This series is inspired by Billy C.

This is a series about me and 12 men who took me to be their boy toy at a gay resort in Mexico. Please read the previous parts for the background about me and my hosts. I've heard from several readers that it is difficult to keep track of the main characters so I've added an overview of the characters at the end of the story if you need a refresher.

I woke up to the feeling of a cock pressed against my back and an arm thrown across my chest. By the coloring of the arm I could tell it was Salvatore. I moved my back against the cock and felt it start to grow. The movement must have been enough to wake him. He lifted his arm from my chest and stretched like a cat before getting out of bed. I rolled over to see him and was again impressed by his body and his cock. "I've got to get going, my client is going to be pissed that I've been gone all night." I heard the water run and then he came back into the room. He pulled on his pair of blue shorts and picked up his shirt. "Dude, I'm glad you picked me last night. Even though I had to share you with that asshole Hunter, it was fun fucking you. I wish more of my clients were like you." He reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a card and handed it to me. All it said was Salvatore and had a phone number. "If you run across anyone that might like to use my services, feel free to give them my name and number. I'd say you should call me too, but I don't think you're going to need to pay anyone for a long, long time. You may want to give me a call if you ever want to make a few extra bucks, I'm sure I could find some johns that would like a crack at your ass. See ya around." He left my room through the open sliding door. It was my turn to stretch on the bed. It felt good to use my muscles. Since Hunter wasn't around, I assumed he had left some time in the night when we were all fucked out.

The clock said it was just a little after 9. After the previous night's aerobics I was ready for some food and coffee. My skin was covered with dried cum so a shower was in order before going to the dining room. I took a quick shower, shaved, moisturized and ran some product through my wet hair and messed it up the way I liked it. Thinking that I needed to give my ass and throat some rest, I decided this might be a good morning to get some sun. I pulled out one of the new bathing suits I had bought and took a look at it. It was made with a wide weave of black fabric almost like fish net but with wider openings. One solid piece of material covered my junk as long as I didn't get a hard on. It was almost like I wasn't wearing anything. Since I was going to the dining room I covered the revealing swimsuit with a pair of short shorts. I chose a t-shirt with no sleeves that were ripped on each side from the arm hole to the hem on the bottom. In a beach bag I had brought, I loaded in some sun screen, just for tanning, my iPad and one of the bottles of water that were provided in the room.

When I made it to the dining room I ran across Derreck, one of the group of men that I was traveling with. He was the planner of the group and had made all the arrangements for me to come on the trip. He and I had also gotten to know each other when we had sucked some body builder cock the night before we left LA. As we both ate our breakfast and drank our coffee, Derreck told me that the group was planning to have bachelor party for Shane and Bryan who were getting married in England later in the year. Derreck asked that I round up some guys at the resort who would be interested in having some "fun" with the group. He also told me that I would be expected to jump out of a large cake and be frosted by anyone who wanted to frost me. The idea of being a bukkake boy at the party was raising my level of horniness. The party was scheduled for the following night, which would give me plenty of time to round up some guys. It might also give me the opportunity to interview some of them to make sure they had the equipment and skills to satisfy the members of the group that would like to be fed and bred. It probably would be a little more difficult for me to find some others who enjoy servicing men as much as I do. I had been picking up unfriendly vibes from those types who saw me as their competition.

Derreck also told me that the theme for that evening's party was a masquerade. The resort was going to supply a variety of masks that we could pick up in the lobby or plain ones that could be decorated by the wearer with materials that were also going to be provided. My mind was already spinning with ideas as Derreck and I parted ways. He was going to meet up with some new friends he had made and I was going to the main pool of the resort.

The pool was already crowded when I arrived. Some of the men were enjoying the blue water of the pool while the rest were laying out on the loungers that surrounded the pool. In addition to the regular loungers there were also loungers that were large enough for two people. Along the outer edge of the pool deck were a number of cabanas that could be reserved.

I found an empty lounger and laid out a towel. I pulled the sun screen from my bag and began to cover my body with the cool, coconut smelling, lotion. I had to push the back of my swim suit down so that I could cover my ass cheeks since the weave of the suit was so large that if I didn't I would burn my ass and there was no way I wanted an ass that was sore from the sun, I had other ideas about how I wanted my ass to get sore. I could tell there were eyes on my ass as I applied the lotion which was fine with me, a little advertising never hurts.

