Chapter 1

In the beginning:

It was the beginning of my Jr. Year in high school and I had turned seventeen over the summer. I’d caught a glimpse of him but shined it on as just my eyes playing tricks on me. It couldn’t be him. I walked out of the locker bay and saw his back as he walked through the doors.

It couldn’t be Rick. But what I saw from behind, I knew it was. Rick was a couple inches taller than me and had a three inch afro of dirty blond hair. Even though I couldn’t see his face I remembered it.

He had a strong bone structure, a slender nose, and the softest tan skin. Rick was white and where that hair came from I have no idea. I took his clothes off with my eyes and remembered him a few weeks ago when he was shirtless and in cutoffs playing volleyball at a party I attended.

Just a little about myself. I don’t think I’m anything special; some would say otherwise. I’m about 5’9 and weigh in around 145 pounds. I don’t like my brown hair with auburn highlights but I got it styled for the first time before school started and it’s growing on me.

I am very white and don’t have an ounce of fat on me but I don’t have a huge amount of muscle either but it pops where it should. We don’t farm because my dad if a professional and my mom is a nurse and we live in town.

I’d been hanging out at a little restaurant close to home during the summer and became friends with the owner who was eight years older than me. I never realized at the time he was grooming me. I was having less and less interaction with my jack off buddies and was kind of floundering, it was a weird summer.

Tom, the owner, kind of took me under his wing and introduced me to other things and my social circle naturally grew. I attended parties, made new friends, and yes, I was enjoying myself. I got a crash course on gay and how the college age was living. Everybody was older than me but they thought I was older than I was and hit on me constantly.

I became known as the ‘sweet chicken.’ I told men how nice they were; I kissed ruff cheeks thanking them for the attention and even pulled on a crotch in a complementing way. But this was all a new experience. I could be myself, openly flirt with guys, touch and play a little, and I loved it. It was at one of those parties I met Rick.

One of the guys Tom lived with had shown me pictures of Rick, he was nude on the beach, and Jerry had about thirty pictures of him. The guy was beautiful.

I was becoming extremely uncomfortable as I walked through the hall about twenty feet behind him and watched a small group of people kind of flock around. I was not out at school, my girlfriend was a senior and hot as hell but she had made it clear though that her vaginal virginity would remain intact until she married, but we did just about everything else.

I sat in my first-period class thinking about Rick. I had learned at the party that Rick was seventeen; he had met Jerry a month ago and fucked him. The next week he kissed me. He didn’t just touch his lips to mine; he fuckin kissed me. His hand grabbed the base of my head and he sucked my tongue right out of my mouth.

‘I’m getting hard just remembering.’

I didn’t see Rick again until lunch and that’s when he spotted me. I watched the look on his face and he turned kind of pale. I was sitting with Julie and a few friends when I saw him in front of the stage looking at me then he made a head motion and I excused myself for a minute and followed him.

He walked down the hall and into a bathroom as I walked in behind him; he spun me around and pulled me to him as he rested back against the door. His hands roughly grabbed my back pockets lifting me to my toes and he kissed me hard.

“Tell me your name. I was afraid I’d never see you again.” He breathlessly said.

His hands started fumbling with my belt and the buttons on my jeans. My own hands were trying to stop him as he slumped to his knees and I popped from my underwear in front of his face. I was instantly pulled into his mouth as fingernails dug into my mildly hairy butt cheeks and he moaned around me as he pulled.

I had been sucked off before, fuck buddies and I had done this, Julie had sucked me off before but, not with the hunger that Rick did. I pulled his face to my groin and held it as he swallowed all seven-plus inches and refused to struggle when I didn’t release him.

I pushed his head against the door and humped his face; I’d thought about this for the past few weeks as I stroked my cock until I exploded in bed at night. And then I slammed against him as someone tried to come in but were stopped by Rick up against the door.

“I’m sick. Find another,” I said as I made one final jab into his throat and came.

I was on cloud nine, trying to catch my breath as Rick rose to his feet and kissed me again. I tasted myself on his lips; I knew I wanted his dick in my mouth. I wanted his cum. But I really wanted his ass again. Rick had fucked my brains out a couple weeks ago and I wanted to ram another load right up his hot Shute.

“Skip the rest of the day. I’ll meet you in the parking lot.” He said. He wasn’t asking and I just nodded.

He looked at me smiling over his shoulder pulling the door open and I stood behind it trying to stuff a still dripping one-eyed-monster back into my pants. I followed a minute later and didn’t even look at my table as I walked through the lunchroom towards the stairs and then out into the parking lot.

We rode in mostly silence as he headed to his house. We pulled up in the driveway of a home that was nicer than mine and I followed him to the door still in silence. We walked into the empty house and I almost ran behind him to his room.

“No one will be home for a while.” He announced as Rick locked the door behind me.

