This part continues with Chris' point of view. Enjoy the final chapter of The Counselor.

Here's the story:

I walked out of the house with my stuff in my arms. I opened the back door and threw it all in there, closed the door, and climbed into the passenger seat.

'God I hate what he does to me.' I said to myself. I sat there for a while. My mind raced through memories; a tear slid down my cheek. I pulled out of his driveway and continued down the road, going to Sam's house.

I pulled into Sam's driveway and sluggishly walked to his front door. I paused with my finger next to the doorbell. This entire situation was too stressful. I wished with everything I had to be able to stop doing this to myself. I looked at my finger, centimeters away from the doorbell. I slowly dropped my hand to my side and turned, walking off of the doorstep.

'Chris?' I heard Sam's voice call.

I turned around and looked at him fully in the face, 'I need to tell you thanks.' I said, stepping closer to him. He was a foot away from me before I continued: 'thank you for showing me what really matters in my life, Sam.'

'Do you want to come in?' He hesitated, moving the door back and forth.

'I better not. Thank you anyway. I'll see you around?' I turned and took another step away from him.

'You should go back to him.'

I turned around and gave him a tired look.

'As much as I want you to be with me, you should go back to him, Chris.' Sam said, stepping out of the house and closing the door.

'I'm not in love with him anymore, Sam.' I said. Once again I walked closer to him.

'Did you hesitate?' Sam asked, walking up to me so that he was directly in front of me.

'What?' I didn't know what he was saying, but I wanted to know badly.

'Did you let him hold you?' He asked, his lips inches away from mine.

I flashed back to the moment I relaxed in Drew's arms. He asked me to stay, but I wouldn't let myself.

'You still love him, Chris.' Sam said, I could feel his breath on my face.

'How do you know?' I asked, letting a tear fall from my eye.

'Because after all of the time I've been standing here, this close to you, you've been thinking about him.' He kissed me on my forehead.

I laughed. Dry sobs escaped my chest as I fell into Sam, his arms wrapped around me.

'Come inside.' He said, guiding me into his house. He set me on the couch, not letting go of me.

I let him hold me, I needed comfort. I let all of the tears fall, every single one that I've ever held back, and every single one that I needed to let go. I let myself be me, and I let everything else go. I let my feelings take over, and I realized that Drew was always going to be in my head; I was always going to love him.

There we sat; me crying into Sam's chest while he ran his hands through my hair. I looked up at him and laughed.

'Sorry for using you as my tissue.' I said, sniffling.

'I'll hold off on being mad at you.' He kissed the top of my head.

As much as I could stay there for forever, I didn't love Sam, and I knew that I needed to go back to Drew. There was a sweet sadness that hurt me as I looked up into Sam's face. I wanted the best for him and it still mad me feel horrible to think that he thought I was the best for him.

'I'll get over you,' he smiled, 'granted you crushed me.' He laughed.

I looked up into his eyes with seriousness, 'I'm sorry Sam. I really am.' I kissed his chin, then his lips.

'I'll miss you Chris.' He broke the kiss and got up, helping me up.

'I'll miss you too, Sam.' I frowned and then forced myself to smile. I gave his hand a squeeze then got up and walked out of his house. I felt relieved, but there was something that I couldn't explain. It was something that made me feel like I wasn't done here.

I got into my car and drove back to Drew's house. I passed Cam on the way; he gave me a dirty look. I laughed and continued to Drew's house. I turned into his driveway and got out of the car. I walked up to the door and knocked. After a couple of minutes I tried the knob, it was unlocked.

I walked into Drew's house and heard him yelling my name.

'Chris?' He called; he turned the corner and walked into the kitchen.


'Chris? What happened to us?' He yelled, going into the kitchen.

I followed him and stopped at the doorway.

'We were so,' he pulled open the fridge and yanked out a beer, 'happy, right?' He put his head back and poured the beer down his throat, then dropped the beer can and fell to the ground.

I took a step forward, I thought he was hurt. I stopped, he continued to talk:

'Remember the time when I chased you around the house?'

I smiled, I flashed back to me standing in the bathroom with the door locked. Drew kept telling me to unlock it.

