I looked deep into his eyes: "no." he said crying. I stood up and brought him close to me. " why?" i said letting go of him.  "If we get married, everyone is going to know. What if our teammates hate us? What if we lose our jobs?"

"I don't care. I don't care if people hate us, I don't care If we lose our jobs, because I'll still have the most important thing in the world with me." I said reassuring him that there is nothing to be afraid of. "i...cant marry you... Im just not ready." he said as I was about to cry. I pulled him in close to me and kissed him. I turned off the tv, put the leftovers in the fridge, and went to bed. "ok..." i said hanging my head as i entered the bedroom. Ethan was right behind me as i climbed into the queen sized bed. I felt his warmth on my back and I felt his arm wrap around me and rested just below my bellybutton. I suddenly felt very tired and drifted off to sleep; just as Ethan said I love you to me.


Morning. The sun was shining right on my face. I felt Ethan's arms still around me and it made me feel warm. I still dont understand why he said no. Was it something I did? Am I not good enough for him? I thought about this as Ethan climbed out of bed, thinking I'm still asleep. I heard him walk towards the kitchen and start to make breakfast. I climbed out of bed with just Boxer briefs on and walked into the kitchen. I embraced Ethan from behind; "good morning babe." he said knowing that I was behind him. "morning." I reply kissing the nape of his neck; I grab the frying pan and yank it away from him. "were going out to breakfast." I whisper. I let go of him and step in to the bedroom to get changed. I threw on a blue V-neck t shirt, white cargo shorts, and black Vans flat-sole sneakers. Ethan hugged me from behind and said: "mmmmm... That looks yummy." I just laugh as he started to get changed. I waited for him to clean up and we soon left for Faneuil Hall. As we walked, we decided to go to the Boston common; which happens to be right along the green line. We paid for our tickets, boarded the train and headed towards the park street station. The trains were new, but the tunnels weren't. The green line is over 100 years old, and they put in these new trains about 5 years ago. Once we got to park street, and into the common, we walked slowly as people walked their dogs, took pictures, roller skated, some people were bicycling, and some were just walking and holding hands. I wanted to do that, but I remembered that I'm gay, and so is Ethan. But it's different in public. You feel afraid to show love towards your partner because you dont know who's watching. We walked a little further and came across a secluded place where we could sit and talk. We sat on the bench and observed the people passing by, and Ethan turned my head and kissed me. I tried to stop him, but I got captured by his seductive kisses. Time seemed to stop as we kissed even more passionately, when a camera flash stopped us. I broke the kiss and the man started running. "HEY!" I scream as I try to catch up to him. I soon stop and turn back to Ethan. He had a look of worry on his face and I didn't blame him one bit. But, now the question remains; who was that guy that took our picture? We got up and left for Faneuil hall later that day and ran into trent. I knew that Ethan would be happy to see him, but I cant be around him. I'm caught between the guy that I love, and his brother that I am dangerously attracted to. I don't know what to do! I needed to take a walk; so I left Ethan with trent and walked around the financial district, the waterfront, the north end, and back to Faneuil hall when It got dark. I passed the Boston garden around 7 when I was stopped on one of the side streets by a large man and even larger goons. They shove me into the alley, and the man said: "you corrupted my little boy!" 

"oh my god.. Mr. Gauthier, I don't understand." I said as he pinned mr to the wall. "Ethan's life was perfect until he met you. All he ever talked about was how cute you were, how nice you were, and it made me sick!!" he said pushing me into the wall again. His two goons grabbed me, one for each arm and Ethan's dad clocked me in the face with a nasty right hook. My vision became blurry until he punched me again, this time from the right. His goons prevented me from moving, as well as holding me up to sustain even more blows. He focused on my abdomen and let loose with all of his force. "UGH!!!" I say as I feel the impact. My legs gave out, only to be held up by these men. He punched me in the face again; breaking my nose. They threw me on the ground and exposed my abdomen again. They started kicking me in the back, the gut and the face.they left me there in a puddle of water. Blood was dripping from my forehead. I couldn't move, I couldn't see, and I couldn't get up. I called Ethan, and told him what happened just before I blacked out from the pain... If only I stayed with Ethan and Trent, I wouldn't have been attacked like this.  

*Ethan's P.O.V*

I rushed to Tylers side and found him unconscious. His left eye was swollen shut, he had a fat lip, a broken nose, bruises on his face and ribs, and a big gash on his forehead. Someone literally beat the shit out of him. I was crying uncontrollably as I called 911. The fire department soon arrived, as well as the Police, and Med- Evac helicopter.  I rode with Tyler in the helicopter because he was in such bad shape, they could have lost him in the ambulance because of the traffic. The EMT looked at me and said that he is in a coma, and nobody knows when he will wake up from it. It could be days, weeks, months, even years. I looked at his once beautiful face which is now mangled up and destroyed. I placed my hand lightly on his cheek and asked the EMT if Tyler can hear me, he said yes. "if you can hear me baby, I'm here with you. I won't leave you alone. I'll be right here when you wake up." I said in between my tears. We soon landed in top of Massachusetts General Hospital, and brought Tyler into the ICU. they made me stay outside the room until they got Tyler set up. Trent appeared and I said that he is family so they allowed him in. The doctor came out of Tylers room and told me I could see him now. I stepped in and walked over to the bed. He looks like he is in pain, but unable to do anything about it. I sat down on a chair and watched him, waiting for him to wake up. It's almost 9 when Trent says it's time to go. He grabbed my arm: "no!" I said yanking it away from him. "Ethan, your exhausted, I'm exhausted, let's go home." 

"no. I promised him I would be here." 

"Ethan. He's a vegetable! He can't hear you." he screamed. 

"no! Fuck you trent! If you want to leave your future brother in law that's fine! But I'm not leaving him!" I scream as I walk over to Tylers bed; I pick up his hand and rub his cheek with my other; just trying to get some kind of response.


3 days pass, and I'm still at the hospital. I have ran out of tears to cry. Just then, Tylers parents walk in and his mother ran to the hospital bed. "my poor baby!!!" she screamed as she gently stroked his cheek. She turned her attention to me and hugged me. "I can't imagine how this must be for you." she said. I noticed Tylers father just glares at me like its my fault. I hate fathers in denial. Why can't they just accept that their son may be gay? But this isn't the time for a morality debate, this is a time to hope and pray that Tyler comes out of this thing ok. I am literally dying inside. It feels like half of me is gone, and it feels so empty. I guess when Tyler wakes up, he will fill that void again. 




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