This series is inspired by Billy C.

This is a series about me and 12 men who took me to be their boy toy at a gay resort in Mexico. Please read the previous parts for the background about me and my hosts.

After gathering up our luggage, my 12 hosts and I went out to the taxi line. Since there were thirteen of us plus our luggage we split into three groups with all of us in white mini-vans. All of our drivers were swarthy Latinos dressed in white linen shirts and pants. I was in a taxi with two of the couples, Chuck and Bill and Dave and Jay. The four men were engaged in conversation in a way that long-time friends do, including a little gossip about the other men in our group. Since none of them were aware of what I had done with their friend Barry and Adam, the flight attendant, I shared that story which got a laugh from the men along with how what happened was "so Barry".

During the ride, I checked each couple out. Bill and Chuck were both tall men. Bill looked to be about 6'4" with Chuck appearing to be even taller. Both men looked to be in great shape and according to Derreck were in their mid-40s. Neither of them looked that old. Bill had a very Nordic look about him with dirty blonde hair, like my own, and baby blue eyes. Chuck had more of the Black Irish look to him with black wavy hair and blue eyes that were darker than Bill's. Both men carried themselves as if they were, or had been, in the military. The clothes that Bill was wearing where tight enough to accentuate his muscled body. I knew the look from the many Air Force men I had serviced from Luke Air Force Base. Chuck's clothes hung a little looser on his body which while also muscled was leaner than Bill. Derreck had shared with me that Bill and Chuck had been married for almost three years and it was very clear to me that were deeply in love. That love made both man even more handsome in my eyes. I was curious as to what they may expect from me.

The other couple, Dave and Jay, were also in good shape, not as ripped as Bill and Chuck but still muscled in a way that showed they cared about their bodies. Dave had thick black hair. He looked like he cared as much about his hair as I did. We both must have been keeping a few product companies in business. He was just around 6". Jay, his partner, looked to be about the same height as me, 5"10", but was maybe 15-20 pounds light resulting in a long, lean body. He had medium length light brown hair and hazel eyes. They were also supposed to be in their mid-40s but looked younger. Derreck had told me that Dave and Jay had been together for 10 years.

After a harrowing ride through the streets of Puerto Vallarta, we finally arrived at the resort. As our swarthy driver was lifting our luggage from the back of the taxi, I couldn't help but watch his taut muscles. The way he looked made me want to jump back in the cab and have him take me somewhere where I could see him without his shirt on and discover the size of his cock and how it would fit in my mouth and ass.

Chuck paid the driver and, I assumed, gave him a good tip because the driver looked happy when he got back into his cab. It looked like Chuck had also given him a business card. Chuck leaned into my ear and said "I saw how you were looking at him, I told him to give me a call if he wants to get a blow job from you. Bill and I might even watch." He slapped my back and then turned his attention back to Bill.

We had been the first cab to arrive. Several bellmen came out to load our luggage on carts. They told us to go check in and that they would then take us to our rooms on one of the many golf carts that were running around with guests and luggage.

After we each showed our passports and got our key cards, we went back to our luggage. The other two cabs still hadn't arrived but the rest of the group didn't seem too concerned. One of the bellmen got one of the larger golf carts and loaded Bill, Chuck, Dave and Jay's luggage. Even though there was room on the cart for me a different bellman grabbed my luggage and put it on another cart. When I asked why we couldn't all go together, my bellman informed me that my room was at a different end of the resort. He also shared that the area of the resort where I was staying was for guests that had single rooms and that where my hosts were going was where couples were assigned. When I asked why, he told me that he had been informed that the company that had arranged to have the resort for the week wanted the singles to be around other singles as one of the ways to break the ice.

On the way to my room, the bellman also told me that the resort had asked for staff to volunteer to work this week. They had been concerned that some of their employees might have difficulty working a week that was 100% gay. Those who didn't want to work could use their vacation days or take the time off without pay. The bellman also told me that he, and a couple of his friends, had volunteered to work so that they could earn some extra money, they had heard that gay men were good tippers. I wondered if he and his friends hadn't heard that all gratuities were included in the package price.