He laughed to himself, 'and the time I tickled you. You got so annoyed with me,' He stood up and walked towards me. He walked right past me, I smelled alcohol on him. He didn't seem to see me; he was too drunk.

He kept walking towards the sun room, 'but you still laughed.' He stumbled over a pair of shoes, kicked them, and kept walking, 'God I loved it when you smiled.' He yelled, walking into the sun room.

I picked up the shoes and threw them into the closet. Drew stopped for a second, almost like he was listening then continued his rant.

'And the times where you cuddled with me,' he walked over to the couch, 'those were always the best times of my life, babe.' He lied back on the couch; I think he started to fall asleep. 'I wonder what happened to us, Chris,' his eyes started to close, 'why did you stop loving me.' He fell asleep, I saw a tear escape and run down his cheek.

I walked up to Drew. His chest was rising and falling, and I wondered how long he was drunk for. I bent over next to his ear, 'I do love you babe.'

He shifted in his sleep, 'I love you too, Chris.' he mumbled.

I smiled and went to the other room to get a blanket. I returned to see him rolled up into a ball. I threw the blanket over him, kissed him on his cheek and went to the living room. The house was quiet. I sat down on the couch and stared out of the window.

'This is insane,' I whispered to myself. I walked into the sun room and told Drew we had to take him to his room. He got up, slumped his arms over me, and told me to talk him up the stairs. He, surprisingly, walked up the stairs by himself and told me to let him sleep for a while. I nodded my head and watched him walk up the stairs. I heard him shut the door of his room. I turned around and headed for the living room and then sat on the couch.

I sat on the couch for what seemed like forever. After ruminating about the incident, I decided to go back upstairs with Drew. I walked up the stairs and went into his room. The bed was completely messed up; Drew had the covers thrown halfway off the bed. I giggled and made my way to the bed. Sitting down on the edge of it, I spoke.

'Drew?' I whispered, turning around to look at him.

He mumbled.

'For what it's worth, I remember all of those times baby.' I said, smiling. I waited for him to answer; he didn't so I went on.

'Things just changed I guess.' I got up and walked around the bed to my side then lied down.

'We were happy,' I turned so that I was on my side facing him, 'but I'm not so sure what happened to that, babe.'

He shifted in his sleep, mumbling a little more.

'One thing's for sure Drew,' I put my hand on his back, 'I'll never stop loving you.'

Things seemed to happen quickly. Drew raised his head and turned so that he was facing me, his eyes open. He kissed me deeply, his tongue making his way into my mouth. I couldn't breathe; my body was almost in shock. I wasn't sure why I was acting like this, but everything was completely different. The kiss was like it used to be, back when everything was okay. He broke away; I could still smell the alcohol on his breath.

'Promise you'll be here in the morning.' He whispered. It was dark, but I could still see his eyes; they pierced me.

'Promise.' I said, kissing him back.

He pulled me on top of him, never breaking a stride. I felt his hands caress my sides, pulling my shirt off and throwing it. I moaned softly into his mouth as I felt his fingers make their way to my nipples, lightly massaging them.

I was rubbing his cock through his briefs. He lifted me up with on hand, slid his briefs down, and then set me back down. I could feel his meat through my shorts and wanted it desperately to be inside me. I stood up, my legs on both sides of Drew's body and took off my shorts. Drew smiled and I felt his hands pull at me. I dropped down; he pulled my waist up to his mouth and took my hard tool into his mouth. I started to face fuck him, at first slowly. After about five minutes I started to pump my fuck stick into his mouth, I felt the head of my cock enter the back of his throat.

'Uh uh uh, oh yeah, uh uh swallow that hard cock!' I shouted.

He moaned and pulled me out of his mouth. I felt his hands on the back of my head and in seconds I was kissing him. I could taste my pre in his mouth. Our tongues explored each other. I could feel him but two fingers in my asshole, I moaned each time he went deeper. I moved my hips down. I felt his dick rubbing between the crack of my ass and I continued to moan softly.

'You want it babe?' Drew broke the kiss, breathing hard.