I remembered back; I had never fucked a girl, sad, I know. I had fucked a few guys though; holes so tight it hurt to push through. But when I did Rick a few weeks ago in Jerry’s bed that was really the first time I was able to let go and enjoy myself. And Rick took it; happily took all of it. And he was going to take it again. I had figured out that he liked to play shy but willingly would do what you tell him.

“Rick? Can I see you?” I asked. This really wasn’t me, all my sex had been with fuck buddies and we never really talked. It just seemed to be un-spoken what was going to happen, there was no emotion, and we never talked about it. Rick was different, I don’t know why.

I took my clothes off as he lay on the bed watching; all his skin was tan. His shaft was rock hard and reached above his belly button with drops of him slowly sliding down filling it. I really wasn’t big on sucking cock but at the moment that was all I wanted to do. Well, I was going to bury a load in him too.

He had a beautiful tool; all of eight inches. The knob was big, glands spread out wide; probably as wide as he was at the base. I held and admired it, squeezed at the base and watched it swell and dribble. I took a minute just to study it; buddies didn’t do that.

Finally, I took Rick in my mouth sucking until I had soft blond hair tickling my nose and I swallowing around him. With one hand stroking I slid down further to his balls, my other hand fisted the sack pulling his balls tight, and I stuffed them in my mouth.

I slowly released my sack-grip when his fingers found fists full of hair and then I felt his palms pulling. I popped one nut out and sucked on the other. I traded before licking up his shaft and diving down again.

I looked up at him as I pulled off making eye contact and licked south dropping further down spreading his cheeks as I drove my tongue past the fine hair and right into his tiny hole.

I had never done this before. The thought seemed beyond gross but, here I was, and I loved what it did to Rick. And I was so turned on doing it to him. He pulled on me. He wanted me to eat his ass; make it lose, wet with my spit, tongue, and teeth. And that’s what I did. I had advanced to two fingers when Rick had had enough.

When I fucked him a few weeks ago it was from behind; doggie style, like a buddy. I was going to fuck him like a lover today, give him more, more of myself. I would look in his eyes as my inches slid deep into his ass and I would kiss him as he begged for more.

With his legs in the air, I fed him inch after inch without stopping until I felt his balls rest in my trimmed pubic hair. My new gay understanding made me realize; Rick was a bottom, or didn’t mind being one. I had dropped a load in his mouth an hour ago in the school bathroom and he was going to have to work harder to pull the second from my bull-balls. I moved in slow motion with his legs on my shoulders. Slow, long, and deep, but hard at the bottom.

His hands found my ass and just held me deep, flexed in his hot hole, feeling him squeeze me, and a few bubbles flowed from his hose. I rubbed my fingers through it then grabbed his nipples. I twisted; maybe harder than I knew. He yelped dropping my ass only to grab his knees pulling them back against his head opening his cheeks further and allowing that last little bit of me to go deeper into his now boiling ass.

I dropped his bright red nips; legs firmly next to his head now, and I went to town. I had never known such sexual freedom. It was sex but, I don’t know, it felt like more, something different. Rick’s eyes were closed and his fingernails found my back and he clawed at me as my hands now held his knees next to his head. I rose a little and rocked forward and watched his swollen knob brush those full lips and ice blue eyes shot open.

His cock was bigger than mine, head flaring wider, more glands exposed, and he was long. The base was big but I could still get my thumb and forefinger to touch barely. His length was a little over eight and tapered towards the purple crown.

His tongue reached out and he licked the drops oozing from his fountain; he relaxed, I rocked forward a little more just to watch his swollen head slid between his lips. I pushed his legs up further, toe walked up so I was now on top of his ass. I drove deeper in allowing more of my weigh to help push that tool; two inches of his cock was now being sucked on by those plump lips of his.

I was in a sexual frenzy. My meat was balls deep in this guy’s steaming ass as I forced more of his own cock into his mouth. I could feel tears of blood slowly rolling down my back but I wanted to help Rick get his long snake into his mouth. I toe walked up a little more then leaned forward and rested on him.

He relaxed under my weight as more and more of him slid deeper into his mouth and further. His fingernails that had been planted between my shoulders now sliced down my back. I had him bent in more than half and his mouth was full of his own big slab. This was so… fuckin hot. I wished I could do that.

Rick started to moan. His ass muscles squeezed my tool that was buried in his smoldering pussy surrounded by the fine, soft, now wet, blond hair. I was going to cum, Rick was going to cum; either from my cock in his ass or his down his throat. I wasn’t sure what was going to put me over the top but when he moaned again and his ass truly swallowed my cock; I fuckin near blacked out.

Bright spots filled my vision. It wasn’t until I felt Rick struggling against me that I came back to reality. I pulled back from him so the trophy that had been lodged in his throat slipped free and he could breathe again. We were both panting and I moved down a little allowing him to straighten out. His legs came around the back of mine; my body rested on him with my face in his neck. Fuck… What just happened?

After a while I rolled off and pulled him so now he rested on me. We didn’t talk as his afro tickled my face; he must have known because he slid down a little so it was under my chin. Oh, my, god. This was an experience.

