This series is inspired by Billy C.

This is a series about me and 12 men who take me to be their boy toy at a gay resort in Mexico. Please read the previous parts for the background about me and my hosts.

The ringing of the phone in my hotel room made me sit up in bed. Remembering that I had placed a wakeup call because I had to be at the airport no later than 10:00 for my 11:00 flight to Puerto Vallarta. I had scheduled the call for 8 am and glancing at the clock confirmed that the call came at the correct time. I had gone to bed without showering or even washing my face. I rubbed my hand across the cum that had dried on my skin. When I ran my hand through my hair I found that the cum that had landed there had caused clumps of hair that were stuck together.

I climbed out of bed stretching my 5'10" frame. Looking in the mirror confirmed that my dirty blonde hair did have multiple clumps that were cemented together with the seed of quite a few men. The blue/green eyes that looked back at me were blood shot due to a combination of too much to drink and just a few hours of sleep.

I flipped on the TV but found that since it was Sunday morning there wasn't much to watch that interested me. I flipped to the list of movies available and saw that one of the categories was ADULT. I scrolled through the offerings which were all straight, however, when I got to the bottom of the list there was one gay offering. The picture that accompanied the title was of two hunky men in an embrace. Since the room was being paid for by my hosts I decided to check the movie out. The first scene was two men in bed, kissing and fondling each other. After a few minutes the action increased but was pretty vanilla stuff. Since the movie hadn't grabbed my attention I decided that I should shower and get ready. Before starting my shower I decided to order some room service because I at least needed a couple cups of coffee. I call and ordered an egg white omelet with veggies and some fresh fruit along with a pot of coffee. I was told that it would be delivered within a half hour. Since I had the time I started the shower and stepped in. I lathered up my smooth body and washed my hair. Stepping out of the shower, I dried off using a fluffy towel and started to shave. There was a knock at the door and the sound of a male voice saying "room service".

With my face half shaven, I held the bath towel around my waist and opened the door. Standing behind the cart was a good looking kid. He couldn't have been more than 19 or 20. He was about 6' tall and had the body of someone who played offense on a football team. His white shirt couldn't hide the fact that had a developed chest and some nice biceps. The bow tie he was wearing looked tight around his muscled neck. The name tag he was wearing said "Hunter" which made him all the cuter. Having someone answer the door in only a towel was probably something that he saw on a regular basis so he didn't act surprised. "Where would you like it?" Too bad he was talking about the food.

"The table is fine. I'll be right out, let me finish my shave." I went back into the bathroom, finished shaving, splashed my face with water and pulled the towel around my waist again and went out into the room. Hunter hadn't finished setting the table with my breakfast. His eyes were glued to the TV screen. It was two different men on the screen now. One of the guys was sitting on the edge of a bed getting ready to take the other man's huge cock into his mouth. When he realized I was standing there watching him he turned several shades of red and mumbled something I couldn't understand.

"Hey, no worries man, its ok with me if you watch."

Hunter finished putting my breakfast on the table and poured me a cup of coffee and handed it to me. Hunter handed me the check for my signature. With one hand holding the towel and the other holding my cup of coffee I had a decision to make. I let go of the towel and let it drop to the floor and took the check from his hand. Hunter's eyes widened with surprise. I moved over to the table and bent over to sign the bill showing off my ass.

After signing, I turned back to Hunter and he was staring at the screen again. The guy who had just had the other guy's cock in his mouth was now laying on the bed holding his legs back by his knees while the other guy had his cock pressed against his asshole. Hunter murmured "Jesus Christ." My asshole had been twitching since I had woke up. While I had been in the shower I had actually thought about getting the dildo out of my carry-on bag to scratch my itch. Seeing another option now, I stepped in front of Hunter but didn't block his view of the TV. I put my hand on the bulge that was starting to show in his slacks. Hunter started to move backwards but I kept my hand on his package, squeezing it and liking what I was feeling.

"You ever fucked a guy before?"

"Uh, uh, no."

Hunter's cock kept getting bigger under my hand. "Would you like to?"

"Um, I need to get back to the kitchen."

"Are you sure?" I decided to play out the movie he had been watching. Applying pressure to Hunter's dick, I turned him so he was facing the bed and I sat down on the edge. His eyes were now on my hand as I massaged the outline of his cock.

"Hey, just relax." I undid the buckle of his belt, opened his pants and then pulled down his zipper. I slid his pants down revealing a pair of white briefs. His dick was pushing the cotton material out and the head of his cock was starting to peak out of the waist band. I pulled his underwear down, grabbed his dick and pulled its head into my mouth. When I cast my eyes up, I saw that he was intently watching as I swallowed more of his cock. Pretty soon his eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned.

