This series is inspired by Billy C.

This is a series about me and 12 men who took me to be their boy toy at a gay resort in Mexico. Please read the previous parts for the background about me and my hosts.

My eyes slowly opened. It took me a few minutes to clear the fog out of my head before I remembered that I was in Shane and Bryan's suite. After Tyler, the room service attendant with the nice cock, left, I remembered that Shane, Bryan, Christopher and I had gone into their bedroom and fucked around some more. At some point, one of the guys went out by the hot tub and brought the liquor that Tyler had delivered into the bedroom and we each had several shots of tequila. After that I couldn't remember much. I found that I was stretched out on one of the couches in the living room of the suite without any of my clothes on. Someone had covered me with a blanket. I sat up, my head spun a bit, and I noticed a note on the coffee table.

Chad - you were sleeping so soundly we didn't want to wake you. We've gone to get some breakfast and will be out by the main pool if you want to join us. Shane & Bryan. PS - We both really enjoyed last night.

I got up from the couch and looked around trying to find a clock. I was shocked to see that it was just past 11:30 AM. I was also surprised that my ass didn't hurt too badly. If I remembered correctly it had been used pretty well the previous evening. I went to use the bathroom and then went out to the hot tub to find my clothes. I pulled on my light blue cropped pants and my tight tank and left the suite.

I was starving and this time it was for food. On the way back to my room I stopped at the main dining room and loaded up my plate with offerings from several serving stations. I even decided to treat myself and got a real Coke, not my usual Diet Coke. I didn't see any of my hosts or any of my new "friends". I found a place to sit and just focused on the food. I even indulged in a piece of chocolate cake before I was done.

When I finished hoovering my food, I went back to my room looking forward to a shower. I started to take my clothes off even before the door to my room closed. I went straight into the shower and stood under the spray while my muscles relaxed and made sure I was clean inside and out. After stepping out of the shower and dripping water on the floor, I wrapped myself in a large, fluffy towel and shaved.

I was still tired so I thought I would get a little more sleep before getting ready for that day's tea dance. I threw the towel on a chair and flopped down on my stomach on the top of the bed's comforter. Since I still had the sliding door to my room open I let the breeze and the sound of the waves lull me to sleep. As I usually did, I dreamt about the cock and cum I've had and cock and cum I'd like to have.

The breeze that was gently flowing over my body made me dream about fingers lightly touching my thighs and ass. As I started to wake, I realized it wasn't a dream or a breeze but actual fingers that were touching me. I started to push myself up but whomever was touching me pushed me back down. I was able to raise my head enough to turn it and see who was touching me.

It was a man in mid- to late forties. While I couldn't be certain, he looked to be 6'2" or 6'3". He was in a beige suit with a dark blue shirt and a blue and beige tie. Definitely a business man of some type. His eyes were brown and his hair was salt and pepper.

"A cute faggot like you shouldn't leave the door to your room open. You should at least keep your curtains closed." With each stroke of his fingers he got closer to my ass crack. "You know, I was looking forward to coming down here this week. The firm I work for is an investor in this resort chain and they wanted me to do a surprise inspection of the property. I thought I'd be sitting by the pool, having some beers and checking out some prime pussy. Instead I arrive today and find that the place is filled with queers. I decided I wasn't going to stay but I still needed to take a walk around the place. You know what I found? I found homos fucking on the beach, by the pool and behind bushes. At first I found all the fucking disgusting but the more I saw the more I started to wonder what it was like to fuck a fag's ass. Wouldn't you know that just when I had that thought, I walked by your open sliding door and saw you lying naked on your bed looking like you were just waiting to get fucked. Am I right?" His middle finger found my hole and rubbed against it. Involuntarily I pushed back against his finger. "Looks like I'm right."

The man stood up from my bed and when I tried to get up he pushed me back down, "Stay down." I watched as he removed his suit jacket and then his tie. As the man removed his shirt, I could see that he kept himself in shape. Granted he no longer had a six pack but his abs were tight and his pecs looked firm. He kicked off, what looked like, an expensive pair of shoes while he undid his belt buckle. When he removed his pants he revealed a pair of silk boxers. He carefully laid his clothes out on one of the chairs in my room, "Don't want to get any of these dirty."