“Are you ok?” He asked. He really wondered if I wasn’t.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you ok?” I asked.

“Dean, just so you know, Jerry never fucked me, and I didn’t suck him. He was so excited that all he wanted was for me to fuck him. If I hadn’t been so stoned and horny I don’t think I could have.” He told me.

I thought about Jerry. He was all about touching and the chase whether it was me or someone else. He was as old as Tom but larger. He was the last person who would ever get in my pants and I had wondered about Rick.

We rested with his long frame mostly on mine and my fingers traced around his back and he rubbed my side. I think we dozed. I had never done this with any of my buddies. We didn’t talk about what we did and sure as hell wouldn’t do something as gay as like I was willingly doing with Rick at this moment.

I felt his finger making small circles around my nipple as his warm breath touched my skin. “Dean?” He softly asked. “Does anybody know about you? Only the guys at the house know about me.” He finished.

I shook my head no and pulled on him a little, wanting to be closer. “Did you pose for the pictures Jerry took of you?” I asked. “They were really good, by the way.”

“Yes. I posed for them. Jerry had picked me up hitchhiking. He was upfront about being gay and asked me and I didn’t confirm or deny anything. He had his camera in the back and started complimenting me on my looks and stuff then asked if he could take some pictures of me.

We drove to his mother’s lake house and the beach was deserted. He cooked me a great meal and as the sun started to set we walked down to the beach. With his sweet talk; going on like I was a model, I was striping then standing naked for him in minutes.” Rick let out a sigh.

“You could be a model, Rick. But were you attracted to him? Is he what you see as sexy or someone you would want to be with like this?” For some reason, I just needed to know.

“God no; you see what he looks like. He’s nice and all but. He sucked my cock just to get me hard for the pictures then offered his big ass to me and begged me to fuck him. He even said he would give me money. It was all I could do to get off. He felt my first blast up his ass then pulled off so he could suck my dirty dick. I thought I was going to be sick.” Rick was discussed about the act.

“Tom told me later that Jerry saw what we were doing. He said Jerry was pissed but bragged about you fucking him first and the pictures he had. You know he has done this to a lot of guys? Some were even younger than us. He even tried it on me. He is a ‘sick fuck’ Rick.” I told him.

“I don’t want to talk about Jerry,” Rick said to me. “You want to take a shower,” he asked.

He untangled himself from me but as I tried to get up the stinging across my back got my full attention. Once I was sitting I looked at the sheets and saw red.

I turned to look at Rick. He had a panicked expression on his face and started apologizing to me. “Dean. I am so. When your weight pushed my dick into my mouth; fuck; it was the best. I didn’t mean to.” He was looking forlorn and I had to smile.

“Show me your fingernails,” and he did. I could see skin; my skin, under his perfectly trimmed long claws. Yes, blood too. “It was worth it. Watching you suck your self, and the fact I was helping you; that was the hottest thing I have ever seen.” I told him with such honesty.

We walked to the bathroom that was attached to his bedroom and I looked at my back in the mirror admiring my first sexual scars. Four long lines on each side reaching from the middle of my back and down; then almost to my sides.

I thought to myself, ‘I earned these. I fuckin earned these. I deserve them.’ I smiled at my reflection. ‘I can’t wait to see the next ones.’

Rick had started the shower and was under the water. His hair was wet as he ran fingers through it pulling those tight curls kind of straight. I watched him through the glass as he cupped his face then pulled the water off. He looked down his front; I think noticing his bright red nipples.

I had never looked at a body and thought, ‘that’s beautiful.’ Rick was. He ran his hands over himself; not in a conceded way but more like being appreciative of what God gave him. I opened the door and stepped in.

I got behind him and took over where his hands had stopped. I had never done this, wished I had, but I hadn’t. The skin on my fingertips were receptors to my brain of what they were feeling and I closed my eyes to feel what my fingers saw.

I stayed behind him reading his front like brail. I felt him as a blind man would; someone without sight that wanted to see beauty in what they touched. Rick turned and allowed my exploration of his backside with his chin resting on my shoulder.

Never; never ever, had I done something like this before. I didn’t think of him as a boy. He; his body, had brought so much warmth to mine and he was something I wanted more of. My hands moved down his back and over his firm buns. An index finger from each hand slid over the hole that my ‘never to be born children’ slowly was secreted from.

He spun me and now his front was to my back. I felt his hanging cane between my cheeks along with his hands moving everywhere on my front. My head rested back on his shoulder; I never thought of myself as gay.

Rick’s arms rested around my waist and his lips nuzzled my neck; I had never felt like this before. He was the first guy I had ever kissed; or was kissed by and I’d never felt the touch of intimacy I was feeling now. There was a lot going on in my head as I felt him grow between my cheeks.

“Dean?” and he waited. “I really like you. Like; really like you.” He whispered. “You have a girlfriend, don’t you?” He asked, still hardening between my cheeks. This sucked.

