I drove home that night. I drove home and forgot about the world. It's been a week since then, and now graduation is coming up. We seniors finished our finals, and now all we have to worry about is graduating and making ourselves known to the world. That's what I should have been worried about, but instead there was something else. Something that had my heart, someone that I couldn't be without.

Here's the story:

I woke up really excited. Today was the last day of my high school career! I got up, got ready, and left the house without saying a word to anyone. It was sunny outside. A bunch of friends had invited me to the beach after school that day. I had my bathing suit in my car along with a volleyball. I parked in the school parking lot and made my way inside. I walked into my first hour and sat down, listening to my teacher go on about how he was going to miss us seniors. About halfway through the class period I got a pass to see the counselor.

'Chris,' my teacher called, 'you have to go see Mr. Stevens.'

I got up and took the pass then walked back to my desk. I picked up my stuff and walked out of the door. I went down to the counseling office and waited. I wondered what Drew wanted to see me about.

'Chris,' Drew walked out of his office, 'I can see you now.'

I picked up my things and followed him into his office. I sat in the sit across from his desk and waited for him to talk.

'How've you been?' He asked, folding his hands on his desk. He looked like he was nervous about something.

'Good,' I shifted in my seat, 'you?'

'I've been okay.' He said.

We sat there for a couple of minutes. It was one of those silences where you're communicating with the other person, just without words.

'We need to talk.' Drew said, he stood up and walked around his desk, sitting on the part in front of me.

'I agree. So, what?' My eyes instinctively went to his package.

He started to speak and I looked up.

'I didn't want you to see Cam and I like that.' He said.

'It's Cam and me.' I stated, looking up and smiling at him.

'Sorry,' he laughed, 'no one ever said I had to be good at English to do my job.'

I laughed and realized this was the first time I had done so with him in a while. It made me realize how much I missed him.

'So, are you and Cam together again?' I asked. My curiosity turned into jealousy before he even answered.

'Sort of,' He was playing with his hands like always, 'it's complicated.'

'Oh, I see.' I was almost angry at the fact that he was 'sort of' together with him. All of those times, all of the times where he told me he loved me and not Cam. Lies, all lies.

'How about you and Sam?' He interjected. I snapped out of my thoughts.

'What about Sam and me?' I asked, looking him fully in the face.

'I saw you kiss him,' He stopped playing with his hands, 'are you two...dating?' It almost seemed like a challenge for him to get that out of his throat.

'No.' I looked down at the ground. I still felt bad about that situation.

'Why?' He asked, standing up.

I looked up, making eye contact with him, 'I can't love him.' I said, my heart started racing.

'Why? If you don't mind me asking.' He took a step closer to where I was sitting.

'Because,' I stood up, 'I'm in love with you.' I kissed him, fully.

His hands wrapped around my body, finding their way to my ass. I felt his tongue enter my mouth. He lifted me up and set me on his desk, pushing everything over.

'I was waiting for you to say that.' He whispered, kissing my forehead.

A knock came from the door, 'Mr. Stevens, if everything alright?' Mrs. Fritz called from outside the door.

Drew giggled, 'yeah, everything's fine Nancy!' He looked back down and kissed me on my lips. In that moment I was happy, everything seemed to be ten shades brighter.

'I better get back to class.' I told Drew, pushing him off of me. He put his entire body on me so that I couldn't move. 'Drew stop! You're really heavy!' I laughed, squeezing my way out from under him. I stood up and turned to pick up my backpack.

'Come with me tonight.' He grabbed my hand and made me turn around.

'Awe I can't,' I walked closer to him, 'I'm going to the beach with some friends.'

He frowned, 'it's been so long since we've been together,' he pulled me onto his lap, 'but I guess I could wait a little longer.' He held his frown.

I laughed, 'stop pouting! You look like a little kid.' I kissed him. Everything seemed so much better now.

'Fine. You better get back to class.' He kissed me cheek.

I got up and picked up my things. I walked to the door and put my hand on the handle, then turned around. 'Hey, Drew?' I said, looking over at him.

'Huh?' He at me with a quizzical look on his face.

'What do you mean by 'sort of?'' I asked. I still wanted to know about the situation.

'We'll talk about it later, okay?' He got up and walked over to me and wrapped me in a tight embrace. His body was warm against mine and it reminded me of the days that we spent every waking moment together. I looked up and kissed him.

'Bye.' I whispered, turning to the door. I walked out and went back to my first hour.

The day seemed to go by fast. I got out of school and drove straight to the beach. I carried my stuff to the middle of the beach where all of my friends were sitting.

'Hey Chris!' Joey said, he was sitting next to Scotty Lewis, a kid who was a grade lower than us.

'Hey, it's so hot out here!' I said, laying my towel out next to Alexia and Amy. Amy smiled and flipped so that the rays of sun would hit her on her stomach. I looked over at her.

'Where's Steve?' I asked, putting on tanning lotion.

'He's almost here, he just texted me.' She smiled again and went back to being silent. I stared at her for a while and then laid back.

We all laid there in silence for a couple of minutes.

'Is anyone else really, really, ridiculously hot?' Scotty asked, sitting up.

'Yeah,' I said, I sat up.

'Me too.' Alexia sat up and looked around, 'you would think the beach would be more packed than this.'