I said hello to the men on either side of me. While both men seemed nice, neither of them were the type of men that I am drawn to. While they were both fit, I didn't get the sense that they were ruled by their testosterone. They didn't strike me as the type of guys that know what they want and how to get it. They both had that cute college boy look so I decided to invite them to the bachelor party thinking that some of the group, especially JP and Barry, might enjoy what they did have to offer which looked like a pair of tight asses and nice lips. They both accepted my invitation.

After speaking with my lounge neighbors, I scanned the crowd at the pool to see if there were some other men that I could invite. It was overwhelming, I didn't know who to start with, so instead I lowered my sunglasses from the top of my head and laid back and let my body be soothed by the warmth of the sun. While I didn't look, it sounded like the guy next to me had gotten up and walked away. A while after that I heard someone sit down. I opened my eyes to look over and saw that it was a very attractive man, maybe in his mid to late 30s, wearing a white Speedo. Most men can't pull off wearing a Speedo yet alone a white one but this guy sure could. Like me he had a swimmer's body with great body tone. His pecs and arms were muscled but not in a way that looked like he was into heavy lifting.

I raised my sunglasses to get a better look, "Hi."

"Hey." He smiled. "You know, I've been watching you since you got here this morning."

"Well, I hope you've been enjoying the view." I can be such a slut sometimes.

"It's one of the best views I've seen since I got here." My only response was a smile and making sure that he saw my eyes rake over his fine body. "You're getting pretty red, you may want to turn over."

"Thanks". I rolled over on my stomach.

"Your bathing suit is even better looking close up. Doesn't leave much to the imagination."

"That's the whole point." I reach back to make sure it was riding just the way I like. "Would you mind putting some lotion on my back? I can't reach all of it." I handed the man the bottle of lotion. "By the way, I'm Chad."

The man squirted some lotion on the middle of my back and started to slowly rub it over my skin. "I'm Ted." His fingers just lightly skimmed my skin making my ass tingle and my cock harden. "How do you keep your ass from burning? Your suit shows a hell of a lot of skin."

"I just have to make sure that I keep it slathered with lotion. Maybe you can help."

Ted squeezed more lotion onto his hand and raised the back of my suit and began to rub the lotion over both of my ass cheeks even though I had already done it. I made sure to move my ass just enough to let him know I liked what he was doing all the while staring at the bulge in his white Speedo. It wasn't long before his fingers were dragging along my ass crack. "I want to be sure that you have the coverage that you need." I felt one of his finger circle my asshole.

"I appreciate that, I don't want you to miss anything." Soon his finger was knuckle deep but then he pulled his finger back and out from under my suit.

"The guy in the lounger next to you seems to be very interested in what we are doing."

"I'm sure, he probably wishes it was his ass that you were fingering."

"His ass doesn't look near as nice as yours. Hey, I've got one of the cabanas, want to come have a Mimosa? We've got some buckets of beer too but you look like you might like a Mimosa better." He had me hook, line and sinker.....a white Speedo overflowing with cock and cold champagne.

"Sure." I gathered up my stuff. I followed Ted to the cabana he had reserved enjoying the site of his muscled back and shoulders.

When we entered the cabana there were 7 other men inside, some were lounging and some were standing around talking. There was a table filled with an assortment of fruits, cheeses and snack foods. There were also a couple of buckets of beer plus bottles of Champagne and carafes of orange juice. Before making introductions, Ted went over to the table, made a Mimosa and grabbed a bottle of beer. He handed me the champagne flute and clinked his beer against the flute, "to new friends."

As Ted started to introduce me to the group, I realized that I had seen them sitting together at meals in the dining room. The entire group was as ripped as Ted and all of them were wearing skimpy swimsuits which showed off their packages nicely. Ted told me that they all were on a gay baseball team from Chicago. I told him that in high school I played ball and that when I went to community college I was the assistant manager of the baseball team. I told him I had some fond memories of fucking around with some of the members of the team from the community college but also some rival teams. His response was "that's perfect."