I turned to face him. Again, I found myself in a position I had never been in before. “I like you, too,” I admitted. “Really like you,” I confirmed. “Julie is more like a ‘fuck buddy’ without the fuck, than a girlfriend.”

“I don’t even like the sound of that.” He told me. “Is that what you think we are now?” He asked. “Is this just a hook-up?”

That question caused me to think. Is that what we were now? Is that what this was? I knew I wouldn’t like someone touching him in the way I had. And I knew the chances of someone doing for me what he could; was slim to none.

This was going to be hard. My mind was going ninety miles an hour. Rick was the new kid and you couldn’t miss him. We needed to become friends; fast. And we would become each other's best friend.

“You are the first boy to ever kiss me,” I said as my lips brushed across his. “No one has ever done for me what you have,” I told him as my tongue laved his red nips.

I dropped to my knees cupping his balls in one hand and that growing tool looked me in the eye. “And I have never wanted to suck anything more in my life than you right now.” And I stuck out my tongue making a cradle for his tube stake to slide into my mouth.

Now, I know I said I really wasn’t into sucking dick; I would do it to pay back a favor, in kind. From the compliments I received from recipients; well they got off. This was different.

When I sucked a cock I just wanted to get it over with and they never came in my mouth. Rick, I would have sucked him until I passed out. This was totally new; I wanted to suck him, wanted him to cum in my mouth, use it as lube as he repeatedly pushed his fat cock down my throat.

Rick was being shy again and I had to use my fingers on his firm ass cheeks to pull him into my mouth then push him away; only to do it again. My own screaming tool was an iron shaft; sucking him had boned me to the point I thought the bright blue vain that snaked up my length would explode.

Rick never took control like I hoped he would. I so wanted him to give me what I gave him. He allowed me to manipulate him though and I squeezed his balls against my chin. I ran a hand up and slid my thumb into his ass, used my thumb to control him, and a minute later a load was delivered to my mouth as none had been before.

I still held him in my mouth having swallowed his load that was smaller than the one he had; my thumb and hand holding his growing weight. I could feel his knees trembling and my right arm had reached its limit of what I could hold; too late. Rick sank to his knees and started to fall back.

My hand, now free from under him, I reached for his neck and pulled him to me. His face fell to my chest and his weight and momentum caused me to fall backward and he landed on top of me. My feet were under my butt and my head bounced off the fiberglass bottom of the shower.

Rick was dead weight on me. The back of my head was throbbing when Rick jerked and sat up. He pushed himself to the other side of the shower apologizing as he pulled his knees up under his chin looking like he was going to cry.

“No one has ever. I’ve never had anyone;” his face falling to his hands.

I moved up to him. “No one has ever. I’ve never had anyone make me feel like you do.” His face rose from his hands. The fire blue eyes looked at mine. “Rick? I don’t know what this is but, we, are not fuck buddies.”

I stood and turned the water off with one hand as I helped Rick up with the other. We stood drip drying and Rick had his face buried in my shoulder. He was emotional and I could feel it in his body. I wasn’t ready for this. My buddies just wanted to get off. There was none of this emotional shit.

I could fuck them. They would suck me only so I would suck them in return. There was never a kiss or hug. What had I been doing? What was this? What had I missed? Rick and I grabbed towels but didn’t use them as we found ourselves on the bed again.

“Open the door, Ricky.” I hear. “If you don’t open the door, I’ll tell mom.”

I don’t have siblings. I rose from the bed and wrapped the towel around my waist and headed to the door. Someone was going to die.

I almost ripped the door from the hinges. “You’re going to tell mom, what? You little fuck!” I asked big huge green eyes. “Go beat your needle dick in the shower.” A kid who was two or three years younger looked at me wide-eyed and his mouth hung open.

His eyes washed over me, from my eyes to the towel that barely concealed my best fetcher; he didn’t look lower. “I think I’ll tell your mom you give me the creeps the way you look at me. Just go to your room and jack off. Leave your brother alone.” And I slammed the door in his face. But I locked it again.

We talked about how we were going to deal with school the next day as I laid on him. I can’t describe how I felt being cradled in his arms. I thought about shit. Through Tom and some parties, I had been to; I’d seen couples; guys who were boyfriends. Is this what that felt like.

A knock came on the door and Rick’s mother was on the other side. “Rick honey, Max says you have a friend over, does he want to stay for dinner?” She asked. Rick looked at me.

“He’ll stay. What are we having?” He asked.

“It’s your favorite.” She announced. “Be downstairs in twenty minutes. Max is taking a shower.” She finished.

I looked up at him and he was smiling. “Lasagna.” He said and his stomach growled.

He kissed my nose and said we should get dressed. Twenty minutes later we were sitting at the table when she came out holding what looked like, ten pounds of pasta and meat, dripping with cheese. Rick’s eyes were focused on the dish.