As I continued to work the piece of meat that was in my mouth, from the TV speakers we heard, "fuck me". Hunter started to thrust into my face. While he did, I put my hand under his shirt and felt his abs and then moved up to his pecs, which, as I expected, were well developed and hard. I brushed a finger against one of his nipples causing it to harden. Hunter let out another moan. Hunter had begun leaking precum in my mouth and I swallowed it greedily.

I pushed Hunter back, causing his cock to pop from my lips. Hunter made a sound of disappointment. Just like in the movie, I laid back on the bed and grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled them back toward by chest. Hunter was staring at my ass hole. "Come on dude, fuck me."

Hunter put the head of his spit slicked cock against my hole. He pushed forward tentatively. I tightened my ass which caused him to step back. "What are you waiting for, stick it in."

Again Hunter pushed the head of his cock against my man pussy and increased his pressure. His head pushed through and I tightened my grip again. "You won't hurt me, push harder."

From the TV speakers we heard moaning and the sound of slapping flesh. It must have been the encouragement that Hunter needed because he began to push and kept it up until his cock was completely embedded in me. "Fuck me like you'd like to fuck your girlfriend, assuming you have one."

I don't know if I triggered something but Hunter put his hands on the back of my knees and I pulled mine away. That must have given him the leverage he needed to fuck in earnest. From the TV we heard "fuck me harder". Hunter took it to heart and started to pound my ass until I started moaning. I grabbed my own cock and started beating it in time with the stupid music coming from the movie.

With a growl, Hunter pushed my legs back as far as he could and then he pulled his cock out of me. He grabbed his cock and started roughly beating it until he shot several of loads of spunk onto my asshole. When the first spurt hit my hole my own cock let loose with a load that hit my chest, face, hair and the pillows that were behind me.

Hunter must have been embarrassed because he pulled up his underwear covering his still dripping dick and then pulled up his slacks. He shoved the tails of his shirt into his waist, went to the cart he had wheeled into the room and left without another word.

I got up off the bed and looked at the bed. Between the stains from last night and from what had just happened the white duvet was a mess and now one of the pillows was also wet with cum. Cum dripped off my ass as I walked back into the bathroom for another shower.

When I came out of the bathroom, I grabbed the cup of coffee that Hunter had poured finding that it was now lukewarm. I poured myself another cup and hoovered down some of the omelet and fruit. I couldn't wear the jeans or shirt I had on the night before, they were a mess, so I opened the larger of my suitcases and pulled out one of my favorite pairs of jeans. They were a well-worn pair that were thread bare in several locations. The area where my cock usually laid was worn so thin that it perfectly showed outline of my cock. Both knees had rips and there was another rip just below the right rear pocket. I liked them because I had grown into them, so to speak. I had bought them years ago when I was in high school and my waist was 2" smaller. They now fit my ass and thighs like they were a second skin. I rolled the cuffs up so that they were just above my ankles. I slipped on my pair of black espadrilles. Since I thought it would be warm when we landed in Puerto Vallarta I chose a black mesh tank that left little to the imagination, just my kind of shirt.

I crammed my dirty clothes in my suitcase and moved my dildo from my carry-on to the larger bag. There wasn't enough time for more TSA drama. I went into the bathroom and put gel in my hair giving it a messy look and then packed my toiletries in my carry-on. I checked out on the TV even before seeing the end of the movie. I grabbed all my stuff and headed to the lobby.

As I was standing outside the hotel waiting for the airport shuttle and man stepped up beside me. He looked 40ish and was about an inch shorter than my 5'10". He had light brown hair that was curly, it looked like he tried to relax it with some sort of product but it was very apparent that it would be tightly curled when wet or in humidity. I guessed him to be about my weight but since he was shorter it gave him more of a beefy look. Based on how he looked in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for some concert tour it was definitely muscle weight. He put a hand on my shoulder. "Chad, right?"

"Yeah, I'm Chad."

"Hi, I'm Barry, one of Derreck's friends."

"Oh yeah, I recognize you from the group picture he sent me of the pool party. Glad to meet you." Barry grabbed my hand with a very firm grip and we shook. Barry had one bag and one carry-on, both black. I could tell by the tags on both bags that he must work for Southwest Airlines.

The shuttle arrived and the driver loaded out bags. Barry and I were the only ones on the shuttle. After we sat down, Barry spoke. "You look just like the pictures Derreck sent us. I'm always leery about guys' pictures. Most of the time when you meet them it's obvious that the picture was probably taken 10 years ago. In fact, you don't look your age. Derreck said you're 29. You look like you're still in your early 20s." Barry put his hand on my knee as he said it.


During the drive to the Southwest terminal, Barry told me about some of the men that would be joining us. It was apparent that it was a close group and that Barry valued their friendship.