While the bellman was talking, I had been checking him out. He couldn't have been more than 21 or 22. He was about 2" taller than me, so 6', and probably had 20 pounds on me or 185. He had that Southern California surfer dude vibe. His hair was almost bleached white from the sun. He was wearing a cute uniform of white shorts and a white Polo with the name of the resort on his left pec. His nametag said Randy. Because of his position as he drove the golf cart, his shorts were stretched taut across his thighs and were pretty far up his legs. It also looked like they were covering a pretty nice looking package. While his biceps looked nice they weren't straining his short sleeves like gym rat, it looked like his body was the musculature of a man who kept himself in shape by work, swimming or maybe even tennis.

When we got to my room, I used the key card to open the electronic lock while Randy carried in my bags. Watching Randy's back and arm muscles tighten with his effort was a nice sight. After putting down the bags on the luggage stands, Randy showed me some of the amenities in the room. One of the things I liked the most was the minibar that he told me would be replenished every day at no additional cost. The final thing he showed me was the view from my room. He pulled back the drapes and I saw that my room was directly on the beach. When he opened the sliding doors I could hear the sound of the waves lap against the sand.

"Too bad that you came alone, you don't have anyone to share this view with."

"I'm not here alone, a group of men invited me to join them on this trip. Some of them were in the taxi I came in."

"That sounds nice, traveling with a group of your friends."

"They're not my friends, at least not yet."

"I don't understand."

Deciding to throw caution to the wind, "Well, they paid for this trip and in return I'm supposed to, uh, take care of them and anyone else they tell me to."

"What are you, some sort of gay hooker or something?"

"I wouldn't say that. I would say that I enjoy men's dicks, a lot. I just happened to get the bonus of a trip with these guys."

Randy had an odd look in his eyes. He also had a bulge growing in his white shorts. "Well, I should let you get unpacked. Feel free to let me know if you need anything during your stay." I know he caught me checking out his junk before turning to leave my room.

After Randy left, I stood and looked out at the sea and enjoyed the tranquility. After a few minutes I began to unpack. When I had finished, I sat down on the bed and noticed that there was a piece of paper that listed the day's activities. There was going to be a tropical themed tea dance/happy hour that started in about an hour followed by dinner. Later in the evening there was going to be a foam party.

Even though I had brought a lot of swimsuits, shorts and various types of shirts, I really hadn't brought anything that I would call tropical. Since there was some time, I decided to go to the resort's store to see if I could find something. When I got there, I was disappointed to find that most of the items for men were things I would never buy, gaudy (and not in a good way) shorts and bathing suits, along with typical touristy t-shirts. I did, however, see something interesting among the items for women. There were these large scarves of very colorful fabric that I had seen women use as wraps when they were their bathing suits and had an idea. I bought one that had blues, greens, reds, oranges and other bright colors in a crazy pattern and then headed back to my room.

Many more of the resort's guests had arrived. Walking back to my room I passed by a smorgasbord of men. Many were already in just bathing suits. I couldn't help but check out each man as I walked by. Being a pretty shallow cum slut, I tended to let my eyes linger on the guys that had good bodies, oozed testosterone, and filled their suits nicely.

Even though I had gotten a couple of loads of cum while I had been on the plane, all the sights were causing me to horn up. When I got back to the room, I was thinking that I might just have to use the dildo that I had brought with me. Upon entering my room, I removed the clothes I had traveled in and threw them in the corner. I got out the dildo that I had placed in the nightstand and went to grab some lotion from the bathroom. I didn't close the curtains or sliding door because I didn't care who saw me. I had just gotten back on the bed with the dildo pressed against my asshole when there was a knock on my room door. I almost didn't answer but then realized that it might be one of my hosts. Since I assumed it must be one of them I went and answered the door with the dildo still in my hand.

I swung the door open expecting to see Derreck or one of the other men but instead it was Randy, the bellman. Standing behind him was another bellman in the same white outfit of shorts and a Polo shirt. Both men's eyes widened when they saw me naked and then grew even larger when they saw the red dildo in my hand.

The second bellman was just as cute as Randy. He was the same height as me and had a very similar body. He also had the sun drenched look of a surfer boy. Both men's tans were in sharp contrast with their white uniforms.

"Hey Randy, why are you back here?" Several men walked by my door and checked me out. They were also checking out Randy and the other bellman. Some of them whistled and gave me thumbs up before they moved on.

Thinking that they were embarrassing me, Randy said, "Sorry, we can come back later."