My mouth was watering. My mother didn’t cook much and we usually ate out. This was a treat. “Everything is better with cheese,” I said out loud.

“That’s what Rick says,” his mom said with a smile and I looked at him.

After my second helping, I thought I was going to explode. I complimented his mother as I glared at Max. I didn’t like the little fuck and the look he gave me said he didn’t care.

“Max? Take a picture why don’t you, it lasts longer. Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked dramatically.

Rick’s mom looked at Max.

Rick drove me back to school and as we sat in the parking lot; just two cars on five acres, I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to kiss him, wanted to hold his hand. I wanted to do things I had never done before with my buddies. I just got out of the car and said, “See you tomorrow.”

I woke up in the morning thinking about Rick and hoped the day would go as we planned. I knew a lot of people, had a lot of friends even though I wasn’t a jock or a stoner. I did like getting high though. Rick and I passed in the hall before school and I lifted my hand in the air smacking his then down and swatted his ass as he passed.

Julie was holding my other hand and as we passed she asked, “You know him?”

“I met him at a party a month ago. You should see him in just a pair of cut-offs.” I told her.

I waved Rick over at lunch and introduced him to my table friends and Julie. Rick was drawing a lot of attention. Not every day do you see a guy that stands out as he does and just drips sex appeal? Kathy, one of Julie’s friends got up and sat next to Rick who sat on the other side of me and I wanted to slap her for the way she was coming on to him.

Over the next few days, the newness of Rick and his hair wore off and he integrated well. We were seen together a lot. On Friday Julie asked if maybe we could go to the drive-in; maybe I could bring Rick and Kathy could come. This was going to be awkward.

Friday night came and Rick picked me up; yes, this was going to be awkward. We talked on the way to Julie’s house where we were picking up the girls. Rick told me, in no uncertain terms, he didn’t like this.

“I don’t even like her?” He told me. “Will you sleep over tonight?” He asked and I told him I would. Just the thought made me fill out the front of my pants.

Julie and I were in the back seat; I could tell she was worked up. She was wearing a short little dress and pulled my hand underneath; I felt the heat and wetness. I pulled the moist string of her thong aside and slid a finger inside her as we kissed.

She was wet; very wet. A small trail trickled from her pussy and I used it to slide across her tightest little asshole. We’d done this before. I stopped on the spot waiting for a sign from her and I got it. She spread her legs and moved down allowing my middle finger to breach her.

Her eyes were closed as I methodically banged her tight holes. Rick had been watching me in the mirror and I knew Kathy was rubbing that big dick through his pants. My thumb was deep in her pussy with now two fingers buried to the hilt up that ass.

Julie was struggling to stay quiet as I pushed her to an orgasm that soaked my hand and stunk up the car. It didn’t even make me hard. I should have been, I might have been, had Rick and his sad eyes not been watching us in the mirror.

She frantically pulled me through my zipper, sucking me hard. I had to refrain from being rough wanting to get harder as she pulled a city of unborn children from my mostly flaccid cock, and Rick continued to watch. I came, but it was unsatisfying.

We didn’t talk as he drove me back home, it was clear he didn’t want me to stay the night with him. I got out of the car without a word; this fuckin sucked. We didn’t call each other and when I passed him in the hall on Monday his hand didn’t come up to meet mine when we passed.

Rick didn’t sit at our table for lunch. He didn’t even look at me from three tables away. I kind of understood but didn’t.

“What’s up with Rick?” both Julie and Kathy asked at all most the same time. It broke me from my thoughts.

I snapped. “How in the fuck am I supposed to know what’s up his ass?” I growled at them as I pushed my shit away and got up.

I walked down the hall and into the bathroom that Rick had sucked me off in. I walked to the mirror and looked at myself. I didn’t like what looked back at me. Rick was hurt; I had hurt him trying to put on the straight guy show.

The door opened but I didn’t look up. When I heard a guy relieving himself I had to look over. “What-up, D man?” Jeff asked.

Jeff. It had to be him. We knew each other, he lived down the road from me, but we weren’t really friends. I would have had him in a minute and tried to pull him in for a fuck buddy but it never happened.

He was my height; had longer blond hair with blue, almost violet eyes, and a body more sculpted than mine. He was really eye candy and we could have had fun together but my circle was small and taking in someone new always had risks.

Rick walked in as Jeff walked out and he looked at me in the mirror. “Friday night was beyond fucked up,” he said. And I nodded. “I can’t be your fuck buddy, Dean; won’t be a hook-up when you feel like it. It almost made me sick watching what you did to each other.”

“If it’s any consolation, I wish it would have been you,” I said. “Will you come over after school?” I asked.

He watched me. “I won’t be a fuck buddy, Dean. I want more from you than that.” He softly said.

“I do too.” I replied in the mirror to him. “Rick? Rick, what exactly do you want?” I questioned.

He walked up behind me and cupped my ass. “I want to call these, mine. And I don’t want to share with anyone.” He told my reflection.