When we got to the terminal and went toward the Southwest counter, Barry told me to follow him. He went up to the customer service agent, flashed an ID and she opened up some cueing barriers until we were at the front of the Fly By lane. We were waived over to the first available agent and Barry flashed his ID again. "This is my friend Chad Cartwright, do you have any Business Select seats still available? It would be great if he could be in the first boarding group."

The ticket agent took my luggage, printed out my boarding pass which ended up being A3, and tagged my bags. I guessed not too many business travelers were going to Puerto Vallarta. Barry also wanted to confirm that the flight wasn't full. When he was told that it wasn't he smiled and thanked the agent.

Since Barry had gotten me upgraded to Business Select I got to go through a shorter line at security. It wasn't the TSA Pre Check but it wasn't much longer. Barry was able to use the Pre Check lane just by flashing his ID again. Barry met me at the other side of security and we headed toward the gate for our flight.

When we got to the gate I saw Derreck and JP standing with a bunch of other men. Barry introduced me to Bill, Chuck, Dave, Jay, Danny, William, Shane, Bryan and Blaine. All of them, along with JP and Derreck were good looking men who obviously were active and kept in shape. After the introductions, I realized that there were 12 men, not 10. When I asked Derreck, he told me that Jay and Dave decided at the last minute to join the trip. He put his mouth close to my ear and told me that they don't play around as much as the rest of the group and felt uncomfortable at first about coming. "I hope that's not a problem."

"Not at all, the more the merrier."

While we had been talking our plane had made it to the gate and passengers were deplaning. The crew for our flight were standing by the entrance to the Jetway. There was the pilot, co-pilot and three flight attendants. The pilots were both men and the attendants were comprised of two women and one man. The two women looked like they had been flying for a while but the man appeared to be about my age. He looked a little out of place as a flight attendant. Not to stereotype, but the man was broad in the shoulders and had to be about 6'3". With his back to me I could tell that he had to have his shirt tailored to fit his frame. For the shirt to fit his shoulders it had to be tapered on both sides so as not to be blousy. It wasn't apparent if his trousers were tailored but they hugged his ass and thighs.

Barry went over to the crew and spoke for a while. After Barry said something, the male flight attendant looked back at us and Barry pointed to me and they continued to talk.

After the last of the passengers had deplaned, the crew entered the Jetway and went down to the plane. The counter agent asked the A group to start to line up and then began the loading of pre boards, which there were just a few. Barry stepped up to me in line and told me to go to the back row of the plane. I usually sit near the front of a plane but since I was the guest I couldn't do anything but agree. After speaking to me, Barry entered the Jetway and boarded the plane.

Bill was standing close to me on the other side of the A group and I gave him a questioning look. "Barry is a pilot for Southwest. That's how he got you such a low boarding number and got our group great ticket prices." I nodded in understanding. Not long after we began to board.

When I entered the plane, it was pretty empty, there must not have been many through passengers. I went to the back of the plane. The male flight attendant was at the back of the plane. He smiled at me as I walked down the aisle. Barry was already seated in the back row and I when I started to take a seat next to him the flight attendant told me he thought I would be more comfortable on the other side of the aisle. After I sat down in the window seat, the flight attendant told me to move to the aisle seat and then he placed some items on the other two seats and did the same in the section where Barry was seated.

The flow of passengers continued to board. After a while passengers that were looking for a window seat but couldn't find one made it to the back of the plane. The flight attendant told them that the seats weren't available due to some problems. Several passengers complained and the flight attendant told them he would give them each free drinks.

Soon the doors to the plane closed and I could tell that a lot of the middle seats were still available meaning the flight wasn't full. The plane pulled away from the gate and began to taxi. The male flight attendant walked part of the way down the aisle, turned back toward us and began to go over the safety instructions as one of the other attendants spoke into the plane's sound system.

As the flight attendant went through the motions with the seat belt, life jacket and oxygen masks, I couldn't help but notice that his slacks fit his crotch as well as they fit his ass. The man appeared to be well endowed. As he walked past me to the rear of the plane, I saw that his name was Adam.

After a smooth take off, the next half hour was pretty usual. The flight attendants took drink orders and passed out snacks. When Adam asked me what I wanted I told him a screwdriver. He gave me my drink before serving the other passengers.

After the flight attendants made their first pass to pick up garbage, the two at the front sat down on their seats. From where I was sitting it looked like they pulled out some magazines and started to read.

From behind me I heard Adam speaking. I assumed he was on the intercom with the pilot. When he finished he picked up the mic and announced that the lavatory in the back of the plane had a problem and would be closed for the remainder of the flight. He also told the passengers that they couldn't line up at the front of the plane due to FAA regulations and to please be patient.

Barry leaned across that aisle and said, "Time to start earning your keep cutie." A hand touched my shoulder and I turned around to see Adam. He angled his head toward the door to the lavatory and put a finger to his lips. I quietly got up from my seat and turned toward the back. I felt Barry pat my ass as Adam held the door to the lavatory open.