'I want you, Drew!' I looked into his eyes. There was something subtle about that moment that I cannot explain. I felt him push his cock into my ass, but I toned out the pain. He sunk all the way in, his pubes tickling my balls.

Drew started to pump his hips as I leaned forward, arching my back, and rode him.

'You have such a fucking sweet hole babe!' He shouted, he was fucking me so hard that each time he thrusted all the way into me a wet smacking sound was hard.

'Yeah, uh, harder!' Was all I could manage.

He rolled over, placing me on my back. He took my feet and put them over his shoulder and continued to pound my tight cunt.

'You like that fucking pole in your ass, Chris?' He whispered his lips only a few centimeters away from mine.

I lifted my head up and kissed him. His thrusts slowed down to slow, deep thrusts. We didn't break the kiss; it seemed to go on for ten minutes. I felt his breath accelerate, and then he moaned loudly into my mouth. I could feel jets of warm cum shoot deep inside my bowls. Drew kept thrusting, sending me over the edge. I shot four times all over my stomach.

Drew collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing hard. After a couple minutes of us just feeling each other's body, Drew spoke.

'I missed you more than anything when you left, babe.'

All I could do was smile.

'I'll see you in the morning.' Drew said. He rolled over and fell asleep.

I looked over, kissed him on the cheek, and then got up and took a shower. When I got out of the shower Drew was spread out all over the bed, leaving no room for me.

I walked over to the bed, 'Drew, move!' I whispered.

He snored even louder.

'I know you're awake!' I jumped on top of him.

'Was that even the least bit necessary?' He slurred, rolling over and wrapping me up in his arms.

'No, but it worked didn't it?' I laughed and tried to wrestle myself free. I could feel his hands move to my sides, he started to tickle me.

'DREW STOP!' I yelled, trying my best on to laugh.

'Say it.' He said, holding me tighter.

'I would, but I can't breathe!' I screamed, trying to pull his hands away from my chest.

'You can still talk,' he laughed his goofy laugh, 'say it fast.'

I laughed. 'Drew is the most handsome man in the entire world.'

'And...' He kissed my neck.

'And what?' I smiled.

He tickled me some more.

'Okay, okay! Drew is the most handsome man in the entire world, counting Chris!' I said quickly. He didn't stop tickling me.

'BABE STOP!' I got out of his grasp and rolled up in the covers.

'Oh not this again!' He said, trying to get the comforter off of me.

'Say you're sorry.' I said in a pouting tone.

'Sowy.' He said.

I lifted up the covers and he rolled under them with me. We cuddled for a little while, and then I was asleep.

I woke up in the morning with Drew completely on top of me. Even though I hadn't stayed the night in a while, I still remembered how much of a messy sleeper he was.

'Drew, get off of me.' I said calmly, trying not to laugh.

'Huh?' He mumbled. He was just waking up.

'I kind of sort of can't breathe...again.' He whispered into his ear.

He raised his head and looked down, smiling. He gave me a big kiss on the lips, 'you kept your promise.'

'I always do.' I smiled and kissed him again.

He rolled over and groaned.

'What's wrong?' I asked urgently, looking at him.

'Hangover.' He said, putting his hand up to his head.

'Hmm. Well, I'll go make some breakfast and bring it up to you.'

'Okay,' he smiled, 'thanks babe.'

I gave him another kiss and got up. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

'Hmm, let's see.' I said, rummaging through things.

I pulled out bacon and things to make French toast. As I made them, I remembered the time when I cracked the egg and made a mess with Drew. I laughed to myself and finished cooking.

I brought Drew his breakfast on a tray.

'Thanks.' He smiled again. Everything seemed so right.

'You're welcome. I gotta go, babe, I have to go buy things for graduation tomorrow.'

'Shit I forgot! I'm supposed to shake everyone's hands tomorrow. Important role, huh?' He winked and took a bite out of a piece of bacon.

'Well, I'll swing by later, kay?' I walked over to Drew's dresser and looked for some clothes.

'Uhm, babe?' He called.

'What,' I couldn't find a single anything of mine in there, 'where did all of my clothes go?!' I asked, turning around and looking at him.

