I woke up with him in my arms; sleeping like a hibernating bear. I had my gear overnighted to Boston just to save on travel times. I slowly got out of bed and my bare feet met the warm carpet. I sat up just as my phone vibrated. It was Coach Laviolette. I run into the kitchen so I don't wake Ethan. I answered the phone:

"hey coach."

"Conklin where the he'll are you? You were supposed to meet us at the arena to head to the airport."

"yeah... Sorry coach. I'm already in Boston. I had a family emergency and it was completely sudden, I had no time to prepare or inform you."

"don't let it happen again. See you at the garden." and he hung up. I looked towards ethan and saw him sleeping soundly. I saw his phone vibrate and just out of curiosity, I checked it. Normally, this goes against everything I believe in but it didn't stop me. It was a txt message from a guy named Trent. "I can't wait to see you again. I had fun last time." my heart sank. Was he cheating on me? Am I really that boring to him? Did he not want to be with me anymore? I held his phone in my hand and I saw him turn and lay his blue eyes on my distraught face. "hey, you ok?"

"who's Trent?!" I said with tears streaming down my face.

"wh- oh my god! It's not what you think." he said climbing out of his bed. 

"that's what they all say. What, was I not good enough for you? Huh?" I screamed in frustration. I was so angry; I never thought that he would cheat on me with some guy.

"he's my Brother!!!! I met him a month ago, but I was afraid to say anything. I've known of him since I was a baby, but he left when I was 6 to live with my mom." he said. 

"oh... I'm sorry Ethan. I'm so sorry. I thought..."

"that I was cheating on you? First of all, cheating on someone is a sin, and 2, I couldn't cheat on anybody." he said with slight anger in his eyes.

"I overreacted. I'm sorry."

"damn right you overreacted Tyler! He wanted to meet you today." I held my head in shame. How could I yell and accuse the sweetest thing on earth of cheating? Oh god am I a scumbag.

"will you accept my apology Ethan?" I said with sorrow in my eyes.

"I should have told you. And for that I'm sorry. And yes, I accept your apology." we embrace tightly and got dressed. I headed downstairs to get my things and brought them back upstairs. "hey, practice isn't until 4 for both of us. Do you want to meet my bro?" "sure." I said smiling. We got dressed and left his apartment around 11:30. His brother is going to meet us at Faneuil hall in an hour. We walked down the cold streets and stopped at a McDonalds to get lunch. "you want anything?" I asked.

"yeah, I'll have a Big Mac." he replied. I went into the restaurant and ordered our lunch. The place was packed, so naturally, the kitchen staff are not quick enough. I waited over 10 minutes for my order and took it outside. Ethan looked really hungry. I opened the bag and he ripped out the sandwich and fries. We walked and talked while we ate our lunches and approached Faneuil hall. We sat down at one of the tables upstairs and waited for Ethan's brother Trent. "so do you like boston?"

"I love it. Trent lives here. I can see him all the time!" he said happily.

"ooh... Trent!!!" he screamed and waived his arms in the air. I turned my head slowly and saw a god. Trent was 6' 3" he had blonde hair that was spiked in the front, he had green eyes that hypnotized me completely, I could tell that he worked out because he had toned biceps, shoulders, and chest. He had a smile that made me feel light headed. He sat down with us after hugging Ethan. I could tell they were brothers because they looked quite similar. The only difference is Trent's green eyes and Ethan had blue. "you must be Tyler. Ethan talks about you all the time." he said.

"uhhh..." that was the only thing I could say. He only giggled. I was entranced with his boyish charm and manly looks. I'm a top, but I would love to feel dominated by this man. I soon came back to my senses. 

"I'm sorry for staring... I uh.. Was spacing out."

"chill dude, I'm not trying to get between you two. I just wanted to meet the guy who is taking out my little bro." he said.

"Trent, he's a great guy. He protects me, and keeps me safe. One time at school, this kid threw something at me and he confronted him. He beat the SHIT out of the kid."

"and then I got pushed down the stairs." I said.

"school was rough for me and Tyler helped me through it." Ethan said to his brother. He looked at me and smiled. We continued to talk and we eventually went back to Ethan's apartment. It was 3:30 and practice is starting soon. We gathered our things and headed towards the Boston garden. We went our separate ways and joined our own teams. At that point, until 11 o' clock tonight, we are bitter enemies...




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