This series is inspired by Billy C.

Six months ago I had run my usual ad on Craigslist seeking a group of men that were looking for a bottom to have some fun. Most times that I ran the ad I would get several offers and usually ended up having a good time. Of course I didn't do that every week, sometimes, due to my job, I would be traveling and would hit a bar, adult bookstore or a bathhouse in search of some fun. For those of you who have read my stories you know that I'm not a one man kind of guy.

If you haven't read some of my other stories, my name is Chad. Six months ago, at the time of this story I was 29. I'm 5'10" and 165 pounds. I keep myself in good shape by swimming and regular workouts because I like to wear tight clothes. I have dirty blonde hair, sometimes with highlights, and blue/green eyes. A few years back some people may have called me a twink but I don't think that label really fit me. While I can be submissive for the right man, it's usually me calling the shots because it's my decision how I let my body be used.

I'm attracted to alpha males, the kind of men who are masculine, with hard bodies and a lot of swagger. I also like big dicks and lots of cum. Yeah, I'm a cum slut and proud of it. A couple of years ago when I started running my ad, it was an easy way to get a group of men who wanted me to service them and let me have the fun that I wanted.

When I ran the ad six months ago I got a different kind of response. A guy named Derreck responded to the ad but wasn't looking to get together that weekend. He wanted to find out if I would be interested in joining him and a group of his friends for a week at a resort in Puerto Vallarta. It seems a company called Atlantis booked a resort for an entire week that was for gay men and lesbians only.

Intrigued, I asked Derreck why he had contacted me. It seems that he had some friends that had been in the Phoenix area and had been part of a group of men that I had entertained. He said he occasionally checked the Arizona listings in Craigslist to see if he could find my ad. Because his proposal sounded interesting we began to correspond via e-mail. He sent me some pictures of himself, both face and body, and I did the same in return. He told me he was 45, 5'10" with a 175 pound, very lean-built ball-player's build. He also told me he used to play professional baseball. He also sent me a group photo of the entire group when they had been at a pool party, so I had a pretty good idea of what their bodies were like. A couple of the guys looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place them. Over the next couple of weeks some of the other men sent me some pics but not all of them. While I have a preference for guys closer to my age, the group was made up of pretty hot men so I told him I might be interested.

When we started getting into details Derreck told me that the group would pick up all of my expenses including my own room. Since the resort was all inclusive, all my meals and drinks would be included. He told me that I would be expected to play with the group, or members of the group, when they wanted. He also said that if they made some friends at the resort I may have to let the new friends have a crack at my mouth and ass. At other times, he said, I was free to do whatever or whomever I wanted. It sounded like a pretty sweet deal so I agreed. I asked for a week off work and started to think about what clothes I would take with me. The plan was that I was supposed to meet them in LA on Saturday, they would pick up the cost of the flight of course, and then we would all fly down to Puerto Vallarta on Sunday.

On the Friday night before I was scheduled to leave, I finished packing. Derreck had told me that there were several theme parties: uniform, underwear, foam, white and several others. There was also a tea dance every afternoon. All that meant that I would need at least three outfits each day if not more. I had gone out to buy some new swimsuits, shorts, etc., and meant that I ended up filling two suitcases. It was a good thing that we would be flying Southwest, which just started to serve Puerto Vallarta, so I would be able to check both bags. I also packed a carry-on bag with the stuff I thought I would need for our night in LA plus all my lotions, potions and a few toys. On Saturday morning I called for an Uber to take me to Sky Harbor.

When I got to the airport I checked my bags and got my boarding pass. I slung my carry-on bag over my shoulder and headed toward security. Thankfully the line wasn't that long and it only took a few minutes to get to the screening area. I took my plastic bags from my carry-on and placed them in one of the plastic containers and then placed my bag on the conveyor belt. I stepped through the body scanner and went to pick up my items. The belt had stopped and the female TSA agent was staring at the screen and called another agent, who was male, over to look at the screen.

The male TSA agent pulled my bag from the belt and asked those of us who were waiting at the end of the belt whose bag it was. When I indicated that it was mine he had a snarky look on his face and then told me to follow him over to a stainless steel table that was off to the side. As I joined him he told me that he was going to have to look through my bag. He pulled on a pair of latex gloves and started pulling items out of the bag. After most of my clothes were out of the bag, he pulled out a dildo that I had packed in the carry-on. It was one of my larger ones, a thick ten inches that was covered with what looked like veins. It was made out of red rubber and had big, flared head. "Is this yours?"