Drew frowned and then looked back at me, 'you kind of took them.'

I flashed back to yesterday, 'oh.' I blushed. 'They're still in my car, I'll go get them!' I walked out of the room. It got really awkward for a second, and I was trying to avoid talking about what happened.

I came back to the room with my clothes and found Drew looking through some pictures. He was sitting on top of his bed.

'Whatcha got there babe?' I threw my clothes on one of the chairs and ran up to the bed, jumping on Drew's lap.

'Easy!' He laughed. 'Just some pictures I developed.'

I looked down; they were pictures that Drew and I took together. There was one of us at the beach, he was trying to put sun screen on my face and I wouldn't let him. I looked at the next one; it was one that Drew had taken. I was asleep and he was kissing me on my forehead. My heart melted.

'Awe, babe, I love you.' I looked at him.

'It's really good to hear you say that again.' He kissed me on my forehead and gave me a hug, 'but you better get going, I'll text you in a little bit.'

I frowned at him.

'Don't make that face; it makes it hard to let you leave.' He laughed and put the pictures back into his night stand.

I got up and took a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from the pile of clothes that I left on the chair.

'You're not going to put those back?' Drew called from the bed. He got up and picked up his tray.

'Oh, sorry Mr. Stevens.' I said, picking up the clothes and folding them after I put some on. I walked over to the dresser and shoved them in there.

'I really do hate when you call me that.' He came up behind me and kissed my neck.

'Oh really? Well sorry again...Mr. Stevens.'

'You're luck I have a hangover, otherwise I'd fight you.'

I laughed and walked over to the door, Drew followed me. I walked downstairs and went to the front door.

'Bye baby!' Drew called from the kitchen. I heard him open the dishwasher.

'Bye!' I called and left.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. After I bought all of my graduation stuff, I went home. Mom and dad were sitting at the dinner table, I heard them whispering.

'Hey, what are you talking about?' I asked; they stopped talking immediately. 'Oh, well it's safe to say that you weren't talking about me.' I gave a sarcastic laugh.

'Nothing. How was your day?' Mom asked, she winked at dad and looked back at me.

'Pretty usual. What about you guys?'

'It was...different.' Dad said, smiling significantly.

'Are you guys going to tell me what's going on?' I was starting to get a little frustrated.

'Nope.' Mom said. They both got up and walked to the kitchen.

I stood there, kind of annoyed by the fact that they wouldn't tell me what was going on. I went to my room.

I jumped on top of my bed and pulled my phone out. I hit speed dial number one and called.

'Hey what's up?' Drew called into the phone. He sounded distracted.

'Nothing babe, what about you?' I asked, rolling over onto my back.

'Just ring sho I mean shopping.'

'What?' I asked, I was getting annoyed by the fact that everyone was keeping me out of some loop.

'Nothing. Hey, want me to pick you up after I'm done here?'

'Yeah, sure.' I said, putting the phone on speaker phone, 'I'll see you in a bit.'

'Okay, love you! Bye.' He hung up.

I closed my phone and threw it to the ground. I hated not being caught up on things. I looked at my phone and laughed.

'You're being such a bitch.' I said to myself, rolling over on my stomach.

I put my head on my pillow and thought about how fast school went by. I was sad for a moment, and then I turned excited about graduation. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

I woke up to a loud laughter coming from downstairs. I checked the time, it was seven at night! I wonder if Drew had tried to call me. I reached over the side of the bed and picked up my phone. Two missed calls, both from Drew. I called him back and got his voicemail.

Deciding to see what was so funny; I went downstairs and turned into the parlor. There sat Drew with my parents, my mom laughing because Drew apparently spilt his drink all over himself. I was shocked, this was the first time my parents actually met Drew in person. I stood at the entrance, not knowing what to say. A million things rushed through my head: did they like him? How long has he been here? What the fuck was going on?

Drew looked over at me, 'evening sleepy head.'

I nervously giggled and made my way over to the bar. Mom put her arm around my shoulder and my dad smiled at me.

'You've got yourself quite a catch here, Chris.' Mom whispered, kissing me on my cheek.

