This series is inspired by Billy C.

This is a series about me and 12 men who took me to be their boy toy at a gay resort in Mexico. Please read the previous parts for the background about me and my hosts.

After leaving Blaine in the lobby and catching another glimpse of the arm with the sleeve of tattoos, I went back to my room. Upon entering my room I saw that, yet again, I had left the sliding door to my room open. It didn't look like anything was missing and thankfully the maid had made up my room. My bed was calling my name but instead I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. I took off my running shorts and washed them by hand to remove the cum that had built up on the inside.

When the water was just short of scorching hot I stepped under the spray and let it run over my body as I stood still. As the bathroom started to fill with steam from the shower I looked back at the last 24 hours. I had blown a flight attendant; been fucked by Barry in the small airplane lavatory; blown two cute bellmen; been fucked by a big guy who just came into my room; got fucked by Danny at the tea dance; blown JP, Jay and Dave in the bathroom by the resort dining room; got fucked by an unknown man with a sleeve of tattoos on his arm while blowing some other unknown guy; beat off for some guy who was looking into my room; and had just rode the dick of a straight pharmaceutical salesman that looked like Mario Lopez while also giving his friend head while Blaine was getting used by two other pharma reps. Even to me it sounded like some really bad porn. Between all of that and the run I had just taken with Blaine, I was exhausted. Using the luffa I had brought with me, as well as one of my scented body gels, I washed myself from head to toe. I followed that with a good shampoo and conditioning. I also cleaned myself out. I turned the shower control to cold and stood under the chilling spray to close my pores. I dried myself with one of the fluffy towels and then wrapped it around my waist. I shaved, brushed my teeth, put some product in my hair and used the provided blow dryer to give my hair some volume but still made my dirty blonde hair messy. I stared into the mirror looking at my blue/green eyes and was disturbed to see the start of bags under my eyes. Maybe at 29 I was getting too old for all this fucking around, but then I said no and put some concealer under my eyes and felt much better.

I wrapped myself in the robe that was provided by the resort and went out to my patio. My patio was now in shade and a nice breeze was coming off of the ocean. I got on one of the loungers and closed my eyes. I woke up 3 hours later. I was supposed to have met Blaine in the gym to be the prize for the winner of a deadlift competition and I had totally missed it. Blaine and his friends were paying for this trip and I should have been there as he asked. Shit!

It was still a couple of hours before the daily tea dance started. I decided to take a walk around the resort before getting ready for the dance. I started looking through my clothes and chose a pair of pants that ended just below by knees and had a drawstring at the waist. I let them ride as low on my hips as I could and then I pulled the drawstring tight and knotted it. They were a pale blue so I chose a darker blue tank top. Luckily it was one of my smaller ones so when I pulled it down a couple of inches of skin still showed. I did a couple of turns in front of the mirror making sure everything looked good. When I was satisfied that my ass looked good I slipped into some flip flops and left my room.

I followed several paths around the resort. The lush grounds were dotted with hammocks and small private tables. I found out that there were several pools around the property as well as a couple of hot tubs. Each of the hot tubs had one or more couples making out and not caring who saw them, my kind of place. It wasn't long before I ended up in the lobby. I noticed that there were no bellmen on duty which made sense since no one was checking in our out. I wondered what my two bellmen were doing.

During my walk I hadn't stumbled across any of my hosts. Since I only knew their first names I couldn't even call their rooms. Since it was still two hours before the tea dance I decided to go into Old Puerto Vallarta and look for a black onyx ring. I had wanted one for a while. I asked the one bellmen that was working what was the best way to get to the shopping area and he told me that the resort actually was running a shuttle. It left the resort every hour on the hour and returned from the shopping area every half hour. It was just before 4 pm so I thought I would take the shuttle, do some shopping and come back on the 5:30 shuttle back to the resort. He said it was only a 15 minute ride, so I would cut it close but I would make it to the tea dance by 6.

I was the only one that got on the shuttle but now knew what the bellmen were doing. The driver was the friend of Randy's, the bellman that I had blown along with Randy when I arrived. He wouldn't look me in the eye as I got on the shuttle. AS we drove into the heart of town I could see him squirm and imagined that he was getting hard remembering what I had done to him with my mouth.

He reminded me that the shuttle left from the same spot he was dropping me off. I jumped off the shuttle and joined the sea of humanity that were making their way along the street of shops. The other side of the street was the ocean. I stopped into a few high-end jewelry stores but got the impression that they were selling overpriced items to tourists. I started stopping at some of the stores that appeared to be owned and operated by locals.

