With the wedding plans between Ethan and I coming together, one question still remains: Brady. We took him in a few days ago, fed him, gave him some clothes, and a steady job. I guess I know how mom and dad felt In a sense. As I climbed out of bed, I gave Ethan his morning kiss, and walked out of the room towards the living room to check on Brady. Brady is actually really smart, especially when he gets going on history. He always wants to walk the freedom trail, or visit the USS Constitution at the Charlestown navy yard. "Brady it's time to-- Brady?" he was gone, vanished. I check the bathroom, the kitchen, even the broom closet. "Brady?!" I call out. I hear Ethan groan as he wakes up. "what's wrong, Tyler?" he said sleepily. "it's Brady.  He's gone." I said throwing on a shirt. I look towards the door and see it unlocked. I run out the door, down the 3 sets of stairs, and outside. "good morning, Mr. Conklin!" Norman, the doorman greeted. "hey, did you see a blonde haired boy leave?" I asked. "yeah, he went that way. He said he was going to Kenmore." Norman said pointing down towards Kenmore square. "Don't tell me he's at it again." I thought as I ran down the street as cars sped past me and swerved through the tight corners. I run down the stairs of the Copley Square Station and boarded a train. the cramped, old Green Line train rocked and squeaked as we snaked our way towards Kenmore Square. Once we arrived, I scanned the tops of the crowd, and spotted sandy blonde hair on a short frame. That's Brady. I walk behind him and see a middle aged man walking with him with his hand on his ass. This infuriated me. I walk up behind them and listen to their conversation. "so, where are you living now, Brady?" the middle aged man said. "I'm living with a cute gay couple. They are very hot and young. Just the way you like them." Brady answered. 

What's going on here? 

"how old are they?" the man asked. 

"one is 20, stands at 6' tall with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, the other is 5' 9" tall, with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. He is 21." Brady answered. I saw the man smiled and kissed Brady on the cheek. "make sure they are both there tonight around 9 pm. I don't want to break in and not have what I'm looking for." the man said. I could see slight hesitation on Brady's face. "y-you won't hurt them, right? They've been really kind to me... I-I don't want them to be hurt." he said. My eyes widen and I slowly back away from them. I turn and run up the stairs out to Kenmore Square itself, and pull out my cell phone. "hey, Ethan. I just had an idea."

"what is it, babe?" he asked still sounding a little tired. "why don't we go out tonight? To the Red Sox game, then maybe out to dinner in the north end?" I asked only thinking about his safety. 

"yeah! That sounds nice!" he said cheering up quite a bit. "ok baby. I'll see you in a bit.... Love you."

"I love you too." he said as he hung up the phone. I put my iPhone back into my pocket and walk down the street towards Fenway Park. I cross over the Yawkey Way Bridge, and see that big green monster that said "home of the Boston Red Sox" on the side. I walk up to the box office and pay for two tickets along the left field line behind 3rd base. The tickets cost me $135 a person, but I didn't care. I just needed to get Ethan out of the house. They can take whatever they want, just not my Ethan. I walk back towards Kenmore Square in the crisp, bright morning air, but as I do, I see Brady and the older man walk towards me. I feel something block my throat as they stopped me. "hey, Tyler!" Brady said with a bright smile. "hey... Where were you?! I was so worried!" I barked trying to sound worried, but I really was terrified; not for me, for Ethan. "oh, sorry." he laughed. "this is... My dad." he said with hesitation.

Yeah.... Sugar daddy....


 "yep. I'm Rick." he said holding out his hand. I cautiously take his hand in mine, and I see his bulge move slightly. "hey, are you and Ethan doing anything tonight?" Brady asked. "nope. Were just staying in tonight. Dinner is going to be pizza so, be home." I said with a grin. If there is one thing I'm good at, its selling a story. "o-ok. Well... Dad and I gotta catch up, so I'll see ya at home, yeah?" he said. "yep. See ye then..." I said smiling. I watched them disappear behind the Cask 'n Flagon and I bolt towards the subway. I board it once again and head for my stop: Copley Square. Once I reached Copley, I finally could move! If you've ever rode the "T" in Boston, you know how cramped the Green Line can get. I walk up the stairs which were in the center of the platforms, and out to the street. I stuff my hands into my pockets as I make my way home down the streets of Boston. 

They better hope that they don't hurt Ethan; it'll be the end of them....


"awwww that wasn't even a strike!!" I called out from the stands towards the home plate umpire. The red sox were winning 6-3, and it's in the 4th inning, but if you saw the replay, you would say it's not a strike. "Tyler, calm down. It's just a silly game." he laughed. "I know, but that was a ball. Even you gotta admit that!" I said with a grin. "get a hit, you bastard!" a man with a heavy Boston accent screamed from a few rows back. If it's one thing that never gets old in Boston, it's the people. "god, I'm so uncomfortable." Ethan whined as the game dragged on. "can we get something to eat now?" he asked. "sure babe." I said as I thought of a place we could go. I gave a cheeky smile  and stood up. "come on." I said grinning. "I don't like the look of that grin, Tyler." Ethan said as he smiled his bright, warm smile at me. "so, where are we going?" Ethan asked as the Fenway crowd cheered loudly. "were going to a place called Louis', and I hear they have the best steak around." I said as we walked down the street towards Kenmore Square. Once we boarded the Green Line heading towards North Station, we sat down next to each other, and placed my arm around Ethan's shoulders. "so, how did you like the game?" I asked as I pulled Ethan towards me. He rests his head on my shoulders; "it was cramped." he said laughing. I look at the faces of people on the green line, some were smiling, others were looking at their cell phones, others were glancing at us or whispering towards the people they are with. 

God, is it really that big of a deal if two guys love each other? More often than not in my experience, gay couples stay together longer than straight couples. So, I don't see an issue. Once the train reached our stop, Copley Square, Ethan suggested to have a nice night in, and order some pizza. I looked at my phone; 9:30. The burglars should be gone by now. We walked home, showed our ID to the front desk, and continued our way to our apartment. Once I opened the door, my breath tightened. I didn't know what to expect, so I took a deep breath in, and opened the door. The place was spotless, not a hair out of place. I closed the door, and saw Brady sitting in the living room watching. "hey Brady." I called out. "o-oh... Hey tyler..." he said kinda quietly. I walked over to the door and closed it with a strong thud as I locked the dead bolt. Just as I locked it, something heavy hit my head, and I fell over, darkness falling over me....




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