This series is inspired by Billy C.

This is a series about me and 12 men who took me to be their boy toy at a gay resort in Mexico. Please read the previous parts for the background about me and my hosts.

Derreck dropped me off at my room and said he would see me at dinner. I went in and removed by sarong like outfit and washed it out in the bathroom sink, I was sure I would wear it again. I took a quick shower, dried myself off and fixed my hair. I then used the clothes line type thing in my shower to hang the sarong up so that it would dry.

The information sheet in my room had said that bathing suits and bare feet were not allowed in the dining room. In addition it said that shirts were required. Since this was going to be the first time that I spent any significant amount of time with my hosts, I decided that I needed to look my best, and for me that best look was as slutty as possible within the constraints of the dress code.

For the trip I had bought a turquoise colored, cotton short sleeved shirt. The material was so thin it was almost see through. The color really went well with my blue/green eyes. I paired it with a pair of small white cotton shorts and a pair of flip flops. I rolled the sleeves of the shirt up so they were above my biceps and I left it unbuttoned showing my smooth pecs and abs. I liked the way that the shorts fit, especially without any underwear since they stopped just below my ass cheeks. I grabbed my key card and left my room. On the way to the dining room, I once again got to check out a lot of the men that were staying at the resort.

The dining room was huge with tables of all different sizes. Derreck had arranged for our group to be at a really large round table that sat 14. Upon entering the dining room I realized that this was not the type of dining room where you ordered off a menu. Instead it was more like a buffet at a high end Las Vegas casino with various types of cuisine or selections set up along the sides and along the center of the room. There was Italian, Mexican, Greek, Asian and other ethnic options. There was also a pizza oven, grill and deli. A huge salad bar lined the middle of the dining room along with an immense selection of desserts. There was also beverage stations for stuff like soda, juices, coffee and tea. Any other kind of drinks had to be ordered by the wait staff that were located throughout the dining room.

I was the first to arrive at our table. As I waited for the rest of the group, I scanned the increasing crowd of guests. There were colorful drag queens throughout the crowd. Some looked ready to hit the stage and perform while others were more subtly clothed and made up. There was a large contingent of bears and cubs. There was quite a number of leather men and their boys. There were several groups of mature men who looked to be north of 60 wearing more traditional resort wear. There was even some groups of lesbians who seemed to be enjoying each other's' company.

Of course, my eyes were drawn to the men ranging from their 20s to their 40s that exuded hyper masculinity and had a lot of swagger. Many of them were accompanied by younger men who gave off a vibe similar to my own, cum whore. There were also couples of all different ages who, by their body language and the looks they gave each other, had been together for a while. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was bad. All in all, it was a very diverse group of guests.

After ordering a frozen margarita with salt, JP arrived at the table. It seemed like days ago, but it had only been the day before that he filled my mouth and ass with his cum. He was as hot as I remembered him. Over his 6'1" muscular body, he was wearing a pair of white linen pants and a tight, pale blue, tank top. The white linen pants couldn't conceal his cock and it looked just as tasty as it had the previous day. After greeting each other, he took a seat a couple away from me and ordered a cocktail. Barry, the pilot, was the next to arrive. His cock had been up my ass just a few hours ago when I had joined the mile high club on our flight to Puerto Vallarta. He was dressed a little more conservatively in cargo shorts and a Polo. Even though it was conservative, it still showed off his beefy muscles. The three of us enjoyed our cocktails while we waited for the rest of the group.

After a few more minutes the entire group had arrived. After some more cocktails we all went to choose our selections for dinner and soon we were all back at the table. Since it was really the first time the entire group was together, stories began to fly around the table.

