We laid there for a little while then eventually I fell asleep. I woke up to Drew lightly pushing me on my shoulder.

'Chris, Chris; wake up!' He kept saying.

'I'm up, how long was I asleep for?' I asked, wiping my eyes.

'I don't know, I lost track; I watched you the entire time. You're a beautiful sleeper, babe.' He smiled and kissed me.

His kisses made me feel like we were like this for forever. They made me feel like I'd known him for forever. I couldn't get over the fact that all of this actually happened. I kissed him back then pulled off and looked at the clock.

'Shit! Drew, can you drive me back to the club? I have to get home in fifteen minutes!' I said. It was 10:45p.m.; my curfew was at 11p.m.

'Yeah, sure. Thanks again, tonight was one of the best nights of my life.' He smiled and kissed me on my forehead.

We got dressed and he walked me out to his car. We drove back to the club and pulled into the parking lot. I reached for the handle to get out of the car, Drew stopped me again.

'Hey, do you think we have time to talk about this right now?' He asked giving me a puppy dog look.

'No, but you can call me when I get home,' I took his phone and programmed my number into it, 'what is it that you want to talk about, Drew?' I asked, kind of amused by the fact that he was pouting.

'I don't know, but I'll talk to you soon. Goodnight, Chris.'

'Goodnight.' I said. He leaned over and kissed me as I slid out of his car.

I walked over to my car and fumbled for my keys. As I started my car, I noticed Drew was watching me. He had this sad smile on this face. I turned my headlights on and waved, then peeled out of the parking lot to the open highway. I thought a lot about the events of the night when I was driving home. I could still smell him on me, and I was completely in love with the fact that he made me melt without trying to. I couldn't get him out of my head for the entire car ride home and all the way into the house. Mom and dad were sitting in the parlor when I walked into the house.

'I'm home!' I shouted with an excited tone to my voice.

'Hi honey,' called mom, 'you just made it, dad and I were already deciding how to ground you!' She laughed then came out into the foyer. 'How was the club?' She asked.

'Pretty good, I danced so much I think I might pass out!' I said with a yawn.

'Okay, well goodnight. I'll see you in the morning, love you!'

'Love you too mom, night.'

I walked upstairs, took off my clothes, and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning really sore. At first I thought it was from all of that dancing, and then I realized it was from something else. My ass hurt so much, and I couldn't walk without a limp. Battle wounds I thought with a significant chuckle. I rolled over on my side and checked my phone. Shit! I forgot about Drew calling.

I checked my voicemail, hoping he wasn't too mad that I didn't answer.

'Hi, Chris! It's Drew. I figured you're asleep right now, well I mean, we did kind of work out a lot!' He started to laugh, 'but I had a really fun time with you tonight, and I hope I didn't move too fast for you. I'm going to try to get some sleep, so I'll talk to you tomorrow, hopefully. Oh and before I forget, you left your wallet over here! I'll bring it to school tomorrow for you. Haha I probably sound like a little eighth grade boy the way I'm dragging this on so, bye!'

God he was so cute! I thought. I had no clue how I was going to restrain myself when I was going to see him in school today. I got up, took a shower, and got ready for school.

'Well, someone seems a little perky today,' dad said, 'get any action last night?' He winked.

'Haha, you could say that. I'm running late, I'll talk to you later and tell mom I said have a nice day!' With that I was out of the door.

I raced to school; I couldn't keep my mind off of Drew. This wasn't normally like me; all of my girlfriends were just girlfriends, I wasn't this obsessed with them. I arrived at school and parked in the student parking lot. It was still dark outside seeing as it was still the morning. I walked into the front entrance with my heart racing. I was in a daze; not even really thinking about school. I turned the corner and bumped into someone, knocking me out of my trance.

'I'm sorry, here let me--'

'Hi, Chris!' Drew was standing over me smiling.

I picked up the papers and stood up.

'Hey,' I said, trying not to smile too wide, 'I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention.'

'It's okay, did you get my voicemail last night?' He whispered. I think he was trying to make it so the people who were bustling around us wouldn't hear.

'Yeah sorry, I fell asleep right when I got home ha,' I looked him in the eyes, 'so, when did you want to talk?'

'After school is fine. Oh! And before I forget, here,' he handed me my wallet, 'I'll talk to you later babe.' He whispered with a wink.

'Yeah, talk to you soon.' I smiled really brightly and walked away.

I walked to class and sat there, listening to my teacher talk about the government and how messed up it was. I couldn't pay attention; all I could think about was him. I had no clue what was going on in my mind and why I was being so obsessive. I had never liked someone so much before in my entire life, and I was never going to let go.

