It's been a year since then, and Drew and I can't be any happier. We had our wedding about three months ago; it was really amazing! Everyone, and I really mean everyone, came. Joey and Steve were in it; Steve was a little weirded out about one of his best friends being gay, but I think he's getting over it now. Alexia was a little mad that she didn't get to be a bridesmaid, but I mean, how could she be one; there's no bride! Mom and dad gave us their best of wishes, and they let me move into Drew's house! Cynthia got my old room, I'm not too mad about that (even though she wanted it because she thought that I would be). Drew's mom wants us to adopt kids sooner or later; she apparently wants grandchildren by any means. Funny lady, that Lucy is. Drew's father, Gary, seems to be nicer now that Drew and I are permanent. And Finally, Drew and I are pretty much in love. Yeah I know, yuck, but it's true.

This story starts off with me unpacking some of my boxes that I've been procrastinating to unpack

Here's the story:

'Babe? Are you up there?' I heard Drew's voice coming from down the flight of stairs.

'Yeah, I'm finishing the last of my unpacking.' I called back.

I heard his footsteps come up the stairs and into our room, 'we've lived together for six months, shouldn't you be done with that?' He kissed me on the neck and sat behind me, his legs on both sides of me.

I was sitting with the box in between my legs, 'oh says Mr. I Take A Billion Years To Propose To-Stevens.'

He chuckled, 'it wasn't even that long, kids these days.'

I turned my head so that I was looking at his face, 'remember the rule!'

'Okay, okay, I'm sorry; you're not a kid anymore.'

'Thank you,' I turned around and continued to unpack the box.

'You're just half my age and still in your teens.' He said under his breath.

'You're sitting right behind me! I can hear you breathing; did you think I wouldn't hear you talking?' I laughed and picked up a piece of paper.

He kissed my neck again, 'easy tiger.'

I ignored his last remark and continued to read,


Couldn't stop thinking about you and what happened tonight. I haven't felt like this in a while, and to tell you the truth, it makes me feel amazing. Can't wait to see you again, hopefully we can talk about things soon. Well, it's one in the morning and I still can't get to sleep! Lol. I guess I miss you. Talk to you soon, baby.


I smiled, 'babe do you remember this?' I handed him the letter.

He took it and scanned the words on the page, 'oh yeah, this is when I turned you into a flaming homosexual. Very fond memories.'

I elbowed him, 'jerk.'

'I was only kidding!' He said, resting his chin on my shoulder.

'Remember, that was the day before you broke up with me...the first time.' I remembered back to that day. I remember how amazing it was to think about him, and how different a puppy dog crush is from love.

'Hey, none of that! I didn't break up with you.' I felt his chest vibrate as he talked.

'I'm pretty sure you said something like you couldn't be doing this with me, or you could get into trouble, which to me is a break up (I'm not sure what that is to you).'

'Oh come off of it, we were 'broken up,'' he made air quotation marks, 'for literally two minutes.'

'It's still a break up.' I bit my lip.

'Enough,' he started to tickle my sides.

'STOP! Oh my God, Andrew Harvey Stevens, I will cut off your testicles!'

He laughed and leaned backwards, still tickling me, 'no you won't, you like my cum.'

I tried getting out of his grip, he just held on to me tighter.

'You're so annoying! Stop tickling me. BABE QUIT!' I was trying to pry his hands off of my stomach.

'Dude, remember the time when we got into that big fight?' He stopped and sat back up, I followed and we were back into our sitting position.

'What big fight?' I asked.

'The one before Christmas vacation. The pictures with Cam, me throwing you into the ocean, ring any bells?'

'Oh yeah, when you were still in love with Cam, you mean?' I grinned for a quick second.

'How many times do I have to tell you,' he said that statement like he was a robot, 'I was not--'

'In love with Cam, I know. I was just messing, babe.' I cut him off.

We sat there for a couple of minutes and thought, listening to each other breathe.