He sat back down on the bed and his hand once again began to stroke my ass. "How do you keep your ass so smooth?" I knew it was a rhetorical question so I didn't respond. "So what gets you hot and ready for a fuck?" Again the man tickled my hole with his finger. In response to his question I moved one of my arms from under my head and stuck it back until I hit his leg. I moved my hand up his leg until I could get my fingers below the hem of his boxers and immediately found what I was looking for, a hard, fat, hot cock. Just like he was tickling my hole I tickled his cock and felt it grow even more. "Is that all it takes? Just a hard cock? No fancy dinner, no kissing or playing with your tits?" When I finally wrapped my fingers around his cock, I murmured an affirmative. "Shit, if I'd know that earlier I would have tried fucking a fag before."

The man's cock just kept growing against my fingers. The man stood up and slide his boxers down his muscular legs and his cock finally was free. While it wasn't the longest or thickest cock I'd ever seen or done, it was quite the sight. What I really wanted to do was move around so that I could taste it but instead he got on the bed and between my legs. I attempted to turn over but he wouldn't let me. "No fucking way do I want your cock touching me while I fuck you. So how the hell do we do this?"

To be honest, even though the guy was a jerk, I was getting off on the whole scene. I had always fantasized about a guy finding me in my bed and my ass as his own. I never would have put up with any violence but I saw this as a chance to have some fun the way I like it. Letting a guy think they are dominating me but in fact I'm getting them to do what I want.

I was able to reach my night stand and pull out my bottle of lube and handed it back to him. I didn't think I needed to tell him what to do. I also pulled out a bottle of poppers and laid it next to me on the bed. I felt some of the cool lube hit the crack of my ass. The man started to spread it between my cheeks making sure that some of it found my hole. I pushed back again and said "Put some on your dick."

I felt the full length of his cock rub against my ass crack, as I did, I raised my ass off the bed and started to move my ass so that the head of his cock started to rub against my hungry hole. "You want it bad don't you?" I felt more pressure against my hole, I didn't know if he was having second thoughts or just didn't know what to do, but I pushed back against his cock until it popped through my ass ring. Again the man didn't move. I raised myself on my elbows and pushed back harder causing more of the man's cock in to me. "Shit, it's so tight."

I pushed back again trying to make him understand I wanted him all the way in but he just slide forward a minimal amount. I was so frustrated I wanted yell at him to fuck me but instead I fought to remove the top of the bottle of poppers and then reached behind my back. "Put this under your nose and sniff it."

"What is it?"

"Trust me, just do it." I heard him sniff. "Now the other nostril." Another sniff. In mere seconds I could feel the man's cock harden more, it also made him want to fuck me with more energy. Soon his cock was sliding along my walls with greater force. As I pushed harder, I raised myself higher on my elbows giving him even more leverage to drive his cock home.

I don't know if it was the poppers but it became clear to me that he didn't care if he was fucking a woman or a man, he was just fucking. It got to the point that he was pulling his dick almost all of the way out and then ramming it home. My cock was so hard and I was so turned on that a trail of precum was running from the tip of my cock to the comforter on the bed. I could feel sweat dripping from the businessman's chest onto my back.

After a few more minutes of deep thrusts the man grunted, "I'm getting ready to cum." He started to push my ass away and pull his cock free. I thrust back, hopefully letting him know I wanted him to fill me with his seed. He must have understand because instead of continuing to push my ass away he grabbed hold and pulled me on to his cock. I was rewarded with an explosion deep inside. With his last twitch the man collapsed on my back pushing me back down on the comforter. He gave me ass another poke with his softening cock which resulted in my orgasm that resulted in cum on the comforter and my stomach.

The man pushed off me and ran into my bathroom. I heard water running briefly and then he was back in the room. I rolled on my side and watched the man dress while I rubbed my cum around my stomach and enjoyed his load deep in my bowels.

After the man had finished dressing he glanced around the room as if he was confused. I could almost read his thoughts, he liked fucking my ass more than he thought he would which made him question all he had thought about, in his words, faggots and queers. When he finally looked into my face I gave him a warm smile. "If you decide to stick around for a few days, come find me again, I'll show you what I can do with my mouth." Before he turned away and opened the sliding door to leave, I could tell in his eyes that he was considering it.