In barely more than a whisper, Adam told me to sit down. As I did, he stepped in and shut and latched the door behind him. It was tight and I had to spread my legs to make room for Adam. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating, a mix of spice and musk. He obviously knew that he had to hurry because he quickly unzipped and pulled out his cock. It was close to my face and it was a thing of beauty. While the head of his cock was pretty average in size, that stalk of his cock flared out to what was the thickest piece of meat I have ever seen. While I was sure I could take all the length, I wondered if I could open my mouth wide enough to accommodate the base but I was going to do my best.

Remembering the amount of cum that had ended up on my shirt the previous evening, I pulled the front of my tank up over my head. I scooted forward on the seat of the toilet and sucked in Adam's dick and tasted his cologne. I opened my jaw as far as I could and was able to get almost all of his cock in my mouth. What didn't make it into my mouth I wrapped with my fingers around and started to bob my head along what I could. Adam put his hands against the walls of the small space to balance himself as I continued to give his dick a workout. Since he was in a hurry I felt him try to speed up my actions by rocking his whole body. All of a sudden it felt like the head of his cock was getting bigger as it rubbed against the back of my throat. With ragged breaths, Adam said, "You've got to be careful not to get any of my cum on my pants. Keep it all in your mouth but don't swallow." I didn't know what he meant.

Adam's cock erupted in my mouth. He had pulled back enough so that the tip of his cock was toward the front of my mouth so I could catch his full load and not let any of it down my throat. When he was done he pulled his tip out of my mouth and caught the last few drops of his cum with some of the Kleenex from the lav. He shoved his cock back into his slacks, reached behind himself and unlatched the door. As he backed out, he put a finger up to his lips again and with a hand signal told me stay put. The door closed.

Hardly any time passed before the door opened again. It was Barry and he stepped in, closed and locked the door. He asked if I'd swallowed and I shook my head no. I didn't know how we did it, but we squeezed around each other. He pushed his jeans all the way down and sat on the toilet. Facing him he told me to spit out some of the cum in my mouth into his hand, which I did. He told me to swallow the rest, which I gladly did. I watched as he rubbed the cum from my mouth all over his dick which was getting hard. His cock was cut and fat. It looked to be above average at about 7". He told me to turn around and pull my jeans down. He grabbed my waist and started to lower me on to his lap. My knees scraped the door but I knew exactly what he wants me to do. I reached back and spread my ass checks and continued to lower myself until I feel the fat head of his cock press against my hole. The cum he had spread all over his dick made it easier for me to lower myself. I let gravity take over and my body slid down his slippery cock until I could tell it was full impaled in my ass. Barry was strong, he started to lift me by the waist and then let me slide back down. His dick felt great. When I couldn't take the slow pace any longer, I braced my arms against the door and start doing something like a squat, letting my ass walls caress Barry's cock as I rode it up and down. Barry stopped me from moving and whispered "I'm close. Turn around." Regrettably his cock slid from my ass and I turned around. With my naked ass pushing against the door he put a hand on my neck and pulled my head forward toward his rigid cum and ass juice covered dick. As soon as my mouth is full with his meat, Barry began to shoot. I clamped my lips tightly around his shaft to make sure that none of his juice dripped from my mouth. When his load finally stopped, I grabbed hold of the base of his cock and swallowed. It was a difficult angle to swallow but I did a damn good job. When I pulled my head off of his dick just a few drops of his cum dripped from my mouth onto his lap. I wiped my hand across my lips while Barry grabbed some tissue and wiped off the few drops of spunk that have landed on him.

"Turn back around and let me watch your ass while you pull your jeans back up." When I did, I felt one of his fingers enter the rip in my jeans and lightly caress my ass. "Straighten your shirt and go back to your seat."

I pulled the tank back over my head and pulled it back down. I unlatched the door and stepped out. Adam smiled at me as I glanced at him. Returning to my seat I smiled to myself realizing I'd finally become a member of the mile high club. A moment later, Barry stepped out of the lavatory and moved toward his seat. He put a hand on my shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze before he sat down.

The pilot announced that we had begun our decent. Adam started the second pass through for garbage but not before he handed me a couple of the small bottles of vodka which I threw back like two shots. I dropped the empties in the plastic bag as he walked back by.

It wasn't long before we arrived at the gate and passengers started to leave the plane. When I finally got up from my seat, Barry got behind me and ground his crotch into my ass. With only Adam watching, Barry leaned down and sucked on my neck. "This is the first of at least 12 hickies you're going to get this week."

As we began to walk down the aisle, I heard Adam say to Barry, "Thanks Captain, I think you're really going to enjoy your vacation."


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