I turned in his arms, reached up pulling his lips to mine and kissed him. I rested back, “It will never be, just a fuck. I promise.”

“I’ll meet you in the parking lot after the last bell.” He told me as he walked out the door.

The rest of the day was a blur. I stood next to my Mustang looking around as Rick pulled up next to me. I got in starting my 289 and put it in gear. Rick fell in behind me and I watched him in the mirror all the way home. He parked next to me and followed around back and down the stairs to the basement and my room.

Rick’s POV.

I hated starting new schools; it was three weeks in and today’s my first day. I know how I stand out; tall with tight clothes showing my ripped body, I should have straightened my hair this morning. I was starting to tingle when I walked out of the office with my schedule. I looked up from the paper in my hand just in time to see a guy walk around the corner into the locker bay. It couldn’t be.

The picture of Dean filled my head and the front of my pants filled as well. It’s been almost a month but I think about him all the time. The first boy who ever fucked me; and boy did he. I was more stoned than drunk as I watched him on the other side of the net. I could tell he was going commando and I’m sure the hole next to his right pocket was self-inflicted.

I don’t know how I found myself here, but yes I do. Two weeks ago I was hitch-hiking when this guy picked me up; he was older than me, kind of bald on top, and had a go-tee. It was a nice day, the sun was shining, and he had the top down on the little sports car he was driving.

In the matter of a few minutes, he told me he was a photographer and he could hear his camera in the back screaming to him to take my picture. I had no particular destination; my plan was to go to a game-room a few miles away. He pulled out a joint and handed it to me to light.

With nowhere in mind I did as he said. He was talkative; complimentary to say the least. We got on the highway and then off; I paid no attention. It seemed we were out of the city now; the scenery had changed. Colorful trees and leaves lined the road. “Are you hungry, Rick?” He asked. It sounded like a simple question.

I nodded and said, “I could eat.” Hell, I could always eat.

We pulled into a driveway and from what I saw it was a nice house. I could saw the lake around the side and as we walked in the front door you could see the whole lake; we seemed to be higher and I assumed it was a split level. I followed Jerry into the kitchen and he handed me another joint and a lighter. I got the hint.

Jerry talked the whole time he mindlessly pulled things from the fridge and cupboards. I would pass him the joint only to watch it go out as he held it in his lips and continued to talk then he’d pass it back for me to light again. In my stoned stupor, he pulled two stakes from the broiler, cubed potatoes with garlic butter and cheese from the microwave, and asparagus’ from a steamer.

We sat on the deck eating slowly as he kept filling my glass with wine that tasted like candy. He questioned again if he could take some pictures and he asked if I’d take my shirt off like I had already said ‘yes.’

After eating he picked up his camera, our full glasses, and I followed him to the beach; my shirt already off and tied around my waist. He told me to take my shoes off, roll up my pant-legs, and walk towards him dragging my feet in the water. The way he talked to me; he moaned as I heard the shutter sound. I had never felt so sexy.

The beach was private; the lake quiet being the middle of the week. I picked up on what he was doing, what he wanted, and I gave it to him. I don’t know why I filled my hands with water and ran them through my hair a couple times. I knew what my hair did with water. It slicked to my head and snapped into ringlets.

I cupped my hands filling them with water and dumped it on my face letting it run down my front as I unbuttoned my pants. I think Jerry shot a load just watching me.

The camera started clicking again and I worked it; the wine, maybe the weed, or maybe something in me allowed what happened to happen. Minutes later I was nude and Jerry was sucking me down to my balls. He pulled off and told me to back up slowly as he clicked pictures of me with his spit dripping off my mostly hard dick.

I stroked myself, reached up and pinched my nipple. I looked at Jerry with eyes that saw two of him. He put the camera down then pulled pants and underwear to his shoes. He turned away from me, pulled his huge cheeks apart, and growled, “Fuck me.” looking over his shoulder.

It made me feel so powerful; I could fuck him however I wanted, I just knew. I walked behind the hairy pimpled mounds spitting in my hand running my dick threw it as I pushed into his ass. I fucked him hard. I was long-dicking him; each time I pulled out the smell almost knocked me over.

Jerry suddenly pulled off and spun around faster than I thought he was able. He took my dick, covered in his smelly shit, in his mouth and sucked me like had never happened before. I wanted to puke. He pulled me by the ass, pushing my cock down his throat; I came before he pulled off. I still wanted to puke.

That’s how I found myself here, now; staring at Dean threw a Volley-Ball net. It was a party; Jerry lived at a different house with three other guys. There must have been thirty males of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and a dozen girls. Fag-hags. This guy stood in front of me, he pushed fingers through his sweaty hair, moisture running from his neck to the top of his cut-offs, his excursion showing.

“Are you OK?” I heard. I opened my eyes and his face was close to mine. “I’m so… sorry. Can you get up?” I hear as others gathered around and I realize I was on the ground.