The breeze coming through the now reopened sliding door cooled my body. I finally pulled myself off my bed and went into the bathroom for another shower. It was a good thing that guests weren't charged for the amount of water they used. I had forgotten how many showers I had taken since I had arrived.

When I stepped out of the shower I could hear the beat of music being played at the tea dance and realized it had already started. I put some product in my wet hair and mussed it up. I chose a pair of cutoffs and one of my sleeveless and cropped t-shirts and headed out to catch up with my hosts. When I got to the site of the dance, it was the same as the previous events, men in the center dancing, others standing around the bars and men that were cruising the crowd.

I found all of my hosts standing around one of the bars sipping cocktails. Before I even said anything a drink was in my hand. Shane and Bryan were regaling the group with a blow by blow (pun intended), of the events of the previous evening in their suite. The other men talked about what and who they had been up to since yesterday's tea dance. I decided to keep the story of the businessman to myself, at least for now. I really wanted to dance so I grabbed Derreck's hand and pulled him into the center of the dancing throng. I worked it for both Derreck and the rest of the dancers. I even took off my t-shirt and stuck it in the back of my cutoffs. Pretty soon the rest of the group joined us and we spent the next two hours dancing and drinking.

When the music ended we made our way to dinner. While a lot of our discussion at dinner was about sex and potential sex partners we also talked of movies, music, art and television. It was apparent to me that this group of men had a strong bond. It felt nice to be a part of it, even if it was only for a week.

As men around the room started to stand and leave the dining room, one of the organizers of the week got on the PA system and asked everyone to remain. He said he was going to explain the activity for the evening. I had just assumed it was going to be another theme party even though I hadn't heard what the theme would be. The man announced that it was going to be Bingo Night. Looking around the room, I saw that a good number of people were as surprised as I and my hosts were but from another large group there were applause, hoots and hollers.

The man explained how the Bingo Night would work. Four games would be set up in four different ballrooms. The first would be for men that only wanted to play for cash prizes. Another would be for men that, when they won, would be able to pick a prize from a stable of men that wanted to top a piece of ass. The third would be the same but only the prizes would be men that wanted to be feed and breed. The fourth would be for couples only that wanted to play with other couples but with a twist, if you or your partner won, you could pick any other couple that was playing. We were also told that if you wanted to be a prize you couldn't turn down the winner. We were told that we had to make our decisions as we left the dining room. The man also said that if someone or some couple won the cover all Bingo game that you would be able to choose 2 prizes. The games would be over when there was either no players or no prizes left. I hoped that wouldn't happen because it would remind me of teams being chosen for dodge ball back in junior high. That possibility was softened when the organizer said that if that happened, the men who hadn't won or hadn't been chosen as a prize would be treated to a booze cruise under the stars on a large catamaran and hopefully would find someone to hook up with for the night.

My hosts and I discussed among ourselves what we each would do. Bill and Chuck decided that they were going to go to the cash prize game. I kept wondering if, or when, I would spend some time with them. They both seemed like nice guys. The other couples, Shane and Bryan, Danny and William, and Jay and David all decided to go to the couples Bingo.

The rest of us; me, JP, Derreck, Barry and Blaine; all decided we would go to one of singles' events. We had an interesting discussion of who would go to which. Derreck said he was going to go to the one where he would be a prize. He said he was ready to do any guy who choose him. Barry and JP decided they were both going to the game where they would play and get to pick a prize when they won. Barry was very specific that he wanted to get a piece of young, preferably college aged, of ass. JP said he just wanted to be control. I wanted to be in control as well, so I decided to go to the room where I would play. Blaine decided he would join me. We each declared our decisions as we left the dining room and were given color coded name tags and a supply of bingo cards.

I was glad to see that there was a bar set up in the room Blaine and I went to. All the players had green nametags and the prizes had red. We were given a half hour before the first game started so that we could scope out the prizes. Blaine and I moved around the room with drinks in our hands discussing the prizes we each would like to choose when we won, both of us having positive outlooks. The prizes walked around with their chests puffed out and led with their cocks. These were the type of men who wanted to be worshipped. There was also an undercurrent of competition among them, who would be chosen first and who would be the last man standing.

