Ethan and I have been closer than ever before, and It's really amazing how strong our love is for one another. He waited for me for almost a year when he could have moved on, and seen new people; he chose go stay with me when I was in my coma, and I can only thank him for being there with me; even when I didn't know he was, and as I look at his angelic, handsome face, I knew that I needed to spend the rest of my life with him in order to be happy. Its just so heartwarming the way he looks at me with so much love and joy, the way he holds me as I cook breakfast, and the way he kisses me every morning just makes me want to love him more; He completes me, and not in just a sexual way. In addition to all of the things that he does to show me he loves me, He also brings light to me when I'm feeling down, he comforts me when I'm hurt or sick, he stands by my side when nobody else will, and I owe him everything for it. for my whole life; ever since I first came out to my dad, he was there. That caring, sweet, trustworthy, selfless man was there for me. And as I caress his cheek as he sleeps beside me in the early morning gloom, I can only hope I am the same way for him.

 I slowly creep out of the bed, trying to be as quiet as possible, and make my way to our kitchen. I look back at the room with the door partially open, allowing light to slither in; projecting what's going on inside. I smile lightly and begin getting ready to cook. I pull out the frying pan, and give it a good, quiet rinse, and place it carefully on the burner; looking back to see if I had waken him. I slink over to the refrigerator and pull out 2 eggs, some butter, and some bacon. I lather the pan with the butter and lay the first few strips of bacon on the hot pan. As it sizzles, the aroma snakes it's way through our apartment; inviting Ethan into the kitchen with it's desirable aroma. I look once again into our room, and he was no longer there.

Must've gone to the bathroom....

All of a sudden, I feel two warm hands wrap around my lower abdomen, and a gentle kiss upon my neck. God, how I love it when he does that! "hey..." I whisper as I meet his lips for a kiss. "good morning." he replies. I turn my attention back to cooking, and soon, the bacon is finished. I take the cooked bacon, place it o a plate, then crack both of the eggs and put them in the hot pan. Ethan let go of me, and turned on the coffeemaker to brew some Joe as I finished making breakfast. I place the finished food on the table, and pour some orange juice into two glass cups that sat in front of the plates. "breakfast is served." I said in a funny accent. Ethan chuckles a little bit and sits down across from me. "why did you give up hockey, babe?" I asked taking a bite out of a strip of bacon. "well..." he started as he put a forkful of eggs into his mouth. "I couldn't break my promise to you..." he said with his mouth full. "what promise?" I ask putting the fork down. He put his down too, and looked into my eyes through the thick morning gloom. "I promised you that I would be there when you woke up, and I made sure I was. Hockey would have taken me away from you." he said placing a hand on mine. "r-really? Y-You'd do that... For me?" I asked as a tear fell from my eyes. He smiled a little; "of course I would, Tyler. Your my boyfriend..." he said looking at the plate. "your my... My world, Tyler. A-And when you were lying in that hospital room, I couldn't be myself. I couldn't come back home without you, because without you, it isn't home. It's so empty without you. And when you were in that bed, I knew that leaving you there would kill me, and you would be alone, and I couldn't have that; I couldn't live with knowing I left you in that state. Your my soulmate, Tyler. Your my knight in shining armor; my light at the end of the tunnel, my hero, my husband." he said as he started crying tears, of what i assume, joy. I smile as my own tears fall to the ground, and I wrap my fingers with his across the table. "the one thing I remember from my coma, was wondering if I'll ever see my Ethan again, and I guess... Dad helped me out of it. I'm so grateful to have you as my husband, Ethan. And when we're formally married, I will make sure that everything I say 'I do' to, it'll be for you. You have brought so much joy to my life; so much hope, that I can only be thankful for having you in my life, and I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you for 9 months of your life." I said with tears on my own eyes. "it wasn't you, Tyler. It was my father who did that to you, so don't be sorry for what a homophobe did to you." he said tightening his hold on my hand a little. We finished out breakfast, and cleaned up a little, and checked the clock; "still got 2 hours until I have to go to work..." Ethan mentioned. 