He takes my hand pulling me up to him; his other hand curling around the small of my back; I fell against him. “You’re kind of taller than you look.” He said with a smile holding me inches from my face.

He helped me to the side; apologizing the whole time. “I thought you saw what I was doing. You were looking right at me. I spiked you right in the face. Why didn’t you put your hands up???”

We were sitting on a bench that had an overhang of honeysuckle; the smell was overpowering. This hot guys hand was now resting around my neck and he was looking in my eyes. I put my hand around his neck and pulled his face to mine; I kissed him. I really, fuckin, kissed him. It was the best. I’d never kissed a guy.

I stood; my face still stinging from his spike and pulled him to a room with the door open and a bed inside, without a word. I turned kissing him as I pushed the last of what he was wearing off. I’m not gay. OK; I fucked Jerry. I had jack-off buddies. I had sucked and swallowed guys my age.

I have no… idea why I wanted this unknown guy to take me; take me like I did Jerry. I showed him what Jerry showed me; ass cheeks pulled apart like a whore; an ass slut. He spit in my crack, pushed his finger in me, and then he pushed himself into me. He fucked me. It seemed like so… much more.

I walked the halls, it was like it always was; the new guy. I strolled through the lunch line, took my tray, and nodded to what I wanted. I pushed the pumpers on the ketchup for my fries and the Thousand Island dressing for my burger.

I walked on the far side and looked down all the isles. This was the hardest part; I’m the new guy, where do I sit? I stopped three-quarters of the way down. I looked along the tables; maybe sixty-feet away. The same guy; it was him.

I dumped my tray in a garbage can and moved to the front of the room as I watched him. He was so animated sitting there with his friends and I watched him more. It seemed to be a girlfriend next to him, maybe it was his sister. I hoped.

I stood in front of the stage watching him from the corner of my eye until he saw me. It was like the color drained from his face. At that moment it became clear she was his girlfriend. I motioned to the far hall.

He followed me into the bathroom and as I turned with him I rested back against the door and demanded, “Tell me your fuckin Name!” And I reached for his belt.

“Dean.” He told me unceremoniously as I unleashed what was in his pants pulling it to my mouth.

I pulled off him jacking with my hand. “No one would tell me who you were.” I licked around his head. “Why did you leave like that? I felt like.” His dick was shoved back down my throat as someone tried pushing in the door.

“Find another. I’m sick.” He said as he came down my throat and I creamed in my pants. He pulled me up and kissed me again with his cum on my lips.

I asked him to skip the rest of the day and walked from the piss-room I had just sucked him off into the parking lot. I knew he would follow me. I sat in my car watching for him until he walked out.

I thought about the last time I saw him. I was reeling from having a guy cum in my ass. Dean had fucked me; no, it was more, and he was apologizing as he pulled out. “I didn’t mean too. I hope I didn’t.” My face was buried in the pillow; I was trying to catch my breath and the door closed. I was alone.

Dean sat next to me as we motored to my house. We didn’t talk, both of us wondering what to say and how we might answer. He followed me to my room and all I wanted was to have him fill my ass again.

I locked the door after we walked in and he asked me to take my clothes off and get on the bed. I accommodated him, took my clothes off then flopped back on the bed. He watched me. I watched him. He tried to appear so confident but was scared shitless.

I was treated to a striptease as he moved to me. He dove down on my dick; buried it in his mouth then pulled off and sucked both my big ball into his mouth and pulled back until they snapped from his lips. I reeled my legs back; he understood and plunged his tongue into my hole.

This was more leisurely, I took the time to enjoy what was happening. I did shit with my jack-off buds, too, we face fucked, and fucked the guys that liked that. We did stuff; but not like this. And we never kissed. I so wanted to kiss him again.

I must have somehow lubed myself with his help. I wanted what I felt pushing at my hole and I pushed out against it. There was no pain like last time when the mushroom pushed into me. I felt my muscles clamp around him as I saw his eyes close.

I wanted what Dean was going to give me but more than that, I wanted to give him what I thought no one else had before. He pushed me; pushing me to the edge and beyond. I didn’t know I could.

I’ve tried to suck myself before; what guy hasn’t? Dean had me in a position I had tried before. My eyes were closed as he pushed. Something brushed across my lips and wet them. Dean had pushed my dick close enough that I could lick myself. I clenched around him with my ass and he moaned.

I felt my muscles relax; with his weight on me I folded more and more in half. And more of me slipped into my mouth. I was lost. My ass was being ravaged and a big cock was now in my mouth. I did like sucking dick; my body was screaming.

I pulled on Dean. More of me filled my mouth; that big red ball in my ass was being pounded and his weight was helping me fill my mouth and more. I was going to cum. Dean pushed hard and paused; I felt him. He exploded. I exploded.

I was swallowing. I was swallowing on both ends. Dean’s body was shaking; almost convulsing. My head was in two places at once. I was chocking on my cock and cum while Dean was drowning my ass. I was going to choke on myself. I started to struggle.

