Stories by RJC

  • The Start: Chapter 9

    Life gets in the way for Dean and Niki. Rick, Jeff, and Max work towards understanding.

  • The Start: Chapter 8

    I couldn't believe what'd happened. This was way beyond anything I ever imagined

  • The Start: Chapter 7

    I hated him and here we were. I came in my pants as I pushed.

  • The Start: Chapter 6

    I so... wanted to touch him. The way he filled his jeans and what was under the thin cloth.

  • The Start: Chapter 5

    I rolled the tight ring down my shaft then snapped another around my balls.

  • The Start: Chapter 4

    I was on my back looking up in his eyes as he filled me.

  • The Start: Chapter 3

    I wanted him to make a baby with me.

  • The Start: Chapter 2

    I pulled out leaving his hole wide open. I have no idea why I shoved four fingers into him but I did and before long my thumb, hand, and wrist were pumping in and out.

  • The Start

    I toe walked up a little and bent him in half pushing his tool closer and closer to his mouth and he stuck out his tongue licking the drop.