This series is inspired by Billy C.

This is a series about me and 12 men who took me to be their boy toy at a gay resort in Mexico. Please read the previous parts for the background about me and my hosts.

The sounds of the waves lapping against the sand and the fronds of palm trees rustling in the breeze slowly drew me from my deep sleep. As my head cleared and I opened my eyes I realized I must have just fallen on my bed still wearing the miniscule swimsuit I had worn to the foam party. I undid the laces and pulled it off my body while I continued to lay in my bed. I also realized that I had left the sliding door to my room open all night. Part of me hoped that nothing had been stolen from my room as another part was disappointed that no one had joined me in my bed. The breeze coming through the opening caressed my body causing goose bumps to rise on my skin. I as remembered what had happened at the foam party another part of me also rose. The image of the tattooed arm wrapped around my body and the dick deep in my ass caused my cock to get harder.

While remembering everything that had taken place in the foam I wrapped my fingers around my dick and slowly began to stroke it. The breeze felt like a hundred fingers exploring my body. I began to tighten my ass muscles as continued to stroke. I heard a rustling from outside my room and turned my head. Maybe 20 feet from my room a guy was also stroking his cock as he watched me. At first when he caught me looking he stopped stroking but when he saw I was continuing to move my hand along my shaft he started to beat his cock again. I couldn't tell what the man looked like beyond his blonde hair and fair skin. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of long shorts, just his cock was showing. From my vantage point his cock looked average in size. I was tempted to wave him into my room but decided to just give him a show. I raised my knees and spread my legs. While I continued to stroke my dick with my right hand, I reached between my legs and fingered my hole that was still tender from last night's fucking.

The man outside quickened his strokes and I did the same. I raised my ass off of the bed and shot my load. Some of it hit my chin but most of it landed on my chest and stomach. The act of me cumming caused the voyeur to cum. I watched as he closed his eyes and shot his spunk which ended up landing on the grass in front of him. I thought to myself what a waste of a load. I rubbed my cum into my skin as I watched the man stuff his meat back in his shorts, zip up and then walk away. All in all, not a bad way to start the day.

Since I had a load of my own cum on me plus the dried cum on my skin from the foam party I decided a shower before my run on the beach made sense even though I would need another when the run was done. I went in the bathroom, took the sarong off the clothes line, and began to run the water so it would warm up. Back in the room, I threw the sarong on the dresser and started the in-room coffee maker. I don't like to eat before I run but a cup or two of coffee would get me ready.

After a nice hot shower and a shave I emerged from the bathroom. I didn't do anything to my hair since it would be sweaty soon. I poured myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my iPad and went out on to my small patio. I sat down on one of the lounge chairs and let the sun warm my skin. I needed to start my tan at some time. I was glad that the resort had Wi-Fi, I opened AZ Central and caught up on the local news from home. I didn't have to meet Blaine until 11 am, so I had some time to kill. After reading the news and getting another cup of coffee, I checked to see if I had gotten any responses to my weekly Craigslist ad. There were several so I sent them messages that I was out of the country but would get back to them when I was home. I kept myself from looking at my work email account, I was on vacation and didn't want to spoil it.

While I was on the patio I saw several men running along the beach. I was looking forward to a long run, it had been a couple of days and I was missing it. A few minutes before 11, I went back in my room and found a pair of my running shorts. They were a neon yellow with splits all the way up the side allowing me more freedom of movement. They were the type that had the mesh on the inside that held my cock and balls but let them move and kept them cool. I put on a pair of low cut socks and my running shoes. I put my key card around my wrist and left my room and headed for the lobby.

Blaine was already in the lobby when I arrived. I knew he was muscled but seeing him only in a pair of running shorts he appeared to have muscles on top of muscles. He was shorter than me at about 5'6" or 5'7". Besides height he was huge, but muscle huge not overweight huge. With just his running shorts I wondered if he was a competitive body builder. Every muscle group was defined. His thighs were like tree trunks, I wondered how he found a pair of shorts that were big enough to fit over them and still have a small enough waist. He had unusual grey eyes that were striking especially since he had salt and pepper hair that was cut short. It was apparent that he had a lot of body hair but he must shave it often including his legs and lower arms. He had handsome features with a ruddy complexion. I couldn't remember if Derreck had told me his age but he looked to be in his mid to late 40's.