2 hours... 

I notice him walk hack into the bedroom, and start to get changed. I follow close behind and spin him around; locking lips with him forcefully, yet gently. I pull him closer to me as my tongue danced around in his mouth. He places his hands on my hips, and I slip off his shirt, revealing his taught, tanned skin, his hard abs, and his hairless chest. I pick him up and hold him with his legs wrapped around my waist, and walk him to the bed. I fall gently and continue to kiss his lips, neck and cheek. I notice him become more aggressive, and he rolls me over, and rips off my undershirt, and tossing it on the floor. He reaches my waist, and looks up at me, just as my cock reaches it's full hardness: 7 and 1/3 inches. He kisses the head through the fabric, and looks up at me with those blue eyes I fell in love with over two years ago. "please... Suck me...." I beg. He smiles seductively, and takes out my cock; sliding it down his throat. I shudder with ecstasy as he continues to swallow my dick slowly, yet teasingly. Sweat gathers on my forehead as Ethan runs his hand over my abs as he continues to marvelously suck my hard-on. I feel the pressure build; "Ethan..." I whisper. He stops sucking, and takes off his pants. He walks over to our dresser and pulls out a bottle of lubrication.  He climbs back on the bed, and squirts some of the cool liquid onto his hand, then lathers it on my throbbing cock. "let's try a new position..." Ethan suggested. He climbed past me, stuck his thick, juicy ass in the air a little, and asks: "doggie?" I smile and make my way behind him. I position my dick just in front of his hole, and lean down so my stomach is on his back, and my mouth is next to his ear. "you ready?" I whisper as I get ready to take the plunge.

"yes..." he whispered. I push my the head in and shudder with pure bliss. But, there's something different about him. Is it.... Looser than I remember? Or, is it just me? I shrugged it off and slowly entered him again; feeling the sensation of his warm hole swallowing my cock as I pushed. I reach around him and grab his hard meat and begin jerking him off as I fuck his hole. Sweat gathers all over my body as each thrust sends wave after wave of pleasure from my cock, up my spine, and all over my body. His ass engulfed my cock even more as my balls slap against his bare, smooth ass. I lay my head close go his, and continue massaging his man meat; I hear his breathing quicken, and feel his ass tighten. "I'm close, Tyler..." he whispered as I picked up the pace. "hold on, baby... We'll cum together.... Almost........NOW!" I say in a slightly louder tone. I feel the hot liquid shoot out of my cock and into his sweet asshole; leaking out and running down his leg. Ethan grunts a little, and releases cum of his own, and blows it all over the bed, and my hand.  Collapsing onto him completely out of breath, I kiss his neck lovingly, and whisper; "I love you..." After a slight pause, he answered; "I love you too, Tyler..." 


Since I no longer am a professional hockey player, I decided to try my other passion: singing, and playing my guitar. I know, it sounds stereotypical, but I like to sing country, so it's ok. With Ethan at work, I couldn't just sit around like a lump, I need to find something to help support us, so I guess singing is the way. I looked towards the broom closet near our bedroom, and open the door. Revealing an electric guitar that was solid black, with a grey cross that was near the bridge, and a brownish-gold trim. It was all dusty! I pulled it out of the closet and picked it up. I brought out the amplifier, and cleaned that up a little too. I haven't played since I was 15, but let's see how I do. I plug in the amplifier and strum down on all six strings; it needs to be tuned, and badly. I soon turn each knob as I play each string, trying to tune it just by my ears. I soon got it perfectly tuned and started playing it. I started off with a simple melody, but soon decided to play an actual song. I pulled out my old song book, and selected my favorite song to play: The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. I start playing the intro, and start singing on the second verse. 

"3:30 in the mornin', not a soul in sight. City's lookin' like a ghost town on a moonless summer night.

