I woke up really cold and half way off of the bed. Drew was the messiest sleeper I had ever slept with. I rolled over to my side and glanced at the clock on the night stand. 8:36a.m. I need coffee. I hopped out of the bed, went down stairs, looked through Drew's cabinets, and then found the coffee. I was waiting for the coffee to finish when I heard Drew come down stairs. He made his way out into the kitchen, still looking down, and opened the fridge.

'Good morning,' he said, still looking at the fridge, 'how'd you sleep?'

'Good considering I had no covers and was falling off the bed.'

He turned to me trying not to laugh.

'Sorry, babe, I'll warn you next time.' He winked at me.

'Yeah, whatever.' I turned to the coffee pot and pressed the off button.

He turned back to the fridge and began rummaging through its contents. After a minute or two, he shut the door and pulled out eggs and sausage.

'You actually cook?' I asked him in disbelief.

'No, I was going to make you do it; never mind then.' He said sarcastically, glancing in my direction.

'Need any help?'

'If you want to,' he said, now cracking the eggs and dropping the yolk into the frying pan, 'but I don't see you as the cooking type, baby.'

'Oh yeah, funny, it's just eggs!' I walked over to him and grabbed one of them out of his hand. 'Anyone can crack an egg,' I hit it on the counter top; the yolk went everywhere.

Drew found this amazingly funny. I was out of words; I just sat there with the egg shell in my hand.

'Well I'm guessing the category of anyone doesn't include you!' He said, still laughing.

I looked at him, still trying to be completely serious. It was hard to be serious when I was around him; he was always making me feel like the world was either funny or immaculate, but never serious.

'Here babe, you have something on you face,' he brought his hand up and wiped some yolk from my cheek, 'that's better.' He said, still laughing a little bit.

I leaned forward and kissed him. Half in a ploy to make him stop laughing, half just because I wanted to; either way I loved it.

'What happened to kissing me on the cheek?' He said in a mocking tone.

'Oh? You like them better? That's fine too.' I then kissed him on his cheek.

'NO! Stop.' He grabbed both of my shoulders and firmly held me an arms length from him.

'Hehe, I like it when you're rough.' I said, looking him fully in the eyes.

'Well in that case,' he lifted me on top of the island, pushing my cup of coffee to the floor, 'you'll love what I'm about to do next.'

He kissed me, his tongue exploring my mouth. He lifted his shirt off, giving me time to do the same to my own. His mouth made its way down to my neck, sucking and biting gently, and then moved slowly to my belly button. He undid my pants and pulled down my boxers with his teeth. My cock was already hard and sprang out. He licked up the shaft tenderly.

'Ohh, that feels so good.' I moaned, pumping my pole into his mouth.

He took my shaft all the way to the base, working his throat muscles and swallowing my cock. I was in heaven. He started to go faster, working his head in a half circle at the same time. I felt one of his fingers push its way into my pucker, and then two. My head was reeling; I was on the verge of cumming. My breath started to get heavy.

'I...I'm gonna cum...' I moaned.

Drew took my cock fully. I pumped into his mouth, pushing my cum into the back of his throat. He sucked my cock until it was dry, then made his way back up to my mouth. He kissed me fully, I could taste my cum on his tongue.

'I'm going to make love to you so hard, babe.' He whispered into my ear. I could feel his hands move towards his pajama bottoms and expose his rock hard member. I raised my legs around his waist. He positioned himself at the opening of my hole, pressing hard. I felt his meat enter; it hit something that made me jump.

'AHH! OH MY FUCKING GOD!' I screamed, latching myself around him. He started with short, fast thrusts; each one getting deeper and deeper. Then his thrusts got longer and slower, massaging my prostate with his fuck stick.

'Your hole is so fucking tight.' He moaned, 'babe, move, I'm gonna fuck you like this.'

His hands lifted and turned me. He wanted it doggy style. He pounded my ass from behind. With each thrust, I could feel the veins on his member. His movements began to become more erratic, and I knew he was close to cumming. I squeezed my ass around his cock, pumping his shaft for all it was worth.

'OHH FUCK!' He screamed.

I felt that warm sensation hit my insides and we collapsed on the island. He was lying on top of me, whispering into my ear.