As can be imagined, JP shared with the group that he had been the first one to enjoy my skilled mouth and ass. He also shared with them that he had met me previously on one of his trips to Phoenix when he had been at a party where I was the entertainment. Derreck shared how we had gone to a private club where we both had the chance to worship the professional wrestling brothers I had met on the flight to LA. Of course that then led to Danny and William sharing what had just happened at the tea dance with me and our new friend Zack. Bill and Chuck shared how they had been in their room since they had arrived. They missed the tea dance since they were fucking like rabbits. Blaine admitted that he hadn't hooked up with anyone yet and that he had gone to the resort's gym to work out. He did say that he saw a lot of hot guys working out but had struck out when he went to the steam room. Jay and Dave didn't share anything but a sly look with the group. Shane and Bryan shared with the group that they had found a secluded spot on the grounds that had a double hammock. While they didn't share details, it was obvious that something had happened. Of course, I couldn't keep my mouth shut so I shared with the group about the 2 bellmen that I had blown earlier that day and how they had been blown a second time when the big guy with his two boys had come into my room. I also felt obligated to tell them that the big guy had fucked me. I think all the talk was getting to everyone. The couples around the table couldn't seem to keep their hands off of each other. The single guys were letting their eyes wander around the dining room checking out the many choices of men.

After a few too many cocktails I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I had to walk through the dining room and did enjoy some of the obvious looks that I got from some of the men. The john was empty. There were a couple of urinals and three stalls. Unlike many bathrooms the stalls had full doors. After the conversation we had just had a dinner I really felt like I needed to beat off and release some tension. Just the walk to the john had resulted in a small wet spot on my white shorts. I went into a stall and shut the door. I pulled my shorts down, sat down on the toilet and started to beat off.

Just as I was getting close there was a tap at my stall door. "Chad, it's me." It sounded like it was JP so I leaned forward and pulled the stall door open. JP stepped into the stall and closed the door behind him. Just like the other night, I was immediately drawn to him. He was one of the most masculine men I had ever seen. He stepped closer, "All those stories at the table got me hard, you need to take care of this," his cock was already out and steel hard, "We need to get back to the table. I don't want the other guys to know that I've had you twice when some of them haven't had the chance yet."

I grabbed JP's ass and pulled him closer, his cock was inches from my mouth. I leaned in and began licking his shaft and balls. He pulled back, holding his cock, and then moved forward again pressing the tip of his cock to my lips, "We don't have time for that." He pushed past my lips, wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled me all the way onto his cock. He pushed my head back, just keeping the head of his cock beyond my lips and then pulled me forward again. The man was fucking my mouth as if it was the last time he would ever get off. It couldn't have been more than a minute before he filled my mouth with his seed which I greedily swallowed as if it was a fine wine. JP grabbed some toilet paper, wiped his cock, pushed it back into the casual slacks he was wearing, opened the stall door and moved toward the sink.

I was furiously beating my cock, I needed to get off before returning to the table. I heard the door to the bathroom open. Jay and Dave walked by the open stall door, they obviously saw me but stayed outside. I heard Jay speak to JP, "We thought something was going on in here the way you dashed from the table right after Chad left. It's our turn now."

Jay and Dave turned back to me as I heard the bathroom door close and I assumed that JP had left.

Dave was very Mediterranean-looking with brown eyes and very thick black hair that he obviously liked to keep in style. He also was sporting a 5 o'clock shadow which I found very sexy. While Derreck had told me that he was in his late 40's, he didn't look any older than 40 at the most. He looked to be just over 6' and carried about 190 pounds on a well maintained frame. He had come to dinner in dark blue jeans that fit nicely. Like me he was wearing a thin, white cotton or linen shirt that was open to his waist. Trimmed black chest hair covered his pecs which were well defined that led down to a well-defined six pack. The outline of his cock was visible. All the talk at dinner must have gotten to him too.

Jay, who has been with Dave for over ten years was markedly different. While he also looked about 40 he was shorter by about 3 inches. While only an inch shorter than me it looked like he was about 20 pounds lighter. He was wearing a pair of board shorts and a snug tank top that showed off his athletic body. He was standing in from of Dave and had locked his hazel eyes with mine. They both moved closer to me but left the stall door open. Dave reached around Jay and popped open his shorts and pulled down his zipper. The shorts, which were loose, hadn't given me any indication of how large Jay's cock was but when Dave pulled it out, it was a nice 7" and thin but with a big head. Dave pushed Jay forward, I head to spread my legs to accommodate Jay's legs. Dave still had a hand around Jay's dick and he began to brush it against my lips as he said, "I want to watch you take care of my boyfriend and then you can take care of me."