Since everyone had come directly from dinner, no one had had the opportunity to go choose a different outfit. Those cocks, literally and figuratively, that had worn shirts to dinner either had them unbuttoned or had taken them off. Those who had worn regular t-shirts had either pulled the front over their heads or had also removed them. Those that had worn tight muscle shirts that fit like second skins knew they looked good. The prizes were a rainbow of bears, muscle heads, poseurs, and silver foxes. Blaine was in hog heaven, he had a hard time deciding on who he would choose. Of course, I was drawn to the alpha males, the ones that exuded confidence and also had large packages. I looked for the man with the sleeve of tattoos but didn't see him. I assumed, based on how he had taken me the other night that he wanted to be in control and wanted to choose his prize.

The time flew and we, the players, were told to take a seat at one of the tables set up in the room. We each had been given a supply of bingo cards but were told there were more and that we just needed to raise our hands when we wanted some. The tables each had enough daubers so that each player had one. The prizes were lined up behind the caller or leaned against the side walls. Some flexed while others were squeezing their crotches.

Since I was determined to win early so that I could have best luck in getting one of my choices, I started playing 4 cards at a time. Blaine had the same idea. Neither of us won any of the earlier rounds and had to ask for more cards. We shot daggers with our eyes when some of the winners chose men we had already picked in our minds. Finally Blaine yelled out "Bingo" and after his card had been verified he chose his prize. He picked a guy as muscled as himself but probably 6" taller than he was. When he went up to his prize, Blaine let his hands run over his prize's body while some of the players moaned in disappointment. I watched as they left the ballroom and hoped that Blaine would enjoy his evening.

After getting some more cards, the caller informed those of us that were still playing that this would be the cover all game. The winner would have to get all the numbers on their cards to win. This was also the game where the winner got to choose two prizes. Three of my cards sucked, I was hardly getting any numbers. My fourth card, however, started to fill up to the point that I only needed three more squares. The game had gone on so long that I was sure that someone was going to scream "Bingo" with each new call.

The next number was called. I had it.

The next number was called. I had it too.

The next number was called. I didn't have it.

The next number was called. I had it. It was me who got to yell "Bingo". There were groans around the room. My card was verified and I started walking down the line of prizes that were still available. The handful of men that I had already chosen in my mind had already left with previous winners. I needed to revise my strategy.

As I looked down the line of prizes I realized that many of those that were left were young, many who looked younger than me. In my mind that made some sense, the previous winners were probably a lot like me, they most likely thought that an older man would know better what they liked and would throw a good fuck. I decided to go a different route. Since I got to choose two, I thought I would pick young guys that would probably want to make sure they were the better top. I chose two guys that were probably only 21 or 22 and had been bought and paid for by some older guys simply to have some nice eye candy on their arms and to get fucked at least a few times while at the resort.

Both guys were model good-looking and if they weren't already, probably could have a good career in porn. Their bodies were well defined without being overly muscled. They both stood about 6' tall and each probably weighed about the same at 180 or 190 pounds but that's where the similarities ended. The one whose nametag said Hunter (reinforced my porn idea) was Germanic in his looks, blonde hair and blue eyes. His fair skin had picked up some color over the last couple of days which made him glow. He was in a pair of ripped designer jeans that were sliding down his ass showing off the waist band of his Calvin Klein's. He was holding his shirt in his hand.

The other guy's nametag said Salvatore and his looks fit his name. He was a smoldering Italian with a head of jet black hair and dark brown eyes. He was sporting a five o'clock shadow and obviously trimmed his chest hair. The dark hair on his arms and legs made him even more masculine. He was wearing a very plain pair of blue shorts and had a white shirt, with its sleeves rolled up and completely unbuttoned. As we left the ballroom, the sense of competition between the two men was palpable. They each tried to out macho each other when I asked them questions but they never spoke to each other.

Waiting outside of the ballroom were Bill and Chuck. Chuck's eyes slowly took in both of my prizes' bodies, so much so that Bill gave him a light punch in the arm. Bill said "Hey, we've been waiting out here for you. We knew that you would come out with some hot number but I see that you were the lucky guy that got two prizes. Since we haven't spent much time with you we decided we wanted to watch you get fucked. We just lucked out, we get to watch you get fucked twice."

Locking eyes with Bill, I said "I sure as hell hope it's more than just twice."

Hunter spoke up, "Shit, I'll fuck you three times if you can take it."

"Is that all you got Dude, I'll fuck him silly four times." Salvatore had raised the stakes. The competition and the bar had been set!

