We stepped onto the ice at 7:00. The while place goes crazy when the bruins came out. It was so loud, maybe even louder than Philly. The game started, and old time hockey was finally in full swing. People were being hit left and right, the puck was flying around the ring as players took their shot at each of the nets. Ethan came on the ice, and I got caught in his beauty. The way he skated was so light and he seemed to glide in a fluid motion. We got set up in the offensive zone and tried to score a goal. Ethan soon got hold of the puck and broke away from the rest. It was 1 on 1, me and him, who will be the better player. He finessed a little bit and almost got around me. I poked at the puck with my stick and pried it free. I got it and tried to skate back up ice, when the tallest player in the NHL, Zdeno Chara, flattened me completely. He hit me and took me right off my skates and I landed on my back, hard. "wow." I thought to myself. I got back to my feet and skated to my bench. I sat down and put my head in my hands, and my head really hurt. The team trainer came over to me. "are you feeling alright?"

"not really. My head really hurts." I said.

"come with me back to the locker room." I followed and they put me in the quiet room. For those who don't know what that is, it's a dark room that is totally soundproof. It's where players who get concussions go. I stepped in and laid down on a bed. "oh owwwwwww!" I had a splitting headache. The trainer called in the head coach and told him that I have a slight concussion and I should take a few weeks off. I couldn't do that. Hockey is my life, and if can't just not play and go back to that quiet loft all by myself back In philly. After the game, Ethan took me back to his apartment in charleston. He wanted to care for me. His room was neatly kept but im sure that we will be making a mess in the very near future. He spun me around and kissed me. We locked lips for the longest amount of time ive ever kissed someone. " i love you." I said releasing him from my grasp. I pushed him on his bed and stripped him out of his clothes all the way down to his underwear. I mouthed his swollen cock through the fabric and I hear him gasp in pleasure. He pulled off my shirt, pants, and boxers with immense speed. I grabbed my head. It started to hurt so much. "you ok?"

"yeah... I'm fine..." I said reassuring him there is nothing wrong.  He returned to turning himself over and he laid on his stomach. I saw what he wanted, and I gave it to him. His tight ass spread a little, but I would have to use my hands to pry it apart. Once I did get his butt open, I wasn't able to see his asshole too clearly because of the lacking light, but I found it with my tongue, and the moment that my tongue connected to his hot, sweaty hole, Ethan started to tremble. I started off slow, doing gentle circles around the rim, getting him moist enough so that later I would jam my tongue all the way his ass. He groaned and I started to work faster with my tongue, going in crazy circles and zig-zag patterns. "Goddamn," Ethan moaned, "I like that shit. Do it some more." I went on to eat his ass out like a wild animal. Once I got his asshole wet enough, I thrust upward with my tongue, sending about a fourth of my tongue past his gates and into the smooth warmth of his ass. "FUCK!" Ethan yelled. He held on to the bleacher stairs in front of him to maintain his balance. I gave his asshole no mercy; I did my best to run a fuckin hurricane through his ass with my tongue. I took my tongue part way out of his hole and then dug it right back it, making Ethan scream out so loud that his voice echoed.  Licking my index and middle fingers, I continued to lick his asscrack up and down for a little bit before I finally took my tongue out. Taking a real good look at his pretty ass, I spread his tight cheeks apart again, and spat a large wad of spit on asshole. I rubbed it around his asshole, and without warning, I shoved my thumb up Ethan's asshole as far as it would go.

"SHIT!" He bellowed. Once again his voice echoed several times. I ripped my thumb out of his ass and Ethan exhaled sharply. But before he could catch his breath, I stuck my middle finger into his ass and started to whirl it around with his tight, hot ass. "Oh fuck," He moaned, "Oh, fuck..."

I had shoved my middle finger so far up his ass that it had almost swallowed my knuckle. But when Ethan said that, I snatched my finger out as hard as it could. "you like that? I asked. 

"yeah...," Ethan said. 

I jammed both my index finger and middle finger into Ethan's ass at the same time. His ass clenched tightly around my fingers. I finger fucked him hard and deep. Ethan groaned and moaned so much that I thought he was gonna cry. 

"FUCK!" Ethan hollered

Again I snatched my fingers out of ethans ass; he whimpered and arched his back. My dick was painfully hard now and I was tired of using my finger to fuck him. I wanted to use the real thing now. "Fuck me...." Ethan said panting like a dog. My head started to hurt again on the right side of my head. It climbed to almost unbearable levels. I fought through the pain and I grabbed him by the hips, pointed my hard dick in the direction of his waiting hole, and prepared to dig myself inside of his hot ass.

"If that's what you want."

With one easy motion, I forced my dick into Ethan's hole, all the way his ass, hitting his pleasure spot. The feeling of his hot ass hugging around my hard dick paralyzed me with lust for a couple of seconds. Ethan's whole body tensed and I heard his grit his teeth as though he were repressing the world's biggest scream. 

"Fuck, yeah," Ethan groaned. 

Gripping Him by the hips, I pounded his ass, his butt mashing up against my stomach as I went all the way deep inside of him. "god how I've missed you." I said.

I gave him a quick, very hard thrust, sending my dick even further against his ass.

 "Fuck!" he yelled as I beat his insides up with my dick. "Hoh shit I'm bout to cum..." I reached around to his front, grabbed his dick and squeezed it really hard at the same time that I was ripping him out. 

"I'm bout to bust," Ethan cried. His whole body spasmed and his dick trembled in my hand. Seconds later, a flood of thick, burning hot cum spilled out of his dick, all over my hand. Ethan continued to convulse as I fucked him hard. I was a short while away from cumming, and I could keep fuckin him all day if I wanted to. With my fingers covered with Ethan's sticky cum, I forced my fingers into his mouth. 

Ethan licked my fingers dry until there was no more of his cum left on my hand. I continued to fuck him and Ethan continued to moan, obviously not tired not yet. "Ugh yeah..." he said looking at the cum he just sprayed all over his bed. I started to feel it come through my dick.

"cum inside me babe." he whispered still jerking his own cock. I shuttered a few times and shot s rope of thick cum into his tight ass. Ethan got hit with pleasure that was completely unbearable anymore and came a second time. Just minutes after he shot his first load. I collapsed onto his back and gasped for air. We were exhausted. I climbed off of my lover and my head was pounding. I felt a sharp pain in my entire head and fell on the floor. I could hear Ethan screaming if I was ok, and I opened my mouth but mo sound came out. I saw him above me as my vision darkened. Soon, I blacked out....




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