I parted my lips and Jay's large head pushed through. Jay must have been in the ocean before getting dressed for dinner because the head of his cock tasted like sea salt. With just the head of Jay's dick in my mouth, Dave slowly stroked it. Jay leaned his head back against Dave's neck and Dave kissed the side of his face. Dave pushed Jay closer to me causing more of Jay's cock to enter my mouth. Dave took control of the whole situation, using his body to push and pull Jay's dick in and out of my mouth. At one point Dave had pushed Jay's cock as far as it would go with his fingers still around the base. Dave pulled Jay back one last time and his dick popped from my mouth. Dave told me to open my mouth as he started to stroke Jay's cock with more urgency. Jay's knees were trembling, Dave wrapped his free arm around him to keep him from moving. By instinct, I knew when Jay was going to cum. I opened my lips farther and stuck my tongue out. I did it just in time to catch the first string of Jay's cum on my tongue. Shot after shot were hitting the back of my throat as well as coating my tongue. When the deluge of cum subsided, I bent forward and once again put my lips around the head of Jay's cock as Dave stroked the last few drops of cum into my mouth. Jay was one of those guys with a very sensitive head because he quickly pulled his dick from my mouth. Dave let go of Jay's cock and Jay stuffed it back into his shorts and then turned and gave Dave a long, deep kiss.

Dave and Jay moved. Jay went to the side wall of the stall as Dave moved closer to me. As they did this I noticed that a couple of men were standing outside of the stall watching what we were doing. Dave opened the front of his jeans and pushed a black jock off his cock and pushed it under his balls. He must have been on the brink having just watched me take his lover's load because he put a hand behind my head and pulled me onto his rigid cock. He too had about a 7" dick but it was thicker than Jay's. Dave didn't waste any time, he was rubbing the head of his cock against the back of my throat. Jay also put a hand against the back of my hand and I could feel that they intertwined their fingers. They began to kiss again which must have been just what Dave needed to bust his nut. I could feel the back of my throat get covered with his cream. Instead of shots of cum it was just like a flood gate had opened and his seed just flowed down my throat. Both men released the pressure they had been applying to be back of my head and I leaned back letting Dave slip from my mouth. The lovers broke their kiss and Dave pulled his jock back up over his cock and then refastened his jeans. Dave gently ran a finger across my cheek and told me that they would see me back at the table.

The entire time that I had fed off of both Jay and Dave I had slowly been stroking my cock. When they had left the stall I closed my eyes and shot my load all over the floor of the stall. When I was done trembling and opened my eyes I was greeted by another cock inches from my face. Instead of my usual response of opening my mouth, I stood and pulled up my shorts. Looking into a set of disappointed eyes, I said "Maybe later." I couldn't remember when, or even if, I had ever left a dick in need. Leaving the stall I saw that the two other stalls were closed and by the noises I heard could tell that both were busy with two or more men. After washing my hands I returned to the table just as my hosts were finishing their coffee and desserts. Barry said "I'd ask you if you wanted some cream for your coffee but from what we've heard you already had some." We all laughed.

After dinner we all went back to our rooms to get ready for the foam party. Since I figured that there was probably a good hour before the crowd would start getting large, I laid on my bed to take a brief nap. When I woke up I went into the bathroom for another shower and to get ready. While I had never experienced a foam party I had heard about them. From what I understood there would be a three sided structure that would be erected somewhere on the resort and that foam would be continually fed in. At the entrance the foam would be relatively low, maybe around your knees, but the deeper you walked in it would get to the point that it would be over your head. It sounded like it could be interesting.

I rifled through the clothes I had brought and decided on a bathing suit like thing I had bought on line. It was a piece of brown suede like material that went from just above my cock, through my legs and up to just over the top of my ass crack. It was held in place by laces on either side that would crisscross my hips. I put it on and checked myself out. It just barely kept my cock in place. I couldn't pull the laces too tight or they would cause marks on my ass checks so I had to keep the laces relatively loose except at the top, just to make sure that it didn't fall off my hips as I walked. Since we would be in foam I decided to go barefoot. I put the cord with my key card around my wrist and headed out.

I followed the groups of men that were moving toward the center of the resort thinking that they knew where to go. While most of them men were in swimsuits of various styles and size there was also some men that were just wearing jock straps in all different colors, I even saw a few that were bright, neon colors. There were other men who were in more typical resort wear that must not have planned to enter the foam.