With a smile on my face I told Bill and Chuck they were more than welcome to watch us. My prizes seemed to like the idea of an audience to prove that they were the best.

Moving my eyes from Hunter to Salvatore, I asked, "Where to guys?" Both men started to speak over each other. They proposed their rooms, the beach, the pool deck and more. Laughing to myself I turned my attention to Bill and Chuck, "You guys decide."

Bill and Chuck conversed quietly for a moment and said they knew just the place and that we should follow them. After walking almost to the end of the resort, Bill pulled aside some of the lush greenery revealing a small area of grass that had a hammock attached to two palm trees and a couple of Adirondack chairs. After we entered, Bill let the bushes fall back into place which resulted in the area being like its own secluded room.

Bill and Chuck sat down in the Adirondack chairs. "Guys, I think it might be fun if we told you guys what we'd like to watch. Is that ok?"

Salvatore, Hunter and I exchanged looks and in unison said "Sure."

Bill went first, "Hunter, take off your jeans." Hunter did what he was asked, revealing that his Calvin's were white boxer briefs. Giving us a smile, Hunter adjusted himself. I had to admit that the pouch of his Calvin's were well stuffed. "Now, Salvatore, take off your shirt." While the open shirt revealed most of his upper body, he looked more muscled than I thought he was. In fact, it looked like Hunter and Salvatore came from the same mold with the exception of their coloring. "Now your shorts." Salvatore wasn't wearing any underwear so he stood before us completely naked. Just like the rest of his body, Salvatore had closely shaved the area around his cock and his balls. Even though his dick was flaccid it hung nicely over his balls and if he was a grower it was going to be impressive. I took a step closer and was ready to begin working on his piece of meat when Bill said, "Not yet". Bill then told Hunter to remove his boxers. When he did it was apparent that his cock and balls were roughly the same size as Salvatore's.

Chuck turned to Bill and said, "I have to say they both have nice cocks, but not as nice or big as yours." There was a flash of anger in both Hunter's and Salvatore's eyes. "Chad, why don't you see how big they can get." I stepped between each young man and began to stroke their dicks. I sensed that both were pushing their hips forward to make their dicks look as big as possible. It didn't take long for both men to be fully hard. Chuck said, "I don't believe it, they look the same size. Keep stroking them Chad, let's see who can hold off shooting."

I stroked both cocks as similarly as possible. I imagined that since both guys were young that it wouldn't take long before one of them shot their loads. I could see both men tighten up their bodies and closing their eyes in an effort to control themselves. I shot a glance over to Bill and Chuck and saw that Chuck had maneuvered Bill's dick out of his pants and was working it with his hand. Bill's cock was exceptionally nice. It was significantly bigger and thicker than either of the dicks I had in my hands, lucky Chuck.

Almost as if they had one body, both Hunter and Salvatore shot their loads. Since I had been stroking their cocks so that they were parallel to the ground, both loads shot straight forward. Salvatore's cum went maybe an inch or two more than Hunter's. Both men's breathing returned to normal but their cocks stayed hard in my hands.

Bill spoke up now, "So Chad, who's got the bigger cock?"

"From what I see, you do."

"No I mean your two prizes."

"Actually, I can't tell a difference."

"Fuck that, I shot farther", Salvatore growled.

"Shit, you may have shot a little bit more but my load was much bigger than yours", challenged Hunter.

"Whatever asshole."

Chuck half laughed, half coughed and then said, "Bill, stand up." While Chuck and Bill stood up, Chuck didn't stop stroking Bill. When Bill finally dropped his load not only did it go farther than either Hunter or Salvatore but there was much, much more cum. The two younger men grumbled something I couldn't quite make out. "Chad, maybe you should find out if they feel different in your mouth." Finally, I was going to have some fun.

I dropped on my knees and both men pushed their cocks toward my waiting mouth. They actually had their hands on each other trying to push each other out of the way. I pushed them both away. "Pick a number between 1 and 10." Hunter said 4 while Salvatore said 8. While I had been thinking 5, I didn't say it. I actually wanted a go at Salvatore's Italian sausage (pun intended) first. Swarthy men just push my buttons. "7". I grabbed Salvatore by the balls and pulled him toward me until his head was fully in my mouth. When I began to suck I got the last few drops of his cum, he must have had garlic recently. I've always loved Italian food.

