I woke up to Drew's light breathing. I pulled my cell phone out and looked at the time. 4:58p.m. I sat up and looked around. The house seemed quiet, and I wondered if it was always this quiet when I wasn't here.

'Babe, I'm going to go sit on the patio, okay?' I shook his shoulder lightly.

'Okay.' He mumbled and then turned over.

'I love this man' I thought to myself as I walked past the sunroom. I stopped for a second. 'Hmm, I wonder' I walked over to the closet in the sunroom and opened it. There was a box sitting on the bottom of the closet. I picked it up and opened the lid. There were piles of pictures in it. I sat down on the floor and looked threw one pile. Each picture was of Cam and Drew. At first I thought this was just the normal; I take pictures with my friends all of the time, but then I came upon one picture in particular. It was taken by someone else; Cam and Drew were making out on a towel at the beach. I continued looking threw the piles, trying to make sense of the things that were running through my mind. Why would Drew not tell me about Cam and his relationship? All of the pictures dated back to the beginning of summer. I grabbed another pile and started to look threw it. They looked happy, almost completely luminescent.

'Babe?' Drew called, walking into the sunroom. 'I told you your present wasn't in here.' I heard him walk closer.

'So Cam is your ex?' I placed the pictures back in the box and put it in the closet. I stood up and shut the door.

'What? Yes, but ho...'

'I thought he was just 'over protective.' The pictures in the box, you two were really happy together, Drew.' I didn't turn to look at him. I didn't know why I was feeling so betrayed; it was just something that happened.

'Chris, can we talk about this?' He touched my shoulder.

'What's there to talk about, Drew?' I stood up and meandered around him, not showing him my face.

'Babe, let me explain! There's nothing between us anymore that died a long time ago!' He grabbed my arm, making me stop.

I turned to look at him.

'I swear there's nothing between us anymore!' He grasped me by the biceps.

'Then explain why he was so 'over protective' of you the first time we met! Explain why you keep pictures of you and him laying around, Drew! Expl...'

'I love you, Chris! Not him! That was a long time ago! I can't believe you would be as stupid as to think...'

'Stupid as to think what? That he's still in love with you? Because from what I've seen, he isn't so gung hoe on the 'I Hate Drew Bus!'' I walked out of the sunroom and into the kitchen.

'Not everything is as narrow minded as that, Chris!' He followed me into the kitchen, 'just because we had a relationship doesn't mean we still can't be friends!' He grabbed my hands.

'A relationship? He and you were dating for three years! What do you expect me to think? This hurts, Drew!' I pulled my hands from his grasp and walked out of the patio and onto the beach. Drew followed behind me.

'I expect you to believe me! What do you want me to do? Burn the pictures? Tell him I can't be around him because it makes you hurt when we talk?' He ran in front of me.

'No, I just expect you to tell me these things before hand,' my eyes started to water, 'people don't keep secrets from the ones they love.' A tear slid down my cheek.

'I didn't keep a secret babe! I just didn't tell you!' He wrapped his arms around me, holding me in a tight hug. 'I love you, not him. Can't you believe me?' His voice was softer.

'Let me go, Drew.' I pushed him off of me, continuing my stride down the beach.

'Babe!' I heard his feet hit the sand and before I knew it he had me over his shoulder, walking towards the water.

'If you get me wet I will kill you and burn the pictures myself!' I pounded on his back as he continued to walk in the water.

'Isn't the sun pretty when it's setting?' He walked deeper. He was waist deep in the water.


'Hold your breath!' He threw me into the water. I couldn't believe he just threw me into the water.

After I came up and coughed up the three pounds of saltwater I swallowed, I walked towards the shore. I passed him, shaking off his hands as they reached for me.

'Babe! Babe, come back!' He called, trudging through the water.

I ran up the shore, into the house, out of the front door, and into my car. I started the car and backed out of his driveway, then drove down the road, following the ramp on to the highway.

'What the hell did he think he was doing? I was seriously hurt by him, and he'd thought it'd make it all better if he threw me into the ocean? Asshole!' I sped up, driving to where ever it was I wanted to go.

'HEY DICK HEAD, TURN YOUR GOD DAMN BRIGHTS OFF!' I screamed to myself. The guy behind me was practically blinding me. He sped up and got next to me. I looked over and saw Drew, motioning for me to pull over.

I shook my head and sped up, cutting him off. He beeped his horn and swerved to the lane to the right of me.

'What the fuck do you want?!' I screamed, looking in the direction of his on going car. Deciding to appease to whatever it was he wanted, I pulled over on the side of the road. Drew pulled up behind me and got out of the car. I rolled down my window and he walked up to it, sticking his hands on the side of the car.

'Babe, I'm sorry' He whined, his face red with emotion.

'Drew, I really don't want to hear it. What, did you think it'd be funny to throw me into the Gulf of Mexico?' I eyed him. He rested his chin on his hands and looked up at me. 'And I still don't get why you just didn't tell me! I knew there was something going on, was he the one that called you earlier?' I turned to look at him.