The structure had been constructed on the sand just beyond the outdoor patio. There was a large machine that was shooting out foam and a couple of fans that were blowing it into the structure. It didn't look like too many men were trying the foam out yet so I went in search of my hosts. I found most of them by one of the bars. Shane and Bryan were missing. We all got drinks and chatted. Several of the guys admired my unusual swimwear and asked me to turn around so they could get the whole effect. Bill and Chuck each were wearing threadbare jocks that left little to the imagination. All of the single guys were wearing bathing suits. Each of them were talking to other resort guests. Danny and William and Jay and Dave were in shorts. Each couple had their arms around each other and said they didn't know if they were going to try the foam experience.

When we each got our second cocktail the group started to disperse and began cruising through the crowd. I kept waiting for one of the men to ask me to go into the foam with them but no one asked so I walking through the crowd. In the distance I saw the big guy who had fucked me. He still had his two boys with him. When I got closer he winked at me while the other two gave me the stink eye. As I walked, I enjoyed the stares I was getting. I hoped it was more about how I looked and not just my unusual attire.

When I finished my drink, I set the glass down on a table and headed toward the entrance of the foam filled structure. More and more men were entering the structure. I watched as many of them went deeper into the foam until they completely disappeared.

I entered the foam and felt it rise up my legs as I moved deeper. Soon the foam was up to my waist and I could move my arms causing the foam to fly around. Many more men were entering the deepest part of the foam than were coming out. The foam was soon up to my neck, I knew there were men in front of me but I couldn't see much more than shapes moving around.

When the foam was over my head I was glad to find out that it didn't sting my eyes and in fact actually felt cool as it flowed around my body. Ever few seconds I would see a face but it was like looking through a mist, the face would be there and then it would be gone. As soon as I had entered the deepest part of the foam, I could feel hands touching my arms, my chest, my abs and my ass. Sometimes I would bump into someone or someone would bump into me. Many of the times the man would keep his body pressed against mine. I decided I should be doing some feeling myself. At first I kept my hands high, letting them find biceps, pecs and back muscles. When I came across a bicep I really liked I would put both of my hands around it, making sure the man knew that I liked their muscles. It was interesting, there were times when I got close enough to a man that I could catch a quick glimpse of skin but then it would disappear. As more hands felt up my ass and crotch I started to do the same. When my hand would come to rest on a well packed swimsuit or jock I would let it linger, sometimes I would even squeeze it, showing my appreciation. I soon started feeling cocks that were no longer covered, many of them semi-hard or rigid. When a hand explored my ass I would push back. There were a few times when a man would feel up my ass and I would try to find his cock. When a found a large one I would wrap my fingers around it and give it a few strokes. It was both hot and eerie. I could feel and sense bodies all around me but it was like they were just body parts not whole people.

There were times that I would bump into someone who was obviously on his knees. Other times I would bump into someone who was apparently on his hands and knees. The sounds and smells of sex were all around me.

Someone grabbed my hips and pulled me back against their crotch and chest. If both were hard I would grind against them. Sometimes they would stay for a few seconds and other times they would move away. Some men grabbed by crotch but I would move away from them. I appreciated the attention but it was cock that I was on the hunt for.

A man pressed his dick against my ass. Even through the strip of fabric that was over my ass crack and whatever he was wearing, I could tell it was big so I rubbed back against him. An arm wrapped around my waist and another around my chest. I caught a quick glimpse of the arm around my chest and saw it had a sleeve of tattoos but then it disappeared into the foam. I reached behind me and my hand found his crotch. His cock was covered by a piece of silky material. I worked my fingers until I had moved it off of his dick. As I had thought, it was both long and thick. It was also very hard. The hand that was around my waist was trying to figure out how to push my suit down. He finally figured out that he had to loosen the laces on either side. Before he let my suit slide off my hips he pushed me forward so that I had to take some steps. At no point did he stop pressing his cock against me. Ultimately I was pressed against one of the walls of the structure.