I blushed.

'So Drew, you're a counselor at the school, right?' Dad asked, taking a sip of his martini.

'Yeah, fun job, huh?' He laughed sarcastically.

'And that's how you met Chris?' Dad asked, looking over at me.

'Yes, he's part of the alphabet that I handle.' Drew said, whipping the rest of his drink off of the counter.

'I see.' Dad said.

I couldn't help but think that dad was trying to grill Drew.

I gave dad a stop-talking looked and smiled at Drew.

'Okay, okay, I can take a hint.' Dad said out loud.

'Honey, you were being a bit unnecessary.' Mom said, pulling her arm back to her.

'I just wanted to learn more about the guy, Sheryl!' He said, moving his drink to the side.

'Well you can do that without the third degree.' She said, looking at Drew and smiling. She was obviously drunk.

'Uhm, we have to go, right babe?' I had enough of the situation.


I gave him a dirty look.

'Oh, yeah I'm sorry guys I completely forgot! We have, uhm, restaurant plans.' Drew looked at me with a questionable look on his face.

'Okay, well it was nice talking with you Drew!' Mom said, walking around the counter and giving him a hug. She whispered something into his ear that made him get a huge smile.

'Yeah, it was really nice meeting you!' Dad walked around the other side of the counter and shook his hand, 'you have my permission.' He said in a hushed tone. He didn't think I could hear him.

I was kind of mad that dad said that. Drew and I had been like this for a while, why do I all of a sudden need his permission?

'It was nice meeting you both too! We'll talk at graduation tomorrow.' Drew gave both of them a smile and walked around the bar to me. He gave me a kiss and we turned and walked to the door.

'Bye mom, bye dad! I'll be back in the morning to pick up my stuff for graduation.'

'Okay!' Mom shouted. I think she was a little buzzed.

We walked out of the door and got into Drew's car.

'Babe, your parents are amazing.' He said, starting the car.

'Haha, I'll trade you.'

'Deal, I need a break from mine.' He laughed and pulled out of the driveway.

We drove to his house. For some reason he kept asking me if I wanted to go to sleep.

'Babe, I'm not tired.' I said, a little frustrated, after about the sixth time. I sat down on a chair in the patio.

'Are you sure?' He asked, sitting on my lap.

'Are you drunk or something?' I smiled.

'No, I mean, who gets drunk anymore. You act like I'm even old enough to drink or something. I'm only thirty six.' He clumsily put his hand on top of my head.

'I'm going to take that as a flaming yes.' I said, kissing him on his cheek, 'oh and I'm starting to lose feeling in my legs.'

He jumped up with a frightened look on his face, 'oh my God, you're a paraplegic! Why didn't you ever fucking tell me?' He kicked my leg.

'Ow, babe! What the fuck?' I rubbed my shin.

'You felt that?' He said in amazement.

I started to laugh, 'yes! You really need to go to sleep.' I got up and walked over to him, grabbed his arm, and led him upstairs to his bedroom.

He started to snicker.

'What now?' I was getting annoyed.

'Psst, babe,' he pointed at the bed, 'we've had sex on top of that before.'

I started to laugh, 'well now that we have that out of the way--'

Drew forced his tongue in my mouth. I relaxed and felt his hands push me down on to my knees.

'Suck it, bitch.' He said, pulling his jeans and briefs down.

His cock was rock hard. I took his balls into my hands and gently massaged them as I started to lightly lick the pre-cum off of the tip of his dick head.

'Quit teasing.' He thrusted forward, his cock going into my mouth. He started to face fuck me, each time hitting the back of my throat. I gagged at how rough he was being.

'Yeah, you like choking on my fuck stick, don't you?' I felt his hands pull my hair.

'Mhhmmmm,' I nodded my head.

He fucked my face for about ten minutes then pulled me off of his throbbing tool.

'Let's see that pretty asshole of yours.' He said. He turned me around and pushed me on the bed. I felt his hands rip my pants down along with my boxers and then spread my ass cheeks.

'Mhhm, looks good.' He slurred.