'I wonder what happened to him.' I said, putting my hands on Drew's (which were still around my stomach).

'I don't know...' Drew said, his words trailing off.

The scene abruptly shifts to a diner in Boston. A short, handsome man with curly red hair sits at a stool at the front of the diner. A waiter walks over to him.

'You knew here?' The waiter asked, sitting down on the stool beside the man.

'Yeah, how'd you guess?' The man asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

'You don't have the Boston accent.' He said, placing his apron on the counter, 'Tim, I'm out; want me to wait until Lou gets here?'

'Nah, get goin', Mike! Enjoy your weekend, son!' A guy's voice came from the kitchen; the man with red curly hair assumed it was the person named 'Tim.'

'So, what's your name?' Mike asked the man sitting on the stool next to his.

'Cam. I'm guessing yours is Mike.' Cam said with a lack of enthusiasm in his voice.

'Smart guy...' Mike said.

There was an awkward silence.

'Hey you wan--'

'Look, I'm not into awkward silences and pointless flirting. If you want to ask me out, then ask me out; don't make the situation more inane than it already is.' Cam said, taking another drink of his coffee.

'Okay, want to do something later tonight?' Mike said, trying to get Cam's attention away from his coffee cup.

'Depends on what that something might be.' Cam turned to face Mike.

'Well, I don't know; we could just hang. Maybe get a couple of beers or something.'

'Are you sure that's all? Because if it is, it sounds like a pretty boring time to me.' Cam said, draining the rest of his coffee and standing up. He dropped a couple of dollars on the counter next to the empty cup.

'Nice ass.' Mike said, standing up.

Cam turned around, a grin on his face, 'now that's what I'm talking about.'

Cam and Mike exit the diner together.

The scene shifts back to Drew and Chris sitting together.

'I guess we'll never know, huh babe?' I said, opening the box back up and reaching in. I took out an old blanket from when I was a baby.

'What's that crusty thing doing in there?' Drew asked, moving his head from my right shoulder to my left shoulder.

'Hey! My grandma made this for me when I was a baby!' I said defensively, folding it up and putting it on my right side.

'It wouldn't hurt to wash the thing once every decade, baby.' Drew said, almost laughing.

'Stop! You're being mean.' I made a deliberate pouting. Drew hated it when I did that, and I was trying to get back at him from earlier.

'Oh come on! It was just a joke, not even a funny one!' Drew said, resting his hands on my thighs.

'Nope. You're an asshole. Chris doesn't like assholes.' I said.

'Chris does too like assholes; otherwise he would have stuck with Sam.' Drew jeered.

'That seems like forever ago,' I drifted off for a second, 'hey! How'd you find out about Sam?!' I asked. Even though Drew and I are married now, I didn't tell him about Sam.

'I ran into Sam about a month ago in the grocery store. He kind of let it slip.' Drew said, rubbing my thighs.

'Well...' I waited for Drew to say something more.

'Well what?' He asked.

'Are you mad?' I asked, looking over my shoulder.

'No, I mean, it was while we were going through a rough time. I can't really blame you.' Drew said.

'I kind of miss Sam.' I said.

'Okay, now I'm mad.' Drew said. He stood up and jumped on the bed face down.

'Babe not like that!' I jumped next to him, 'I just mean, I miss his company.'

'Was that supposed to make me feel better?' He asked with his face smothered into a pillow.

'You're taking this entire thing out of context! I mean I miss talking to him, you know, things like that.' I said, laying my head on his back.

'You mean you miss the fuck.' He turned over so that my head was on his stomach.

'No, babe! You said that, not me.' I laughed a little.

'You pretty much just told me that, and it's not funny!' He sat up and moved so that my head fell on to the bed.

'Hey! That wasn't very nice. And talking and having sex is completely different.' I sat up and moved over so that I was sitting next to him.

'Fine. Whatever, you win.' He lied back down.