'Yesbut only because he wanted to talk about things. I wasn't going to do anything, babe, I promise!' He cocked his head to the side, waiting for me to reply.

I stared at him for a second. 'Talk? Talk about what, Drew?' I could feel the blood rushing to my face.

'Just about things! I can't explain it on the side of the highway, Chris!'

'Well I'm not moving so you better do your best. I don't get why the hell this is so damn hard for you to explain. He's your ex, he is still in love with you, now all you need to do is tell me your feelings for him, it's not that hard Drew! I don't underst...'

Drew opened the door and kissed me. I fell sideways with him toppling on top of me.

'I love you; I have no feelings for him.' He looked me in the eyes, 'if I have to say it a million times; I love you, Chris.' He made his way in, kissing me fully on the lips. I'm not sure how we made it into the backseat, but that's where we ended up.

'Is this alright?' He whispered into my ear as he felt his way down my sides.

'I love you baby.' I whispered back. All of the anger I had towards him dissipated.

He pulled off my shirt and then made his way to my jeans. They were still damp from getting wet, but he didn't seem to have any trouble getting them off. He slid over my body until he was looking directly into my eyes.

'Don't ever scare me like that again,' he breathed, 'I thought you were ending it right there.'

His words pierced me. I couldn't imagine my life without him, and I didn't know how the hell he thought I'd be able to function without him. I felt silly for causing this entire thing.

'Never.' I said.

He pulled off his shirt and leaned forward. He licked my neck, making me moan. I felt him unzip his shorts and pull down his briefs.

'Here, babe?' I asked, smiling with a look of disbelief.

'Right now.' He raised my legs over his shoulders and prodded his cock against my hole. His head went in, I flinched.

'Ow,' I winced. There was no lubricant.

'What's wrong? I'll stop.' He pulled out.

'No, just keep going,' I kissed him, 'take me.'

He aligned his cock again. I felt him enter, this time half way. The friction hurt, and then felt good. He was all the way in when he started pounding my ass.

'Ahh, AHH, fuck! Harder!' I moaned, squeezing my legs around his waist.

He started going faster, his motion becoming more fluid.

'Shit, baby! I'm gonna come, ARGGHH!' I felt his dick spasm as he sent jets of hot cum inside of me. He remained hard and kept pounding my ass until I came, hitting both of us on our chests and stomachs. He collapsed on top of me.

'That was a quickie.' He laughed, his voice made my torso vibrate.

'I'm sorry, Drew, I really am'

'Shh, it's okay baby. I don't want this to ruin us. It's nothing, he's nothing. I love you, remember?' I got up and sat right in the seat, 'I think we need to get home and shower, maybe clean your car too; it smells like sex.' He chuckled and put on his shirt.

'Yeah, that and salt water.' I laughed. It was funny, thinking back on it.

He turned to me and smiled, 'Race you home?' He jumped out of the car.

'Hey, that's not fair! I have to get dressed and everything!' I pulled on my shirt and jeans, leaving my boxers on the ground. Drew was already in his car.

'Babe you better hurry! Last one there has to drive to mom and dads!' He started his car and went past me, turning on the exit.

'We'll see about that.' I said to myself. I started my car, turned around (illegally) and cut across the intersections. I thought about Drew's face when he saw I got home faster than he did, I laughed.

I pulled into the driveway and got out. Drew wasn't home; I didn't think he'd be home for another couple of minutes. I leaned up against my car, waiting for him. Five minutes went by and he turned into the driveway.

'How the hell did you get here so fast?!' He called, getting out of his car.

'Don't worry about it!' I turned and walked into the house.

'You cheated. Yup; cheater.' He grabbed me from behind as I stepped to go upstairs.

'Babe! I have to take a shower!' I tried getting away, he just held me tighter.

'Not until you admit that you're a cheater.' He kissed the back of my neck, 'are you going to say it?'

I shook my head.

'Hmm, how do I make a cheater talk?' He picked me up and walked up the stairs. 'Cold shower,' he turned the corner and walked into the bathroom.

'NO! No, okay, I'm a cheater! Babe; Stop it!' I was laughing, trying to get out of his grip.

'Now say, Drew is the most handsome man in the entire world, counting Chris.'

'What does that have to do with cheating?' I tried prying his arms from around my chest. I felt like I was in one of those baby carriers.

'It doesn't, but it's true.'

'Nuh, uh.' I shook my head.

He turned the cold knob in the shower.

'Okay, okay! Drew is the most handsome man...'

'In the entire world.' He finished my sentence.

He held me for a second, the water making noise in the background.

'Babe, you're not still thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?' I tried even harder to get out of his grip.

'Yup.' He threw me into the shower and then ran out of the bathroom.

'That's why I love him.' I said to myself, standing under the cold water.

More To Come.



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