This series is inspired by Billy C.

For those of you who haven't read Part 1 - My name is Chad. In this adventure I'm 29. I'm 5'10" and weigh 165 pounds. I have dirty blonde hair that is usually messy and have blue/green eyes. A group of 10 friends have paid for me to join them on a trip to a gay resort in Mexico. I have just arrived in LA the day before our flight to Puerto Vallarta. One of the men, Jean-Paul, has just followed me to my hotel room.

Jean-Paul put his hands behind his back and let me take control. I pushed his Polo shirt up and let my hands explore his abs and his chest. His chest was covered with just the right amount of hair to reinforce his masculinity. He must have realized that I wanted his shirt off which I couldn't do on my knees. He pulled it over his head and threw it on the hotel bed and then put his hands behind his back again. As I started to unbutton his 501s, I licked his defined abs which must have caused a shiver to run through his body because he trembled.

When I released the final button of his jeans, I pulled them down to below his knees, trapping him where he stood. He wasn't wearing any underwear so his cock popped up when it was free. His foreskin covered the head of his cock even though it was growing in front of my eyes. His cock perfectly fit his body. While definitely not one of the larger dicks that had passed through my lips, it definitely couldn't be called average. The thick stalk led to a pair of sizable balls that I'm sure were filled with the cum that I was soon going to savor.

Grabbing the shaft of Jean-Paul's cock, I pushed the skin back, revealing a perfectly shaped crown. I tickled the underside with my tongue causing another shiver as well as a lengthening and widening of his dick. Maintaining my hold on JP's dick I brought the head into my mouth and began to swirl my tongue over all of it causing him to moan.

"Man, you're as good as I remember. You can do magic with your mouth."

As my free hand rubbed the man's pecs, I didn't try to say anything, I focused all of my attention on the head of his cock.

"You don't remember me, do you?"

I shook my head 'no' as I took more of JP's dick into my mouth.

"Well, I sure remember you. I was in Phoenix on a case I was working on. Some guys I met at one of the bars said they had arranged a party at one of their houses and asked me if I wanted to come. When I got there, I was told that you were the entertainment for the evening."

I wasn't sure if it was the work of my tongue on his cock or his memory of having fed me before but he began to start doing short thrusts with his hips pushing more of his dick between my lips.

"Man, you gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever received and then I got to fuck your sweet ass while I watched you suck off one of the other guys. It was fucking hot. I must have watched you take 15 or 16 loads that night between your mouth and ass." His thrusts became more urgent. "When Derreck showed us your picture and I recognized you, I told my friends that you would be the perfect guy to join us at the resort. I can already tell that it's worth every cent we all chipped in."

While pulling me forward and keeping his dick in my mouth, JP moved us back so that he first sat on the end of the bed and then laid back. I had to get off my knees and get into a crouching position so that I could continue filling my mouth with his cock. This knew angle allowed me to move my head up and down JP's cock so that my nose would be touching the skin above his shaft. Even though he had some hair on his chest he obviously kept his pubes trimmed. The head of his cock was now pushing against the back of my throat. I would slide my lips all the way to his crown and then slide all the way back down. Every time the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat, I used my muscles to rub against it.

After keeping this up for a few minutes, JP put both hands on the back of my head and held me all the way down just letting me pull up a fraction. JP started to raise his hips while holding my head. In my mouth it felt like JP's dick was somehow changing. It felt like it was getting even thicker and bent in such a way so the head felt like it was pushing up into my sinuses. With one hard push on my head, JP's cum started to fill my mouth. Some of it actually went into my sinuses while some shot down my throat while more leaked down my tongue and dripped onto the area where his pubes had been shaved or waxed. Finally after he had shot a large load, JP let me raise my head and his still hard dick slipped through my lips. More cum dripped from lips landing on the tip of his dick. JP started rubbing his cock with the cum that had dripped from my lips as I continued swallowing what was still in the back of my throat oozing from my sinuses, it was almost like I had post nasal drip.

"Come up on the bed." I crawled up his body, as I did he pushed me off to the side. "Roll over, let me see that ass of yours."

JP raised himself up and knelt between my legs, pushing them farther apart. Taking some of the cum on his cock he smeared it over my ass crack and when he found my hole he smeared the rest of it around including sliding a finger in my ass and lubing the inside with his cum.

I felt the head of his cock push against my exposed and lubed hole, it slid in easily. JP held it there for a bit while saying, "Yeah, this is what I remember." Keeping his cock where it was JP leaned forward putting his hands on each side of my torso. He locked his arms and began moving his hips which resulted in his cock pushing all the way into my ass. I could feel the cum that was still on his cock lining my ass walls. The man was in great shape, he kept up this movement for at least 10 minutes and he was hardly breathing hard. Which each of his thrusts he pushed against my prostate. As a result my cock was rigid. With the weight of both of our bodies it was pushed into the duvet covering the bed. It was also rubbing against the material. Precum oozed from the tip of my cock causing a widening circle of wetness against my cock.