After a few minutes of working on Salvatore, I turned my attention to Hunter. Even though he hadn't been stroking, his cock was still steel hard when I took it in my mouth. I kept moving back and forth between the two dicks. After a while, both men started to use my mouth the way they wanted. Whether it was a desire to get off or to just show each other who was the best at topping, I didn't care, I was just enjoying myself. When I had the chance I glanced over at Chuck and Bill. Bill was standing with his legs spread and his hands on his hips. He had shoved his monster cock into Chuck's mouth who was obviously enjoying his task. I could see that both men were watching what I was doing. When I could tell that both of my prizes were close, I put their heads close and began licking them together. When I was sure they were going to cum, I pulled back slightly, opened my mouth wide and stuck out my tongue. Both loads were as forceful and plentiful as their first. I couldn't catch it all, so cum was dripping from my cheeks and chin. I heard Bill grunt and I knew that he was giving Chuck his load. I got up from my knees and wiped some of the cum from my face bringing it to my mouth and savoring each drop.

When Chuck was done swallowing he asked me, "Well, can you tell who's got the bigger cock now?"


"Come on man, it's obvious that mine is bigger", Hunter stated.

"Yeah right fucker, I didn't see you gagging him like I was."

"Guys, you both gagged me."

Chuck got up from his knees in front of Bill and said, "Well, I guess the only way we can find out whose better is a fuck off. Who's going to go first?"

Again, my two prizes started another pissing match about how long they can fuck and how their clients (again, the hustler idea) said that no one ever had fucked them better. I could tell from Bill's voice that he was aggravated. "Shut up. Do rock, paper, scissors." Hunter won. In a forceful voice he told me to take off my shorts, lay across the hammock on my stomach, and spread my legs. Before I did, he touched my face and wiped off some of the cum that was still there. He spread it over his cock. After I was on the hammock he bent his knees and pushed the head of his cock against my hole.

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked." In my mind I was saying 'I wish'. He pushed his dick into my ass while he grabbed the hammock. His next move was to actually pull the hammock toward himself so that his cock entered me in one swift movement. I was so surprised I moaned. "See that fucker, he's already moaning over my cock." I felt like I was on an amusement park ride, I was pulled, I was pushed, I was held still while Hunter just did little thrusts when his cock was deep in me. At one point I actually had to grab the hammock tightly with both hands, I thought I was going to be thrown off. Since this was his third load it took Hunter longer this time, which was fine with me, before he lined my walls with his spunk. When he was done, he pushed the hammock forward causing me to shoot off his dick. "Let's see you top that dude."

I struggled off the hammock and stood on weak knees. Salvatore was really going to have to bring his A game to beat what Hunter had just done to my ass. Before Salvatore made his move, I saw that Bill had Chuck bent over the back of one of the Adirondack chairs and was throwing him a good fuck. Chuck's face was aglow. While thrusting, Bill said to Salvatore, "OK kid, let's see what you've got."

Salvatore told me to get on the ground and lie on my back. "Put your legs up." I did. He pushed them farther back so that the only part of my body that was touching the ground was my shoulders. He spit on my asshole even though it was still filled with Hunter's cum and drove his cock all the way into me in just one forceful movement. He started doing pushups against my legs. I had to push back with my legs to keep from flipping over, he was pushing so hard. There were moments when his cock would completely leave my hole and then it would plunge back in. The whole time he was yelling "This is how you fuck an ass!"

Chuck was yelling at Bill, "Come on baby, know how I like it."

My ass had never been pummeled like this before. I was having a hard time catching my breath as each thrust felt like it was going deeper and deeper. When I didn't think my shoulders could hold my and Salvatore's weight, he abruptly stopped doing his pushups and pulled free from my ass. His cum started to cover my hole and then he leaned forward enough so that the last of it hit my face and chest. He stepped back and let go of my legs. I slowly lowered my legs. As I did, I heard Bill roar and I knew that he was giving Chuck a full tank.

Both Hunter and Salvatore looked at me and said, "Well?"

Even though in my mind Salvatore had won the fuck off, being the cum slut that I am, I said "Too close to call, you guys are going to come back with me to my room for another round or two and then I'll let you know."

Bill patted Chuck's ass and gave me a wink as I started back to my room with my prizes.


Be Well,


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