Blaine was in an animated conversation with several other muscle heads. I didn't know what they were talking about but, even though they weren't posing, I could see them each flex muscles as they talked. There was almost a competitive air to their interaction.

I stepped closer until Blaine saw me. I felt like any of these men could snap me like a twig if they wanted to. Blaine introduced me to his new friends. I didn't just want to shake their hands, I wanted to let my hands explore each and every inch of their muscles. My ass wanted to feel every inch of their cocks. Instead Blaine told them that we were going for a run but that he would meet up with them in the gym later in the afternoon.

One of the men, who looked like an ad for protein powder, turned to Blaine and said, "Why don't you bring your little friend with you. Some of us might enjoy getting to know him better."

"I could do that. Maybe those of you who'd like to get to know him better could have a dead lift competition. Winner gets his ass and maybe the runner up would like mine." With that Blaine turned away from the men and headed out of the lobby for the beach with me at his heels.

Once outside we stretched and then we took off at a slow pace. We had agreed to run north for about a half hour, turn, and come back. If we felt like it we would then run south and do the same thing. Depending on how fast Blaine ran we could get maybe 10 miles in since we were running on sand and it would tax our legs more than if we were running on the street or on grass. Neither of us had brought any tunes. I hadn't since I thought this would be a good way to get to know Blaine. I assumed he felt the same.

It wasn't long after we had started that we passed an outcropping of stones and rocks that separated our resort from the next one north. Where the rocks were closest to the water there was a secluded spot that didn't seem to be a part of either resort. Sitting on the sand were four guys each drinking a beer. I noticed that it looked like they each had a bucket of beer, so they must have been planning to be there for a while. While I couldn't hear what they were saying, it appeared they were talking about us because one of them was pointing in our direction and the others were looking. One of the guys in particular caught my attention. He looked like he could be the brother of Mario Lopez. He was a guy that I had seen on some TV show about entertainment. He was the host along with an attractive women. Ever since I had seen him on TV, I occasionally had dreams about him. Perfect body, perfect hair, handsome face and he even had dimples. Just thinking about him made me tingle.

I told Blaine about my crush on Mario Lopez as we ran past the group of men. Blaine said he didn't watch much TV and didn't know who I was talking about so, of course, I had to take the time to describe him and Blaine agreed he sounded pretty hot.

As we ran Blaine and I talked about our jobs, our families and friends, and of course sex. It turned out that Blaine seemed to be as much of a cum whore as I was. He told me about some of his experiences and I told him about mine. For someone who was maybe 20 years older than me, he sure seemed to find as much cock and cum as he wanted. I hoped I was going to be as lucky.

After a while, and with my legs starting to really ache, Blaine looked down at his watch and said it was time for us to turn around. As we headed back toward our resort we continued to talk about everything from movies and music to exercises I could do to make sure my ass stayed high and tight.

Pretty soon we were approaching the outcropping of stone and rocks again. The four men we had seen previously were still there drinking. As we got closer, one of the men waved and called out to us asking if we wanted a beer. My legs were so sore from the sand that I looked at Blaine and shrugged. He started to slow down as did I. As we got closer to the men it became apparent that, while not as smoking hot as the Mario twin, the other guys were pretty exceptional. Since they were all in bathing suits and not wearing shirts, it was very apparent that these guys took great care of their bodies.

When we stopped in front of them, I stretched out both of my hamstrings while letting my eyes take in each of their bodies. Blaine didn't stretch, he stuck out his hand and introduced us. Blaine shook each of their hands followed by me. The one called Brock handed both of us a beer after twisting off the tops. The other three were Sam, Rick and Jorge. Jorge, of course, was the Mario twin, a hot Latino with caramel colored skin and dark hair and eyes.

As is usual with most men when they meet, we each defined ourselves by our professions. I told them that I worked in human resources for a national bank, Blaine told them about his work and the four guys told us they were all in pharmaceutical sales. Due to my traveling for my job, I had met a lot of pharma salespeople at hotels, 99% of the time both the men and the women were incredibly good looking. These guys were no exception. Had I met any of them in a hotel bar I sure as hell would have hit on them, even if they were wearing wedding rings.