It was lunch time and my school let us go off campus to eat wherever we wanted. A couple of my friends and I went to a pizza place about three blocks away from the school. We all dog piled into my 2006 Arden Range Rover. We walked into the place and ordered our pizzas, making small talk.

'Chris, where have you been all day?' Joey asked, looking at me like I was high on drugs.

'What do you mean; I've been at school all day!'

'Yeah, but your mind is completely somewhere else.' Alexia said, sipping on her drink.

'Oh, I don't know. I've been pre-occupied lately.' I said smiling.

'Chris has got a crush, Chris has got a crush!' Steve sang arrogantly, 'so, who's this girl?'

Their eyes seemed to be bearing down on me.

'Nobody, guys! I'm just not into it today, that's all. You act like I haven't been like this before!' I shouted over their kissing noises and mocking tones.

'You have, but not like this. Fine, fine; whatever. Pizza is here anyway.' Alexia shouted, reaching for the tray of pizza.

We all ate and then split the bill. I went up to pay and opened my wallet. A note dropped out and landed on the floor. I picked it up and read while the cashier was assessing the bill


Couldn't stop thinking about you and what happened tonight. I haven't felt like this in a while, and to tell you the truth, it makes me feel amazing. Can't wait to see you again, hopefully we can talk about things soon. Well, it's one in the morning and I still can't get to sleep! Lol. I guess I miss you. Talk to you soon, baby.


I was in awe. I took the note and slipped it in where the money pocket of my wallet was. The cashier handed me the change and my friends and I went back to school. The entire day seemed to slow down. Sixth hour was the slowest hour of my life. I kept counting down the minutes until Drew and I would be able to be together, and I kept getting anxious. The final bell rang and I got a text from Drew.

Meet me at the boardwalk, don't be too late though! [:

I smiled at the text and raced to my locker. I shoved everything inside and walked to the student parking lot. I got into my car, and was on my way to the boardwalk. I pulled into one of the boardwalk's parking places and got out. I walked to the park and just sat down, waiting for Drew. An hour went by and Drew wasn't there.

Well, maybe he got busy'I thought, looking at the time on my cell phone. Just as I got up to leave I heard my name being called.

'Chris! Chris, wait up!' I turned around to see Drew running up the sidewalk. He looked like he'd been in a rush all day when he came to a stop in front of me. He had five o'clock shadow, and his hair was messy. His tie was freshly loosened and his shirt was wrinkled. He looked like hell, but I still thought he was the sexiest man in the world. I looked up and kissed him. After my kiss he wanted to sit down. We walked hand in hand to the park bench and sat, he broke the silence first.

'It's nice out here when there's no one around.' He said, looking towards the water. The sun was just going down and it started to get colder outside.

'I know what you mean. So, what did you want to talk about?' I asked, turning towards him.

'Oh, uhm, I'm not really sure we can be doing this, Chris.' He said, not making eye contact.

'Doing what, what do you mean?' There was a pit in my stomach. I couldn't really believe that this was affecting me like this. I had only been with him like this for a day; why did it hurt so much for him to say this to me?

'Well, it's just that; I can get in trouble for this, and I don't want to hurt you. We are breaking so many rules right now I can't even--'

'I don't care about the rules, Drew!' I said, trying not to sound desperate.

'And I get that, and I really do care for you. But I'm not sure I can do that if someone finds out. I'm sorry'' He said, touching my face.

I pulled away from him, got up, and walked down the sidewalk. I didn't understand why this hurt so badly. I was straight up until yesterday, and my first relationship with a guy was complete shit. I kept walking until I got to the end of the sidewalk and the beginning of the parking lot. A hand grabbed my shoulder.

I spun around and was met by the most passionate kiss I've ever had. Drew grabbed me and held me in a tight hug; his tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth. I was fighting so hard to get away from him. I broke from his kiss and was shaking myself away from him.

'What the hell Drew?! What the hell?!' I kept saying the same thing.

He reached for me and pulled me in, I kept pushing him back: punching his chest and shoving him. I wouldn't let him touch me, and then finally I gave up.

'I'm sorry, Chris,' he said, holding me, 'never again will I watch you walk away from me.'

I knew I was in love. I was completely in love with everything he did. We walked to his car and sat for a little while, just watching the sun go down. I turned to Drew and spoke.

'Let's go to your place.' I said, smiling a sadistic smile.

He turned to me and nodded, held my hand, and drove to his place. We got out of the car and walked inside. I sat at the island in the kitchen and he leaned on the counter directly across from me. I just stared at him, worshipping his body. I couldn't get enough of the way he looked. He looked at me as if he knew what I was thinking.

'Easy tiger,' he said, 'aren't you sore?' He asked, almost like a knowing modesty.

'Yeah, and I still want you, Drew.' I got up and walked over to him.

