I woke up to the sun shining. I was under the covers still naked. The night had been a blur and I forgot where I was for a second. I looked around, taking in every detail.

'Morning.' Sam called. He walked into the room with his boxers on.

'Oh, shit! Morning? Like what time?' It was Thursday, I had school.

'It's about ten, why?' He asked. He jumped into the bed and snuggled up against me. His arms around my torso. I felt completely relaxed at that moment.

'I have school today, haha remember I'm only eighteen.' I giggled and turned to face him.

'It's hard to believe that.' He rubbed his nose against mine.

'I need my phone, I have to call my parents,' I looked around for my jeans, 'do you know where my pants are?'

He looked around and then returned his gaze to me, shrugging, 'nope, oh well. This means you can't leave.'

I laughed and blushed. He seemed to be constantly trying to find a way to make me smile, 'nice try. I'm just going to call them and ask them to call the school.'

'They're right over there.' He said, nodding his head in the direction over my shoulder.

'Thanks,' I said, trying to get out of his grip, 'Sam!' I laughed and he held on tighter.

'Promise you're not going to leave?' His voice got softer and he kissed me. I pulled off.

'Promise.' I got out of his grip and jumped out of his bed. I walked over to my jeans, picked my phone out of my pocket and checked it. There were five new texts and two missed calls.

'You have a great ass.' Sam called.

I turned around and jumped onto the bed, 'thanks hehe.' I smiled and went back to checking my phone. The first four texts were from some friends, I didn't feel like texting them back. The last one was from Drew.

'Drew?' Sam whispered into my ear. His head was on my shoulder and he was looking at my phone as I did. I didn't really notice it, but it was kind of cute.

'Haha yes, nosey!' I pulled my phone out of his view and looked at it.

'We need to talk. Call me when you get this.'

I closed the text and looked at the missed calls. Both were from my parents. I called them back, my dad picked up.

'It was a school night,' he sounded a little disappointed, 'where are you?'

I waited a few seconds to say anything and then answered, 'I'm at a friends house, sorry. I'll be home later.' I said. My dad and I always had a bad relationship.

'No, you'll come home now. We need to talk.' His voice was hard. Sam kept playfully licking my cheek and I laughed.

'What's so funny?' Dad said his voice even more harsh.

'Nothing. I'll be home soon.' I hung up and turned to Sam, 'I have to go home.'

'You promised.' He wrapped me in a tight hug.

I wiggled and laughed, 'I have to go! We'll get together another time. Let's see a movie or something.'

He still wouldn't let go, 'you know what happens to people who break their promises?' He asked, an even bigger smile coming to his lips.

'What? I'm clueless.' I teased.

'Me too, I'll just have to come up with something.' He winked. I laughed and found my way on top of him, straddling his hips.

'Well, I think I'm going to go. Text me.' I kissed him on his cheek and got up. He watched me get dressed and walked me downstairs. I walked out of the house and realized he drove me here.

'Uh, hey Sam?' I turned around; he was still standing at the door in his boxers.

'I'll go get dressed.' He laughed. I walked inside and waited a few minutes until he came back out to the hallway, 'okay, let's go.'

He drove me home and we sat in my driveway for a minute. I turned to open my door and he called my name.

'Hey Chris?'

I turned around, 'what?'

He had this look on his face, like he just got embarrassed, 'will this be a thing?'

I pondered for a second, 'a thing?'

'Yeah, like a relationship.' He started blushing. The truth was that I didn't really think about it.

'I don't know. Let's see where it goes.' I leaned over and gave him a hug. He kissed me on my forehead.

'Talk to you soon.' He said.

I got out and walked up my porch, waved, and went inside. I was in thought when I heard my dad call my name.

'Chris, come in the parlor.' His voice was still stern.

'Okay!' I called back. I walked into the parlor.

'We need to talk,' he patted the seat next to me, 'sit.'

I walked over to the couch and sat down.

He turned to me, 'you were at the club last night.' He said it like he was accusing, not like a question.

'Yeah, but, what? How--'

'Drew called,' he cut me off, 'He said he saw you. He sounded worried, it's bad if I could tell; it was the first time I've ever talked to the man,' he stood up, 'call him back, he was almost to tears.' He walked away.