As I walked along the street I recognized some of the guests from the resort and nodded as we past each other. Some of the men really caught my eye and when I would turn my head to watch them walk away I would catch some of them looking back at me and I would smile.

I had been going in and out of shops for almost 45 minutes when I happened upon a store that had a large selection of black onyx. A young girl, who didn't look much older than 18, asked if she could help me. I told her that I was interested in a black onyx ring and she showed me what they had on display. All the while I sensed that someone was looking at me so I glanced around. Off in the corner was a man about my age. He was a few inches taller than me, had dark skin, eyes and hair and was wearing an Olympic Mexican soccer jersey that was mostly green with some red and white accents. Unlike players that wear them a little loose, this jersey, with its V neck, was tight against his body. It tapered, just as his body did, and was tucked into a pair of well-worn jeans, so well-worn that the outline of his cock was apparent, and apparently pretty damn big.

I finally broke away from looking at the attractive Mexican and turned my attention back to the rings the salesgirl was showing me. None of the rings were what I was looking for, I thanked her and started leaving the store. The man in the jersey hurried over and blocked my way to the exit. "What were you looking for?" He spoke English very well but had a sexy Mexican accent.

When I could tear my eyes from the bulge in his jeans and gather my thoughts, I looked up to his face, which could have been the face of a model, "I'm looking for a black onyx ring?"

"You didn't find anything you liked?" I didn't know if he was talking about a ring or what I had been staring at. "Hola, I'm Miguel and my family owns this shop. It looked like you were interested in rings."

"Yeah, I've been wanting to get one made out of black onyx."

"Let me go into the back and see if we have anything that isn't on display."

I watched him walk toward the back and was amazed at how well his jeans fit his ass. I was jealous, I wanted both the jeans and the ass.

He came back into the front of the store carrying a tray of rings. Some were silver with accents of black but none were black onyx. As he stood showing me the rings, I could have sworn that the bulge in his jeans was getting bigger, but maybe that was my own wishful thinking. I don't know if it was a cologne he was wearing or just his natural scent but he smelled incredibly masculine. I had to hold myself back from just dropping to my knees and begging to let me suck his cock. I brought my eyes back up to his face and decided to flirt, "I see a lot of things that I really would like to see how they might fit but unfortunately not any rings."

Miguel smiled, in a tone that was less customer service oriented and more forceful he said, "I have a black ring I know you want to see. My family doesn't like me to show it out front so you need to follow me into the back." He turned and he knew that I was going to follow.

We stepped through a black curtain and he led me to one of the corners of the room between shelves of jewelry and supplies. He turned around to face me, "You American maricons are so easy to pick out. Look at you in your short pants and small shirt, such a Punta. If you were walking around here at night dressed like that some guy would pull you into an alley and fuck the shit out of you and then let his friends fuck you." I don't know if he was trying to scare me but it actually sounded like it was something I would enjoy. "Why don't you come back later and I'll have some of my friends stop by." I think I may have actually licked my lips as I thought about a group of hot Mexican men letting me service them.

"I can't, I'm meeting some friends and we have plans." A look of disappointment and maybe some anger crossed Miguel's face. Miguel went back to the curtain and I heard him tell the salesgirl to go ahead and leave and that he would close up. I heard the bell on the door ring when she left. Not long after I heard what sounded like a lock being turned. As he walked back through the curtain Miguel was on his cellphone speaking in Spanish. He ended the call and laid his cellphone on one of the shelves and stepped back to where I was still standing.

"It's time for me to show you the black ring I was talking about." He opened the front of his jeans and revealed a black leather cock ring that was tight around his cock and balls. No wonder his package looked so big. He stepped closer. "You need to take a closer look." That's all I needed to hear, I got down on my knees and pulled his jeans down so that his cock was freed. I got in close, very close, and really checked out the black ring, not only with my eyes but with my tongue. Miguel pushed my head back, "Eat it Punta."

I put my fingers around the black cock ring and sucked the head of Miguel's cock into my mouth. Even though he wasn't cut, his cock was so hard that the head was free from the skin. Within seconds I could taste the precum that was leaking from his dick. As I started to take more of the beautiful piece of meat into my mouth there was a knock on the door at the back of the store. Miguel pulled his cock from my mouth and went to open the door. He held the door open and two men of similar size, coloring, and facial features entered. Miguel closed and locked the door and walked back to me. "Open up." I opened my lips and he shoved his cock back into my mouth, almost gagging me since I wasn't prepared for that. "These are my brothers, our mama taught us to share, so you better get to work."