My hands explored his body, taking off his shirt and rubbing his nipples. He moaned in pleasure and pulled down his pants. I immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking on his cock through his briefs. I had never sucked cock before, but I already started to like it. I pulled his briefs down and licked the head of his cock. Pre-cum oozed from his throbbing cock and dripped off of the tip. I took his cock into my mouth, going as far as I could.

'Ooo, easy now. Go easy.' Drew breathed.

I went slowly, and then started to gag. After a couple of seconds I relaxed my throat and went as far as I could.

'Uhh, fuck yeah. Take that cock, yeah baby.' He looked down at me, 'look up, Chris. I want to see you swallow my meat. Yeah, you like my cock, don't you?'

I looked up at him and my eyes met his blue eyes. I started to go faster, my hands playing with his balls. I took his cock out of my mouth, he grunted.

'I want you so badly right now, Drew.' I said, standing up to suck on his nipples.

'Let me take you babe,' he said, picking me up and setting me on the counter. He spread my legs and went down past my cock to my balls. He took each one into his mouth, alternating.

I moaned softly, running my hands through his hair. His head moved down to my hole and his tongue prodded its way in.

'Yeah, babe, right there.' I moaned, spreading my legs so that he could get deeper. He slowly made his way up and looked me in the eyes. I felt his cock head probe my ass, and then enter slowly inside.

'Ahh, yeah, don't stop, ohh-ohh.' I grunted.

He began fucking me. He had his hand around my cock, jacking me off in perfect strokes matching his pace. His breath got heavy and his gyrations more sporadic. He was going to cum in my ass. As if he saw the look in my eyes, he stopped.

'I'm falling in love with you, Chris.' He said, kissing me.

My thoughts ran into each other. I couldn't think of anything but him, and I wanted him so much. It wasn't just on a sexual level, I wanted him completely.

He started to move slowly, in a long, fluid motion. With every motion he started to go deeper and faster until finally we came together. I shot three loads, hitting my chest and stomach. He broke from my kiss and worked his way down my chest, cleaning each drop of cum with his tongue.

'I think we need showers.' I laughed, imagining what we must look like.

'I think so too, come on.' Drew said, taking my hand and leading me to the first floor bathroom. He turned on the water and threw me in the shower, following quickly. We showered and went to the bedroom.

'It's Friday; do you want to stay the night?' He asked, pulling me down onto his bed.

'Yeah, I'd just have to go home and get clothes, Drew stop!' I laughed trying not to show him how ticklish I was.

'Ohh, what's the matter, babe? Why can't you stop laughing? Are you ticklish?' He asked while tickling me even more than he was before.

'Babe, stop! STOP! Quit, you're not funny anymore! Stop it!' I said, trying to get away from his grip.

'Okay, but you have to kiss me. Otherwise I'm not stopping.'

'Deal.' I looked over and kissed him on the cheek.

'What the fuck was that?' He managed after a couple of frustrated stutters.

'A kiss, now lay off!' I said, sticking my tongue out and putting on my clothes. 'I'll be back in a little bit. Don't pout babe! You look like a little boy.' I said, trying not to laugh.

'Fine. Bye.' He then turned around and laid face down on the water bed.

I couldn't get that sight out of my head the entire drive to my house. I wanted to laugh so hard, he reminds me of a little boy. I pulled into the driveway and left the car running as I got out and walked up to the door.

'Hey, I'm staying the night at a friend's house!' I called to whom ever was home.

'Whose house would that be?' Cynthia said while following me up the stairs and to my room.

Cynthia was always nosy. Everyone knew her as a gossip. She was two inches shorter than me, about 5'8, and had dark brown eyes and hair like me. Everyone knew that as soon as she found out something, everyone found out something.

'Someone I met at the club the other day, talk to you later sis!' I said, not giving her time to ask anymore questions. I didn't want her knowing about me, I didn't want anyone knowing about me; especially because Drew was a counselor at our school.

I threw the bag into Drew's car and pulled out of the driveway. When I got to Drew's house, I checked my phone. Sixteen new texts? How did I not notice this? I opened my phone and checked. Every text was from Drew, counting the minutes I was gone. As cheesy as I thought this was; I loved it. I walked into his house, went upstairs, and found him watching T.V. with some popcorn.

'I want some!' I said, throwing my stuff down and running to the bed.

'Make your own! This took me three minutes to make.' He said teasingly.

'Fine. I'm only kissing you on your cheek from now on then.' I said while pulling the comforter more on me than him.

'What the fuck babe?!'

'Yup. I'm going to sleep; night.'

'That was a dick move.' He said, trying to make me sit up.

After about fifteen minutes he decided it would be best to just cuddle with me. I fell asleep thinking about staying like this for forever. I couldn't believe that in just one day I fell in love with this man, and I loved the fact that he was mine.

More To Come.



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