I scanned the beach, there was a guy jogging by the shore. My heart began racing, it looked like I knew him. I stared for a minute and realized it was Sam.

'Hey, let's go play volleyball.' I said nervously, I didn't want Sam to see me.

'Nah, I kind of want to go swimming.' Scotty said.

Amy sat up and nodded her head, 'me too.'

I looked down towards the shore. Sam stopped and took a swig of his water, he was looking around. He scanned the direction I was in and lowered the bottle of water from his lips. My face felt hot, he started walking towards us.

'But I really want to play volleyball!' I said, looking over at Amy and Alexia. I didn't want to talk to Sam. He was a couple feet from us when he waved.

'Chris!' he called, walking towards me.

'Do you know that guy?' Joey asked, giving a pragmatic look to Sam.

'Yeah.' I said, my voice cracked.

Sam walked closer and sat down on the edge of my towel. I smiled and said hi.

'What are you guys up to?' He asked, looking from me to Amy and all of the way down the line of us.

'Nothing, just chilling here. How about you?' I asked, trying my best not to sound awkward.

'I decided I needed to get in shape,' he patted his stomach, 'need my six pack back.' He chuckled and I gave a nervous giggle. I didn't know why I felt so uncomfortable with him here. My friends went back to lying down; they seemed almost as if they were trying to avoid the conversation.

'Let's go for a walk.' I said. I stood up and walked down towards the shore with Sam.

'Hey, Chris; We'll be in the water, okay?' Alexia shouted. They all stood up.

'Okay!' I shouted back and continued walking down the shore. We walked in silence for a couple of minutes.

'I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever.' Sam said, looking over at me while we walked.

'I know, haha, it's weird.' I smiled and looked back at him. That same something was still there, and it made the situation even more uncomfortable.

'I still like you, Chris.' He said, looking forward. He started to blush.

'Oh...' I replied. I think I liked him too, but I loved Drew.

'It's okay, you don't have to say it back. I just thought I should let you know.' We stopped.

We had only been walking for a few minutes, but we were already really far from where we started. I could barely see the other side of the beach from where I was at. We were on the deserted side of the beach. Sam sat down at the water's edge, I followed.

'So...' I said, looking out into the water.

'You haven't came out to your friends?' He cut it.

I looked at him and shook my head.

'Why not?' He asked, playing with the wet sand around his hands.

'I don't know, just not the right time. I probably will eventually.'

'I see.' He looked over at me. His eyes pierced my own and I got lost for a minute. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. We kissed for a second before he pulled off.

'I'm sorry, I just...'

I kissed him. He laid back and I rolled on top of him. I was lost in the moment; he rolled over so that he was on top. He started gyrating against my body. I felt hot; my body was in need of his. He pulled down his bathing suit and I pulled down mine, never missing a stride.

'We shouldn't be doing this.' He said, kissing my ear.

'It's too late.' I said, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I felt his member push against the entrance to my hole and then go in. My body was electric, I needed more. He thrusted into me, harder and harder with each one. His lips met mine and our tongues explored each other's mouths. I hungered for him, I wanted him. He rolled over so that I was on top, I rode his cock.

'Fuck. Ahh, yeah!' He shouted, holding my hips as I bounced. I started pushing up into me and I knew he was close. I couldn't restrain myself, he pushed up into my one last time and I cummed all over his chest, he cummed deep inside of me. I collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily. We were both sweating.

'We shouldn't have done this, Chris.' He said, petting my head.

In that moment, I didn't care. I wanted Sam, and I couldn't make myself separate from him.

'We need to get up.' He said, moving out from under me. I got up and put my bathing suit back on. I could feel his cum leak out of my ass.

'Let's go in the water, haha we're both gross.' He ran towards the water and I followed. We dove in, rinsing our bodies.

'You should get back to your friends.' He said after a few minutes of swimming.

'Yeah.' I said, I didn't want to leave him. I didn't know what I was feeling, but it felt right.

'I'll talk to you later.' Sam said, walking up to the shore. I followed him.

I gave him a hug, 'no you won't, but it's alright.' I said, looking into his eyes. There was a certain sadness in them. This entire situation seemed like it was a dream, like it couldn't be real.

We parted and I walked back to the place where everyone's stuff was. They were all still in the water, but I didn't want to stay. I picked up my things and walked to my car. I opened the trunk and threw the volleyball in, then shut it. My conscious was running wild.

I kept thinking about Drew, then Sam, which one I would pick over the other, and which one would be best for me. I loved Drew, I loved him with everything I had, but there was something about Sam that I couldn't leave alone. I got into my car. My phone started ringing, it was Drew.

'Hello?' I called into the phone, backing out of my parking spot.

'Hey, what are you up to?' He asked. I could hear something in the background.

'Nothing, just leaving the beach. What about you?' I asked.

'I'm just sitting here with mom and dad. Mom wants to talk to you, she keeps saying it's been forever.' He sounded annoyed.

'Haha, well do you want me to just come over right now?' I asked, going down the street that would lead me to Drew's road.

'Sure, see you in a little bit?' He asked.

'Yeah, and Drew?'

'What?' His voice seemed different.

'We need to talk about things.'

More to come.



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