"Come on in. I can't imagine that you've never seen a naked guy before."

Both men came in rather sheepishly. Randy spoke up, "um, my friend and I are getting ready to get our afternoon break. We don't come back on until we have to start setting up for the party later. I, um, we, wanted to see if there was anything you needed before we leave." I knew exactly why they were there. I decided to tease them.

"Nope, I think I've got everything I need." As I said it I raised the dildo up and put it against my chest. They both stared at it.

"Well, ok then, we'll leave you to it. I, uh we, hope to see you later."

With my free hand I grabbed Randy's crotch, "I think it's you guys that need something." I could feel Randy's cock throb in my hand. "And in fact, I think you both have something that I need." I pulled Randy farther into my room while I felt his cock grow in my hand. I told his friend to shut the door.

I continued pulling on Randy's crotch until I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he was in front of me. His friend watched in fascination as I started to unzip Randy's shorts. Once unzipped I undid the top fastener and pushed his shorts down below his knees. Randy was wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. The outline of his cock was pushing up the right side with the head just below the waistband. I leaned forward and started to chew on outline of his cock. Randy was just staring down at me but I could feel the shaft of his dick thicken as I continued to tease the outline with my teeth.

Randy's friend watched from a distance. He was rubbing the front of his shorts. I waved him over until he was standing next to Randy. I pulled away from Randy and turned my attention to his friend. I unzipped his shorts, released the fastener and pushed his shorts down. He was wearing a pair of white 2(X)ist briefs. I nuzzled the outline of his cock and then leaned by head back. I put one hand on Randy's briefs and the other on his friend's. I pulled them both down and released their cocks.

Both cocks stood proud. Randy's was long with an average thickness. His friend's wasn't as long but was much thicker. I grabbed each and started to stroke them. Neither of them had anything to be ashamed about. I raised my eyes and looked at their faces. I kissed the head of each of their dicks.

Holding on to each cock I alternated sucking their heads into my mouth but never stopped stroking. Both men's breathing increased. Neither of them did anything but watch. Neither of them tried to push their cock deeper into my mouth, they stood as rigid as their cocks. When I could tell they were getting close, I tried to suck both heads into my mouth, both men twitched when I did as if their cocks touching was a new experience. They both tried to pull back but I wouldn't let them. I used my tongue to rub the underside of their heads. Randy's dick was the first to unload in my mouth. I don't know if it was the feeling of his friend's cum on his head or the attention of my tongue but Randy's friend added his load to my already overflowing mouth. As soon as they both finished, they each jumped back and I let them go. They obviously didn't want to look at each other.

I licked my lips and said, "See, we all got what we wanted."

Both of their young cocks were still hard and dripping the last of their loads. I didn't know if they wanted another round or were considering finding out what it would be like to fuck me. Either was fine with me. Neither made a move toward me, they both just stood their ground. Finally Randy spoke, pointing to the dildo I had dropped on the floor he asked "Do you really stick that up your ass?"


"Could we watch?" I found this a bit strange but being an exhibitionist I decided I would.

I picked up the dildo and laid back on the bed. I grabbed the lotion I had brought out and squeezed some on the piece of hard plastic and reached between my legs and started to rub its tip against my hole. While I started to push more up my ass I saw that both men had started stroking their cocks again. After I had the dildo almost all the way in I started to slide it in and out. Both men stared with their mouths open.

All of a sudden I had the sense that someone was watching. I looked over at the open sliding door and saw three men framed by the curtains. Because of the sun behind them I really couldn't see their features but could tell there was one tall man with his arms around the shoulders of two slightly shorter men. The larger man spoke, "Now that is really a waste of one ass and two cocks." The three men stepped into the room. I watched as the two shorter men dropped to their knees, one in front of Randy and the other in front of Randy's friend. They began to suck each with gusto. While I heard Randy and his friend moan, the larger men stood at the end of the bed. He pushed the front of the bathing suit he was wearing and revealed a large cock. He reached forward and pulled the dildo out of my ass with a pop. He crawled onto the bed and I could feel the head of his dick push against my lubed hole. He pushed my legs farther back as he slide slowly deep into me. I heard Randy say "Jesus Christ!"