Then there was air. My body unfolded. Dean was looking in my eyes as my legs wrapped around him and I breathed in a full breath. Dean looked panicked. His hands came to my cheeks. “Are you, OK?” He asked.

I didn’t know what to say as he looked at me with such concern. I didn’t know if I was, ok. I felt like Dean had made love to me, but I felt like a whore. He kissed me calming the fears I had inside then rolled over pulling me to his chest.

I think we dozed. When we decided to shower he flinched when his back separated from the sheets; I didn’t mean too. I had scratched down his back. I’d drawn blood. It didn’t seem to bother him as much as it did me.

I had never showered with a guy like I was now with Dean. I had gotten funky with buddies before; this was different. Dean. I looked at him with wet hair, the way he looked at me now; his skin was somewhat tan. He did have muscles that I could see, he was attractive, but he was more than that.

We were back on my bed when Max, my little brother, reared his ugly head. Dean stiffened; his slumber on me had been interrupted and he moved to the door wrapping the towel around himself as he went. I wish I could have seen Max’s face as Dean unloaded on him. I hate my little brother.

We ate with my family and Dean reinforced his point with Max. My Mom seems to love Dean from the start and he gathered dishes and moved to the kitchen. He had cleared the table, all five plates, salad bowls; everything was in one hand and up his arm as he moved to the sink.

Dean’s POV.

It had been three weeks; a lot had happened between us and we’d become best friends. It wasn’t just the façade for school but it seemed to be a progression to the next level. And today, Band, choir, and art were doing a show.

Rick and I had been growing closer; everybody saw it. We were show-offs, we could both sing, we had body moves, and we had styles that opposed each other in a complimenting way. The gym was dark and then the light over him slowly grew brighter. You couldn’t recognize him. He had no hair; his face looked at the floor.

The spotlight hit him and a rainbow of lights behind slowly came on. Rick was in a long black trench coat; color pulled up and had a bald cap on. It was an Awareness Assembly put on by the ASB.

The music sounded so friendly and then he got mean. “Wakeup darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.” He belted out. On the screen behind him, sad looking kids walked the halls of schools all over the Country. There were pictures of kids sitting by themselves; passing with heads down wanting to be invisible as piers walked silently by.

“Because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping; and the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains; within the sounds; of our silence.” Behind him; senses of bullying. Shit, you see and ignore. A guy slaps his girlfriend, that homophobic asshole; the one pushing and shoving those kids. The one you never told to stop. The shit that plays every day around us shown behind him as he sang.

Now it was on me; my turn to step up. I don’t know how he had talked me into this. ‘OK. It was a blowjob. OK; way more than a blowjob.’ I was happy; just a guy; I was Dean in a school of fifteen hundred. And I was happy being that guy. But Rick; he could make me do anything.

The spotlight hit me like a lazar; I was dressed like Rick; we were taking a big risk here. I had a bald wig and wore a long black trench coat as he did. I slowly walked to the middle of the gym. I thought I might be sick. Rick looked up from the floor at me.

“In restless dreams, I walked alone.”I rapped. “Down narrow paths of one-foot squares.”I continued. “I can’t stand the looks in their eyes. I shouldn’t have to make this choice; I’m not going to be silent, anymore.”

“Neath the hallow of the schools street lamp. I turn my face to the cold and damp, and my eyes were blinded by the flash of a neon light; it split the night. And touched the sound of my silence.”

We harmonized. Rick and I walked to opposite corners of the gym. He sang and I rapped. “And in the naked light I saw, ten thousand people, maybe more. People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening. People, writing songs that voices never share; and no one dared disturb the sound of silence.”

We looked at each other; it seemed like time stopped but the band played on. “Fouls that I do not know”He belted out looking at me. I had to smile, he hit his mark. He’d missed it during practice. “Silence, like a cancer grows.” I returned on time.

I was giddy inside. I was in front of the whole school. They were all looking at us; “Hear my words that I might teach you. Take my arms I might reach you.”I slammed back reaching to him. “But my words like silent raindrops fell and echoed in the worlds of silence.” I walked to the center. We met in the middle of the gym. We were two guys cloaked in bald wigs and trench coats. No one knew who we were. It didn’t matter.

“And the people bowed and prayed to the bigoted god they made. And their signs flashed out their warning, and in the words, it was forming, and the sign of the prophets are written on the subway halls; and tenement halls.”We looked at each other. What had just happened?“And there was a whisper in the sounds of silence.”

I now stood next to Rick; we looked so much alike in the long black trench coats. I smiled at him in the cap that was holding back all that hair; I looked to the screen behind us then back to the hundreds of kids that watched.

“I can’t do this on my own. You see what they do just for fun. Sometimes I want to die. Please, crawl from your silence.”

We finished. Names of kids who had committed suicide Rolled behind us. We walked to opposite sides of the gym. Everyone was on their feet. Rick and I were no longer unknown. It’s going to be a hell of a year.

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