His tongue dove deep into my hole. I moaned loudly as he began to fuck my hole with his tongue. I felt saliva drip down my ass and heard his slurping.

'Oh baby you have such a sweet ass.' He whispered.

I felt him lay on top of me. His mouth was right next to my ear.

'You want my member in you, don't you?' He said. I felt him rub it up against my asshole.

'Yes!' I moaned, pushing my butt into his cock.

He shoved his dick all the way in up to the hilt. I felt his body shiver, then he started to gyrate.

'You little slut!' He shouted, pulling my head back and licking the side of my face.

'Uh, yeah, uh uh don't stop!' I moaned.

He went harder and deeper, I felt his cock in my guts. He rose up off of my back and started to ride me. His hands were gripping my sides.

'You're my little bitch, aren't you?' He shouted.

I didn't answer, he pulled my head back and gave a violent thrust.

'Yes!' I shouted. This entire situation was turning me on so much that I couldn't stand it.

I felt sweat from his face land on my lower back as he watched himself rip my ass up. I felt my body twist with excitement and I shot my cum onto the sheets.

'Oh fuck babe, I'm gonna breed your ass!' He grunted. His cock grew in my asshole in started to shoot warm liquid as I began whimpering.

He rolled over and collapsed on the bed. A couple minutes went by and I heard his soft breathing as he fell asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom to shower.

I finished taking a shower and made my way back to the bedroom. Drew was on his back, snoring. I smiled and went over to him.

'Babe?' I called, shaking his shoulder.

He moved so that his body was facing the opposite direction of me.

'Don't forget, graduation is tomorrow.' I said. I started to rub his back.

'Yeah.' He mumbled.

I went over to the other side of the bed and lied down. Drew cuddled up with me and before I knew it, I was asleep.

'Chris, Chris wake up!' Drew called.

'What?' I shouted. I am always grumpy in the mornings.

'You have to start getting ready, graduation is at two!' He said. He picked me up into his arms.

'Babe, put me down.' I tried to roll out of his arms.

'It's twelve right now, so hurry up and get ready.' He sat me down on top of the bed, 'and don't fall back asleep!'

I heard him walk to the bathroom and close the door. I rubbed my eyes and checked my phone.

'Ugh. Fuck graduation.' I said to myself. I got up put some clothes on, I had to wait for Drew to take me home to get ready.

Drew came out of the bathroom and gave me a funny look, 'that's what you're wearing to graduation?'

'Yes, Drew, this is the exact outfit I'm going to wear to my graduation. How did you know?' I said sarcastically. I was still grumpy.

'Well, jeeze, I didn't know!' He went into his closet.

'Hey babe, you're going to be at graduation, right?' I called. I heard him zip up his jeans.

'Yeah, why?' He asked.

'I don't know, just wondering.' Truth was that Sam was going to be there, and I wasn't sure how that was going to turn out.

'Okay. Well do I have to take you home?' He came out of his closet.

'Yes, I gotta go get my cap and gown.' I said.

'Okay, well let's get going!' He walked over to the bed and held out his hand.

I took it and lifted myself up, kissing him on the cheek, 'I love you.'

His eyes had a certain deepness to them after I kissed him. 'Is something wrong?' He asked, opening his arms up.

I fell into them, 'no, why?'

'Oh I was just wondering. It would suck if something happened right before I never mind.' He stopped himself from saying something.

'You what?' I asked, turning to face him.

'Nothing, let's get you home!'

I was a little curious as to what he was talking about, but I just decided to let it go.

Drew drove me home and told me that he'd see me at my graduation. Mom frenetically waved to him from the front door and smiled at me as I walked up the front porch stairs.

'Aren't you excited?' She asked. She wrapped her arm around my shoulders as I walked into the house.

'For graduation? Sure.' I said, shaking my head.

'Oh...he hasn't told you.'

I turned to look at her and she blushed.

'I'm not saying a word.' She said. She did a motion as if she was zipping up her mouth and walked into the foyer.

I shook my head and headed up stairs. At that point in time, I didn't really care what she was saying.

I walked up to my room and took my cap and gown off of the door handle. It was around one fifteen right then and there, and I had to be at the hall by one thirty.

