This part is from Drew's point of view, I thought it might change a couple of your opinions.

Here's the story:

'Wha-what?' I stuttered, looking at Chris. I thought everything was going to be better, I thought we were past these things.

'With who?' I asked, I could feel my head getting hot. I hated losing my temper with him.

'It doesn't matter.' He mumbled, wiping away some of his tears.

'TELL ME!' I yelled, grabbing his shoulder.

He winced in pain. I couldn't help my anger; this entire thing was complete bullshit to me.

'You're hurting me!' Chris yelled, shrugging my hand off of his shoulder.

'Oh really?!' I couldn't control myself, I grabbed his chin hard and pulled it so that he was facing me, 'and what do you think you just did to me?' I said, I could feel my voice getting harsh.

'Drew let go of me!' He said and got out of the car. He walked into the house.

I couldn't believe what he just told me. This entire thing seemed so crazy, almost as if it were a dream. I got out of the car and followed him into the house.

'Chris!' I yelled. I heard him upstairs.

I walked upstairs and opened my door. Chris was going through my things, taking his clothes and putting them on the bed.

'What are you doing?' I asked, walking closer to him.

'I'm taking my things back. I can't do this anymore.' He said, throwing a polo of his onto the bed.

'No, we need to talk about this.' I grabbed his hand.

He stopped and looked at me. 'Drew, seriously. We can't do this anymore, as much as we try; things will never get back to how they used to.' He choked on the last word. Tears started to form in his eyes.

I hated seeing him cry. I hated doing this with him, 'please baby' I pleaded, I felt torn, 'stay.' I pulled him in closer.

He relaxed into my arms and then pushed himself away, 'no, I'm sorry Drew.' He wiped some tears out of his eyes and continued taking his things.

'I'm not going to let you leave.' I pushed him back onto the bed. A look of shock was on his face.

'Stop.' He said stringently. He got up with his things and walked towards the door.

I grabbed him and pulled him back, he dropped his stuff.

'Drew, I'm serious. Stop, I'm not in love with you anymore!' He said.

The world seemed to slow down to a screeching halt. I felt his hand fall from my hand and heard his footsteps exit the room. I couldn't bring myself out of this trance; everything seemed to playback in my head.

I was back at the office, the first day I actually talked to Chris. Everything seemed so simple, I had this little boy crush on one of the students that I had to keep hidden, that entire situation seemed simple. How did I fuck it up?

I was at the boardwalk. Chris was walking away from me and I remembered thinking how stupid I am to watch him go. I run up to him, grabbing him by his shoulder. I was in love with him, I found the person I'd been searching for.

I was at the beach, the first time we fought. I remember thinking that even though Chris was so mad, we'd get through it. I snapped out of my state. I was lying on the bed, I had no clue how I got there. It was dark outside and I could hear the waves at the beach and crickets. My heart was racing; I was searching every moment in my mind to find a solution to this problem. I needed Chris; I couldn't imagine my life without him. Was it true that he doesn't feel the same way about me? I felt myself let everything go. I was on a rampage.

I went downstairs and opened the cover. I took some Jack out of the cabinet and sloppily opened the lid, throwing it across the kitchen. I took a swig of it, my entire chest burnt. I didn't care; I wanted to get away from all of this. I picked up my phone and dialed Cam's number. It rang a couple of times.

'Hey babe.' He whispered. I could tell he was trying to be sexy.

'Come over.' I said, taking another swig of Jack in between the pause.

'I'll be right there.' Cam said.

I hung up the phone before anything else was said.

Cam came about fifteen minutes later. The entire bottle of whiskey was completely gone, and all I could remember was him walking in and sitting on my lap. I slurred.

'Haha you look a little drunk baby.' Cam said, kissing my cheek.

'Yeah.' I grunted. I looked at him and kissed him hard on the lips. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and I sucked on it. It meant nothing, but I wanted him.

'I want you so badly right now Drew.' He said, his hand snaking down my chest. I felt an adrenaline rush.

I picked him up and laid him on the couch. I hastily undid my belt and pants, giving him just enough time to force his shorts down. I dove into his mouth, kissing greedily. He moaned into my mouth.

'Fuck me baby.' He said, I could feel his hand grab my cock.

I pushed his hand away and positioned my cock at his hole. 'You want it?' I growled, teasing his hole with my nine and a half inch monster.

'Uh, yeah.' He moaned, pushing his ass into my cock.

I pushed hard, there was no lube. He screamed out. I continued to fuck him; I didn't care about anything but getting laid.

'Ow, uh, ouch, it hurts baby.' Cam screamed, I remember his face wincing in pain each time I made my body thrust.

'Oh yeah?' I went deeper, the friction was getting me off.

Cam screamed. I covered his mouth with my mouth and continued to pound his tight ass.

I was close to cumming. I pushed harder and deeper, I could hear the sounds of my pelvis hitting his ass cheeks.

'I'm going to fucking destroy your ass with my seed!' I yelled, thrusting one last time. I collapsed on top of him, breathing hard.

'That hurt so badly.' He said, pushing me off of him, 'I told you that asshole.'

'Yeah, whatever.' I rolled off of him.

He got up and pulled his shorts off of the ground, 'you still never fail to amaze me. I would have never came over here if I knew it'd be like this.' He yelled, walking over to me and pushing my shoulder.

'Don't touch me.' I said, I was still drunk as hell.

'You haven't changed.' He turned around.

I heard his footfalls go to the front door, and then the front door slam. I got up from the couch, mumbling to myself.

'Chris?' I called, I knew he wasn't there, but I still continued to call for him.

'Chris? What happened to us?' I yelled, making my way into the kitchen.

'We were so,' I opened the fridge and took out a beer, 'happy, right?'

I chugged the beer and collapsed on the floor, the fridge door still open.

'Remember the time when I chased you around the house?' I laughed to myself. A part of me knew I was being crazy, but I wanted him to be there. I needed him to be there.

'And the time I tickled you. You got so annoyed with me,' I stood up and closed the fridge, walking out to the sun room.

'But you still laughed,' I stumbled over a pair of shoes. I kicked them out of my way, 'God I loved it when you smiled.' I continued to call.

I turned around; I thought I heard someone walking.

'And the times where you cuddled with me,' I continued walking to the couch, dismissing the sound, 'those were always the best times of my life, babe.' I lied back on the couch, my voice becoming weaker with each breath.

'I wonder what happened to us, Chris,' I could feel my eyes shutting, 'why did you stop loving me?' I closed my eyes. A tear ran down my cheek as I fell asleep.

More To Come.



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