'That was so hot, Chris! I love you.' He said, licking the lobe of my ear.

'I love you too, Drew.' As I said it, I couldn't help but think about the situation. He was the first guy I had ever been with, and I wondered if I was feeling like this just because he was my first. We laid there for a few minutes, not speaking; just breathing.

'What's wrong, babe?' He asked, shifting his weight and moving to my side.

'I don't know, nothing.' I lied. I didn't want him to know the doubts I was having.

'Tell me the truth. I can take it, I swear.' He jumped off of the island and put his elbows on top of it, cradling his head in his hands.

'It's just that, I feel like I'm in love with you, Drew...' I looked over at him, 'and it feels right and everything, but it just seems like it's too soon for me to be in love. I like it, I like the feelings you make me feel, but I don't know if it's real or not...' I looked up at him. He looked hurt, almost like he realized someone had just died.

'Oh...so you don't want to do this anymore?' he said, he looked at the floor, 'I understand, Chris. I mean, I'm double your age; who would want to do that? I'll take you to the boardwalk to pick up your car. I'm sorry if I moved too fast, ba'I mean, Chris.' He put his shirt and his pants on.

I felt horrible. I stared at him, trying to get him to make eye contact. He helped me off of the island. I put my clothes on and grabbed his hand. He spun around, looking me fully in the face. His eyes were watering, and it was really hard for me to actually picture a man like that crying.

'I don't know what I feel, right now, but I do know that I like it Drew. I know that I'm in love with you, I just don't know how I fell in love with you so fast.' I said, peering into his blue eyes.

'I know, and to tell you the truth, it scares me too,' he got closer to my face, 'I've never felt like this towards anyone, as cliché as it sounds. My ex and I dated for three and a half years and I never felt like this towards him.' He put both hands on the sides of my face.

'I just don't want to get my hopes up, ya know?' I said, breaking his gaze for a second.

'I'm always going to be here, no matter what. Chris, you can trust me.' He kissed me. It was a tender kiss, but it seemed like he was trying to say something more with it. I felt like I was spinning. I couldn't let go of him, and I memorized every detail of that moment. We broke the kiss and stared at each other.

'What are we going to do today?' He whispered.

'Let's drive around. Wanna go to the club tonight?' I asked, remembering the first time we met.

'That's fine.' He said, smiling at me.

'Then it's settled,' I kissed him on the cheek, 'don't act like I don't remember about that!' I said, running away from his grasp.

'You little, wait till I get a hold of you!' He said, chasing me up the stairs and into the bathroom.

'Let me in! Unlock this door!' Drew yelled, banging on the door.

'Nope! Sucks for you, babe.' I yelled back, turning on the water. 'I can't seem to hear you! This water is too loud...'

'Very funny, now open the door!' He yelled, jiggling the handle.

'Or what, Mr. Stevens? Are you going to give me a detention?' I mocked, placing my hand on the door knob, 'If I let you in, you have to promise you'll be nice.'

'Okay! Just let me in!' The pounding ceased.

'One...two...three!' I opened the door. Drew stood there with his fingers crossed.

'You never said I had to keep my promise.'

'No sex for a week.'

'Yeah, right. Come here,' He ran towards me and held me in my place, 'now, what should I do with you, mister?' He said, leaning in for a kiss.

'I'm not too sure, but I think I want to go finish cooking breakfast; I'm really hungry.' I said, acting like I didn't already know what he was thinking.

'Fine, I'll let you off this time, but next time it's going to be rough.'

'That is okay with me.' I winked at him.

'And I'll cook; we don't want egg all over anymore than it already is.' He turned around and walked out of the bathroom. I watched his form as he left the bathroom, God he had the most perfect ass I had ever seen.

I walked downstairs and to the kitchen. Drew was scrambling the eggs and cooking the sausage. I didn't tell him that I never eat my eggs scrambled. He got out plates and handed them to me, after which I set across from each other on the island. I had forgotten about the coffee on the floor and cleaned it up with the paper towel that was sitting next to the microwave. He finished cooking and served the food. We ate in silence for a couple of minutes.

'I have a better idea, let's not drive around today. Let's go to the beach.' He said, looking out of the patio door.

'You said that like you don't live on the beach!' I said, shoving the last of the egg into my mouth.