I raised an eyebrow and he explained that once a year the team would go on a trip while their husbands or boyfriends took a trip somewhere else. They referred to it as their "cheat week". Everyone had agreed that during the annual trip they could screw around and that it was ok. The only rules were that they couldn't mess around with another team member, it had to be a stranger, that no one would ever see who they tricked with again, and that protection was a must. In other words "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". Ted started pointing out each of the men and explained who was on the hunt for a nice piece of ass and who was looking for some cock.

Ted then asked me if I had ever heard of a porn site called "FraternityX", which of course I had. I had basically lived it multiple times while I was in college. Basically, it is videos of frat boys that take turns getting blow jobs from and/or fucking a pledge or some random guy while the other guys watch and with some of the guys making a video of what's going on and then they sell the homemade videos to the site. While I'd had never seen myself in one, I was sure I was in a couple from when I was at State. Ted told me that the 4 other tops on the team wanted to do the same thing while the other 3 guys videoed the action. They would each get a copy when it was edited together. He called it a souvenir of the trip. Now it was Ted raising an eyebrow and I knew he was asking if I was interested.

I walked over to the table with the booze and made myself another Mimosa and drank it one large sip and then made another. I sat down on one of the loungers in the cabana and said "Sure, why not, let's get started." Ted must have been recruited to find someone to join the fun so the other guys were all ready to go. Three of the guys pulled out their cell phones and got into positions to start videoing the action. Ted was the first one to step up, he lowered his packed Speedo and told me to suck his dick. Ted had a nice piece of meat and it didn't take me more than 2 seconds to suck it between my lips and work my way all the way down to the base. The other four guys waiting for my mouth had all pulled out their cocks and were stroking them to their full size. The cocks were of all different sizes but none of them could be called less than average. One of the other guys brought his cell phone close to my face to capture Ted's cock sliding between my lips. Ted's cock rubbed against the back of my throat and I enjoyed the feeling of a cock filling my mouth.

One of the other guys that had his dick out nudged Ted's shoulder and told him to share the wealth and Ted pulled out of my mouth which was quickly filled with another cock. Each of the five men used my mouth 2 times while the guys with cell phones got vids from every vantage point possible.

I heard Ted call out, "Get me a condom and get him into position." The guy with his cock in my mouth pulled out and told me to turn over on the lounger and get my ass in the air after which he pulled my suit down far enough to expose my ass hole. "Hand me the lube." I could hear a squirt and the sound of lube being applied to a condom covered cock. I jumped when I felt a squirt of lube hit my asshole and then get rubbed in. I assumed it was Ted that was pushing his cock into my waiting and lubed ass. I was able to turn my head enough to see that it was Ted and that one of the guys with a cell phone was down on the ground getting shots of Ted's dick entering my hole. While Ted rode my ass, one of the other guys put his cock near my mouth and I gladly took it. Another cell phone was catching every moment.

I could tell when Ted came by the way it felt like his cock had gotten thicker and how he stopped his thrusts. With a grunt he pulled his cock out of my ass and immediately another cock took its place. Ted came around to my face, pulled off the condom and threw it to the ground and put his still cum covered cock close to my mouth. I had to move my mouth closer to lick his cock clean. The scene repeated itself four more times with the cell phones catching each thrust from multiple angles and my cleaning of each cock with my tongue.

When there was no more cock in my mouth or my ass I rolled over on my side and grabbed the Mimosa I had placed on the table near the lounger. The orange juiced burned as it went down my well used throat. Ted stuck out his hand and pulled me to my feet. "Thanks buddy, that was great. Be sure to give me your email address before the end of the cruise and I'll make sure you get a copy of the final video."

Before I left the cabana I asked all eight men to come to the bachelor party. I went back out onto the pool deck, found a free lounger and got some more sun. I must have dozed off because I woke to someone talking over a microphone. There was a large drag queen on a platform that had been placed over part of the pool. Her hair was huge and of a color not found in nature. She was wearing a Mumu that had every color under the rainbow. She was talking about pool games that were going to happen starting at 1 pm. She told the crowd that there would be a go-go dance off for anyone willing to strut their stuff in front of the resort guests. She also said there would be a cock ring toss, a game in which a man would have their friend, partner, boyfriend or husband throw rings onto their cocks. The thrower would have 2 minutes before the tossing began to "fluff" up their partner and say anything that they wanted to while they threw the rings. There was also going to be a posing contest for anyone that wanted to show off their muscles. Besides those contests there would also be a biggest package contest. That was the only game that would need judges and refs. Refs would be used to insure that no contestant tried to augment their package by placing anything in whatever they chose to wear or by having a cock ring. There was also going to be more typical pool games like chicken and water polo. The drag queen said that there were sign-up sheets in the dining room.