With a loud grunt and the stopping of the thrusts, I could feel cum being released from JP's cock. The thought of his cum covering the interior of my ass and the sensation of feeling his heartbeat inside me, I let loose of the load of cum that had been building inside me since I started to suck the man's cock. The duvet was wetter than it was with my precum and sweat.

I could feel JP's dick soften within me. He laid his chest on my back and stayed in that position for a minute before pulling his soft cock from my ass and pushing off of me.

"Shit, that was better than I remember." He jumped from the bed with a light slap on my ass and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start. "Come join me Chad, let's get cleaned up and go grab a late dinner. That is if you aren't full."

JP allowed me to explore his body as I lathered him up with the bath gel provided by the hotel. When I finished with JP I washed my body. After we both rinsed off, we grabbed some of the large, fluffy towels and dried off.

As JP put his clothes back on, I rummaged through my carry-on bag for another shirt. I decided to wear the same pair of black skinny jeans I had worn on the plane but put on a white, short sleeved John Varvatos Henley shirt that fit like a second skin. I tucked just enough of the front into my jeans so that my belt buckle showed. I slipped my feet into a pair of black and white Van's and then we left my hotel room.

As JP and I had cocktails before ordering dinner I told him about the brothers I had met on the plane. He told me that it sounded like they had given me the address for something sounded like some kind of place where wrestlers and MMA guys go to have their bodies admired. He told me it wasn't his kind of thing but that he might know someone that might be interested. He pulled out his phone and walked away from the table. When he came back to the table, JP told me that one of the other guys that was going to the resort with us was interested and was going to come down and join us for dinner.

A few minutes later, a man, who I found out was Derreck, the man that had originally contacted me, joined us at the table. He looked just like the pictures he had sent me. He looked like he was 45 years old as he told me, maybe 5'10" and a sculpted 175 pounds. He had eyes that seemed to change from blue to grey depending on the light. He had dark hair with some grey coming in and chest that looked smooth from what I could tell from his open collared shirt. After introducing himself, shaking my hand and telling me how nice it was to finally meet me. He ordered himself a drink and a second round for JP and me. We ordered dinner and while we were waiting, JP told Derreck about what we had done in my hotel room. He hadn't lowered his voice so we got some interesting looks from some of the other patrons in the restaurant.

After we have finished eating, we each had some coffee and Sambuca. JP signed the dinner bill to his room, then got up and said "You guys have fun tonight but don't forget our flight it is at 11 in the morning. See you at the gate." JP walked toward the elevator.

Derreck and I walked toward the door to the hotel. He told me more about the resort we were going to. The doorman waived a cab forward and Derreck passed him some cash as we got in. I pulled out the card the brothers had given me and told the driver the address.

"Guys, you sure that's where you want to go? It's a pretty sketchy neighborhood." We confirmed that we did and the driver pulled out of the hotel and drove us to Hollywood.

The driver dropped us off in front of what looked like some kind of warehouse and after paying, he drove off. Derreck and I went up to the door that was on the street and tried it but found that it was locked. We stood there a while wondering what to do when we noticed a couple of guys turn down the alley that was alongside of the building. We followed them, and saw them talking to a guy that was either or doorman or a bouncer, it looked like some money was exchanged and then they entered through a door.

The man at the door looked like he might have been a wrestler at one time. His body still looked hard but his face was wrinkled with age. There was still a sparkle in his eyes and I thought they he must have been pretty hot at one time. As we stepped up to him he said, "$100 each."


"$100 each or hit the road."

"We're here to see the Johnson brothers."

"Just like everyone else that here's tonight, $100."

"They said that my name would be at the door. Chad Cartwright."

"Yeah, they did give me your name. Go on in. Enjoy." As I started going through the door the man put a hand on Derreck's chest repeating his $100 mantra.

"Come on man, he's with me."

"Did you tell the Johnson's that you were bringing your boyfriend? They won't like that."

"He's not my boyfriend, just a friend that wants to meet the brothers."

"What the hell, go on in. He better do a good job or they'll have my ass. There are expectations of anyone who doesn't pay." Derreck and I exchanged looks as we went in.

The space we entered was a large open area. There were two bars set up. There weren't any stools or chairs in sight. Men were milling about with drinks in their hands. As we made our way through the throng of men we saw that there were ten men standing on small platforms. All of them were like the Johnson brothers. Each was highly muscled. Some were bulked up like they were professional wrestlers while the others, while muscled, had the sleek bodies of MMA athletes. Both types of men were wearing posing gear, some were singlets and other were just briefs. Either way their bodies were all incredible.

Men surrounded each platform. Occasionally one of the athletes would step forward allowing some of the men surrounding them to run their hands along their legs. Some would even bend forward letting men touch their chests or arms.

Derreck and I each got a drink, very expensive drinks, which Derreck paid for. As we walked around, we saw some of the athletes pull someone onto their platform and let him run their hands all over their bodies. Sometimes when a guest, for lack of a better term, tried to feel their crotch the athlete would push their hand away and other times they let them do as they wished even letting them put their hands inside their posing gear.