I cuddled up next to him and he put his arm around me, squeezing me next to his big, warm body.

'I wonder what he's been up to.'

The scene abruptly shifts to a man sitting in bed texting. He has a smile on his face.

'Babe, why are you texting me from the other room?' The man called.

'Oh no reason, Sam, I just missed you.' Another voice called from the bathroom next to Sam's room.

'Well then get out here!' Sam said, moving over.

There was a couple of moments of silence and then the bathroom door opened. A guy with jet black hair and blue eyes stepped out of the bathroom in his briefs.

'I would have been out earlier, but I was a little sore from someone.' The guy jumped into the bed next to Sam.

'Sorry, Ian, I get a little overboard in bed.' Sam said, smiling a little and kissing Ian on the lips.

'That's the way I like it baby.' Ian said, laying his head on Sam's shoulder.

'Baby, who's Chris?' Ian asked. He could hear Sam's heart beat faster.

'Why?' Sam asked back. He suddenly felt a little sad.

'Last night you said his name while you were asleep. Is he a real person?' Ian shifted his head on Sam's shoulder.

'Yeah.' Sam said. He started to get goose bumps.

'So...' Ian waited for Sam so continue.

'He was the first person I started to love.'

The scene shifts back to Chris and Drew lying together in bed.

'Babe, you're starting to get hard.' I said, looking at the bulge in Drew's pants.

'I can't help it,' Drew said, 'you're right here.'

'Well, I'm kind of tired. I mean, it is kind of early and everything so I might just go back to sleep and--'

'Stop acting like a woman start acting like Chris, I know you want it.' He smiled and grabbed his package.

I licked my lips and rolled over so that I was on top of Drew. I kissed his neck.

'Mmm, that's more like it.' He said while sitting up.

He pulled off his shirt, I did the same. Our bare torsos' touching was enough to make me hard. His breath on my ear made the hairs on my neck rise.

'I'm going to fuck you standing.' Drew growled.

I felt his powerful arms lift me. I locked my legs around his waist. He carried me to the nearest wall, pushing my back up against it. I felt his lips press against mine, and then his tongue in my mouth. I moaned quietly.

'How much do you want it baby?' I asked, I could feel his hands grouping my ass.

'Ahh fuck, I need your hole babe!' He moaned, setting me down enough so that I could drop my basketball shorts to the ground and so that he could do the same with his jeans.

'Make love to me Drew, drill my ass!' I grunted as he lifted me again.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled my mouth on to his. I felt his hand move down my side and to his cock so that he could place it at my hole.

'I'm gonna make you squeal.' Drew whispered in my ear. He pushed his meat into me.

I did just what he said I'd do; squeal, ' Uh-Uhh oh God, harder!' I shouted.

I arched my back as he thrusted his hips. My body was moving up and down the wall. He grabbed my waist and walked towards the bed, laying me down so that he was on top.

'Look at me baby.' He said.

He pushed his cock back into me; I bit my bottom lip. He did slow, long strokes until sweat was falling off of his body on to my chest.

'I'm gonna cum baby!' I shouted as he hit my prostate over and over. I felt my cock explode; jets of hot cream hit both my and Drew's chest.

My ass constricted on Drew's cock, making all of his body go rigid.

'OH FUCK, OH SHIT! I'M GOING TO FUCKING BREED YOUR ASS!' He shouted. I felt his cock twitch inside of me and then warmness spread in my anal cavity.

He collapsed on top of me; we sat there and breathed for a couple of minutes.

Drew rolled off of me and lied down on the other side of the bed.

'You know what babe?' He asked, still panting.

'What?' I said, rolling over on my side so that I could look at him.

'I really don't care what's going on with other people. I have you, and that's all that will ever matter to me.' He rolled onto his side and faced me, 'and no matter how many times we fight, how many times we did fight, or how many times I'm being an asshole, just remember that I love you. Yeah, I know; yuck; but it's true.'



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