'Haha, yeah, I forget sometimes too.' He looked at me, smiled, and gave me the same look he did in his office on Thursday.

'Hey, what's that look for?' I asked him.

'Oh, nothing, it's nothing.' He said, biting into one of the sausages on his plate.

'You looked at me that same way that one day when I was in your office...' I said, trying to get more out of him.

'It's nothing babe, I promise.' He said, still looking at his plate.

'I've had enough of those promises, tell me.' I said a little frustrated.

He stared at me for a second. 'It's just that, I've always seen you from a far, like not really up close. I thought you were gorgeous, but when you're closer I can't stop staring at you. I don't know it just happens...' He was blushing.

I contemplated this statement. It was true; we never really did see each other up close until that one day in his office.

'I get that a lot.' I joked.

'And you should. Are you done with your plate?' He asked with an outstretched hand.

'Yeah, thanks for the breakfast, babe.'

'You're welcome.' He took our plates and put them into the dishwasher. 'Let's go for a walk.

He grabbed my hand and led me out onto the patio. We walked down the stairs onto the sand. The sand was surprisingly hot, considering it was still morning. We walked down to the waters edge, just messing around. After a couple of minutes, his look got more serious.

'Babe, can I ask you a question?' He stopped walking.

'Yes, what?' I asked, sitting down on the sand just out of the reach of the water.

'How long do you think we will last?' He asked, his blue eyes burrowing straight into my brown eyes.

'Hopefully a long time,' I said, 'why?' I asked him, reaching for his hand.

'Because we've only been at this for three days and it already feels like I want you to be with me for forever; I just want to make sure you feel the same way.' He looked off into the distance, 'if you don't I understand. There's just the fact that I can't stop thinking about you, I miss you when you're right here, and I haven't felt like this with anyone in my life!' He nervously played with the sand with his free hand.

I noticed he did that a lot, when he was thinking of something he played with whatever was free around him. I found this interesting for some strange reason.

'Drew, look at me,' I said, giving his hand a squeeze. He turned his face towards mine. We were inches apart, 'I know how I feel, and I definitely don't want to not be with you. I'm sorry about what I said before; I wanted to get it off of my chest before I started to over-analyze things too much. I want you with me, Drew.' I leaned forward and kissed him.

He pulled me on top of him, making my body line up directly with his body. His hands ran down to my ass, squeezing and massaging my gluts. My tongue explored his mouth; he tasted so good. He rolled over and ended up on top. He broke the kiss and looked directly at me.

'Ever make love on a beach?' He asked, a smile forming to his face.

'There's a first for everything,' I said, rubbing his half-hard cock through his khaki shorts.

'Mmm, that feels so good.' He moaned, raising his head up towards the sky.

He pulled his shorts off along with his black briefs. I felt his hard meat up against my leg. He lifted himself up and let me pull my shorts off.

'Hold on babe, I want you to ride me.' He said, rolling us over so that I was on top. He held me over his cock and I slowly lowered myself onto the head of his fuck stick. He pumped his cock so that he was completely inside then laid flat on the sand.

'Ohh, ooo, fuck babe! That feels so good. Ahh, yeah! Ride my cock. You like that dick in your ass? Tell me you like it!' He screamed, holding my sides as I moved my self up and down.

'Yeah, you like that? Uhhh, yeah, fuck! I love your dick in my ass, Drew! Ahhh, God!' I moaned.

He put his hands on my back and pulled me down to him. His mouth met mine. He was kissing me like a wild animal, and I was enjoying every minute of it.

'I'm close, ahh yeah, fuck that cock.' He whispered into my mouth.

He lifted me up and pumped his cock into my ass. With one final thrust, he shot his man juice into me. He rolled us over, lying on top of me. He looked down at me and started to laugh.

'What's so funny?!' I asked, trying to wiggle myself from his grip; he had me pinned down completely.

'I think the neighbor enjoyed the show.' He said, jerking his head toward the house upstage from the beach.

I wrestled my way free and looked towards the house. An old woman stood there, shaking her head in disapproval. She shut her curtains with a vehement motion and we both collapsed in laughter.

'I guess she got the full show, babe.' Drew said, kissing me fully on the lips.

More To Come.



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