For what I estimated to be about a half hour, each brother fed me their cocks two times. Each of their loads the second time were as large as their first ones. While I was sucking one brother's cock another would be pushing my head as far on to the cock I was eating that they could. By the time they were done the back of my throat was raw and the final loads of cum burned as they went down. Throughout the entire time they were talking among themselves in Spanish. While I was pretty sure that they were talking about me, I also thought they were talking smack to each other like brothers do.

I thought that they were getting ready to start round three when Miguel put his black ringed cock back into his jeans. "Get up, we've got to get home for dinner or our mama will not be happy." The other brothers crammed their cocks back into their jeans as I stood up. "Why don't you come back tomorrow and we'll show you what else we can do with these, he grabbed his crotch. It was clear that the cock ring was still doing its job. Miguel opened the back door, "Go."

I walked out into the alley and headed in the direction where the shuttle would be. Those macho guys may have thought that they had used me but I was the one that enjoyed their cocks and cum. I started to whistle as I walked.

The shuttle was just starting to pull away when I got to the right corner. I ran and pounded on the side. The shuttle stopped and I jumped on. This time the shuttle was full of men from the resort. Many of the men were holding plastic cups that I assumed where margaritas. One of the men handed me one and I took a sip. It mixed well with the taste of cum still in my mouth.

Traffic was bad on the way back to the resort. We arrived just a few minutes before the tea dance was supposed to start so I headed there directly. Again a large number of men without much clothing on were dancing at the center of the crowd. Other men were walking the parameter while others were standing around the multiple bars that were set up. I found Derreck at one of the bars. He stuck one of his hands up the front of my shirt and pinched one of my nipples. "Where have you been?"

"I went shopping in town. I was looking for a black onyx ring but didn't have any luck." I wasn't going to tell him about the luck I did have since I felt guilty about abandoning the group after my run with Blaine.

"Hey, no worries, this is your vacation too. There's more than enough time for all of us to play. I'm going to walk around a bit, see you at dinner." Derreck headed into the crowd and I ordered a drink. By the time my drink had arrived, Shane and Bryan appeared next to me. They both looked like they had gotten some sun and were in good spirits. Both men were my age or just a bit older. Shane was a bit taller than Bryan at maybe 6'1". I estimated his weight at about 175 pounds. Shane had piercing amber eyes, his dark brown, straight hair was longish-on-top and short on the sides. He was built like a triathlete. Since he was only wearing a shear pair of flowy linen pants I could see that he was smooth with just a light treasure trail. I could also see through the sheerness of his pants that he was hung like a horse.

Bryan was probably about 165 pounds like me, but since he was taller than me he was leaner with a runner's body. He had red hair which he kept messy like I did. His eyes were amazing, depending on the sun they would change through various hues of blue and green, they were mesmerizing. Even though he was a ginger, his body was covered with honey blonde hair, at least where I could see. Bryan was wearing a pair of shorts that hit him just above the knee and a string tank top.

Shane ordered drinks for the two of them and then turned to me. We talked a little bit about our days. As we talked a constant stream of twinks would work their way through where we were standing. It was obvious that they were checking out the cock in Shane's sheer pants and he was loving the attention. It didn't seem to bother Bryan who every once in a while would run his hand down Shane's arm or put it on the small of his back. To the annoyance of the crowd of twinks, Shane grabbed my ass and said he had heard from Blaine that I had gotten a good workout earlier on the beach.

Bryan leaned in close to my ear, "See that guy over there?" He had pointed to a hot man that I had noticed earlier. He was about the same size as Shane but had a mane of golden hair with a smattering of the same colored hair on his chest. He was the kind of guy that knew he had a hot body by the way he stood but also because he was wearing a bikini bottom that wasn't much more that a G-string. The pouch of the suit was full to almost overflowing. "Go see if you can get him to come over here and have a drink with us."

Just like with Shane, there was a gaggle of giggling queens vying for his attention. From what I observed he seemed to be very polite, not an asshole like someone who looks like him could be. I worked my way through the crowd until I was in front of the blonde hunk. Luckily I caught his eye and he let his eyes glide over my body. I stuck my hand out, "Hey, I'm Chad, I just wanted to come over and introduce myself." No stupid pickup lines for me, I let my body do the talking and it seemed to work.