I had danced once or twice when I needed to raise some fast cash in college when a bar held an amateur night so I decided I was going to sign up for the dance off. I also decided I would sign up to be a ref for the biggest package contest. It would give me the chance to see who I'd want to hit on in the next couple of days. When I went into the dining room I ran into Bill and Chuck who were signing up for the cock ring toss. Bill was also discussing with Chuck whether or not he should sign up for the biggest package contest and Chuck was encouraging to do so. As we stood talking, Blaine came up and said he had signed up for the posing contest which was no surprise because he had muscles on top of muscles His arms were thicker than my legs. I wasn't surprised to see that Derreck had signed up to be a judge for the biggest package, he was as much of a size queen as I was. Dave, Jay, Danny, William and JP had signed up as a water polo team. Shane had also signed up for the biggest package contest. Hopefully this wouldn't cause a problem between Shane and Bill. JP and Barry were MIA and we all assumed that they had each found someone to fuck or were double teaming some hot little number in the bushes.

I decided not to eat any lunch but would have something after the dance off. I went back to my room and pulled out my thong bathing suit. It was peach color that complimented my skin. The fabric that went around my waist and up my ass crack was hardly more than some thick thread. The pouch just made it up enough to cover the base of my cock which looked good since I had shaved my dirty blonde pubes before the trip so there was just a little stubble that barely was noticeable. After checking myself out in the mirror and doing an application of product in my hair to make it look just the way I liked it, I was on my way back to the pool.

When I arrived, the pool area was mobbed, it looked like almost everyone who was staying at the resort had showed up for the games. There even were guests watching from the balconies of their rooms so they had a better view.

The afternoon began with the same Drag Queen doing a routine of raunchy jokes that had the crowd laughing and cheering. The posing contest was the first event of the afternoon. 10 contestants lined up on the platform and began a series of poses. Some of the men were freakishly muscled. They either must live in the gym or were on steroids. There was also a group of men that were naturally muscled and obviously were inexperienced with posing. Some of them looked awkward trying to make some of the poses that the muscle heads were doing but at least they looked like they were having fun. There were a few men who were in the middle, obvious gym rats because of their muscles and lack of body fat, that were more like the kind of man that I'd like to take care of. Based on the applause of the crowd the three top winners were chosen. Blaine came in third. Even though he was more toward the steroid group his genuine personality and smile had worked for him. The second and first place winners were in the middle group. I think they won because the twinks made the most noise that was reinforced by the guys like me that like muscles. I was going to have to make sure to invite them to the bachelor party. Another drag queen took the stage and performed to a Lady Gaga song that got the crowd dancing. She finally quieted everyone down and announced the cock ring toss.

Four couples had signed up, Bill and Chuck were the only team that I knew. Some tape had been used to mark where both members of the teams needed to stand. As had been said before, each team had two minutes to get the catcher of the rings cock standing proud and ready. Just like the other teams, Chuck got on his knees in front of Bill and pulled his swimsuit down. While I had gotten a glimpse of Bill's cock, I had never really seen it like it was now. Chuck looked like a mad man sucking and licking Bill's dick. It had to be about 10" and had a slight up curve which would be useful in catching the rings. After the two minutes the throwers had to go to their line and were each handed rings that had about a 10 inch opening in the center and were about ½" thick. All four throwers were yelling things at their partners about what they would do to their cocks when the game was over as they started throwing the rings. It was actually a bit comical to see the catchers twist and turn their bodies to catch the rings with their dicks. The words coming out of Chuck's mouth about what he could do with his mouth and ass for Bill could have been a script for a raunchy piece of porn. Bill was great at catching the rings, making me wonder if they had played this game before. One of the catcher's cocks started to go limp and he ended up dropping all of the rings that he had caught. The other two had kept their cocks up but didn't have any more room for rings. Bill was able to catch four more rings before the drag queen announced he and Chuck the winners. Bill raised his arms up and did a little victory dance before joining Chuck and giving him a big kiss and then turning his around and rubbing his still hard cock along Chuck's ass crack.