They told us that they were from different parts of the country but had each won a trip to Puerto Vallarta based on their sales beating their quotas. They had met the night before at dinner when they and their wives and girlfriends were seated at an awards banquet. They also shared that they had gotten pretty wasted and had pissed the girls off. From what they were saying it was pretty clear that none of them had gotten laid last night like they hoped would happen having brought their girls with them to Puerto Vallarta. The girls had decided to go out shopping together and that just pissed the guys off more.

Seemingly out of nowhere a server appeared and dropped off a couple of more buckets of beer. Jorge signed for them and started opening bottles for himself, his friends and us. It became apparent that the four men were already three sheets to the wind even though it wasn't even Noon. Rick asked what resort we were staying at. Blaine pointed down the beach and told him the name.

"Hey, isn't that the one we heard about last night at dinner? It's a whole bunch of fags right? Oh shit, sorry, no offense, I meant gay guys."

I spoke up, "Yep, that's us."

"Man, we heard music all night long, sounds like you all are having fun. Christ, you guys are probably getting more tail than we are."

Blaine and I looked at each other and I smiled. I scooted over a bit so I was sitting next to Jorge. I glanced at Blaine and he raised his eyebrows like he was asking if I was serious. To show him I was, I moved my hand and placed it on Jorge's crotch.

Jorge jumped, "What the fuck man?" I kept my hand where it was. "I'm not gay dude."

"I didn't say that you were. I just heard you say that you were horny and I thought Blaine and I might be able to give you a hand, so to speak." I could feel Jorge's cock start to stiffen inside his swimsuit.

Jorge's friends were staring at us with their mouths open.

Sam spoke up, "What the hell man, your bitch doesn't want your cock, go ahead and get some head from this guy. We won't say anything. Blaine took this as an opportunity to put a hand on Sam's growing bulge. Rick and Brock watched this unfold without saying a word, they just stared.

Keeping one hand on Jorge's crotch, I put the other on his shoulder pushing him backwards, "Lay back, I'll take care of you real good, probably better than your girl." Jorge didn't say anything, he just laid back. I moved my hands and put them on the waistband of his swimsuit. "Raise up your ass a bit." When he did, I pulled his suit down, releasing his cock. Now I didn't know what Mario Lopez's cock looked like but it couldn't be any better than what was in front of me. It was a good nine inches semi-hard with length and width in perfect proportion. The head was big and thick. I grabbed it by the base and started to lick the shaft which caused it to grow at least another inch and thicken up even more.

I heard a moan to my side and looked over. Blaine had gotten Sam to stand up and he had pulled his suit down and had most of Sam's dick in his mouth. The way that Blaine was bobbing on Sam's cock, I thought he could give me some lessons. Sam's cock would disappear all the way into Blaine's mouth and he held it there. I could see Blaine use his throat muscles to message the head of Sam's dick and then he would let it slip almost all the way out of his mouth before he pulled it all the way back in.

I continued to lick Jorge's balls and shaft while I glanced around. Both Brock and Rick were rubbing the front of their bathing suits while they watched Blaine and I service their friends. Finally I took the head of Jorge's dick into my mouth. I held it just inside my lips and roughly rubbed my tongue along the bottom. Jorge started to squirm trying to push more of his cock into my mouth but I didn't let him. After a few more licks I let another inch into my mouth. He tried bucking his hips but I wouldn't let more of Jorge pass my lips. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Blaine was waving Rick over. While holding tight to the base of Sam's dick, Blaine pulled the front of Rick's swimsuit down until his cock popped out. Not only were these men incredibly handsome they all had awesome cocks. As I started to take more of Jorge in my mouth I saw that Blaine was now working over both cocks that were in front of his face. Brock had his dick out and was stroking it as he looked from Blaine and what he was doing over to me and Jorge.

I got as much of Jorge's cock in my mouth and covered it with my saliva. I started to pull my head from his cock but he tried pushing my head back down. Finally I pulled myself free and Jorge moaned, "Christ, don't stop now."