Raindrops on the windshield, there's a storm movin' in, he's headin' back from somewhere that he never should have been.

"And the thunder rolls.... And the thunder rolls....

"Every light is burnin' in a house across town, she's Pacin' by the telephone in her faded flannel gown. Askin' for a miracle, hopin' she's not right. Prayin' it's the weather that has kept him out all night.

"And the thunder rolls..... And the thunder rolls....

"The thunder rolls, and the lightnin' strikes, another love grows cold on a sleepless night. As the storm rolls on out of control, deep in her heart the thunder rolls. 

"starin' out the window as he pulls into the drive. She runs out to hold him, thankful he's alive. But through all the wind and the rain, a strange new perfume blows, and the lightnin' flashes in her eyes, and he knows that she knows.

"And the thunder rolls... And the thunder rolls...."

"The thunder rolls, and the lightnin' strikes. Another love grows cold on a sleepless night. As the storm rolls on out of control deep in her heart, the thunder rolls..."

"boy... I hope you don't sing that at our wedding." a voice says from the doorway. I jump and turn to see Ethan standing In the doorway with his big, bright smile I fell in love with on his face. "hey..." I said putting the guitar down on the floor. "I can't believe you still know how to play that." Ethan said. I laughed at little and embraced him by the waist. I look slightly down and kiss his soft lips. "it's like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget." I said kissing him lightly. I soon let go and closed the door behind him; following him into the kitchen. "so, what are you planning to do with that guitar there, Tyler?" Ethan asked. "I thought I would give country a try." I said leaning against the counter. Ethan shot me a look of surprise. "country? Interesting." he laughed. "what?!" I joked. "I've always had a soft spot for country." I chuckled a bit. "so, what do you want for dinner?" I added. I could see the wheels turning In his head; trying to think of an idea. "how about.... Pasta?" he asked. "the pasta I make, or the box?" I asked. "oh, the one you make. It tastes so much better." he smiled. I reached into the cabinet underneath the sink, and take out a little pot and fill it with water. I place it on the burner, and turn the heat to high, and wait for the water to boil. "hey... Is... Is it ok if I go see my dad sometime this weekend?" I asked taking out the pasta. Ethan put his hand on my shoulder; "I'll be right here with you if you need me." he smiled. I smiled a little too, until I heard a noise coming from outside the door. I raise an eyebrow, and walk over to the door. I hear footsteps quickly walk away, but then I hear a groan. Ethan was standing alongside me as I opened the door. There lied a boy. He was probably around our age, with sandy blonde hair, probably about 5' 7" tall, pretty skinny with bruises and scrapes on his arms, and face. "please... Don't hurt me..." he begged. Ethan and I look at each other, then back at this battered boy. "let's get him inside..." Ethan whispered. We brought him inside, cleaned up his wounds, and got him a change of clothes. Ethan was around his size. "so, what's your name?" I asked. 

"B-Brady..." he whispered. 

"cool, my name's Tyler, and the other guy you saw earlier was my fiancé, Ethan." I said looking in his direction. "wait... You.... Are gay?" he asked. "yep." I said smiling lightly. "it's nice to see you two so happy.... I don't know what happy is sometimes..." he said tearing up slightly. "what do you mean?" I ask with a concerned look o my face. "I-I don't like to talk about it..." he said. Soon, the pieces fell together. 

This kid was abused, probably sexually.....

Soon, his innocent eyes changed into something more gloomy. "so," he began. "what will I have to do to earn this?"

Yep.... That seals it.... He probably was a rent boy.

"nothing." I said. He looked at me like I had 3 frigging heads. "I'm not going to do anything to you." I finished. "you're just a kid, and no kid should have to live the way you did." Ethan added. We saw a smile make it's way across his cute face. "we don't have an extra bed, so will the couch be ok?" I asked. "beats sleeping on a bench in Boston Common...." he joked. We laughed together, ate dinner, and soon went off to bed.




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