The stranger began to pummel my ass. With each thrust he drove deeper into me. When I could feel that he was in as far as he could go he started doing little thrusts keeping most of his dick encased in my ass. While from my opinion it could have gone on for much longer, it was probably about five minutes and then the man stiffened and I could feel his seed deep inside me. After his cum stopped flowing he pulled free from me and stood while I sat up. He got behind the men he had come with who were still working over Randy and his friend's dicks. "Come on boys we are going to be late for the tea dance." He put a hand on each of the boys' heads and began pushing them as far as they both could go on the two cocks. They must have really started working hard because it was mere seconds before both Randy and his friend moaned and I was sure they were shooting their second loads. "Let's go." The two men got off their knees and headed toward the sliding door followed by the man who was pulling up his bathing suit. As he walked through the door he turned back to me and said, "I hope to get another shot at your sweet ass." The three men then disappeared. Randy and his friend stood like statues, I imagined trying to put their heads around what had just happened. When they finally shook it off they both pulled up their briefs and shorts, headed toward the door and left without a word. I smiled.

After everyone had left, I went into the bathroom, showered and cleaned myself out. After drying off, I put some product in my hair and gave it a messy look. I had decided to use the scarf I had purchased as a sarong, but a very small sarong. I folded the scarf over several times. Deciding not to put any underwear on, I tied the scarf at my right hip. I let the scarf ride low on my hips with just enough fabric hanging down to just barely cover my ass and my cock.

When we had checked in the front desk they had given everyone a bracelet that our key cards could be attached to. After I attached the card I put it around my wrist and left my room. As I walked toward the site of the tea dance I was amazed at the number of men that were on the pathways. I even saw some men in the tropical plants that lined the walks giving or receiving blow jobs. My cock started to harden and I had to pull the front of my sarong down lower to keep me covered. By pulling it down I ended up showing a sliver of my trimmed pubes.

The sound of the pounding music drew me to the tea dance. There was a throng of men dancing in the center of the crowd. Outfits ranged from shorts and t-shirts to assless chaps and jock straps. Ringing the dancing throng were men talking in small groups, walking through the crowd, or just leaning up against palm trees or railings. After getting a cocktail, I began working my way through the crowd looking for my hosts. More than a few hands reached under the back of my sarong and rubbed or squeezed my ass. While continuing to look for my hosts I did stop to speak and flirt with some of the better looking men (like I've said before, I'm shallow).

I finally saw Danny and William out on the dance floor. Derreck had told me that Danny was 40 years old but he didn't look it. He was about my height and incredibly ripped which was all the more apparent due to the Speedo he was wearing with a Raven's t-shirt that was in shreds and showed off everything. His dark brown short curly hair and bright, dark brown eyes gave him a mischievous air. His manscaped body hair made him all the more hot to me.

William on the other hand had a hairless torso. His blonde hair and lighter hued eyes were in contrast with Danny's dark coloring. I thought I remembered that he was in his 30's. Like his boyfriend he was in great shape. His 6'2" body was about 210 pounds of solid muscle. William was wearing a small box-cut swimsuit and nothing else.

Both men were getting a lot of looks from the men around them. I wasn't surprised, besides the ripped bodies, both the Speedo and the box-cut swimsuit were filled out nicely.

They both greeted me warmly as I joined them in the crowd of dancers. The three of us moved with the beat of the music until we all were covered in sweat and in need of another round of drinks. We made our way to the bar looking for the rest of the group while we waited for our cocktails. As we waited, William started to talk with the man behind him in line. The man was as handsome as Danny and William with an incredible body. The jock that he was wearing looked like it was about to burst and it was hard for me not to look but he was focused on his conversation with William.

Once we had our drinks, Danny and the handsome stranger talked in hushed tones while they directed us toward a railing that abutted the beach. When we reached the railing Danny introduced me to Zack, the handsome stranger. After we shook hands, Danny and Zack leaned back against the railing as if they were planning to watch the dancers but they had other ideas. Danny put his hand around my waist and pulled me against him so that my back was pressed into his chest and his crotch rubbed against my ass. Zack did the same with William.

Danny ran a hand up my chest and pinched by right nipple. I reached back and pushed my fingers through the waistband of his Speedo. Zack had his hands around William's waist and they were moving with the music with Zack but it was obvious, at least to me and Danny, that Zack was grinding his jock covered crotch against the back of William's swimsuit.