The tattooed man finally let my swimsuit slide down my hips. Using one of his feet he nudged my legs wanting me to spread them. The arm that was around my chest moved. He put his hands on my arms and made me raise them above my head. He held them in place with one of his hands while he rubbed the fingers of his other hand across my pecs focusing on my nipples which were now hard and sensitive. He started moving so that his huge cock was rubbing up and down my ass crack. He started to kiss and bite my shoulders.

His hand left my chest and moved to his cock. He was pushing it down so that it was closer to my hole. I pushed my ass back giving him better access. Soon the head of his cock was against my twitching hole. I wanted him to enter me so bad I wanted to scream. The head of his dick felt as silky against my hole as the fabric that had been covering it. He pushed and his cock entered my ass, I moaned and he grunted. He pushed more in and then more and then more. I pushed back wanting to get him all the way in me. He must have had the same idea because he kept pushing. It felt like his cock was in my stomach as he roughly rubbed it against my prostate. He still had a hand holding my arms up above my head while his other arm was around my waist trying to pull me even farther on his cock. I felt other hands on my body. Someone was touching my cock which had been set free when the tattooed man had let my swimsuit slide down. Other hands were on my chest playing with my nipples. One hand was even on my face lightly touching my lips until I sucked the finger into my mouth. I don't know if I was imaging it but I had the sense that the tattooed man's body was also being explored by faceless hands.

When I thought I couldn't take any more of the tattooed man's cock up my ass, I felt him start to cream my walls. The liquid was hot. I could also tell that it was thick by the way it moved. Even though the tattooed man had cum his cock stayed hard as steel and he didn't slide it back. What he did do was let go of my arms above my head and put his hand on the back of my neck. He turned us so that I was no longer facing the wall. He gently pushed my neck so that I had to bend at the waist. This resulted in two things. First, the tattooed man's cock went deeper into me. Second, my face and mouth were now down far enough that cocks would occasionally rub against it. Someone must have figured out what was going on. Soon a cock was pressed against my lips. The tattooed man had begun thrusting now so I had to put my hand on the abs of the guy whose dick was against my lips. The man's lower abs were hard and taut. As I moved my hand it was apparent that the man also had a well-defined Adonis belt. I got a quick glimpse of skin and saw that a blonde treasure trail went from his belly button to the top of his cock.

I wasn't sure if the tattooed man knew what was happening but each of his thrusts drove the anonymous cock deeper into my mouth and throat. It wasn't as big as the dick that was deep in my bowels but I had to do my best to deep throat it.

I started to feel cocks rubbing against my sides. With my one free hand I grabbed one and started to stroke it. I also felt a finger near my asshole as the tattooed man continued to fuck me.

From the foam I felt a couple of hot loads hit my skin. I felt the second load of the tattooed man fill my ass. My mouth was soon filled with yet another load. The tattooed man's cock finally slipped from my ass and he slipped away in the foam. The cock in my mouth was pulled back and he too was gone. Hands were rubbing cum into my skin. I straightened up, as I did I felt a mouth encircle my cock. While I usually care less about being on the receiving end of a blow job, I was so turned on that I immediately filled the mouth with a load of my spunk. As soon as I did the mouth pulled back and was lost in the foam.

Every nerve in my body was tingling and I was exhausted. I struggled to pull my suit back up and retie the laces. I pulled away from the touches against by body. I even ignored cocks that rubbed against my ass. I finally got my bearings and walked out of the foam. As I walked I rubbed the foam on the parts of my body that were still sticky with cum.

When I could finally see, I saw that some of my hosts were still by the bar. I went over to join them and ordered a drink. While they didn't say anything I knew that had to know what I had been doing but it didn't seem to bother them.

After the couple of days I had had, I knew I needed a good night's sleep but I also knew that I needed to do some sort of workout for my whole body, not just my mouth and ass. I asked those members of the group that were still present if anyone wanted to go for a run on the beach in the morning followed by some weights. Blaine, the obvious muscle head of the group agreed to join me. We decided to meet at 11 am the next morning in the lobby.

I ordered another drink and while I was waiting, I said goodnight to my hosts. When I turned back for my drink, someone else was reaching for theirs. His arm was covered with a sleeve of tats. I didn't turn to see his face, I didn't want to know. I think he recognized my suit because as I turned and headed toward my room I felt a hand caress my ass.


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