"I've got something you might like better." I got up and pulled my running shorts off and straddled Jorge and lowered myself until I could reach under myself and line up his spit covered cock with my asshole.

Blaine was watching intently and stroking harder. "Jesus, fucking, Christ, this guy is going to sit on Jorge's wood."

With the tip of Jorge's cock touching my hole I glanced over and saw that Blaine had the heads of both Sam and Rick's cocks in his mouth and thought to myself "you go!"

Even though my thighs were screaming from the run, I continued to lower myself until I felt Jorge's head punch through my sphincter. I had to put my hands on Jorge's chest to keep from falling. As expected his pecs were as hard as they looked. Jorge had his eyes closed and was whimpering. I slowly slide down until I knew that all 10 inches of Jorge's cock was within me. I stayed in that position for a moment adjusting to the size and feel of it. I could feel his heart beat deep inside me. When I looked, Rick and Sam had pulled their cocks away from Blaine and were pushing him onto his back.

Before I started to ride Jorge's dick I told Brock to get closer. He stepped close enough so I could grab his cock and pulled him close enough so I could lick the head of his cock. Blaine bucked trying to push farther into my hole even though there was no more to go in. Holding on to Brock's dick I told him to straddle his friend's chest so that his dick was in front of me. As I started raising and lowering myself on Jorge's dick as I sucked Brock into my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sam push Blaine onto the ground and then rip off Blaine's swim suit. He then pushed his legs up and pushed himself into Blaine's ass. Rick was sitting on Blaine's chest and was slapping his face with his dick while Blaine tried to catch it with his mouth. With all the muscle Blaine had, if didn't want to get suck and/or his face fucked he would have been more than able to stop them.

Sam yelled out, "God damn this guy is tighter than my prom date was." Sam grunted and pushed himself all the way into Blaine's ass. Blaine grunted but was stifled by Rick pushing his cock into his mouth.

While I rode Jorge's dick and sucked on Brock's, I closed my eyes and imagined that it was Mario Lopez fucking me, that thought made me ride even harder using every muscle that I had to make him feel good. When I opened my eyes I could see in Jorge's face that he was trying to hold on as long as possible, he didn't want to cum yet. I didn't want to stop either, it felt so good. All of a sudden it was if Jorge lost control of his body. He started thrashing and kept raising his ass off of the ground. I felt his cock explode in my ass. As soon as he finished he started to push me off his body which resulted in Brock's dick popping out of my mouth and stumbling back. He must have been too close to stop himself because he shot cum on my face with the rest of it dropping down on Jorge's body. When Brock came it sent me over the edge and I shot a load that hit both Brock and Jorge. Jorge jumped up and started to wipe the cum off of his pecs and abs. "Fuck, get this off of me....I'm not a fag.....get it off."

That must have freaked out the other guys because Brock struggled to pull his suit up as he moved away from me. When I looked over at Blaine both Sam and Rick were pulling out of his mouth and ass but they too had been too far gone and gobs of cum covered Blaine's face and stomach. Both of them started pulling their suits back into position.

Jorge ran into the surf and washed the cum off of his body. The other three men just stood there letting what had just happened sink in. Both Blaine and I wiped the cum that was on our faces off with our fingers and brought it to our lips where we each lapped it up with our tongues.

Our new "friends" seemed so totally freaked out that Blaine and I got our running shorts back on and started jogging back to our resort with a "see ya boys." We both laughed as we lost sight of them. I felt the cum start to leak out of my ass onto the nylon fabric of my running short.

When we got to the lobby we stopped and I could feel some cum running down my leg, I knew I had to get back to my room. As we parted Blaine told me that I was going to be his wingman for the rest of the trip. I told him to have a good workout and he told that he was hoping that his fellow musclemen would give him a workout with more than just the free weights and to stop by if I wanted to see them have their deadlift competition where I could be the prize.

As I turned to go to my room my eye caught sight of an arm that was covered with tattoos. When I turned it was too late to see the man's face however his back, legs and ass looked nicely muscled and were in a perfect V shape. My cock started to get hard again.


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