Holding it up in the air, the agent turned to a couple of men that were close to him. "Hey guys, take a look at this thing." The men stepped closer and started talking among themselves while the agent kept waving the dildo around. Each of them men were looking at me. "I bet I could give this guy a couple more inches."

"You wish", one of the other men said.

Finally the agent stuffed the dildo back into my bag and then crammed in the clothes he had taken out. "Next time you may want to put your fake dicks in your checked baggage." He snickered at me as he turned away. I grabbed by toiletries and added them to my bag and headed toward my gate.

A hand grasped my shoulder and I turned to see who had done it. It was a young guy wearing a black shirt and pants with some identification on a lanyard around his neck. He was maybe two inches taller than me with broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

"Those guys are jerks, don't let them get to you. They say stupid shit all the time. I'm surprised that they keep their jobs." The guy still hadn't taken his hand off of my shoulder. He leaned in closer. "Was that really yours dude?"


"You stick that up your ass?"


"Man, you must really like dick dude." The guy's hand gripped by shoulder harder. "You want some now?" I looked around. "My shift at the restaurant doesn't start for a little while. Let's go."

Without waiting for a reply, and his hand still on my shoulder, he led me toward one of the full service restaurants in the concourse. The guy greeted the woman who was seating people. Since it was late morning there wasn't that many people in the restaurant and surprisingly, no one at the bar. Stopping at the bar he told me to sit down and that he would get me a drink. He said he needed to go in back but that he would be back out in a few. After taking his hand off my shoulder he told the bartender to get me whatever I wanted and then he walked to the back of the restaurant and through the door into what I assumed was the kitchen. As he walked into the kitchen he turned his head and winked at the bartender.

"What can I get you?"

"How about a Bloody Mary."

'You got it. How do you know Matt?"

"Oh, we just met a few minutes ago."

The bartender gave me a knowing look and then started making the Bloody Mary. He filled a tall glass more than half way with vodka and then poured in a splash of Bloody Mary mix. After adding a stalk of celery he brought it to me. "You really must have made an impression if he just met you and he's buying you a drink."

While the bartender had been mixing my drink I couldn't help but check him out. Just like Matt, he was in black shirt and pants. He didn't look old enough to be a bartender but he must have been over 21. Also like Matt he was broad shouldered with a narrow waist and an inch or two taller. He leaned against the bar top giving me a view of his smooth chest through the opened buttons of his shirt.

"Matt and I are roommates. With both go to State. I got him this job. You'd be amazed at how much fun we have here." At that point he stepped away from the bar and leaned against the back counter. The way he stood made his package more prominent and quite impressive looking. In a low voice he said, "Shit, between the chicks that work here in the airport, the traveling business women and, I'm guessing, guys that check out our junk like you're doing, we get to bust a nut a couple times a day. Hell of a lot cheaper than taking chicks out. Better knock that drink back, Matt should be back in a minute."

I took a couple big swigs of my cocktail and laid the glass back on the bar just as Matt reappeared from the back area. He put his hand on my shoulder again, "Follow me." I followed Matt into the kitchen toward the back where we entered a small storage room that contained cases if liquor and other supplies. After closing the door, he took a chair and put it under the door knob. Matt then turned toward me. This was the first time I really got a good look at him. He too was young like his roommate and just as good looking. I was starting to understand why he and his roommate were so lucky. Between their looks and charm they probably could get anyone they wanted.

Without preamble, Matt undid his black belt, opened his pants and pulled his zipper down and pushed them down revealing a pair of black boxer briefs. The outline of his cock, which hadn't been that noticeable before, revealed itself. It appeared to be thick and I watched as it started to lengthen. He pulled the waist band down below his egg sized balls. "Come on dude, I already clocked in, they're going to expect me to be out on the floor."

He started stroking his cock as I moved closer. His cock was almost as big as the dildo he had seen. I reached for it and he moved his hand. I wrapped my fingers as far around his cock as I could and continued the stroking that he had started. His cock felt hot in my hand. I hadn't had any cock in a couple of days and I was hungry. I got down on one knee and took Matt's head into my mouth. It tasted of soap and Axe. Matt must have been in a hurry because he put a hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward pushing his cock into my mouth. I started playing with his balls as more of his cock slide between my lips.

There was a knock at the door, two quick raps a pause and then two more raps. Matt pulled out of my mouth and moved to the door, moving he chair, and cracking it open. After seeing who it was he opened it wider and the bartender walked in. "Sorry bro, Angie told me to take my break now."