The next event was chicken. The pairs that had signed up were told they had to remove their suits. A couple of teams dropped out at that point. None of our group had signed up so we took the opportunity to get some cocktails and then come back to watch the fun. It ended up being pretty hysterical. To a person, each guy that was on his partners shoulders got a hard on which ended up smacking against the back of their partner's head or slapping him on the side of his face. Both teams would start laughing and it all just ended up with a bunch of guys playing in the water until the drag queen got them to get out before filling the pool with multiple loads of sperm.

The next event was the big package contest. A group of three judges had been selected. Chuck was told that he couldn't be a judge since Bill was contestant but Derreck had made the cut. Bill, Shane and ten other men lined up in front of me and the other ref that had been chosen. Each of the men had to come up to me and the other ref and we would feel their packages and pull their suits out to make sure they weren't wearing a cock ring and hadn't stuffed anything into their suits. From what I saw, either Bill or Shane was going to be the winner but the rest of what we saw was grade A prime. There was one guy in particular that caught my eye. He had the look of a well-toned surfer with just the right amount of muscle. He stood about 6'2" and looked like he weighed about 190. He was wearing an aussieBum suit that not only showed off his best asset but also his fine ass. When I looked up I saw two azure eyes looking down at me. He sun bleached hair was a bunch of messy curls. He had a crooked smile that showed off perfect white teeth. He told me his name was Liam and by his accent I could tell he was from Australia or New Zealand. When I pulled the front of his skimpy swimsuit back I saw a long, thick dick and a set of balls that were just barely being held in place by the material of his swimsuit. I wanted to pull it out right there and find out what it tasted like but I refrained myself.

After we had checked each of the men, which was definitely fun, they all would walk across the platform over the pool. Before each man began, one of the drag queens would throw a bucket of water onto the front of each man's swimsuit making their packages more pronounced. The crowd was encouraged to cheer for the man they thought had the biggest package so the judges could get an idea of what the crowd thought. After each man had finished crossing the make shift stage the judges huddled together. I could see Derreck was being quite vocal. I was sure he was advocating for Bill and Shane but there could only be one winner. They whispered their winner into the drag queen's ear almost causing her mountain of hair to fall into the pool. When she had regained her composure she announced that Shane was the winner. While the crowd cheered, Bill pushed Shane into the pool causing a lot of good natured laughing. Even though I laughed along with the crowd my eyes were on Liam as he made his way back to a group of men that were close to where I was standing. Several of them told Liam he had been robbed but he obviously didn't care he was just having fun. At one point I thought he looked over at me and gave me another crooked smile.

The next event was water polo. Eight teams had signed up and it was going to be single elimination. It was bastardized water polo since none of the teams had 7 members so the drag queen decided that each team would be made up of 5 players, which worked out well for my group. In addition, instead of 4 quarters the game would be won when a team got 5 goals. All the games would be played in the deep end of the pool. The drag queen also told them that it was naked water polo. This didn't seem to faze any of the teams, they just all dropped their suits and stood around waiting for their match.

Our team; Dave, Jay, Danny, William and JP; were in the first game. They were vicious and won quickly. Cocks were flying as the men moved around the pool. The next three games were also over quickly and our team had made it to the semi-finals. Their next game wasn't as easy as their first one, this time they had to work harder for their win. The next game was also very competitive. Finally it was down to our team and another team of friends.

The final game was the longest and closest. Our guys won with a final score of 5 to 4. We all jumped in the pool and joined in with the celebration. A large number of other men jumped into the pool as well and there ended up being a lot of grab ass and grab cock until the drag queen made us get out of the pool.

The last event was the go-go dance off. There was 10 of us signed up. Most of the guys looked younger than me and had similar bodies. There was one guy that was very muscled and another guy that clearly needed to eat some more carbs or start using whey protein and work out more.

There was going to be two heats of five. The winner of each heat would be decided by the noise made by the crowd. Five names were called and they all got out on the platform. This group included both the muscled guy and the overly thin guy. Somewhere a DJ started playing music with a strong bass beat and the men began to move. The muscled guy didn't have any rhythm and the skinny kid moved like he was tweaking. After the song was done the drag queen went to each dancer, put her hand over their head while the crowd cheered. The winner was a kid who couldn't have been more that 21 or 22 that had great musculature and skin that seemed to glow.

