my hand taking his and rested it on my arm. “She likes you,” he said to me.

“I heard that,” she said back to him.

“I know when you gonna tell him?” as he slid his arm through hers. “He lied. That’s his third Bull and you’re right, he doesn’t need anymore,” as he rocked his head back and forth between us laughing.

I didn’t like her attitude this morning and when she disappeared after lunch I found myself at her door. I knocked and waited and she answered and then tried to close the door in my face. I didn’t let that happen with my size 10’s in her way. She released the door and I walked in closing it and she sat on the bed.

I listened as she laid out what she thought happened last night with so much remorse. As she apologized I remembered more. Niki thought she had done the unthinkable and guilt was eating her from the inside out.

By now I’d remembered enough. I reached for her hand and pulled her up. I grabbed her little ass and squeezed. “I’m sorry, Niki. I shouldn’t have done what I did. Can you forgive me? Can you keep a secret?”

From your Author:

I have moved off into uncharted territory in the last two chapters. I think the topics are valid and the perspective from the different characters is insightful from the other side of the fence. I hope I didn’t disappoint you, Eddie. 

I still have to ask all you other readers. Well? 

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