Matt turned back to me and put his cock back in front of my face while his roommate again blocked the door with the chair. As I took Matt's dick back into my mouth, his roommate opened his pants and pulled out a cock that was nice, but not quite as big as Matt. While he watched me feed on his roommate he started to finger his cock and I watched it grow and grow and grow. The guy's cock was huge, just looking at it made me hornier. While I was deciding whether to slide off Matt's dick and focus on his roommate, Matt started to increase the speed at which he was sliding his cock over my lips and tongue and down my throat. "Shit, I've got to get to my tables."

Sensing Matt's urgency, his roommate wound his fingers into my hair and started forcing my mouth down Matt's dick. "Come on buddy, suck his cock." With one hand in my hair the bartender was using the other to squeeze his cock. It was so close to my face, I wanted to taste it so bad, but every time I tried to pull off of Matt's dick, his roommate would push my face farther down his cock. Matt's cock was so far down my throat that I could hardly breathe but the bartender always seemed to know when to pull my head back so I could catch a quick breath before slamming me back forward on his roommate's dick. Matt started to grunt and a torrent of spunk started to fill my throat, he was so far back in my mouth that I barely tasted it. When he finally stopped squirting, Matt slowly pulled his cock back through my mouth and I got to taste the cum that was covering his dick. As Matt pulled out of my mouth, the bartender, with his fingers still entwined in my hair, turned my face and pulled me onto his cock. It slide over Matt's cum that still coated my tongue and pushed against the back of my throat. As I tried to adjust to size of the bartender's dick, I saw Matt, out of the corner of my eye, rearranging his clothes. Before he left, he brought his face down toward mine and while watching his roommate feed me his cock and thanked me for the blow job. After Matt left, his roommate tried to reach back and put the chair back under the door knob but it was too far away. He now had both of his hands on my head and seemed to be desperate to drop his load. I tried to tilt my head to get more of his dick down my throat but he wouldn't let me, he seemed satisfied with as much of his cock as I was able to handle.

Just as the bartender began to cum, the door opened and one of the other servers stood in the doorway and watched as the bartender gave a couple more thrusts of his pelvis. As he pulled out, several streams of cum hung from his dick to my mouth. I leaned forward trying to suck them back.

The guy in the doorway finally spoke, "I thought I'd seen you guys bring customers back here, but I was always thought you guys were dealing".

The bartender shoved his cock back into his underwear and pants, zipped up and turned toward the door. "Now that you know, just be sure to block the door like I should have." The new guy did exactly what the bartender told him to do and soon another dick was in my hungry mouth.

When I finally left the storeroom with three loads of cum warming my stomach, I walked back out to the bar where I had left my carry-on bag. I didn't see Matt but the bartender handed me a shot and told me it was on the house. I wasn't sure what it was but it soothed my throat.

When I made it to the gate I realized that I had almost missed the flight. The last of the C group was boarding the plane and I went to the back of the line, handed the customer service agent my ticket and walked down the jetway. It was a full flight. I walked down the aisle but I couldn't find a seat. When I reached the back of the plane a flight attendant had me turn around and another flight attendant was waving indicating that there was a seat back toward the front. When I got to the seat, I wasn't surprised that I had missed it before. Both the aisle and the window seats were occupied by men that looked like they could be part of the WWE. Both men were built like tanks and had on t-shirts that looked like they might rip apart at any second. The giant in the aisle didn't stand up but made me crawl over his trunk sized thighs to get to the middle seat. I could barely get into my seat due to their spread legs and shoulders spilling over into my seat. After I had finally squeezed my ass onto the seat, I bent forward to put my bag under the seat in front of me before I leaned back, maneuvering my body so that I ended up with my shoulders behind theirs. Their legs were touching mine and their shoulders pressed into my body.

I had worn a pair of black skinny jeans and a tank top. Even with the jeans, I could feel the warmth of their thigh muscles against my thighs. My upper arms pressed against their massive biceps. Neither man had acknowledged me and in fact acted as if they were put out that I was sitting between them.

As we pulled away from the gate they started to speak to each other, even talking over the instructions from the flight attendants. As they talked I realized that they were wanna be big time wrestlers. They were on their way to LA for tryouts. I also realized that they were brothers. The nearness of these two men were making me horny again. All I could think about was what they would look like without their t-shirts on and what may lay beneath their jeans.