"Hi, I'm Christopher." His handshake was firm, it also felt like he was a man that worked with his hands.

"Sorry to interrupt you but my friends", I pointed to Shane and Bryan, "wanted to know if you'd like to join us for a drink."

He leaned in close, "Yes, thanks, I was trying to think of a nice way to get away from these guys." Christopher straightened up and said to the group, "Sorry boys but my friends are waiting for me." Christopher took my hand and led me back to Shane and Bryan. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Putting a hand on Christopher's massive bicep, Bryan responded with a "no, thank you." After we ordered Christopher a drink and of course another round for us, we did introductions all around. I found out that Shane worked in a brokerage house in London and Bryan worked for the British government. After I told them I worked for a large US bank, Christopher shared that he was a general contractor from Minneapolis.

While Bryan continued to engage in conversation with Christopher, my focus turned to Shane. I hadn't stood so close to him before. His body seemed to radiate heat. I swear I could smell his testosterone. He was incredible polite and acted like he didn't know that he was as hot as he was. I started to feel envious that Bryon had slept with Shane. All I could think about is what I would do with Shane's horse cock if I had the chance.

Bryan broke away from Christopher and Shane broke away from me. They huddled together and were discussing something. I caught Christopher checking my ass out when I moved to check him out causing us both to smile. Bryan and Shane turned to Christopher and I and asked if we'd be interested in hitting the hot tub before dinner. Christopher and I looked and each other and then said sure, why not.

As we left the bar area we didn't head toward any of the hot tubs I had seen earlier, instead we walked toward the area of the resort where Shane and Bryan's room was. I assumed that we were going to get some towels or something but when we entered their room I realized I had made a mistake. They didn't just have a room, they had a massive suite. The living room was filled with plush furniture and beautiful pieces of art. Bryan led us out to their patio while Shane made a call from the phone in the suite and then quickly joined us.

There was an infinity pool and a hot tub. As soon as we reached the tub, Shane slid out of his sheer linen pants fully revealing his exceptional cock and hard ass. Bryan took off his shorts and string tank top revealing that he did have soft, blonde hair all over his slender but defined body. While Christopher hadn't been concealing much in his G-string, when he pulled it off, he revealed a cock that was as impressive as Shane's if not a bit more. While the three of them got into the hot tube, I pulled the tank over my head stretching the muscles of my arms, back and abs. I then stepped out of my pants. In reality I was sort of doing a strip tease for them before stepping into the boiling water of the hot tub. It was so hot I ended up standing on the top step like some sort of wuss while I tried to adjust to the temperature. Shane reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me into the center of the tube. I felt like what I thought a lobster might experience when dropped into a pot of boiling water.

Christopher, Shane and Bryan were all seated along one side of the hot tub with Bryan in the middle. Shane slapped the side of the tub, "Come sit by me." I moved through the water and sat down next to Shane. For a moment we all were quiet and just sat back while jets of water coursed over our bodies. Shane grabbed my hand and brought it to his flaccid dick. I wrapped my fingers around it. It started to thicken in my hand. Shane gave a small nod of his head. When he did, Christopher wrapped an arm around Bryan and pulled him closer. I didn't know for sure but I wouldn't have been surprised if Bryan had his hand on Christopher's cock.

As I started to move my hand along the length of Shane's dick, the doorbell of the suite sounded. Shane lightly moved my hand from his cock and climbed out of the hot tub and went to the door dripping water. His cock was rigid and bouncing as he walked. He opened the door revealing one of the resort staff pushing a cart with bottles of liquor and a set of glasses. The guy's eyes widened when he saw Shane's dick standing hard and proud. "Come on in. You can set up by the hot tube."

"Uh, of course."

Turning back toward us, Shane informed us that he had made arrangements for made to order Margaritas or tequila shots, which ever we preferred. He lowered himself back into the water and asked, "Bry, what do you want? How about you guys?"

Bryan and I both asked for Margaritas while Christopher asked for a shot with lime and salt, Shane decided to have the same. While the server was mixing the Margaritas, Shane asked the server his name.

"Tyler." Tyler carried the Margaritas to me and Bryan then went back to the cart, filled two shot glasses with tequila and brought them along with some lime wedges and salt to Christopher and Shane. They both raised their arms from the hot tub and sprinkled some salt on their hands, licked it, downed the shots and then bit into the limes. Shane asked for two more shots. After Tyler had brought them both men leaned back against the side of the hot tub. Tyler stood stoically by the cart.