It was now time for my heat. I realized that I had ruined my hair when I jumped into the pool so I did my best to give it that messed up look and stepped up onto the platform. I was glad to see that my thong was the skimpiest of any of my competition. I did feel old though. The music started and I got into the groove. My body became one with the music and I kept changing direction so that the audience all got a good look at my ass. I ended up getting the loudest response when the drag queen got the crowds' votes.

As the winner of the other heat and I stood on the platform, the resort staff were passing out, what looked like, Monopoly money, with each resort guest getting one bill. We were told that the winner would be decided by whomever got the most bills by the end of the song. We were also told that we didn't need to stay on the platform but could work the crowd.

The song began and I danced on the platform for about 30 seconds while the kid jumped into the crowd immediately. I wanted to make sure everyone remembered what I looked like and how I could move. I finally jumped from the platform and made my way to my group grabbing bills that were handed to me as I danced by. Of course my group shoved their bills into the waist of my thong so that people could see some of the bills I had collected. Bill even stuck one through the string through my ass crack. The next group I headed toward was the baseball team from earlier that day, they too shoved bills in my hand or stuck them in the waist of my suit. I continued to work the crowd, smiling at everyone and rubbing my ass into someone's crotch when it appealed to me. My plan all along was to end up where Liam was so I made my way through the crowd grabbing every bill that was thrust my way. There were times that I would squat in front of a man and run my hand from his pecs until I reached his junk and then I would jump up, shake my ass and make my way to my next target.

As the song was winding down, I finally ended up in front of Liam. I rubbed myself against his body. I bent over and rubbed my ass against the front of his aussieBums. I turned back around and licked the area between his pecs. Bills were coming fast and furious to the point that I couldn't hold anymore. Liam stuck out his hands and started to collect bills for me. When the music ended, he took the wad of bills that he had gathered in both hands and stuffed them into the pouch of my thong. It must have been a ridiculous sight but I didn't care.

When I got back up to the platform the drag queen looked from my competition to me. She announced she didn't even have to count the bills, I was the winner. My crowd jumped up on the platform and crushed me. Derreck whispered in my ear, "You're doing that again tomorrow at the bachelor party."

When the excitement finally calmed I realized that there was a hand on my ass that hadn't pulled away. I turned and looked up into Liam's eyes. In his cute accent but with strong authority he said, "You're coming with me right now."

With a hand on my shoulder, he guided me away from the pool to the side of the main building of the resort. He pushed me through some landscaping so that we were against the wall and partially covered from view. He leaned against the wall and I noticed that his swimsuit was prominently showing his cock which was now engorged, so much so that the head of his dick wasn't even covered by his suit. He pushed the front of his bathing suit down below his large set of balls, his cock snapped up and slapped his incredibly defined abs. "I started getting hard when I watched you dance. When you got in front of me and licked my chest I thought I was going to blow right there and then." He put his hands on my shoulders and tried to push me down but I pushed back and leaned forward to lick not only the area between his pecs but also the pecs themselves and both biceps. I then began to lick my way down his abs while his cock bounced off of my chin. He had been leaking precum so I licked that us as I continued to work my lips and tongue down to the base of his massive dick. When I finally sucked the head of his cock into my mouth my man from down under moaned and squirmed.

"Good Christ, you really are a knob junkie." He grabbed the sides of my head and kept it still while he pushed his ass forward driving more of his dick into my mouth until it was rubbing the back of my throat. "Come on mate, I know you can take it." I covered my teeth with my lips and tilted my head allowing his cock to enter my throat. "Bloody hell!" Liam scraped the head of his cock along the walls of my throat before yanking his cock out of my mouth and spinning me against the wall. He kicked my legs apart and started to rub his cock along the length of the crack. When he tried to push his cock into my hole the small bit of material of my thong was in the way. He yanked it out of the way ripping it as he did. With one hard thrust he pushed his cock all the way into me. My face and chest were pressed against the wall as he partially withdrew his dick and then slammed it back in again. After a few moments he regained some control. He slide his cock back in as far as it would go and laid his chest against my back. He grabbed my wrists and held them above my head as he began making short, hard thrusts that felt like they were hitting my rib cage. With just the tiniest of movements of his ass his cock was finding every inch of my man cunt. I started to push back as much as I could with his chest against my back and my arms above my head. That excited him more. He started to lick the back of my neck and then started to nip at my earlobes. I would have been happy to have this go on for hours but alas I started to feel Liam stiffen against my body, with another "bloody hell" I felt his load fire up inside of me. I swear I almost thought I could taste it the force of his shots were so ppowerful. He let go of my wrists and collapsed against my back with his still hard cock deep within my walls. "Cricky, you're one hot little bugger." He let his cock slide almost all the way out of ass but then would do a few short thrusts until he finally pulled all the way out.