Only moments later I felt Danny's hand underneath my sarong exploring my ass. His fingers started to slide along my ass crack until one finger found my hole and lightly explored it. I glanced over and saw that Zack had his hand inside the back of William's suit exploring his ass.

As Danny engaged some men who walked by in conversation, I could tell that he was pushing the front of his Speedo down below his cock and balls. I could feel that Danny's dick was hard. I could feel its heat through the material that was barely covering my ass. I could then feel him pushing his dick down until it was pushing against the area where my thighs met my butt. I leaned forward just enough until I felt the material raise enough so that Danny's cock was directly against my skin and then I leaned back. I spread my legs slightly and felt as Danny pushed light forward rubbing his dick between my legs and against my hole. The movement of his hips were hidden by my body and his upper body didn't move at all. His small movements continued while he continued talking to men that stopped as they walked by.

When I glanced over at William, from my angle I could see that Zack had pushed the pouch of his cock to the side so that his dick was completely out. His cock was just pushed against William's ass and lower back.

My own cock was now tenting the front of my sarong. I put one of my hands on my crotch and did my best to push my cock down while continuing to use my other hand to hold my drink and occasionally bring it to my lips.

When there was a break in people stopping to speak with us, Danny lowered his body just a bit and got the head of his cock against my hole. He put a hand around my waist and pulled me down enough so that his head popped through my ass ring. Glancing over at William, I saw that he had put one of his hands behind his back and had his fingers wrapped around Zack's dick and was slowly stroking it. If the men walking by us had any idea of what was going on they didn't acknowledge it in anyway.

With Danny's hand still wrapped around my waist, I bent my knees slightly. Between that movement and with William applying pressure as well as him leaning back just a bit more against the railing, more of his cock entered my ass. It felt like about 3 inches of cock was now in me. I saw William glance over at Danny and I, knowing for sure that he knew exactly was going on. I couldn't figure out how to get more of Danny's dick in my ass without it becoming obvious that I was getting fucked. Instead I started to clench my ass muscles as tight as I could and then releasing them. God, I just wanted to bend forward, put my hands on my knees and let Danny drive his dick all the way in. Danny pulled lightly and then loosened his grip on my waist allowing for some small movements of his cock. Along with my clench and release action, I also tried to make small movement in time with Danny's to cause as much friction as possible.

When I glanced over at Zack and William, Zack's eyes were closed as William moved his hand faster. Even though I couldn't see the cum, I could tell by both of their expressions that Zack had just shot his load on William's back. Danny must have seen it to because he attempted to push a bit more of his cock up my ass as I continued to squeeze. It must have been seeing Zack cum and knowing that he was doing this while hundreds of men wandered around so close to us but he shot his load into my ass. He moved just enough so that his still hard dick slide from my ass. By his movements I could tell that he used the material from my sarong to clean his cock and then fight to get it back into his Speedo. He also used the material to gently wipe my ass and catch the last of his cum that was leaking from my hole.

William stepped away from Zack enough so that Zack could maneuver his dick back into the pouch of his jock and I could see the cum sliding down William's spine. Danny reached over and wiped up Zack's cum on his hand and then wiped it on my sarong.

All I wanted to do at that moment was to turn, get on my knees and suck Danny's cock, but instead I stepped forward putting a few inches between our bodies. As I began to turn, I saw Danny and William lean toward each other and share a passionate kiss.

The pattern and colors on my sarong were such that it didn't show the wet spots that had been created. The four of us watched as the tea dance wound down and the men started to return to their rooms to get ready for dinner. Danny, William and I watched as Zack walked away with a wave. The three of us went to the bar and Danny ordered three shots of tequila which we knocked back. Derreck found us and asked if we were having fun. I replied yes but Danny and William just gave him a two large grins.

Derreck told us that he had arranged for a large table in the dining room so that I and my hosts could sit together. I told the men that I was going to go back to my room and change for dinner. Danny gave my ass a slap and said they would see me in a while. Since, like myself, Derreck was a single, we both headed to the part of the resort where we were staying while Danny and William went the other way.

Putting an arm around my shoulder, Derreck said, "I don't know what you guys were just up to but I can't wait to hear about it at dinner."


Be Well,


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