Tyler was a good looking. He was in a short-sleeved white shirt tucked into a pair of white shorts. He had knee socks and was wearing a pair of white gym shoes. I guessed he was just legal. He looked like he probably played football as a receiver or maybe even a quarterback. He wasn't a muscle head but obviously did some free weights. From where I sat in the hot tub he looked to be about 6'2" and probably 210 or 220 pounds.

Shane had brought my hand back to his still hard cock which I started to stroke again which now felt even bigger. I felt another hand cover mine, it had to have been Bryan and he was helping me give his boyfriend a hand job. The look in Christopher's face made me think that Bryan was also stroking his cock.

While Bryan stroked both cocks he raised his head and looked at still stoic Tyler. "Hey Tyler, why is a good looking kid like you working as room service attendant?" Tyler gazed back at Bryan and had to be aware what he was doing.

"I decided to take a year off between high school and college. This seemed like a good place. The weather is great and the pay ain't bad."

"I bet you don't have any problem getting laid."

Tyler smiled, "I guess you could say I'm pretty lucky. Between some of the horny MILFs and a lot of their daughters, I make out pretty good."

Bryan kept pushing the conversation, "You've probably had a dry spell the last couple of days."

Christopher and Shane pushed themselves out of the hot tub and sat on the edge both sporting hard cocks. Shane put a hand on the back of my head and maneuvered me so that I was standing between his legs with my face inches from his cock. I knew what he wanted me to do, I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his dick into my mouth. I couldn't tell but I assumed that Tyler was watching us.

Bryan continued to ask questions, "Ever been with a guy?"

"One time in high school I let a guy give me blow job."

I got as much of Shane's cock into my mouth as I could take and then started to bob. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Bryan had moved into a position similar to mine and was licking Christopher's dick. He stopped licking, "Did you like it?"

"It wasn't bad."

"Wasn't bad? Guy must not have known what he was doing. What a waste, from the bulge I see growing in your pants he must not have known the prize he had. Chad, why don't you get out of the tub and let Tyler experience a good blow job."

I rose out of the hot tub, water streaming off me. The change in temperature gave me goose bumps but seeing the size of the mound in Tyler's crotch gave me more. As I stepped closer to him, Tyler took a step back.

Bryan spoke up again, "Shane, baby, why don't you let Tyler see how good Chad is?" Shane climbed out of the hot tub and stepped over to where I was and put a hand on my shoulder. I dropped down on my knees and grabbed the base of Shane's dick and pushed it up so that Tyler could see me lick both Shane's balls as well as his stalk. "Go on Tyler, pull your cock out and let Chad do the same for you."

I heard a zipper being opened, Shane put a hand on the top of my head and turned it to face the cock that was sticking out of Tyler's shorts. I wrapped my fingers around Tyler's dick and, just as with Shane's, I started licking Tyler's balls and then worked my way up his shaft until I ultimately ended up licking the tip of his crown.

Bryan spoke again, "I think I should give Chad a hand with that big piece of meat." Bryan rose out of the hot top and joined me on his knees in front of Tyler. Both of us worked on Tyler, if I was licking his balls than Bryan was licking his stalk. We went back and forth a few times. As we did, Shane's cock began to grow again and he was stroking it mere inches from my face. I kept moving my eyes from one cock to the other. At some point, Christopher must have climbed out of the hot tub and stood on the other side of Tyler stroking his magnificent cock. Bryan started alternating between Tyler and Christopher's cocks while I focused my attention on Shane and Tyler.

Pretty soon Bryan started to focus all of his attention on Christopher, whose dick was deep into Bryan's throat. When I was focused on Tyler, Shane stepped behind me and stopped me from moving my head, he held me firm over Tyler's cock. "Go ahead kid, fuck his face, he can take it." That must have been the permission Tyler needed to become the kind of man that I can't get enough of. He drove his cock in and out of my mouth. He finally got to the point that he pushed Shane's hand away from my head and he grabbed my ears and controlled the pace and depth of his thrusts. Tyler threw his head back and growled like an animal as he filled my mouth with his seed. He held on tight making sure that I got every drop from his spouting dick. While his cock lost some of its hardness it didn't go flaccid. He pushed my head off of his cock and looked down at me. I licked that last bit of cum that still hung to his dick.