I turned around and watched him stuff his cum covered cock back into his suit. It looked so fucking hot. He noticed that my thong was just sort of hanging off of my waist. "Sorry about that mate."

"No worries, I've got more."

"I hope to get to see you in some of the other ones."

"Only if you promise to ruin them like you did this one." He gave me another crooked smile.

"I'll look forward to it. I've got to go meet my mates. I'll be looking for you at the pool."

As Liam pushed his way back through the landscaping and I got to see the shape of his ass again, I couldn't help but beat off with my cum landing on the leaves of the tropical foliage.

I had planned to pick up the supplies for making my mask for the night's event before returning to my room to get ready for dinner but since I couldn't very well go into the lobby with the way my suit was hanging and my cock was swinging, I had to change my plans. As I pushed through the plants and got back to the walkway a couple of men were standing there, cocks in hand. "That was fucking awesome dude."


Be Well,


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Chad - me, 5'10", 165 pounds, blue/green eyes, dirty blonde hair, smooth, and 29 at the time of this story, power bottom, and most importantly size queen and cum slut.

Bill - mid- to late-40's, 6'4", about 220 pounds, baby blue eyes, dirty blonde, 9" thick cock, ripped and corded, total top, former Marine, married to Chuck.

Chuck - mid-40's, 6'5", about 235 pounds, ice blue eyes, wavy black hair, lean and muscled, former Army Ranger, power bottom, married to Bill. Chuck and Bill watched me service two guys I "won" at Bingo while Bill pounded Chuck's ass.

Dave - mid- to late-40's, about 6' and 190 pounds, light brown hair, Mediterranean looking, cock about 8" with a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow to match his hairy chest, versatile partner of Jaysen (Jay) but willing to play if they play together.

Jay (Jaysen) - 40ish, 5'9", lean but athletic 145 pounds, medium brown hair, hazel eyes, 7" cock, versatile, partner of Dave but willing to play if they play together. Both Jay and Dave had me suck their cocks in the bathroom of the dining room of the resort while others watched.

Danny - 40, 5'11", with a ripped and buff body, coloring like Mark Ruffalo, cock as thick as a beer can, top, boyfriend of William, and enjoys going to high-end bath houses with his boyfriend.

William - 38, 6'2" with 210 pounds of solid muscle, light blonde hair with a smooth body, bottom, boyfriend of Danny, enjoys bath houses as much as his boyfriend. Danny, William, I and another resort guest fucked at the first tea dance.

Shane - 32, 6'1" 175 pounds with a body of triathlete, hung like a horse, amber eyes and dark brown hair, top, engaged to Bryan.

Bryan - early 30's, 6' and carrying 165 pounds, runner's body, messy red hair, sapphire eyes that change with his mood, power bottom, engaged to Shane. Partied with Shane and Bryan in their suite along with a few other guys.

Blaine - late-40's/early-50's, 5'6" with 255 pounds of body builder muscles, grey eyes that compliment his salt and pepper hair, single bottom with a tight ass that is always on the hunt for his next cock. Blaine and I serviced a group of pharmaceutical reps during a run on the beach.

Jean-Paul (JP) - early 40's, about 6'1", brown hair and eyes, single and a 195 pound body with perfect musculature reminiscent of a panther that is always on the hunt for the next ass to fuck. JP fucked me the first day we met.

Barry - on one side or the other of 40 depending on his mood, 5'9", 165 pounds with green eyes and brown hair, single and loves the asses and mouths of younger guys especially college boys. Barry and a male flight attendant fucked me and admitted me to the mile high club.

Derreck - mid-40's, a little shy of 6', with a lean body of 175"reminiscent of a baseball player, blue/green eyes and dark hair sprinkled with grey, single and a fellow cum whore. We sucked cock together.



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