After reaching cruising altitude, the flight attendants began service. A male flight attendant was taking care of our section. He looked like he had been flying for a while and may have had some work done on his face. When he reached our row, he put a hand on the shoulder of the giant sitting on the aisle and asked if he wanted anything to drink. The man pulled out some coupons and told that flight attendant that he and his brother would each have a beer. The flight attendant didn't even ask me what I wanted but gave me a look that almost seemed that he was jealous of me for sitting between the two hunky men.

After the flight attendant had moved on, the brother on the aisle turned to the other and said "That fucking queen should realize that he's too damn old to be putting his hand on my shoulder. You know me, I like 'em even younger. Shit, these seats are too tight." The brother on the aisle pulled up the arm rest between us and pressed more of his hard body against mine. The second brother agreed and did the same. I had crossed my arms in front of me, not wanting to invade their space but at the same time wanting to put my hands all over their bodies.

It wasn't much longer until the flight attendant returned with the beers. The man looked like he was ready to lick his lips as he handed both men their cans plus some bags of pretzels. Again, he didn't even act like I existed.

Both men lowered their tray tables. As they did, the brother sitting by the window, without turning his head, said "Hey bro, it's pretty obvious that you want to touch us. Go ahead, we won't bite. We get off on hotties like you admiring us." I moved both of my hands under their tray tables and tentatively touched their thighs. They were so hard they felt like marble. I started to massage their thighs as they drank their beers. The brother next to the window put his hand under the tray table and moved my hand, placing it on the outline of his cock, I squeezed it and then slide my hand down to the head. Emboldened I did the same for the other brother. I'm sure the flight attendant knew what I was doing when he came back to collect the cans. If looks could kill, I would have been dead.

With their beers done the two men reclined their seats, closed their eyes and let me continue to explore their denim covered pieces of meat. God, I just wanted to lean over and start to chew on both. It was not meant to be. The announcement came that seats and trays needed to be returned to their locked and upright positions. I slide my hands away as the brothers raised their trays. The bulges in each of their jeans looked even bigger than they felt, the denim was pulled so taut. When the flight attendant came by checking on seat belts I thought his eyes were going to fall out. The man had the balls to actually reach down and say, "I just need to make sure your seat belt is fastened", and let his hand brush against the bulge of the brother in the aisle seat. With a grunt of annoyance, the brother pushed the flight attendants hand away.

After landing and pulling to the gate, we stood and waited our turn to deplane. As we did, the brother that had been in the window seat squeezed by ass as I reached back to feel the outline of his cock again.

Once we made it into the concourse both men stayed close to me as we made our way to baggage claim. I couldn't help but notice the attention they got from both men and women. The way that both men walked indicated to me that they thrived on the attention.

One of the brothers but his beefy arm around by shoulders, "What are you doing tonight?"

"I'm supposed to meet up with some friends."

"Well, if you'd like, we're going to be at this private club in Hollywood if you want to stop by and really get a chance to see us." The brother pulled out a card and handed it to me. It was just an address. "Tell the guy at the door that the Johnson brothers invited you. What's your name by the way?"

"Chad, Chad Cartwright."

"Well Chad Cartwright, my brother and I hope that you will show up. I think you'd have damn good time."

They found their luggage and while I continued to wait, I watched them walk away, staring at their two hard asses.

I watched my luggage get closer and I grabbed my two bags. While I walked out to catch the shuttle for the hotel where I was meeting the group that invited me, I was so horny that I could feel my cock drip. It was a very short ride to the Sheraton which was right next to LAX.

As I walked into the hotel lobby and up to the registration desk, I thought I noticed a man staring at me. He lingered around the lobby until I headed to the elevator. When the elevator doors opened the man followed me in. While I was in the elevator I checked the man out. He looked to be in his early 40s, 6'1" and probably 195 lbs or so. The man could have been a poster boy for masculinity. If he were wearing a flannel shirt and a cowboy hat he could have been the Marlboro man. He had short but stylish brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a nice fitting pair of jeans and a Polo shirt that showed off what looked to be a good body.

As I slid the electronic key into the door to my room, I could sense that the man was directly behind me. He reached over my shoulder and pushed the door open, "Let me help with that." We both stepped into my room and the door closed behind us.

I turned to face him when he said, "You're Chad, right?"

"Do I know you?"

"I think we may have met before. I'm Jean-Paul, or JP, one of your hosts for this trip and the trip starts now." JP grabbed his crotch and I dropped to my knees.


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