Both of us turned our attention to the action next to us. Christopher's cock was sliding back and forth over Bryan's lips. Whenever he tried to control the speed, Bryan would either push him back or pull him forward. Bryan was deciding how this was going to play out. Shane was intently watching his fiancé use his considerable mouth talents on Christopher all while stroking his own cock. When I tried to move to take Shane's dick into my mouth he pushed me back and just continued to watch. I think Shane knew what Bryan was up to because it wasn't long before Bryan pushed Christopher back causing his cock to pop from his mouth. Shane turned so that his cock was pointed at Bryan but Bryan didn't attempt to catch it with his mouth. Christopher must have picked up on the vibe because he too aimed his cock at Bryan's face. Tyler and I watched as both men started delivering two incredible loads of cum. The cum was dripping from Bryan's eyebrows, nose and chin. Bryan had tried to catch what he could with his mouth but most of it just covered his face.

Seeing what had just transpired had make Tyler's cock grow fully hard again. Bryan stood up and got close to Tyler and told him, no ordered him, to remove his clothes. As if hypnotized, Tyler took off his clothes. When he had finished, Bryan grabbed his hand and pulled him into the hot tub. Tyler must have been in a sexual trance because the hot water didn't seem to faze him. Bryan braced his hands against the side of the hot tub and pushed his ass toward Tyler. "Now kid, you're going to fuck me." Tyler just stood still. "Chad, help him."

I got back into the hot tub and grabbed Tyler's still hard cock and moved it and Tyler towards Bryan's waiting hole. When I was sure that the head of his cock was pressed against Bryan's eager hole, I moved back and let nature take over. Tyler grabbed Bryan's hips and pulled him enough so that he successfully entered Bryan. When that happened Bryan pushed himself back driving more of Tyler's dick into his ass. Instinct took over and Tyler started moving his hips in a fucking motion while Bryan pushed back with all his might. Tyler had a glazed look in his eyes as he continued fucking Bryan, it was like the animal part of Tyler had burst free, the movements that the two men were making caused waves in the hot tub.

As I watched the two men lost in lust, I felt a dick rub against my own ass crack. I didn't know if it was Shane or Christopher, but I really didn't care, I just needed to be fucked. I bent over in an effort to make it easier for whoever it was that wanted to ravage my hole and ravage he did. With one strong thrust a cock was deep inside me and pushing me forward. Just like Bryan I braced my arms against the side of the hot tub and enjoyed the sense of friction and fullness. Whichever man it was, he sure knew how to fuck. He knew what he wanted and exactly how he wanted it. Then, without warning, the dick pulled free from my ass but almost immediately I felt a cock press against my hole. The head of this cock felt bigger so I knew the two men and switched. This time one of the men's dick entered me very slowly and just kept going deeper and deeper. While Shane's cock was impressive, I realized that he was the first man to enter me, this had to be Christopher's. Even though I pushed back to make him drive in faster, he was not going to have any of it, he was going to go at his own pace, I wanted to scream.

Bryan was now very vocal about what he wanted Tyler to do. "Slow down." "Deeper." "Harder." "Hold still." "Don't cum yet."

Unlike the two of them, the men behind me were silent but were communicating is some way. At regular intervals one cock would slide from my ass and be replaced immediately by the other. Neither man was tender, they were both relentless at using my hole for their pleasure. My pleasure was so great that my own cock ached. It took all my effort not to cum, I didn't want to, not until I had pleasured both of them.

I heard Tyler whimper, "I gotta cum, I can't hold on any longer." Turning my head, I watched Bryan pull off of Tyler, spin around and start to vigorously stoke Tyler's rigid dick and his own under the water. By the look on the kid's face I thought he was getting ready to pass out and then his eyes rolled back and knew he had just cum. When he knew that Tyler had cum, Bryan rose up on his toes and came.

Whoever was in my ass pulled free and then I felt both cocks rub against my lower back, both Christopher and Shane were beating there dicks against my skin. Soon I felt liquid on my back that was not the water in the pool and knew that both men had given me their loads and as a result my cock let loose with its own load. All five of our spunk was now swirling in the water of the hot tub.

Tyler drug himself out of the hot tub and shaky legs. "Unless you need me to make another round of drinks, I've gotta leave." None of us said anything, we just watched him put his clothes back on his wet, dripping body and then he was gone.

Bryan turned to Shane and said, "Remind me to leave Tyler a generous tip when we check out." He then turned his attention to me and Christopher, "Why don't we all go into the bedroom and make a mess of the sheets." Dripping wet we all went back into the suite and shivered when we hit the air conditioning. It didn't take us long to turn up the heat.


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