Derreck and I continued to walk around and found ourselves standing between the two platforms that held the brothers I had met on the plane. At first neither brother saw me but then one of them locked eyes with me and smiled. He reached out to me and grabbed my hand pulling me onto the platform. "Glad to see that you made it, my brother and I hoped you would."

"What the hell is this?"

"Pro wrestlers and mixed marital arts guys don't make much money unless we get on TV. We hold an event like this a couple of times a month. There's a ton of gay guys that are willing to pay just to admire our bodies and sometimes we even let them touch us. On a typical night we get maybe 100 guys each paying $100. Each of us goes home with a grand. A couple of grand a month pays the rent so that we don't need to get jobs so we can keep working out and participating in matches. Sometimes we let guys up on the platforms with us. That keeps the other guys coming back, hoping to get closer to us. We get off on having them admire us and they get off getting near us. Win, win. Every once in a while we let guys play around with us. That usually ends up bringing a crowd twice the size the next time we do one of these." While that the brother was telling me all of this he kept moving and flexing. The men around the platform watched intensely.

"My brother and I were hoping you'd show up. You didn't know who the hell we were on the plane but even with our clothes on you wanted us. Besides that you're hot, a hell of a lot hotter than most of the men who come to worship us."

The brother grabbed my hand and placed it over the bulge in his singlet. "Now you have the chance to get to know it better with no denim in the way." Some of the men around the platform moved closer hoping to get pulled on to the platform like I had. The brother reached his hands up, while I kept mine on the outline of his cock, and pulled the top of the singlet off of his shoulders until it was just hanging from his waist. "Go over and say hi to my brother."

I stepped off of the platform and walked toward the other brother. He must have been watching the exchange I had with his brother. He had already shrugged his arms out of his singlet as I stepped on the platform. He grabbed my hand and pushed into his singlet, letting me rub my fingers against his cock. I knew from earlier in the day that their cocks were big but I still was surprised, no steroid shrinkage for these guys. The brother pushed his singlet down to his knees releasing the cock that I had just felt. A gasp rose from the crowd.

Far be it for me to leave a cock hanging, so to speak. I got in a squatting position in front of the brother I was in front of and rubbed my face against his cock. I could feel ever vein. Like the veins in his arms, they were more prominent than in other cocks I had played with. As I started to lick down one of the most pronounced veins the brother continued to pose and flex for the crowd. I could almost feel the disappointment coming from the men who pushed closer to the platform.

I opened my lips and caught the head of the dick that was in front of me. The head was so big it rubbed not only on my tongue but also on the roof of my mouth. It was so big I was afraid I would scratch it with my teeth so I rolled lips back so could to cover my teeth. As I made love to the head with my mouth, I saw out of the corner of my eye that the other brother had pulled another guy onto his platform and the same scene was playing out.

It was difficult to take much more of the cock into my mouth. While I focused my mouth's attention on what I could get, I let my hands wander over the man's muscles. He had oiled up so my hands slid easily. Occasionally he would bend his upper body so that I could feel his biceps which just made me work harder with my mouth.

All around me I heard the sound of zippers being lowered. Knowing that men were pulling out their dicks as they watched me work this giant piece of meat made the experience even hotter. I grabbed the hard ass of the man I squatted before and tried to push more of his cock into my mouth with little success.

The brother eventually pushed me off his cock and started to stroke the monster for the crowd. I saw his brother had done the same. The crowd seemed to be breathing as hard as the brothers. I turned my head and saw Derreck on his knees in front of the platform. He had several men around him with their cocks in his face. Derreck moved from cock to cock giving each some attention before moving on to another.

The brother I was in front of started to stiffen up and then he shot strings of cum into the crowd in front of him with the last string landing in my hair and on my face. A roar rose from the crowd. A second roar reverberated in the space and I knew his brother must have done just the same. From the way that cheers moved around the room I realized that each of the athletes must have each shot their loads into the waiting crowd.

I leaned forward and got the last few drops of cum from the brother I had sucked. I wanted more. When I tried to catch his cock again, he gently pushed me away and began to flex again for the crowd. I left the platform and got on my knees beside Derreck and began to feed off of the cocks nearest to my face.

Derreck and I must have been our knees for an hour before the lights flashed and someone yelled "Last call gentlemen." Derreck and I finished off a couple more men before the crowd dispersed. I didn't even know what any of the men looked like that I had serviced. All I saw in my mind were cocks of different size, shape and color but all filled with the cream I love so much.

As we stood up, both brothers stepped off their platforms and put a hand on each of my shoulders. Not a word was spoken but I sensed they were saying thanks and they hoped I enjoyed myself.

As Derreck and I left the pop-up club, I could see that his face and the front of his shirt were covered with cum, as were mine. Cabbies must have known about this event because a line was waiting to take customers home or to an after-hours party.

When Derreck and I arrived back at the hotel the doorman held the door open but his eyes were on the front of our shirts with a smirk on his face. We both returned to our own rooms. I fell into bed but had the presence of mind to place a wakeup call.

As I drifted off to sleep, I realized that this was just the first day of the trip and wondered what tomorrow and the following days would bring for this cum whore.


Be Well,


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