I hurriedly put on the gown and walked out of the door. The drive to the hall started to make me wonder what everyone was trying so hard to hide from me. I blocked it all out as I made my way into the hall and up the stairs to the main floor.

'Chris! Chris, over here!' I heard Steve called.

I turned around and saw Alexia waving as Steve cupped his hands and called for me.

I walked over and stood next to them.

'Are you nervous?' Alexia asked, hugging me.

'Just a little.' I said, giving her an extra squeeze.

She held me at a shoulder width and looked me in the eye.

'Now I've heard about all of those people who lose touch after high school, and I just want to let you know that that's not going to happen with the four of us,' she looked around, 'you, me, Joey, and Steve that is.'

I shook my head, 'of course!'

'Okay, I was just letting you know. I'll kick your butt if it does.'

I smiled at her and then looked at Joey, 'deal?'

'You already know, man.' He said.

We had a group hug and then separated.

'Where is Joey, anyway?' He always seemed to be disappearing.

'He's valedictorian, remember?' Steve said, pointing at the front of the stage, 'he has to give a speech.'

'Oh yeah, I forgot.' I said. I looked up at Joey and cupped my hands over my mouth, 'JOEY! JOEY YOU'RE MY HERO!'

He looked up from the podium and laughed. Everyone that was already there stared at me.

Before I knew it, I heard the cue for us to march sound, and everyone was marching up to sit in the chairs.

The ceremony went by quickly, all of the speeches were given and then we were told to rise and walk up the stage to receive our diplomas. Drew was shaking everyone's hand at the beginning of the stage. I walked up and looked Drew in the eyes. He nodded to me and I felt my heart skip a beat. He offered out his hand and I took it; my entire body felt like it had melted. I didn't know why, but it made me even more in love with him.

Graduation ended. Everyone cried at the end, and everyone took pictures. After I got done posing for what seemed like a billion pictures, I found my parents.

'Hey guys.' I said, walking up behind my mom and giving her a big bear hug.

She turned around, crying, 'honey I'm so proud of you!' She wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed.

After prying her off, my dad shook my hand, 'I think Drew is looking for you.' He winked at me.

'Oh, where is he?' I looked around. I didn't see him at all.

'He said something about his car.' Dad said. He and my mom were smiling really big.

'Okay, you guys are really going to have to tell me what's going on.' I said. It was getting really annoying.

'Oh look! It's Joey!' Mom and dad hustled away towards Joey.

I watched as they diverted my demand.

'Fine!' I shouted after them and turned to the parking lot to scan for Drew's car. He parked way in the back and I made my way towards it.

He smiled at me and unlocked the doors.

'Hey babe,' I hopped into the passenger seat, 'you were looking for me?'

'Yeah, I have something for you.' He passed me a gift wrapped in blue wrapping paper with a bow on the top.

'You didn't have to, Drew!' I said, all modesty aside.

'Just open it.' He squeezed my hand. His hands were all sweaty.

I ripped off the wrapping paper and looked at the gift. It was a scrap book.

I started to look through it. The first page a pictures of Drew and me that were taken at the beach. One of them was of me dumping water on Drew; Stacey took it. The next page had pictures that Drew and I took just randomly. There was one that Drew took of me kissing him on the cheek. Each page had a different essence to it.

'Drew, I love you so much.' I said, closing the book and looking up at him.

'You forgot to look at the last page, babe!' He said, he had something in his hand.

'I'll do it when I get home!' I smiled and shifted the book in my arm.

'Do it now, please!' He protested.

I smiled and flipped to the last page. It was a picture of a ring.

'I don't get it...' I said, looking up at Drew.

There was a ring in his hand. He opened his mouth, I felt my heart beating faster than I had ever felt it beat in my entire life.

'Marry me.' He said.

I looked at the ring, then up at him, then at the ring again. This entire thing seemed unreal.

'Uh, I...uh,' I looked at him in the face.

'I bet you didn't expect this when I asked you to dance.' He said.

I remembered saying that to him so long ago.

'So...' He said, waiting.


And they lived happily, ever after.



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