I sat there and thought about things for a second. Drew would be on his break right now, but I didn't want to call him while he was in school. I felt weird, and I knew things were going to happen, I just didn't know what. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. It rand twice before he picked up.

'Hey what's up?' He answered, my heart was beating fast.

'Hi, it's me. You wanted to talk?' My hands shook as I held the phone. There was a pause.

'Yeah, I'm coming to get you.' He hung up the phone.

Everything about that conversation made me want to go run to Sam. Everything about Drew's voice made me want to just get away from the world. He still knew that he had me; he still knew that I was in love with him, and it bothered the hell out of me. I sat in the parlor for about ten minutes.

'Chris, someone's here!' Dad yelled from the conservatory. I didn't even hear the door knock.

'Okay, thanks!' I called back. I got up and went to the door. I took a deep breath and opened it. Drew grabbed my arm.

'Let's go.' He said, his voice was almost mechanical.

'Wow, really? I can't walk to your car by myself?' I wasn't in the mood to be treated like a kid. Apparently he wasn't in the mood for an attitude.

'No you can't. Get your ass in the car.' He let go of my arm and walked to the driver's door, hopped in, and started the car. I stood for a second and then got into the passenger door.

Drew drove us to his house. The car ride was silent, but the tension was too much to bear. He calmly got up, opened his door, and stepped out of the car. I followed and we walked up to the front door and went inside. Drew went to the kitchen and sat down. I followed, this entire situation started to seem like a game of follow the leader. Drew sat across the island from me and just stared. I started to feel uncomfortable.

'Are you going to tell me what this is about?' I said, my voice was low.

He stared for a while and shook his head in disapproval.

'Then take me home. I have better things to do.' I got up and turned. I took one step and felt Drew grab my arm.

'Did you go home with him?' He growled. He spun me around, my face was inches from his.

'What? Who?' Immediately I thought of Sam. My face turned red.

'The guy you were dancing with, did you go home with him?' His raised his voice.

I didn't say anything.

'Haha wow. Cam was right, you can't be a grown up. You gave it up in one night and then act like it's--'

'Get off of me.' I cut him off. I was disgusted by him. He talked to me like I was some trashy whore.

He grabbed both of my shoulders and shook.

'Was it good for you?' He shook and his voice was rising.

'Get the fuck off of me, Drew! You're hurting me!' I pushed him away from me.

He came back at me with so much force that I backed away, running into the wall. He slammed his palm into the space next to me and made his face come inches from mine. I turned my head.

'Did you think it was funny?' He hissed, 'did you think it'd be cute to embarrass me like that?'

I didn't answer.

'DID YOU?' He yelled and grabbed my chin so that I was facing him.

Tears flooded my eyes. I started to cry. For a second his face softened and his grip weakened. His eyes showed hurt, and then it was back.

'You're a waste.' He said, then let go. I slumped to the ground, feeling empty. I began to sob uncontrollably.

I pulled out my phone and texted Sam. I wanted to leave; there was no way I could stay here. I gave him directions and he said he'd text me when he got there. I stayed on the floor crying. About fifteen minutes later Sam texted me saying he was outside. I got up, wiped my tears, and walked to the door. Drew was sitting on the couch, he looked hurt.

'You're leaving?' He stood up.

I walked out of the house without answering him. It hurt so much to talk to him. I got into Sam's car.

'Chris, are you okay?' Sam's voice was full of empathy.

I shook my head.

He reached over and hugged me. I started to cry.

'Shh, shh, everything will be fine! Don't cry, Chris, come on, I'll take you home.' He kissed the top of my head.

I looked up and kissed him fully on the lips. There was something there, maybe a crush, but it felt different from what Drew and I had. We kissed for a second and then I put on my seat belt. I looked out of the window and saw Drew standing there. I couldn't tell from far away, but it almost looked like he was crying. Sam backed out of his driveway, and took me home.

I ignored everyone on my way to my room. I was still crying, the entire ride home I kept thinking about what happened. I didn't want to be here anymore, I wanted to leave. I laid on my bed and fell asleep, I wished I had never met Drew.



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